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Tim Von Swine's Black and White

Tim Von Swine's Black and White

Studio: Shane's World
Category:  Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Tim Von Swine's Black and White:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Tim Von Swine's Black and White overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Tim Von Swine's Black and White Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Tim Von Swine's Black and White Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Tim Von Swine's Black and White Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Tim Von Swine's Black and White Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Tim Von Swine's Black and White DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Tim Von Swine's Black and White A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by picman  on  2/19/2007
Black and White
Prologue It's been a while since I've seen anything by Tim Von Swine and this title is one from his short lived stay with Shane's World. It's an all interracial affair that encompasses both bm/wf and wm/bf action. Lots of anal is promised, and no doubt delivered, considering Jada Fire and Isabel Ice grace the cover. They're joined by Candace Von, Naomi and Barbi Cummings. Let's see if the porkmeister caught them all on good days.
Von Swine trains his camera on Naomi who tells him she's going to have anal sex today. He reminds her that it's interracial anal sex, but it's all the same to her. She shows off her prodigious ass, which is even more striking than when she first appeared on the scene because the rest of her body is shrinking. Sean Michaels waits patiently in the background. Her teacup titties get pulled out for perusal and Von Swine asks her to masturbate. She rummages around in her panties and Sean closes the gap to a rising Naomi, who writhes in his arms as she rubs her butt in his crotch. He turns her around and grabs handfuls of her ass flesh, Naomi seemingly turned on in a big way. Her panties get dropped and he rubs both holes simultaneously. Naomi pulls out Sean's hard cock and takes it almost all the way down her throat. Sean jabs at the back of her throat and sits down to really enjoy the bj. Naomi sits on his face and gets her love lips lubed. More cocksucking as Sean fingers her anus. Naomi sits on his cock in CG. Her shoes go flying and ass rotating ass Naomi works that big cock into her womb. Her verbal reactions are, as usual, over the top, but her body seems to have a mind of its own and what she's doing to Sean's dick could end the scene prematurely. The swirling and dick diving are extraordinary. Sean orders her onto his face, probably to save himself, then back to CG. Long, deep strokes punctuated by frenetic dick dancing. Cut to doggy, Sean using Naomi's hair as reins. Her inner thighs are soaked with juice and Naomi gets to shouting a lisping "Yes, yes, yes!!!" as Sean picks up steam. He's humping her like a wild boar and she's fucking back at him. P2M. Naomi sticks Sean's cock in her ass, RCA. Even being buggered, Naomi's body responds with enthusiasm and energy. Her breathing is hard and chest is flushed as she turns for CG anal. Sean spanks her ass and Naomi does the hot dick dance again. Some balls deep ramming and Naomi's vocals ring more true as she declares her pussy is dripping on his stomach. Doggy anal. "Press on me baby. Please me daddy. Fuck me!!!" This girl is going crazy with dick up her ass. Semi up and over brings Naomi's back up in an arch with Sean pulling her head toward him by her hair. Sean pulls out and drops a hard earned load onto her open mouth. She does some light cock worship and a parting word with Von Swine.
Most of this scene was shot from behind Naomi, which was wise. She had lots of energy and the sex took on some real heat, especially when her body was doing all the talking. Good camera angles and erotic poses. A very good scene.
The beautiful and bodacious Candace Von is a vision in white. 36DD's that are barely contained by her filmy lingerie. Von Swine has to grab a feel. He has her show one of the boobs and struggles not to turn this into a POV scene. She tells him she's ok with a 2 on 1 and points her ass at the camera, and a view of her lovely pussy. Kyle Stone and Marcos Leon are chomping at the bit to get at her, and on her like stink on you know what when Tim gives them the high sign. Each takes a tit and starts sucking as Candace rubs their crotches. Kyle goes down on her tasty pussy and Marcos gets to explore her warm mouth with his dick. A little nastiness goes a long way with Candace when Kyle spits in her cunt and turns her on. Marcos gets first pussy in mish as Kyle gets face time. Such a sweet, twisted smile on her beautiful countenance when Kyle voices his extreme pleasure. He gets to do her doggy as they reassemble in the rotisserie position. Kyle goes up and over, much to Candace's delight. He's deep in her pussy as Candace easily throats Marcos. Her big ass looks almost out of control as it crests and waves from the pounding. She sits on Marcos in RC and tries to kill him with her bouncing. Her big tits are flouncing around and Candace adds some grinding to her slamming as the paramedics get ready to save Marcos. P2M, then a cut to CG with Kyle. P2M, and doggy with Marcos. They shift to spoon and Kyle fucks her face. Candace is calling all the shots and trying to get the guys to fuck her ragged. With a body like hers it would be a crime not to. Kyle decides to take charge and orders Candace into doggy, putting her arms into a handle position, grabbing at her own tits. Back on the spit, Candace takes a pounding from behind. It's only just now that they decide to completely unveil her gargantuan tits and fuck them. She tongues the tip of Marcos' dick as it peeks through her cleavage, then gives Kyle a ride through her pillows. He smartly asks her to move her hands to uncover her nipples, the visual effect being obvious. Candace gets to her knees and does a double bj, deepthroating Kyle on demand. She orders up a pair of facials and takes two big hot loads on her face. Porn pretty Candace gives them a little lick, a few more words with Von Swine, and a kiss goodbye to the camera.
