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Throat Gaggers 4

Throat Gaggers 4

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Oral
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Aaryanna's ratings for Throat Gaggers 4:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Throat Gaggers 4 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Throat Gaggers 4 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Throat Gaggers 4 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Throat Gaggers 4 Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Throat Gaggers 4 Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Throat Gaggers 4 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Throat Gaggers 4 A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Aaryanna  on  12/12/2003
Learning to sword swallow – and face fuck -- even deeper!

For those of you who’ve read my reviews, you know that I won’t let my beau climax in my mouth – or fuck me in the ass – until he marries me! But what you probably don’t know is that I love to suck cock – and have for quite some time.

When it comes to giving head, I think I’m pretty good. But when it comes to deep throating – or letting my boyfriend fuck my face (and control the pace) – I could definitely use a few pointers. And that’s where I found ‘Throat Gaggers #4’ from the Red Light District to be most helpful. Now, I’m fairly certain that most girls probably wouldn’t view this movie as an instructional video – but I certainly did! It undoubtedly taught me a few things that I probably wouldn’t have figured out for myself. But more on that later. (My boyfriend, incidentally, insisted that we watch this movie after reading the other reviews posted on ADT.)

I had seen an earlier episode of this series – where the emphasis was on jamming a guy’s dick so deeply into a girl’s mouth that it causes her to gag, hence the movie’s title – which I actually found to be a little boring. But this newest issue is so much more!

The focus here is on getting the girls to use their mouths – like another pussy! Now, there’s a novel thought! The girls even assume some new positions to accomplish this – which I found to be really breakthrough! They sit, or lie on their backs or their tummies – with their heads thrown back – which gives their dudes’ dicks a straighter shot to screw them down their throats. And you know what? It works! The guys achieve a fucking velocity in their girls’ mouths faster and deeper than I had ever seen before in any film! I was absolutely mesmerized. Both my boyfriend and I loved it. And I, for one, couldn’t wait to try it out for myself! Honest.

There are ten scenes. And since I couldn’t possibly do them all justice, I’ll just cover the vignettes that I thought were the most enlightening.

The opener with Mandy Bright, a gorgeous Hungarian babe, quickly sets the pace. Mandy has been working in the adult industry for a few years, so her English is pretty good. But despite being in more films than she cares to mention, Mandy has a shy reserve that makes you just want to fall in love with her. She sucks and deep throats three cocks as though each one is very special. The men, inspired, are soon holding her head – and fucking her face with abandon – to express their own affection.

As an aside, I love to suck my boyfriend’s cock since it allows me to more fully experience its hardness – the smoothness of its tip, the bumpiness of its veiny shaft, and, most importantly – the subtle contractions it makes as it enjoys the pleasure of being between my loving lips. In terms of my own sensations, the feelings of a man’s dick thrusting in-and-out of my mouth is definitely a more intense type of penetration than anything that happens “down there” (in my pussy). There’s a lot more sensitivity; and let’s not forget about taste. And being fucked in my mouth is a lot less painful (since it’s always wet and can more easily accommodate my boyfriend’s width). Lastly, there’s a lot more control. I can vary the pressure with my lips and with the back of my throat very precisely. And, let’s face it – my pussy doesn’t have a tongue – which, for my mouth, is another huge advantage!

When my boyfriend fucks me in my pussy, I can sometimes almost disassociate myself from my body – like its someone else being fucked. But when my guy fucks my face with his dick – there’s no escaping it! It demands your attention! In terms of opening a channel of communication with your man – giving head is like having a broadband connection – whereas other forms of intercourse, I hate to say, are just dial-up!

That said, there’s no pussy (or anal) fucking in this movie! But even so, the emotionality of Mandy’s scene was tremendous! It recalled for me all of the passions I’ve also felt while sucking cock! From watching Mandy’s expressions, I have no doubt that she enjoyed having her guys’ dicks in her mouth – as much as her men loved being in there!

