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astroknight Tina Tyler's Going Down 3.5 starsTina Tyler's Going Down 3.5 starsTina Tyler's Going Down 3.5 stars
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Tina Tyler's Going Down

Tina Tyler's Going Down

Studio: Pandora
Category:  All Sex , Straight
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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YogaGrrl's ratings for Tina Tyler's Going Down:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Tina Tyler's Going Down overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Tina Tyler's Going Down Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Tina Tyler's Going Down Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Tina Tyler's Going Down Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Tina Tyler's Going Down Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Tina Tyler's Going Down DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Tina Tyler's Going Down A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by YogaGrrl  on  6/5/2002
Cast: Nina Hartley, Kylie Ireland, Brooke Hunter, Kimi Lixx, Dru Berrymore, Tina Tyler, Tara Indiana, Sean Michaels, Drew Andrews, Paul Carrigan, Steve Hatcher, Randy Spears and Don Hollywood in sex roles; George Kaplan and Maryann Walters in non-sex roles.

Director: Tina Tyler

Production date: 10/22/01

Length: 74 min.

Extras: A 34-min. behind-the-scenes featurette, and trailers for the feature and three additional titles.

False advertising: The box lists "Cast/Filmmaker Profiles," "Behind the Scenes" and "The Making of Tina Tyler's Going Down" as three separate extras, when in fact there's only one featurette. The featurette does contain performer and director interviews, which might be considered "profiles," so I haven't deducted any points. But it's definitely sloppy copy, and I don't like it.

Audio/visual quality: Visual quality is roughly equal to VHS. There are minor ongoing problems with artifacts, soft focus, shadows and color bleeds across high contrast edges. Emphasis falls on medium-length shots. Long shots are completely absent during the sex itself, which actually works to this movie's advantage, since it enhances the claustrophobic mood.

The elevator muzak varies quite a bit, from honky-tonk to classical harp to blues. The music has been kept low, but it's just audible enough to add a touch of warped humor to several scenes. (Just how often does a banjo appear in porn soundtracks?) Careful listeners may detect a low audio hum and noises from the set, but they sit pretty far in the background. The sex sounds are undubbed and easily heard. Oh, and just for kicks, try listening to the spooky menu theme all the way through.

First impression: What can I say? I'm floored...

Scene highlights: Tina Tyler narrates this collection of five unrelated short stories that take place in a hotel elevator.

"Same Time Every Year"—Nina Hartley and Sean Michaels meet in the elevator to continue an annual ritual that began ten years ago at a conference. After pretending to ignore each other for a few moments, they fall into a passionate embrace. Nina hits the elevator's stop button as they kiss and fondle. Sean plays with his own nipple during Nina's blowjob and handwork. She leans on the handrail for doggie, and then gives a second blowjob to help him pop on her tongue. It's probably the weakest scene on the disc, yet it earns high marks for realism. There's just one simple position, with Nina's skirt and panties pulled aside but not fully removed. The few times I've had sex in semi-public places, it's been exactly like that, due to the ever-present fear of getting caught. She even swallows the cum to ensure there's no mess.

"Triangle"—As Nina and Sean step off the elevator, a group of three business people step on. Tara Indiana (the boss), Dru Berrymoore (the secretary) and Steve Hatcher (the executive assistant) are among the elevator's "regulars." After the doors close, Tara playfully dominates Dru and Steve by pushing them together for a kiss. Both women give Steve a blowjob, and they take turns with him in doggie. Close-ups are infrequent, but the extraordinary eye contact between Dru and Steve really rachets up the intensity. Dru's smiles light up the whole screen, and Tara is blessed with a voluptuous body type that I find extremely attractive in women. The scene's ending feels luxurious and unhurried, with Dru lovingly sucking the cum off Steve's cock while Tara nestles in affectionately. This scene also provides the first clue that all the action is being watched from above.

