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Throat Yogurt 2

Throat Yogurt 2

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Cumshots , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Throat Yogurt 2:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Throat Yogurt 2 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Throat Yogurt 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Throat Yogurt 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Throat Yogurt 2 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Throat Yogurt 2 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Throat Yogurt 2 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Throat Yogurt 2 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  12/15/2004
Well hot on the heels of the first one comes a second helping of this hard blowjob series directed by Jessica Dee. These girls like their cock's stuffed down their throats, your basic two scoops plus if you get the drift! I normally fall on the side of good hard sucking but not to the point where the girls pukes, some makeup running is a nice touch if done so as to not hurt the girl so we'll see how hard Jessica has these girls take these schlongs. No sex other than the dick devouring so those looking for pussy or ass fucking will just have to put in another disc, Anal Romance from Steve Holmes would be a good choice-- another Platinum release,hehe. Anyway, on to the knob polishing.

Jada Fire:

We lead off with the two large tits of Miss Fire dominating the screen. She leans down to lick at her tits and the shot then pulls back showing off her entire body. Jada rubs her kittie some licking her fingers clean and turning around you see her phat ass get some caressing done to it. Jada is also holding a small container of yogurt and she licks at it letting some accumulate on her tongue and then some is dripped onto her chest and you watch her lick the yogurt into her tits. Arnold then joins her and he licks at those yogurt covered tits before Jada drops down letting some yogurt get on his cock before beginning a hard fast suck off. You get a nice coat of yogurt on his cock and Jada is able to take him deep into her throat. A solid blowjob all around by this woman and throughout there are nice views of her body shown. This is the type of blowjob I like to see, she sucks hard but not so hard that she looks to be in pain. Jada also gets on top so Arnold can eat her pussy and they end with some tough gagging from Jada along with some dirty talk and Arnold then shoots a great load right into her mouth and she shows the jizz off before downing it. A nice opener.

Tyla Wynn:

If you have seen any gonzo in the last three months then this girl has probably be in it and rightfully so, she is nasty as they come and loves taking on lots of cock though this time it is only one so she might have to tone it down some,hehe. Tyla is very good at tease and having a lovely set of boobs she does some hot caressing to them though no nipple licking which I've seen her do in the past. Tyla is very good at dirty talk so we get lots of that as she eyes us. She also does some sexy licking with her tongue as her fingers stroke over her pussy which alas this time will see no action, nor her ass which has seen plenty let me tell you! Speaking of ass Tyla does show it off so that is the true definition of tease, dangle it in front of you but take it away,lol. Moving on you see a cock presented and Tyla immediately engulfs it with lots of force. You see plenty of gagging from her, great eye contact, and she takes this cock balls deep easily. Tyla does some nice boob and pussy play while sucking this schlong and by scenes ends her face has seen some makeup run and the facial is to the side of her face but she gets some to taste and there is some cleanup.


Our covergirl is next and her scene starts already in full swing as she is hovering over her mans cock sucking it and you get some cool close views of this oral. Jazmin also happens to be riding her mans face so he too gets to do a little oral. You see some yogurt used to coat his cock and she gets a nice rim of yogurt around her mouth sucking him. After some good hard throat fucking you see Jasmin take a good load to her mouth and there is some cleanup.

Cole Connors:

For this next scene they start out with some yogurt play and she licks some off his fingers and the two french kiss with yogurt on their tongues. Cole then breaks out one of her boobs for some sucking, then she uses some dirty talk to fish out his cock and she goes right to it. I did like the breast play done by both, it helps when the girl has nice boobs like she does though. The two do some nice verbal sparring too as Cole gags on his cock. You also see her lean her head back off the couch for some skull fucking along with some titty fucking. To close you get a good capture of the pop to her tongue and she does some nice titty rubbing to end the scene.

Barbara Summer:

This beautiful blond is up next and as some soothing music plays in the background Barbara teases us with her amazing body. Some great breasts get displayed and she does lots of caressing to them though she doesn't lick them which would have really kicked ass here. Barbara gives us great eye contact as she caresses over her body and there is some good footage of her ass in addition to the fine titty footage. Barbara knows what to do when the cock appears and she goes right after it even doing some ball licking. The underneath shot was cool and also showed her tits bouncing about to each suck. Some nice gagging and we end with a decent load being sprayed to her face/ tongue and she does some cleanup.

