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Tight & Asian 3

Tight & Asian 3

Studio: Devil's Film
Category:  Asian , Straight
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Crucifixio Jones's ratings for Tight & Asian 3:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Tight & Asian 3 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Tight & Asian 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Tight & Asian 3 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Tight & Asian 3 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Tight & Asian 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Tight & Asian 3 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Tight & Asian 3 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by Crucifixio Jones  on  8/22/2004
Tight & Asian #3
2003, 1 hours and 53 minutes
Devil‘s Films
Starring Dana Vespoli, Lucy Lee, Lily Thai, Sabine, Katsumi, Brooke Milano

The Knowledge:

I reviewed this movie when it was first released back in October of 2003. For some reason the review has not seen the light of day until now. Going back and re-reading the review as I scanned the movie again, it’s interesting to read how many of my comments/predictions about the performers came to pass...and how many didn’t. So let’s go back almost a year in time and see how this fuck flick holds up today and more importantly, how the performers themselves have held up and where they, too, find themselves today. My original review will be presented as is with my comments as of today in italics after each paragraph.

This is Devil’s Films’ third installment of wall-to-wall sex featuring the industry’s hottest asian performers. Previous editions have seen the likes of Sabrine Maui, Charmane Starr, Lucy Lee, Lyla Lei, Bamboo, Loni and Nyomi Marcela and the excellent casting only continues here with even more fresh, new starlets. Lily Thai’s rough treatment at the hands of Lucy Lee is pretty smoking as far as girl-girl scenes go, surprisingly. Dana Vespoli proved herself to be one to watch in the coming year while Katsumi showed why all eyes have been on her since we imported her from her native France.

Already I had Dana pegged as a future star. Can I pick’em or can I pick’em? Too bad she quit less than a year later, dashing my hopes and dreams for her career. Sometimes life just isn‘t fair.

The Action:

Dana Vespoli

First up is hot newcummer Dana Vespoli. Dana has long black hair, a cute little pug nose, a pouty heart-shaped mouth and a pierced pussy. A few barely noticeable small tats adorn her torso. Standing outside in sunglasses and a lime-green bikini, her 34A titties, bronzed complexion and expansive backside would normally indicate latina genealogy but Dana is actually half Thai, making her a pornstar truly representing her real ethnicity and in the correct ethnic-themed video, to boot, a rarity in porn. Dana said in a recent interview that she has, in fact, visited Thailand and that she loved Bangkok. Sometimes the jokes just write themselves, folks.

Dana’s endurance trial today consists of going the distance with Jon Dough and Brian Surewood. People always cite Ron Jeremy as an inspiration to regular guys everywhere, but come on, has anyone ever taken a good look at Surewood? The guy looks like an extra from a bad biker movie. And I don’t mean “Torque.” Dana kneels and blows both guys briefly outdoors before they move inside and run the gamut of sexual positions with her individually, the guys passing her back and forth like a human bong with some really good bud in it. Dough and Surewood seem to enjoy Dana a lot more than she enjoys them. That’s not to say that she’s not having a good time getting her pussy plowed, it’s just that the fellas are giving a ton of physical and verbal indications that her pussy is so good that they are having difficulty keeping things together. I’m not far off in my assumption because both men pop on Dana twice in this scene; once midway through and again at the end. Surewood provides the facials, Dough lets his kids go on her snatch and stomach. This is an early scene in Vespoli’s career and she handled herself well. She should, however, perhaps seek a slight chest enhancement. I’m not the kind of guy who usually requests these sorts of things but Dana is so bottom-heavy, it would only help to even out her proportions. There was one shot of her in cowgirl where her ass literally took up three-fourths of my screen. ***½

I don’t recall being really impressed with Dana to the point that she knocked my socks off but I found sexy as all get-out in that scene and someone I felt would “mature“ as time went on (Azz Fest 3). Of course, I didn’t know that she was in her thirties back then. I knew it was something about her. Watching the scene today, you can see that Dana is more comfortable in front of the camera now than she was back then; it was one of her first scenes. In fact, when I saw Dana in Vegas that January this was the ONLY thing I had ever seen her in. Recently, Dana has already moved on from performing and is in a serious relationship with fellow performer, Manuel Ferrera. So let me get this straight: he gets to go to work and fuck all sorts of hot chicks, sometimes two and three at a time and then he gets to go home and fuck Dana, too but she quit? I know I’m not an expert on relationships but somehow that just doesn’t seem fair. I miss Dana and her big ass. Luckily for us, studios are still cranking out footage they’ve shot of her. I’ve seen more of Dana since she retired than I did when she was active.

