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RLD Fiend Throat Gaggers 8 4.5 starsThroat Gaggers 8 4.5 starsThroat Gaggers 8 4.5 stars
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Throat Gaggers 8

Throat Gaggers 8

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Fetish , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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smg4ever's ratings for Throat Gaggers 8:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Throat Gaggers 8 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Throat Gaggers 8 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Throat Gaggers 8 Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Throat Gaggers 8 Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Throat Gaggers 8 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Throat Gaggers 8 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Throat Gaggers 8 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by smg4ever  on  5/5/2007

Throat Gaggers #8

Starring: Jersey Jaxin, Kat, Lain Oi, Lisa Marie, Lea Luv, Jackie Diaz, Kimmie Kream, Delilah Strong, Tiffany Hopkins, Courtney Cummz

To be honest I only bought Throat gaggers #8 so as to add it to my Courtney Cummz collection. It’s one of her earliest scenes I believe. #4 has one of my favourite throat gagging scenes ever with Taylor Hill so I’m hoping this one has some similar decent action.
I must admit I’m not into gentle blowjobs. I like to see girls get throat fucked hard and I like to see plenty of slobbery drool, spit and cum running down a girl’s face and a few red watery eyes! Heck, if I wanted romance I’d get a girlfriend right.
Onto the action.

Jersey Jaxin kicks things off and she’s all dolled up in her virginal bridal white. She’s getting married soon and apparently wants one more good seeing too. Jersey gets three white cocks to suck on and there is some good eye contact from those big browns. Jersey does some good sucking and works up a good bit of cummy drool that runs down her chest. The skull fucking is good as well, with Jersey’s eyes beginning to become bloodshot with plenty of drool and spit running down her pretty face. There is some heel grab face fucking, but nothing too vigorous. Jersey takes one big facial and swallows the other two loads. Pretty good opening scene from a very cute girls, who I gather didn’t hang around long in the industry, must have gone off with the fiancée after all. 6/10

Delilah Strong is the next victim. Delilah gets four black cocks to suck on in this scene. Delilah does the usual blowbang thing along with a bit of ball sucking and cock slapping. Onto skull fucking and she takes the cocks deep this time and we get to see a good amount of cum and drool built up this time which runs down her face. They then get her too do the heel grab position lying on the floor which is probably the hardest way of pulling off this manoeuvre and she struggles with it. Delilah eventually takes fours cum loads in her mouth, gargles it a bit before dutifully swallowing the whole lot with ease. Not a great scene, but not a bad one either. 5/10

Lisa Marie is a cute looking girl, of the trailer trash variety I would say, in porn for a few quick bucks. Although apparently she didn’t turn up for a shoot the week before so she can’t be that hard up. Anyway she’s back for more and the guys want to teach her a lesson. It’s all interracial here with three black cocks for Lisa. She does some good sucking and hand work, but there isn’t much deep throating; in fact the guys go pretty easy on her to be honest. There’s some skull fucking thrown in and eventually the guys cum and she swallows three loads. Pretty average scene really, turning out to be a pretty average Throat Gaggers thus far as well really. 4/10

Lain Oi is 4th on the conveyor belt. I’d never seen Lain before and I have to confess from her name I had thought she was an oriental actress. Turns out she’s blonde and white with pierced nipples and tongue. She reminds a little bit of Mary-Anne actually, but with bigger tits. Lain starts things of by telling us she’s always fantasised about sucking three black dicks while smoking on a ciggie. She’s dressed pretty sexily and her short skirt and tights show of her pert ass as she saunters up the stairs to meet her dark meat. She does some good round robin sucking on the three cocks, although she’s a little quick and bobs around a lot without spending too much time on either one. Lain has fantastic grey eyes and I think girls with great eyes always make for better blowjob merchants. Eventually they lay her on her back and oil her boobs up for some titty fucking action, she suck on the ends of their dicks as they slide between her boobs. Now don’t get me wrong, I like a bit of titty fucking, but the theme of this video is throat gagging and there wasn’t really much of that to be seen here. In fact there hasn’t been a lot full stop thus far really. Lain’s big oiled up titties kind of make up for that in this scene. Eventually she takes 2 loads in the mouth and swallow, and one to the face, which she scoops into her mouth to finish things off. 6/10 for this scene could have been so much better as Lain is a fantastic looking girl with great tits.

French chick Tiffany Hopkins is reading a magazine and puffing away on a ciggie before she commences sucking on cock. The magazine and cigarette kind of make her look like she’s already bored with the whole idea! Tiffany gets four black cocks to deep throat on. There is some skull fucking and she also does the Throat Gaggers trade mark heel grab position, along with some hairy man ass licking. But again none of it was vigorous enough for me, no drool, no bloodshot eyes. Tiffany wasn’t made to work hard enough for her pay cheque in my estimation. She did look quite sexy at the end though, after receiving four big loads of cum to her face she goes back to puffing on her ciggie in that nonchalant way only the French can do. 5/10