Candace is a woman who knows how to fuck and projects a great deal of enjoyment, as well as some positive empowerment. Von Swine managed to throw in some titty fucking, though not enough for my tastes, and his camerawork was very good at capturing her sumptuous body. Now that I think of it, Candace is very reminiscent of Ebony Eyes both facially and bodywise. Not bad company to keep.
Delectably cute Isabel Ice is on Von Swine's set in search of black cock. Kinky and nasty, she easily accepts a jewelled butt plug in her welcoming rectum. Sledge Hammer is brought out and he lays under Isabel to eat her pussy. The delightful Celt grooves on the tongue and pumps the plug. She takes a taste of her ass and the two of them effect a mini DP with his middle finger in her pussy and the butt toy. They actually work out a quick little orgasm for Isabel before Sledge unveils his prodigious hammer. She's an absolute cockhound and worships the fat dick from stem to stern with lots of spit and energy. It doesn't take long before Sledge is ready to do some hole stretching and Isabel is on her back and spread for pussy penetration. He does an up and over scissor move while Isabel rubs her button furiously. She moves on him in RC and becomes the happy helper in Hammer's patented abs workout as he pounds her from underneath. Her chest is flushed and lower body spasming when an impromptu squirt comes flying out and splatters the lens. Isabel is apologetic, but all she really cares about is getting that pussy pleaser back into her fuckhole. Her back is arched in rapture and the waterworks continue, this time in a solid stream. She's not giving up this position easily and squirts a couple more times before turning on the cock for CG. Hammer's womb battering is so fierce that lube drizzles out of her ass, and he hasn't even been there yet. A couple more squirts from this position, then P2M. She goes at it like she's starved for cock. Cut to an anal penetration. Isabel slightly on her side and Sledge seated. Dirty bird Isabel loves watching her little hole get stretched and she spreads her pussy for Hammer, rubbing her clit in circles. Tits flopping around, cock jammed in her ass balls deep, Isabel seems on the precipice of a big nut. When he picks up the pace, her body is wracked with orgasmic spasms. She's got more fluids coming out of her pussy and Sledge tells her he's got all day to fuck the piss out of her. A2M, then a cut to doggy anal, Isabel's ass looking superb. He rails that fudge tunnel and Isabel sticks four fingers into her pussy. More oral cleanup of his rectal reamer leading to RCA and another abs workout. Quick cut to a vaginal standing doggy as the end is nigh. Isabel bolts to her knees with tongue outstretched and takes a heaping helping of life affirming protein, making sure not to waste any as she swallows the creamy load. She squeals in delight as she administers post pop head.
Isabel is just a perfect pornstar. Sweet, nasty, and loves what she's doing. She and Sledge turn in a barn burner of a scene here.
Von Swine starts his exploration of Jada Fire's body from the feet up. He plays with her tits on the way up, then has her turn to show her nice ass. She's been banging whiteboys since she was sixteen, and I'd be willing to bet she's spoiled them for life. Von Swine declares no mopes for Jada today. Old friend Steve Holmes is waiting in the wings and his big shlong is tenting his shorts as he joins her. A nice kiss to get things started and Jada reaches into her panties in response. Steve pulls them off and goes down on her hot, pink fuckhole. Just enough to get her warmed up, then his long dick is knocking around her tonsils. Steve massages her g-spot and Jada gets that sloppy sound from her pussy. He has to take a taste, first her juicy pussy, then turning her for some tossed salad. He fucks Jada in doggy and gives her the whole 9 inches in a semi up and over. P2M, face fucking and ball sucking. Jada sits on the cock for CG. Steve sticks a couple of fingers in her can and Jada lays that pussy on his dick nicely. Steve goes backdoor and Jada picks up her nasty talk. A2M and a hot looking hand job. Vag spoon with a reach around that has Jada quaking. Steve slides into her hot ass and Jada works her slick slit. She rolls up onto him for RCA, her pussy getting plenty of attention from the both of them. A2M. Jada resists licking Steve's ass, then gets eaten out herself before Steve reenters her pussy in mish. He adds a couple of fingers for that filling feeling, long poles the dickhole, then goes back to her ass, spreading Jada out and fingering her hot, pink pussy. Steve pounds the little hole and pulls out for Jada to take his runny load in an open mouth facial. She plays with the cum and lets it drool out of her mouth and through her cleavage, down her body.