Lily Thai and Lucy Lee

The next scene again begins outdoors with Lily Thai and Lucy Lee kissing and caressing, signaling the start of yet another boring girl-girl journey of sensitivity, loving and kindness. My heart sinks in my chest because I was really set on seeing at least Korean Lucy Lee get fucked and treated like a cheap mail-order bride when her husband’s drunk on pay day. No such luck. But my spirits, amongst other things, rise when Lucy starts treating Thai like she owes her money. Lucy throat fucks Lily with her strap-on so violently at times I’m sure that if Max Hardcore, Rocco, Mason or Ashley Blue ever saw this scene they’d probably say, “Goddamn, cut the girl some slack already, Lucy! Back off!” As a raincoater I might have occasionally hated on Thai for engaging in primarily all girl-girl work early in her career but believe me when I say that Lucy Lee makes her pay for that by giving her a man-sized pounding worthy of our gender. She might be the one solely responsible for making Thai realize what she’s missing and to recently throwing her hat into the boy-girl arena. The ways in which tiny Lucy Lee manages to manhandle little Lily are borderline criminal, culminating in Lily squirting all over the place numerous times throughout the scene. Lucy is undeterred by the gold liquid running over her hand. She’s actually rather pleased with herself, smiling as only she can while making Lily give us a close-up view of where all that ejaculate came from. **½

I’m not big on girl/girl scenes and I didn’t appreciate one being thrown in the middle of my movie. At this point I hadn’t seen either girl perform yet but having seen stills of them both I couldn’t wait to see them fucked. When I realized that they weren’t gonna get dicked down, I was seriously upset. Thai was a girl/girl only performer at this stage in her career which pissed me off more because once I saw Lucy Lee work her over and make her squirt I was dying to see her do a guy. Luckily my prayers were answered (From Her Ass To Her Mouth) though Lily still does do the occasional carpet munching. (Whoriental Sex Academy 7). Lucy I've seen nearly a million times since and she's now one of my favorite performers (Sinful Asians 2).


Indonesian babe Sabine has zero qualms about tossing her robust rump high into the air for some primo penetration by two absolutely colossal black cocks. Seriously, Sabine deserves some sort of porno/military award for bravery, an achievement medal and extra points just for agreeing to be here and not flaking the minute she saw who she was working with. These guys’ dickheads are almost the size of the head on her shoulders. Once they dispense with the formalities, the brothers partake of Sabine’s bantam breasts and thick thighs, licking, prodding and poking every inch, tearing her apart like so much greasy chicken. She crams those shafts in her mouth as best she can and manages to keep a sincere smile on her face while getting plugged at both ends in every position. Sabine’s ass remains the scene-stealer here; her buttocks oiled-up and glazed like two huge Christmas hams, the boys can barely push their cocks in between those firm and bouncy cheeks to fuck her anally. She never gets double penetrated but the boys do knock her black PVC fuck-me boots until one fires off a nut in her mouth and the other squeezes spooge onto her stomach. While she’s an average looking lady (with a truly great smile) who only showed average intensity here, Sabine is still in possession of a rear-end bumper you would not want to share a see-saw with. ***

I called Sabine’s scene the weakest one on the DVD when I first viewed it. Since then, I’ve become absolutely enamored with Sabine. She’s got the cutest smile, a perfect little handful of tits and an ass to die for. Yes, you heard that right. I would KILL for a crack at Sabine’s crack (Ass Cleavage 3). I want to take this time to publicly rescind any negative or unflattering comments I may have even had in the back of my mind when I first saw Sabine in action. Sabine, if you’re out there, I want you. I want you bad.


Waifish Katsumi is Vietnamese and French, a combination that has resulted in a very interesting look and I mean that in the best possible way. If any activist, politician or religious leader ever needs firepower in an argument supporting race mixing, I’ll be more than happy to lend them this video. As I watch Katsumi play with herself and pinch her perpetually-erect pink eraserhead-like nipples, it makes me wish that every ignorant bigot’s head would explode every time they got a boner, something that would absolutely positively happen if they ever caught sight of Katsumi chugging cock like she does here. After teasing us briefly in a rhinestone-covered red bikini, her man-meat enters the frame, erect and ready to go so Katsumi sets about showing us that she knows exactly what to do to cool off a hot raging hard-on. She gets on all fours without saying a word, preferring to formally introduce herself by wrapping her tiny mouth around a cock that’s no doubt pleased to make her acquaintance. After having her head held in place while her throat is reamed out, Katsumi bends over and offers up her ass as a sacrifice to the Gods of rectal rootering. She hits all the basic positions (cowgirl, reverse and doggie) all of them anal and Katsumi, it should be known, isn’t shy about neither tasting nor requesting to taste her own ass on some stranger’s dipstick whilst transitioning between positions. For her hard work and dedication, Katsumi is rewarded with a lumpy pearl-colored payload right on the tip of her tongue, which she swallows. This isn’t one of Katsumi’s best outings but it was passable. This was a walk in the park for her and her completely forgoing vaginal penetration proved her to be the anal diva her preceding reputation from across the pond made her out to be. Long nasty blowjob, all anal and plenty of A2M make this scene a keeper. ****

