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Throated 2

Throated 2

Studio: Overboard Video
Category:  Oral

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MisterNoGood's ratings for Throated 2:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Throated 2 overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Throated 2 Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Throated 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Throated 2 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Throated 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Throated 2 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Throated 2 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by MisterNoGood  on  4/26/2005
This blowjob series features alot of forced deepthroat, gagging, and nose pinching. I was not too fond of the first one I reviewed, so I hoped that this one would be better.

Nicki Hunter is blindfolded, and the guy keeps putting his fingers into her mouth, and later his hands around her neck. Right about here I realized that this movie is going to be a disappointment. While on her knees she quickly gets forced deepthroat, then lays on her back to get throat fucked and its back on her knees to remove the blindfold. Nikki gets more forced deepthroat and eventually he jerks off into mouth and swallows. Like all of the girls here, she looks like she would rather be elsewhere. A not so good scene.

A cute girl in black lingerie, Kelly Kline, starts to give the bj and the guy keeps blocking the camera with his arm every time her reaches over to slap her cheek. And the scene just keeps getting worse as he starts pinching her nose and we can't see her pretty face. Kelly goes thru the tired routine of forced deepthroat and throatfucking and the guy jerks off on her tongue. Another scene where the girl is just not into being treated like this, and she hardly ever looks at the camera.

In a black mini skirt and see thru top is Allura Bond. She does deepthroat very slowly, then the guy stands up to facefuck her and force deepthroat her. Unfortunatly Allura keeps gagging and it just slows down the whole scene. While on her back getting throatfucked the guy jerks off onto her upsidedown face. I always hate it when guys jerk off onto a girl in that position. Another awful scene.

A cute young girl named Tiffany Holiday is sitting on a couch, and she looks really nervous about doing this forced deepthroat scene. Its either that or she is sad because she knows she is stuck in a horrible movie. Tiffany starts to deepthroat, and the guy starts hitting her face with his dick, then blocking the camera over and over with his hand to slap her and pinch her nose. To make the whole scene even worse is that this guys dick points down when it gets hard and it keeps popping out of her mouth. While getting throatfucked he jerks off onto her upside face and this horrible scene finally ends.

A cute blonde girl named Lain Oi is next wearing black lingerie. She does some forced deepthroat, lays on her tummy to get facefucked, and gets to her knees to be facefucked and the guy jerks off onto her face. Like all the other scenes she didnt look at the camera much at all.

Lacey Lee goes right into deepthroat, and once again the guy blocks the camera by using his hand to pinch her nose. Unfortunatly the only time she looks at the camera is when he holds his dick, pushes into her mouth, and the head of his dick pushes out her cheek as far as he can make it go. She gets the same boring routine of forced deepthroat and facefucking and the guy jerks off in face. A bad scene made worse by not much eye contact with camera.

Sucking on a pink dildo is the Asian girl Mai. She does some deepthroating, ball licking, then sits on the floor and leans against a chair to get facefucked. Mai puts a little more energy into her scene, and looks to be almost enjoying herself, which is a nice change from the other girls who were not into their scenes at all. Eventually the guy jerks off on face. An okay scene but I would have like to see her look at the camera more.

Demi Marx goes right into deepthroat, but the guy grabs a fistful off her hair and starts pulling on it, and then puts his fingers into her mouth and pulls on her lips, and it really is annoying to watch. Demi is forced to go thru the same repetative positions as the other poor girls, and the guy jerks off in her mouth and she spits out. Right about here I wished this was the end of this awful movie, but there is still two more scenes to go.

The asian girl Chai is up next, and surprisingly some of this scene is shot pov. She deepthroats first on her knees, then while laying on top of him, then on her back. Eventually the guy jerks off on her face. An okay scene.

The last scene is with Sally Rodeo. She gets forced deepthroat while on her knees, then she lays down to get throatfucked. After a while, Sally gets back to her knees and the guy jerks off in her face. An average scene in a very average forced deepthroat movie.

If you are into rough blowjob movies, you would be so much better off watching the Throat Gaggers series than this. At least in that series, the girls look like they are enjoying themselves. This is probably the last of the Throated series that I will buy. Save your money, there are so many other good blowjob movies out there to buy.

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