The freshest part of Mandy’s scene (and the most instructional) comes when she lies on her back – with her head out and over the edge of the sofa. In this position, her mouth and throat are more in-line. And the face fucking action here is something more intense that I had ever seen before. (My own mouth started salivating in anticipation of what would come later.) There’s even a segment where her dude’s balls begin slapping her uncontrollably in the face – which is just an unbelievable level of pounding and penetration. From seeing her men’s enthusiasm, I’m sure that they had completely forgotten which of Mandy’s ends they were fucking – and so did I!

Mandy’s performance, however, wasn’t the only one to create this outstanding visual illusion. In the very next vignette, Crystal Ray, a cute blonde, reprieves many of Mandy’s actions. But she goes one better by lying on her stomach, with her chin out – to let her men fuck her face from the front.

In a later scene, Taylor Hill, the girl on the box, has her glasses knocked off of her nose as her face is repeatedly smashed. Taylor also chokes – and spits incessantly – as her throat is fucked. Her on-her-back sword swallowing, fortunately, is every bit as satisfying as Mandy’s or Crystal’s.

In the best finish, Ashley Long and Renee Pornero, both of whom are truly gorgeous, do all-of-the-above, but conclude by catching and tongue kissing to share their men’s warm seed at the end of this truly marvelous film!

As more background on myself, I think I love giving head – because of my mom! No, she didn’t teach me. But she never discouraged me from sucking cock – mainly because I think she secretly hoped that it might allow me to maintain my virginity longer! C’mon Ma, what were you thinking? After I’ve gotten my boyfriend’s pecker all hot and bothered, what am I supposed to do with his climax? Let him come in my mouth, no way!

But since my mom didn’t discourage it (its all her fault, right?), I actually learned to blow my boyfriend’s dick at a relatively early age. (How early? None of your business!) It was fun and exciting, especially to feel his cock getting hard in my mouth – or to watch him grow in anticipation. It was fascinating, amazing – and a great ego boost too!

As I mentioned earlier, I think I’m pretty good at giving head. But deep throating is an entirely other matter. I was anxious to try out some of the positions the women demonstrated in this video. The results, though, were sometimes comical.

The first new posture I tried was to sit on the floor with my head back on the sofa. Since, in the movies, the focus is always on the girl, I didn’t realize how much of a monkey my boyfriend had to be – in order to climb up on the couch to position his cock directly over my mouth. Unfortunately, since his dick wouldn’t point downwards enough, the best we could accomplish was to have him jam me forcefully and repeatedly up against my tonsils and the roof of my mouth, which only caused me to gag! The level of penetration we achieved, alas, wasn’t any greater than what we had done before!

I next tried lying on my tummy with my face out over the edge of the bed. But again the results were the same. (I guess my boyfriend’s dick is just too young! Sigh!)

We had the most success, though, when I reclined face up on the bed – with my head tilted back over the edge. In this position, my boyfriend could then lie almost on top of me and “mount” me -- as though he were fucking me missionary. Amazingly, after learning to relax my throat a bit, my boyfriend’s dick slid down my esophagus like butter – to achieve a level of penetration I had never experienced before! (Hooray!) Obviously, to say that I was “all choked up” by my accomplishment -- would’ve been an understatement!

At first, it felt really weird to have his manliness so deeply down my throat. But that was nothing compared to the massive head rush that lying in this manner gave me. It felt as though all of my blood were rushing to my brain – and that my eyes were going to completely bug out – especially when he started to accelerate the pace of his thrusting!

I normally don’t make a lot of noise when I screw. But I found myself gagging – mainly to let my boyfriend know when he was pushing too hard. But hearing me choke only got him more excited – which caused him to fuck my mouth even faster! (Bastard!)

To be quite honest, I was actually worried that my boyfriend wouldn’t find this position to be very pleasurable – especially since my tongue wasn’t licking the underside of his cock (which is where he’s most sensitive). But I needn’t have worried. He later told me that screwing my mouth like this made it feel more like my pussy than it ever has before! He also said that it would’ve felt even better – if I had let him climax in there as well! (Hey Buster – let’s not push your luck, okay?!! )

To conclude, this film was fun to watch – and even more fun to do! I’ve never felt more connected with my guy’s dick. And fucking in this position is something I now offer my beau on those very special occasions (when he’s been especially good)!

Lastly, I even gained a greater appreciation for how beautiful the world looks – when viewed upside down! Peace out!

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