Katsumi was the only woman I had already seen when I got my filthy little mitts on this bad boy back in October of last year. I knew what to expect and I wasn’t disappointed. I was a little surprised that Katsumi didn’t even attempt vadge here (Once You Go Black…3), but we’ve all come to learn since she’s been here that Katsumi actually prefers anal sex to vaginal. Weird, I know but that tiny little geisha gash just can't accomodate the same things her ass can. In fact, I was just shocked to see lil Katsumi sink four fingers PAST the knuckles into her ass in her scene with Shy Love in ATM Machine 4.

Brooke Milano

Steven St. Croix finds Milano sitting on a barstool pretending to read a magazine. She’s only half-asian and has been legal for an entire three months. This is to be her first scene ever. She looks every bit of eighteen years old, too, with her Aurora Snow/Taylor Rain type body and pierced bottom lip. Brooke shows off her body clothed a bit before giving St. Croix’s curved cocktail shrimp a sloppy, saliva-dripping suck job which she doesn’t look the least bit comfortable doing. Is that a tear of unhappiness I see running down her cheek? I understand that there is supposed to be a certain amount of appeal in seeing fresh-faced, newly-legal teens taking their first cock on camera but that tear combined with Milano’s all-around overall nervousness and ineptitude just about killed the scene for me right there. Luckily I’ve seen Milano since and her performances elsewhere and here, actually, improve greatly from this rocky start. But right here she reminds me of getting head from some chick who has been bragging to you non-stop about how awesome she is but when the moment of truth comes, you find she’s some supremely inexperienced virgin who has not a clue what she’s doing. No amount of enthusiasm, head bobbing or copious strings of saliva can make up for lack of technique. Fortunately for Brooke, she got into the right field if she’s looking to gain experience in that area. I don’t want it to seem like I’m down on the newb, because I’m not. Once she settles and St. Croix starts literally folding her up and pounding the nerves and jitters out of her system, she’s quite watchable, even if her reactions sound phony and forced. The heat and intensity escalate as the scene progresses. This is straight one-on-one vaginal sex but St. Croix does a good job of putting Milano through the paces and physically stretching Brooke every which way. This isn’t Anabolic but you best believe it’s an initiation. Sweaty and exhausted, St. Croix fires a number of strong streams onto Milano’s forehead and mouth. Brooke bats clean up or rather, she cleans up his bat as we fade to black. If Milano sticks around she (along with the likes of newcummer Kitty and Avena Lee) could easily be one of women who fill a niche for the guys who like teeny asians. **½

I recall being really hard on Milano here. I’m sorry. Again, with time she got better, but not much (Me Luv U Long Time 5). She relaxed, came across more naturally and seemed to enjoy herself more on camera but before she get really nasty and come into her own like say, Luci Thai, she went away. Yeah, Brooke Milano is gone and we, as a community, are poorer for the loss. She did have potential.


This DVD includes a photo gallery, which are presented in an automatic slideshow format and are just stills from the movie. You could just pause the scenes in the movie you like yourself and do a better job because that’s all these are; the video paused. In the Extras section there are three trailers for the Transsexual Prostitutes, Teen Tryouts and Gangland series and more photo galleries for Brown Baggin’, Black on White Crime and White Boy Stomp 9.


Devil’s Films have added a worthy edition to this all-asian line of films and I eagerly look forward to the next installment. Fans of asians get a nice mix of starlets to watch out for here and more established stars who have already amassed a large fan following. There is one-on-one sex here, two-on-one, anal, straight sex, a2m and a girl-girl scene here so obviously Devil’s Films are trying to include a little something for everyone and they succeeded admirably.

Devil’s Films is now up the fifth installment of their Tight & Asian line (which is awesome, by the way, featuring Luci and her lil sis, Nyla on the cover) and have even put out a Tight & Asian: Best Anals disc, which features two scenes from this very volume, Sabine’s and Katsumi’s (but yet mysteriously features Lily Thai’s picture from this movie on the cover even though she’s nowhere to be found in the compilation). Surprisingly, for a movie I wasn’t so high on when I initially saw it, it’s stood up quite well and I find myself enjoying it even more today. If that’s not the sign of a good DVD, I don’t know what is. Get retro and go find this throwback piece of smut. You’ll be glad you did.

Crucifixio Jones

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