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Through The Looking Glass (TVX)

Through The Looking Glass (TVX)

Studio: TVX
Category:  Classic , Feature film
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oddobsessionmovies's ratings for Through The Looking Glass (TVX):
Overall Rating 5 stars
Through The Looking Glass (TVX) overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Through The Looking Glass (TVX) Female looks rating 1.5 stars
Male Looks Through The Looking Glass (TVX) Male looks rating 1 star
Sex Through The Looking Glass (TVX) Sex rating 1/2 star
Plot/Acting Through The Looking Glass (TVX) Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Through The Looking Glass (TVX) DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Through The Looking Glass (TVX) A/V Quality rating 1 star
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Reviewed by oddobsessionmovies  on  5/10/2006
One of the best hardcore films ever made, Through The Looking Glass is a beautifully shot, masterfully directed, wonderfully scored, amazingly edited, and astoundingly well acted gem of a film.
Softcore star Catherine Erhardt stars as Catherine, a rich socialite who is obsessed with her deceased father (played magnificently by Jamie Gillis). Ignoring the affection of her husband (Douglas Wood) and her daughter Jennifer (Laura Nicholson, who was 16 when this film was made), Catherine spends all of her free time upstairs in her attic, masturbating to objects which remind her of her father. One evening, while engaging in such activity, she thinks she notices an apparition, resembling her father, inside the mirror. The ghost (or demon) reaches through the mirror and fondles Catherine (fostering a magnificent shot as the camera actually enters her vagina).
Roused from her trance by the maid, Catherine begins to wonder whether or not she dreamed the ghostly, however, the demon soon returns...
Although described as a horror film by most, Through The Looking Glass is more of a study of the effects of incest rather than a standard demonic possession yarn. It is revealed early on that Catherine's obsession with her deceased father is more than simple grief, but rather disseminates from the sexual abuse he inflicted upon her while she was a girl. The film goes as far as to include one harrowing sequence during which the adult Catherine witnesses herself (as a young girl) being abused by her father. We are therefore led to believe that Catherine's obsession is a direct result of her abuse and trauma as an adolescent, making the proceeding even more unsettling. Director Jonas Middleton elaborates further on the theme of incest by including a strange brother-sister incestuous relationship between the maid (Terri Hall) and the (possibly retarded) gardener/all around handyman.
The film's ultimate revelation, which involves the ghost being revealed to be a demon trying to coax Catherine into hell, an offer to which Catherine ultimately succumbs, features by far the most horrifying vision of hell ever put on the motion picture screen.
As I stated earlier, this is a masterpiece of a film. The acting, photography, direction, and musical score are all pitch perfect and work hand in hand to create a terrifying visual feast, the likes of which is rarely seen on the Hollywood picture screen, let alone in an X-Rated film. It is also no surprise that the film's composers, Harry Manfredini and Arlon Ober both achieved success in the world of Hollywood. It is a shame that director Middleton's only other credits are the elusive Cherry Blossom and Illusions Of A Lady, for he was as gifted a director as any in Hollywood.
The cast, consisting of seasoned veterans such as Terri Hall, Nancy Dare (who made far too few films) and Kim Pope, as well as genre hags Al Levitsky and Bobby Astyr, are wonderfully fitted for their roles and even Levitsky, although renound for his in-ability to read lines (even though he did have a major role in George Romero’s Martin) gives a solid performance.

Well, I'd like to say "Who cares about sex, this is a great movie." but in light of the fact that this is Adult DVD Talk, I suppose I'll give the sexual content a brief, but thorough, breakdown.
1: Catherine masturbating in the attic; the demon's hand emerges from the mirror and fondles her...Not graphic, but very well shot.
NOTE: Catherine Erhardt never did hardcore. All here close-ups are body doubles.
2: Inter-cut of Catherine administering to herself a vaginal enema and Terri Hall and Al Levitsky engaged in oral sex.
3: More demon sex. Perhaps a strange lesbian sequence with an ugly faced woman who sort of resembles a man.
4: Outdoor orgy-Catherine confronts herself being molested by a group of her "friends," this is a fantasy sequence.
5: Catherine watching her younger self having sex with her father...Hard to watch due to context...Very well shot, tense.
6: More demon sex-oral.
7: Hell-all sorts of demonic things.

Neither my awful VCX (TVX) DVD nor my old Video-X-Pix tape seem to have any cuts. However, the film was shot in 1.66:1 and is sadly cropped to 1.33:1, cutting out about 1/7 of the picture.

NONE!!! A masterpiece like this at least deserves a trailer!!!

People who like great cinema, not people who like great sex.

Anyone who dislikes the thought of good stories, acting, direction, production values, photography, music, etc. Also those who want to masturbate to cinema.

This is a masterpiece. A true classic. Any self respecting film lover ought to do him or herself a favor and find this gem.

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