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Throat Injection 2

Throat Injection 2

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Gonzo , Interracial , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Christian Dark's ratings for Throat Injection 2:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Throat Injection 2 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Throat Injection 2 Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Throat Injection 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Throat Injection 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Throat Injection 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Throat Injection 2 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Throat Injection 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Christian Dark  on  8/5/2009
OKay I feel that it is my duty to inform people of a few things about this movie. First of all, I'm really not into blowbang movies, but I have the hots 4 Chyanne Jacobs and I tend to gravitate towards movies with her in them in whatever capacity. Two, this is slightly more than a blowbang movie as some of the girls actually get into it to the point they get fucked as well. Three, Carmen Michaels is a fucking stunner!!!!! And finally the drawback................WESLEY PIPES!!!! Now I am in no way in favor of any black man being in prison, well unless you REALLY FUCKED UP!!! I will say this though, in the time WP was gone I was able to buy porn with impunity, never worried that my favorite girl would be in the scene with this motor mouthed cat. I mean really, who buys porn to hear a guy talk!!! CONSISTENTLY!!!!!!!!! I mean he never shuts the fuck up!!! Don't believe me here is what you do. Pick a scene you have with WP, now fast forward anywhere, push play......STILL FUCKING TALKING!!!!

That's a guarantee from C. Dark!!! I promise you that shit. He's in half of the scenes and he's doing his shit so just fucking deal with it. Other than that (oh and Brian Pumper is in this too. Its like the axis of evil of porn!!!!!!!!!!!) this is a hot flick. Not much to do in terms of describing the girl does a tease, gets surrounded and she sucks away!!!!!!

Misty Stone---------- After what Kelis is doing to Nas, no crazy haired girls for me!!!!! Misty is sexy, in the slim, tight, Marie Luv way. She does a great job of blowing each guy. I prefer the girl to do the work, I ain't really one for the whole face fucking aspect of it all. But she takes it all in stride and swallows too so that sir is a plus!!!

Carmen Michaels---------- Words cannot explain how fine Carmen Michaels is. And that ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aww man that ass!!!!!!!! I can watch her knit a quilt standing up and be enthused!!!! Short tease is followed by more face fucking, but wait..................what is this........Carmen Michaels has decided she wants to fuck too!!!!!!!! That's a freak folks. That is how it is supposed to be done. The only time I've ever seen bj scenes become fuck scenes was in the old Darkside "head Clinic" movies where Mr Marcus ALLLLLLLWAAAAYSSS got him some extra!!!!!! Carmen is from that mold, I guess a bj just wasn't enough for her. There is a merry go round part that you have to see for yourself but Carmen Michaels has already endeared herself to me!!!!!!!!!

Cali Davenport--------------- Cali shows off her smoking body 4 the camera and the sith lord is pleased!!! Nice little ass and she is a perky thing too. The talking by the dudes here really prevents this scene from taking off. I ain't saying no names either................................ They do the face fucking thing again and she lets them fuck her too as well. But all the jibber jabber has me holding my ears rather than holding my......................................... well that's another story. Cali does take it well though and swallows every last one. Good girl Cali, now the voices can stop!!!!!!!!!!!

Blu Diamond---------------------- Blu is my favorite newbie. She came in the game anal and dp was just part of what she do!!!!!! Her body looks to be carved out of heaven and earth. She is young too, like 18 years old. Like I said b4 18 year old girls weren't doing this shit when I was young. I must admit and please excuse my wording but there is a very "niggerish" moment (I'm black, I say what I want), where all these guys are playing dice. I mean was that shit really necessary. Do we not sit and talk as well??! I was kinda upset about that, not really a fan of stereotypes in porn. Her ass garners their attention still not enough 4 them to want to stop playing dice. She finally gets then over to her and begins th bj sessions. She comes up off the pussy as well. Like I said she is a dynamo but seems more wanting of the sex than the bj action. Each guy gets a shot and she'd have it no other way. Even after all of the slop shots the sex continues, another true freak!!!!!!!!!!!

Chyanne Jacobs------------------ The lust flows from the moment I see her. She is everything I want in a freak. The wife doesn't like her, I don't care. I think its because she knows Chyanne looks exactly like the ex. Just WAY MORE FREAKIER!!!!!!!!!! That's not why I like her though, Chyanne just oozes sexuality. The way she talks, the way she does the thing with her toungue, that ass, and how she just fucks overall make her one of my faves. Anyway Chyanne lets everyone know she isn't really up 4 the swallowing. Guess the recession is hitting everyone. I really don't give a damn, I just want to see her. She is a master at the art of sword swallowing. And to watch that beautiful ass while she shows her craft is a beautiful thing. I was hoping she got her fuck on too but to no avail. She seems to have to brace herself 4 the swallowing part, and you can tell she don't like this shit one bit!!!!!!!!!! Its okay, a couple more years of work, and the wifes mouth I'm going to pick my cape up from the cleaners and save Chyanne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brown Suga--------------------- Hell of a name, and it describes her perfectly. Her body looks like she was molded from a box of the sweetest brown sugar and dipped in Ms Butterworth syrup........................................damn now I want waffles!!!!!!! Her tease is a little more involving as she plays with herself, hopefully she goes for the gusto as well. She gives head like she is going to prison in the morning, going after each guy with vigor. You can tell when a girl likes giving head and when its work, this is a labor of love for Brown Suga. She makes sure she gets every drop in her mouth and swallows it all. Good girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a BTS feature, fetish gallery, pics, trailers, bio, cast list as well. Nicely done Devoe, but no more WP that's a warning. C. Dark Audi 5000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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