"Dykes on Bikes"—Kimi Lixx and Kylie Ireland are rowdy biker chicks who don't bother to halt the elevator between floors. It's highly amusing to see the reactions of the male spectators each time the elevator doors open. Kimi and Kylie begin by kissing each others' breasts, and then Kimi hops up and somehow manages to perch on the elevator's narrow hand rails. The two women are very chatty as they trade oral favors and get nasty in the best possible way. Kimi eagerly accepts four of Kylie's fingers into her vagina. Kylie ultimately takes a six-finger penetration—three of Kimi's fingers plus three of her own. They also get down and dirty on the floor. Like many lesbian scenes, this one concludes on an indefinite note, with the picture fading to black while the 69 is still in full swing. It's a hot tease, though, that makes me wonder how much longer that car was occupied.

"Anniversary Gift"—Don Hollywood has the perfect present for his wife Brooke Hunter. After hearing her express her desires in her sleep, he blindfolds her and takes her to the elevator, where Randy Spears awaits. She seems to like what she finds in her hand. Don removes the blindfold, and Brooke hungrily tackles the two cocks in a double blowjob. The camera lets us hear the condom packages crackling and see the rubbers go on. ("Yeah, get it on quick!" Brooke breathlessly urges Randy.) Brooke excitedly sucks Randy's cock while connecting to Don in doggie. She then strokes Don's dick while engaging Randy in standing splits. Randy climaxes externally on her chin and chest, and Don pops internally in her mouth (the proof is visible afterward on her tongue).

"Stuck"—The final story is priceless, and I refuse to ruin the surprise. If you must have spoilers, please see Astroknight's excellent review. Otherwise, just be aware that if you're extremely homophobic, you need to: (a) get over it and (b) skip this scene for now. The elevator sticks between the 10th and 11th floors with four passengers: Paul Carrigan, Drew Andrews, Maryann Walters and George Kaplan. Maryann (who's also the make-up artist for this movie) absolutely nails her role as the hysterical control freak. Her husband George tries to calm her by talking into the dead phone (which is ringing incessantly in the security office, where Tina is too busy masturbating to pick it up). The scene is hilariously twisted and very, very hot. I'm not sure how Paul and Drew manage to keep straight faces (especially since, well, those two actually aren't very straight).

Thumbs up: I love the fact that the cast includes a realistic range of ages and body types. In addition, the wardrobe is down-to-earth yet still attractive. Nobody teeters on six-inch acrylic heels. Nina wears a demure pink floral dress and white panties, Sean wears glasses, the business folks wear business attire and the biker dykes wear black leather. Except for the dykes (who are obviously rather uninhibited), the performers generally retain the majority of their clothing throughout the scenes.

My ears are fairly attentive to the nuances in peoples' voices, since I've done a little professional narrating myself. And once again, I'm in awe of Tina's lovely speaking skills. She sets each scene up with a perfect reading, beautifully delivered in a warm, delicious and mildly kinky tone. This adds considerably to the mood and cohesiveness of the movie as a whole.

Thumbs down: The video quality is a bit of a disappointment. My uneducated guess is that the problem lies more with the DVD authoring than with the original source material. I haven't seen the VHS version, so I'm basing my conjecture on the fact that the extras are also a little funky. A couple of short clips appear to be accidentally repeated in the featurette, and the clock doesn't always read properly for the trailers. The visual flaws don't ruin the movie, but they're serious enough that I almost dropped the overall rating to 3.5 stars.

Themes: Straight, lesbian, three-way, masturbation, gay (mutual male masturbation), voyeurism (major theme), interracial, facials, swallowing.

Condom use: Yes, in all b/g scenes.

Juice-o-meter: Medium high.

Final analysis: This is the type of elevator I'd enjoy riding all day long. With a bit of improvement in the technical qualities, I can't wait to see what heights Tina Tyler achieves next.

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Special thanks to astroknight, reviewer extraordinaire, for his screenshots. Read his review of Tina Tyler's Going Down here.

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