There are reasons why Jada Fire has been a nominee for Performer of the Year the last couple of seasons. She's a hot, trash talking ball of fire. Coupled with a stone cold pervert like Steve Holmes brings out the best in her, as is witnessed here.
Von Swine starts with the feet again and works his way up to the cute face of blonde Barbi Cummings. She's getting two guys to play with, Sean Michaels and Tee Real. Long legs and big, fake tits, with a Tennessee drawl. Barbi promises to be all access for her new friends as she's ordered over to meet the meat. Only two weeks in the industry and she's already entering the lion's den. Needless to say, Sean and Tee are all over this fresh flesh, who sinks to her knees for some oral cock worship. Sean, as always, tries to cajole some throat action out of Barbi, who moves from cock to cock in an effort to be fair. She's a little too conscious of the camera as she keeps sneaking peeks while she should be concentrating on the matter at hand. Barbi settles into Sean's lap as Tee enters her pussy from behind. Her pussy looks nice and tight as he digs her out. Sean and Tee switch places and Barbi proffers ownership of her pussy on Sean. This is obviously what she left Tennessee for, a solid womb raiding. The deeper Sean goes, the bigger Barbi's smile. CG on Tee, Sean's cock getting her oral attentions. Barbi's into this, fucking back with a lot of energy. She rides Sean in RC and pops her cookies. She's breathless, but hungry for more as she swivels on the long pole. Cut to side entry anal for Tee. He presses deep into her shit chute while Barbi tries to give Sean the attention he deserves. Cut to Sean taking her ass in an up and over. Ball banging deep while Barbi swallows Tee to the hilt. She professes her love of dick while these guys feed her all she can handle. Cut to a CGDP, Barbi really full this time as she takes Sean in her pussy and Tee in her ass. It's difficult, but she seems to be loving this experience. Cut to RCA on Sean, Barbi's body laid out in an unspoken invitation for Tee to fill the void. More pleasure/pain tip, but Barbi shows what she's made of when she throws in a little hip swirl to work the bones in her holes. She pants for more and tells them to take whatever they want. Barbi wants the protein shakes she's worked so hard for as Sean dogs her pussy. She gets into the receiving position for an open mouth facial that's not too shabby, considering Sean's normally weak loads. PCH from the slimed slut, then Tee throws her on her back and hammers Barbi in mish. He has some thick glue for her, but no propulsion. Barbi cleans the cum gun and shows a milk moustache. Von Swine is appreciative and complimentary as he says goodbye and surveys Barbi's raw holes.
The only flaw on this young woman is her scarred enhancements. She's so sweet, butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. And a dirty little crowd pleaser who put on a rousing scene, considering her lack of experience. I anticipate more good things from Barbi in the near future.
Bonus After resisting temptation for the whole video shoot, Von Swine has to get a piece of the action. He's been threatenting a POV scene throughout, and he decides on Jada Fire for the bonus. He hasn't had a black girl since high school. Jada squats to suck his pig sticker, slyly torturing the big mushroom head. Tim lays back for another angle and Jada throws in some two fisted pumps. He orders her onto the bed with legs spread and goes in for a landing. Tim pumps her deep and Jada seems to be having a great time as her spot gets hit. Some hip action as she fucks back a little, then P2M. Doggy has Jada working it, then her legs go up on the bed for Tim to stroke her. He's marvelling at how hard he is, but Jada has that affect on a lot of us. When he's had enough, Von Swine shoots the pork fat on Jada's lower face. Jada gives him a little PCH with her chin and chest soaked with splooge.
Epilogue Even though Von Swine's stay at Shane's World was predictably short, he did manage to bring home a winner with this video. There were some terrific scenes here with lots of hard sex and even some good chemistry at times. Noami, who was clearly on her way to wraithdom, but still bootiful, had some rousing moments with Sean. When she dropped the act and let her body do its thing, we were treated to porn gold. Candace Von almost killed her partners. I would really like to see her with more dominant male talent but she kicked ass with what she got. Isabel Ice had more fun with a dick in her ass than the law should allow. Pairing Jada and Steve Holmes is a no brainer. Two people who enjoy playing with each other, and you can throw the script away as they negotiate the scene. Barbi Cummings is cute and committed. Color me impressed with the energy she displayed under intense circumstances.
Interracial delivered with some balance and without milking stereotypes. Always good. Often exciting. And no filler.
The Disk The POV bonus scene, BTS, photo gallery and trailers.
Recommendation A good title to pick up.

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