Jamie Brooks:

We start here with Jamie probing her pussy and she is wearing some military style clothing at the scenes outset. Her top is pulled down exposing her tits and she then shows off her pussy as she strokes it. There is some sexy dirty talk in her native British accent and pretty soon she gets to free a cock and it easily finds it's way into her mouth. Jamie has a nice energy here, doing some no hands sucking, gagging, and her eye contact was there also. This blowjob was a bit rougher than the others but Jamie seemed to handle it with ease, check out the cock rubbing furiously over the bridge of her nose, then it is right to some hard gagging for our girl. You also see some intense throat fucking when she leans her head back and Brandon straddles her face so she can lick under his balls and ass when it swings over her face. During some later skull fucking you see the spit running down her face over her eyes the sucking was that rough here. Brandon ends the most intense scene so far dripping a good load into Jamie's mouth and she swallows it all as we gaze at her makeup run face.


Up next this cute 18 year old introduces herself telling us she likes to suck dick and she does just that leaning over to engulf a stiff one. You can tell this girl has a nice rack and for a young lady she sure knows how to handle the cock. A good underneath shot gives you a glimpse of how big her tits are, a perfect size for sucking and for titty fucking. There is some POV sucking from Diamond and pretty soon she takes a load in her mouth doing some cleanp to wrap the scene up.

Makayla Cox:

With a great smile this next girl tells us who she is and immediately she goes to sucking not one but two cocks and she does a fine job of going back and forth letting the guys really stuff their dicks in there. You see some cock slapping to her face and Makayla does the double suck easily. Her breasts are also on display when the frontal shot is used and those tits see some slapping to them as she does this double bj. Makayla also leans her head back off the couch for some intense skull fucking. The boys leave two fine loads for her to taste and she does some cleanup to those cocks.

Jazmin Lopez:

We begin with a shot of her feet and we pan up until we see her pretty face come into focus. Jazmin does a nice bend over to show off her ass which she slaps hard for us, then she shows off her tits even leaning down to lick at her nipple. Next a nice frontal shot lets her play with her pussy before an erect penis comes into the shot and Jazmin does a fine job taking it on. Some good hard no hands sucking is done and there is a cool POV shot used. The camera doesn't forget about her hot ass so we swing behind sometimes to catch a glimpse of her bootie. Jazmin also does lean her head back off the couch for some skull fucking and her pussy gets some lovin. To close you see a fine load left in her mouth and she gargles some before letting the spunk slide down her throat.

Angela Stone:

This scene begins with the two of them sitting on a couch kissing and her pussy is being stroked by Jake-- perhaps some hard bj footage is forthcoming with him around! Jake does do a solid job getting her pussy off and she manages a nice squirt with Jake getting down there for a taste and his fingers also lift a sample up to Angela for licking. Jake then fishes out his cock and Angela is more than happy to suck on it after that hot pussy play. It's a pretty hard bj with Angela fingering herself to another wet climax shot. Jake then straddles her face letting his cock fall down into her mouth and she even rims his ass, a nasty girl for sure! Jake then gets down for some more pussy play this time burying his face in there and we get our third squirting by Angela and Jake keeps his face right there for the most part. Miss Stone then gets on her knees for some traditional sucking though you add in some gagging so perhaps not so traditional but more what a blowjob looks like. Angela also leans her head off to suck his cock in addition she reaches back to grab her heels to suck him off, ala Skeeter Kerkove. You see her eye makeup has start to run now so I'd say Jake is doing his job wouldn't you. We see some more rimming for Jake plus another does of female cum is jettisoned by Angela and soon after another eruption with Jake getting some more female cum to taste and he has Angela lick her cum off the couch. This scene soon ends with Jake's cum shooting straight into her mouth and she gargles some before swallowing. The two share a good hug after the scene ends, what a nice effort from Angela and Jake was a great guy to get it out of her.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

This was a pretty good blowjob flick, though it struck me as not as rough as the first one. There were a few scenes of harder sucking like this last one with Angela but for the most part the girls did their thing without pained expressions crossing their faces and I actually enjoyed this one more than the first one. Some standout efforts were by Angela, Diamond, Makayla, Tyla, Jada, and Jamie really did a fine job. This is easily worth a rental or purchase if you are into blowjobs and you get some nice facial finishes too with some swallowing mixed in. As for extras you get a photo gallery of stills, a live photo shoot, some trailers, the pops are shown again, and finally some behind the scenes. Watch this for some laughs, you see Jessica in some of the shots plus the other hotties on hand for this title. Nice going Miss Dee.

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