Onto the show piece scene of this video for me now, the delectable Courtney Cummz. Courtney is hotter than the surface of the sun and I still can’t believe a girl this gorgeous is a pornstar. Courtney is smoking on a ciggie too in this scene, seems to be something of a theme, doesn’t she listen to what the surgeon general says! Courtney has perfect tits and ass and shows them off to good effect before the action starts. She closes her eyes before three big black cocks and none other than Mr Juan Cuba’s cock are introduced to her. A good blowbang ensues and Courtney works up a good bit off cum/drool/spit that runs down her chest onto her perfect titties. Courtney is carried to the sofa and lies on it with her head hanging over the edge so the guys can work on skull fucking her. The guys aren’t too vigorous with her, but her eyes do start to get bloodshot and some drool works it way down her face which is what I like too see. Onto the heel grab position next, the guys go pretty easy on her here, but Courtney works up some good droolage. The guys finish things off by firing four big loads over Courtney’s face, and what a sight that is. Courtney still manages to look amazingly cute even with a face plastered in cum; she doesn’t even blink with the cum in her eyes! The smile alone is worth a million dollars. Although the guys didn’t work Courtney that much harder than the other girls in this video, and no where near as hard as I’ve seen some girls face fucked in previous throat gaggers; this is a must own scene for Courtney fans. 7/10

Jackie Diaz. I think I’m correct in saying that this was one of Jackies’ earliest scenes in her porn career. Things start out with Jackie being briefly interviewed before she goes to the toilet. While sitting on the lavvy she’s introduced to her first big black cock. Jackie deep throats and sucks before the two more black cocks are introduced. Things are getting a little crowded now so the action moves into another room. This scene is much like the others and Jackie goes through the motions of the cock circle, followed by the heel grab position on the sofa, onto the skull fucking with head hanging over the edge of the sofa before finishing with three cumshots to the face and mouth. This scene was mercifully short as it was pretty underwhelming. I’ve never been impressed by any scene Jackie has done, she just strikes me as another pornlet turning up for a quick pay cheque. There was very little throat gagging or droolage and Jackie was let of pretty lightly. She was also a bit of a cum dodger at the end and slyly let any cum in her mouth spill out without really swallowing much. 3/10

Leah Luv is up next. Leah is the very epitome of “teen” with braces on her teeth and a lollipop in her mouth. The whole scrawny pre-pubescent flat chested teen look has never done a lot for me, I prefer more mature looking girls. But I won’t deny that Leah is a wonderful performer and up for most things. Even though this scene is a few years old now, Leah hasn’t really changed much and still looks like a flat chested teenager. Again, as in common with other scenes in this video, Leah gets 3 black cocks to suck on. Leah gets straight down to some serious deep throating and lollipop sucking! Leah is certainly more aggressive than Jackie Diaz was and she works up some good droolage. Leah is one of those girls that makes the so called “quagging” noise when she sucks cock, a combination of quacking and gagging. Some people hate this, but I love it, the more noise a girl makes the better for me. Again the skull fucking is pretty light in this scene and there wasn’t any proper heel grab manoeuvre to speak off. The girls really are being let off to lightly in this Throat gaggers. Leah does end things with 3 good facial cumshots, working the cum into a frothy mix so she looks like a rabid dog! 6/10

Kimmie Kream. Another pretty average scene. Kimmie gets three black cocks again, but the action is pretty tame and never really goes anywhere. Jake Malone tries to encourage Kimmie and work her but it doesn’t help. Four cumshots too Kimmie’s face mercifully end this rather bad scene. 3/10

Oriental teen dream Kat finishes things off. Very much in the mould of Leah Luv, ever so delicate looking, cute as a button, flat chested with braces on her teeth. Not sure I’d want my cock in the gob of a girl with braces, but there you go. Kat gets four white cocks to suck on in this scene, and it starts off much better than most of the others. Plenty of deep throating from Kat, with the drool and cum dribbling down her chin I like to see and the quagging I like to hear. For a tiny girl Kat sure can’t half deep throat and she takes the cock balls deep in the skull fucking head hanging over the edge of the sofa position. No heel grab for cute Kat, but she does get flipped upside down into a standing 69 position to suck cock before getting her reward of four loads in her mouth. Some great gargling from Kat here and she still manages to look cute as a button with a mouth full of cum! Easily the best scene on the disc along with the Courtney scene for me and a good way to finish. 7/10

In conclusion not the best Throat Gaggers ever, and not one of Jake Malone’s better efforts. Fortunately he has gone onto better things at Evil Empire with his ‘Gangbang my Face’ series. I don’t wish to open a can of worms here but I think the whole interracial thing let this whole DVD down. There’s just something about black guys not being very good at the whole oral thing. White guys like Brandon Iron just do face fucking so much better. Throat Gaggers #8 was just too tame for me, I want to see the girls get a real oral work-out like Taylor Hill in #4 which is still the Throat Gaggers bench mark for me.
Extras wise you don’t get much apart from a bit of BTS which has interviews with most of the girls including Kat, who is even cuter when she doesn’t have a cock in her mouth. There’s a fantastic post-fuck segment where Courtney Cummz, wipes all the guys asses with wet-wipes before proceeding to lick their holes out with her tongue!
It can be a rather sad indictment on the main feature of DVD sometimes when I say I find the BTS more entertaining.

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