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Saki Titman's Pool Party 2 4 starsTitman's Pool Party 2 4 starsTitman's Pool Party 2 4 stars
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Titman's Pool Party 2

Titman's Pool Party 2

Studio: Metro
Category:  Orgy , Straight
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Diville's ratings for Titman's Pool Party 2:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Titman's Pool Party 2 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Titman's Pool Party 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Titman's Pool Party 2 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Titman's Pool Party 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Titman's Pool Party 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Titman's Pool Party 2 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Titman's Pool Party 2 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Diville  on  10/5/2000
Starring: Melanie Stone, Claudia Chase, Wendi Knight, Houston, Renee LeRue, Alexandra Nice, Jill Kelly, Tye, Shelbee Myne, Jessica Jewel, Dee, Candi Daze, McKayla, Tabitha Stevens, Malitia, Cassady, Nikita Kash, Vanity, Lola, Elle DeVine, Phylisha Anne, Ron Jeremy, Mark Davis, Vince Vouyer, T.T. Boy, Billy Glide, Alex Sanders, Pat Myne, Brandon Iron, Tony Tedeshi

Over the past couple of years more and more orgy videos have been hitting the market. For those who haven't been initiated, don't go confusing the orgy with the gangbang. Gangbangs are a bunch of horndogs teaming up on one person, while the orgy is a bunch of horndogs teaming up with each other. Somehow, these get togethers almost always take place around a pool (and never in my living room). Also, it's not surprising to find in one of these titles a cutaway shot of Ron Jeremy eating a sandwich. I know the chances are strong that wherever Ron Jeremy is, he'll probably be eating a sandwich, but I find it odd that of the few movies like Titman's Pool Party 2 that I've seen, I've spotted him hanging around eating stuff. Despite that, I frankly believe the first person to come up with the idea of committing these co-ed fuckfests to videotape deserves a special award, not because the action is always hot, but because it's a great way to throw a party, have lots of sex, and write off the whole expense as a production cost.

I'll confess now that I've never seen the first Titman's Pool Party, but this ain't The Godfather we're dealing with. I think we'll all manage to follow along. This edition opens with the talent arriving for the party/shoot and signing all the appropriate release forms. So, right away I'm interested before the sex even begins. It's not that watching people sign forms is so entertaining, but watching pornstars being themselves is. It's very clear that everyone is here to have a good time. There's a lot of this kind stuff in Titman's Pool Party 2. People have real conversations, they make real jokes with each other, and they really look like they'd rather be at the party than just about anywhere else. And, yes, they really do fuck. A lot.

Nothing is too scripted at these kinds of events. Basically, people do what they want to do and the crew rushes around to catch everything and tries its best not to injure anyone in the process. After everyone arrives (and by everyone I mean everyone. It looks like there are a hundred guests just standing around) things get under way with a Caligula sized orgy under a tent. There are so many people going at it, and everyone is switching partners so often that it's almost impossible to keep track of who's doing who. If there's one common complaint about these kinds of videos, it's that the action is hard to follow. My response is that if you're looking for intimacy, or if you're the kind of person who buys porn because you're just interested in one or two of the people in the cast, then you need not watch orgy videos. This is more of a vicarious thrill for those whose parties usually consist of polite conversations or, at best, an open bar. Rest assured, however, nobody is left out. A little request, though, for those who end up with this DVD in their players: During the big top orgy scene, close your eyes and listen to the incessant moaning and squealing from the women. Then, let me know if they sound at all human to you. To me, they sound more like feline sex zombies from another dimension.

There are other orgies, too, like the next one by the pool. It starts off innocently enough with a little side action going on, but people start joining in and piling on. The next thing you know, you've got about eight or nine people going at it poolside, while another half dozen are going at it in the pool itself, where the cameras go underwater to show us what the onlookers can only imagine (note to pool boy: you're fired! Are those sea monkeys breeding in there!)

There's also indoor action going on away from everyone else, and this may be the hottest part of the entire party. Sharing the same couch are Wendi Knight, Melanie Stone, and the very cute newcomer Vanity. Joining them are the always ready Mark Davis and TT Boy. Know that I am smitten with Wendi Knight, so that may impact my judgement here, but honestly the sex is so hard, genuine, and well shot that nothing else needed to even make its way onto the disc for it to garner my recommendation. This is what hardcore should look like.

As I mentioned earlier, Ron Jeremy shows up with a sandwich, but immediately trades it in as he's made the center of attention for not just one unlucky girl, but three. Of the three, Renee LaRue spends the most time on the business end of the hedgehog's cock, but Tabitha Stevens is also there to lend oral support. This is a novelty, though. In fact, Jeremy performs pornographic parlor tricks with his penis when he demonstrates to his audience his ability to cum on cue, which isn't nearly as surprising as the fact Renee LaRue actually seems to be enjoying herself.

Though not very exciting, Tittman's Pool Party ends just as the sky begins to turn dark and the crew is cleaning up after most of the guests have left. Off to the side, TT Boy and LaRue decide to hook up to apparently satisfy their own sexual urges before they go home. What's so interesting about this is the fact that no one seems to care or even notice. Occasionally, someone will walk by and pause to see what's going on the same way we might pause to recognize a stray dog rolling in the grass. I'm left wondering what the world would be like if it were socially acceptable to fuck your girlfriend in the mall's food court, or to jerk off while standing in line at the post office. It would be a stranger world than the strange one we currently live in.

Coming from Metro, this disc is professionally put together. The picture is clear, the audio is clear, the buttons work, there's a photo gallery showing you pictures of what you just watched and there's a ton of previews on the flip side. You've seen these extras before, but you haven't seen Titman's Pool Party 2 yet, and your porn watching life will be the lesser until you do.

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