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Throat Fucks 5
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Throat Fucks 5

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  All Sex , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Throat Fucks 5:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Throat Fucks 5 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Throat Fucks 5 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Throat Fucks 5 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Throat Fucks 5 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Throat Fucks 5 Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Throat Fucks 5 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Throat Fucks 5 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  7/4/2014
Greetings porn fans. I have the latest release from POV shooter Jonni Darkko. This one is all about hard blow job action from the girls. These ladies won't be doing sensual bj's. Nope they will be throat fucked repeatedly until time to taste a load. Mr. Darkko spreads the love over the course of two discs. Let's hit a few highlights.

Gabriella Paltrova:

The opening scene begins with Gabriella seated on a bed holding a big fake black cock. This pretty girl spends several minutes playing/ sucking with this toy before the real deal is offered up to her. The POV view looking down is given for quite some time as Gabriella gives a solid accounting of herself pleasuring the cock. The energy is there plus lots and lots of spit is generated from her gagging. The evidence is quite obvious coating her chin for pretty much the entire scene once the bj commences. After the long session in POV they move the shot to more of a slight side view but still concentrated on Gabriella. There is some dirty talk too from the young lady and she ends this spirited opener taking the load into her mouth then drooling it out into a glass held underneath. This gets repeated a few times before Gabriella finally swallows the spit cum mixture.

Zoey Monroe:

The next scene opens like the first with the girl already in bed. The shot slowly moves around Zoey while she shows off including a great open ass shot early on. Sadly no booty action today so those early teasing ass hole shots will have to do ya. Moving back around we settle on Zoey's face and she looks glamorous too with a nice make up job and the lingerie looks good as well. No toy play for Zoey we just get right to her working over Jonni's cock. You can clearly see the lipstick coating his cock as it thrusts in and out of her mouth. Miss Monroe doesn't forget to tease 'n' please the balls as well. This scene also works in that side view and you see Zoey do a good job going from engulfing his cock to licking the balls. You see spit too though not as much as scene in the first scene. The makeup starts to run as well. As the scene wound down the spit play does pick up from Zoey and you see the make up tears on both cheeks now. They return to the classic POV shot at the end, the black bars underneath the eyes and finally Jonni delivers the load to Zoey's mouth. She shows it off with a cum bubble filled mouth and swallows.

Meiko Askara:

The third scene begins with a pulsing music track and several close in shots on a beautiful Asian girl. Meiko has dark black hair matched by the lingerie she wore and the heels that adorn her feet. The beat keeps going as we get visually acquainted with Miss Askara. The top is lowered exposing modest sized breasts and you have Meiko sitting back and opening up her legs to show off her kittie. There is a little Hitachi wand usage too. After Meiko's warmed her pussy up with the Hitachi then it came time to warm her mouth up with a big hard cock! A very clear picture here as this pretty Asian girl takes Jonni in. As with the first two scenes Meiko is good working in some ball play too along with the deep throat action. The pattern has been set so after the classic POV they move to the side angle shot and you start to see a little more spit here from Meiko. The energy picks up some as the scene goes on but not quite up to the first couple of scenes though Meiko takes a good pop to her mouth to close this one out.

Tiffany Doll:

The pulsing beat is back again for the next scene which begins with some fantastic facial shots of Tiffany. Nice wide open eyes and right behind she's arching her ass up for us. Black mesh stockings and heels behind and a playful lick of one of her fingers up top. Black mesh also covers her lowers arms up to the wrist and nothing covering her tits. Oh yes! We get a couple amazing open ass shots for Tiffany Doll, damn we needed someone to dive into and lick that ass, sadly not today. The tease seems to end but Tiffany brings in a fake cock and shows how much of it she can force into her mouth. This doesn't last to long before she ditches that in favor of the real thing. The sound quality is excellent as Tiffany gags right away and she offers up some awesome eye contact as she lets his balls rub all over her face. This girls energy is strong from the start and gagging fans will appreciate her doing just that several times during the initial stages of this scene. The spit play is very good also, the best seen since that first scene with Gabriella. You get some of the side angle shots too after a long time watching her in POV. Back to the classic POV for the last portion with a super good open mouth pop for Tiffany who shows off the spoils then making it all disappear. The best scene since the first one.

Shayla Laveaux:

The last scene on the first disc features a XXX Legend. Shayla looks great here lying flat on her stomach modeling the lingerie. The eye contact is very nice and the slight arching up of her ass behind was a nice touch too. Shayla offers up a playful smile that offered just a hint of the sexy fun that's to come. Shayla then beckons the camera in closer and we see the bra lowered exposing her breasts. Shayla removes it fully and the boobies look great. A little tugging on the nipples to get them hard. Shayla says hi when the volume is lowered on the music and we stay on her playing with the nipples. The shot then comes in the classic POV with Shayla taking the cock in. Good eye contact as she bobs up and down the shaft. All the girls have been great with sucking/ licking the balls and Shayla keeps that going in this scene. She even playfully bites at them, ouch! The side view is worked in too as the scene winds on. Shayla is good with the dirty talk too in between gagging! Didn't seem there was quite as much spit play as we saw in a couple of the scenes and we end this first disc with Shayla taking the only facial of the show so far and man was her face plastered! On to disc two.

Mia Rider:

A fantastic way to begin the second disc with Mia pulling her huge titties out from underneath the pink attire she was wearing. The nipples get tugged on making them nice 'n' hard. Again like the open ass shots earlier these titty shots get you hot and bothered but no one will be sucking on them sadly unless Mia helps us out. But why cover the boobs back up once you have pulled them out. I wanna see those tits not wish I could see them! Mia then strikes a pleasing pose on the bed. All that was needed now was for Jonni to offer up his cock. Before we get that, though, Mia uses a candy apple red fake dick to show us her oral skillz. This lasts a few minutes before we have Jonni joining in. His cock is less red, lol, but just as long! They actually go with the side view leading off when she takes the cock in and she keeps using the toy also which was a little disappointing to me. Once the real deal comes in I'd ditch the extra unless you bring in another cock. Jonni does well here pushing his cock deep into Mia's mouth and she uses the few seconds he pulls out to shove the red fake one back in. Mia begins to generate some good spit here too with the two pronged attack. They stay with that initial side view pretty much the entire scene and the spit accumulation builds up as well. Mia then switches it up doing the tilt the head backwards shot and Jonni slides right in and the spit now drops down onto her nose and eye lids. Mia turns back over for a few last gags on his dick and they go classic POV shot too for the pop. You also see that her makeup has begun to run real good by the time he unloads all over Mia's face. So we end with a plasterizing facial and begin the second disc with one and Mia gives us some gagging clean up too.


On to the second scene which begins as if we are interrupting the two. Gaia is already in position to take Jonni's dick into her mouth. Guess they didn't want to shoot any tease as we go right into the side angle view and Jonni throat fucking Gaia. The spit begins early here too from Gaia. You see her tongue darting out every so often as his dick delves deep into her mouth. Gaia also liked to shove a hand into her mouth as well during the bj and to also thrust out her tongue much like Gene Simmons of Kiss! The shot moves around to show off Gaia sucking him off and also giving us some boobage as well. Still the side view but instead of screen left to right it's right to left-- either direction Gaia took Jonni down town! You also get some classic POV shots looking down on the wide eyed Gaia taking his cock in and we get an open mouth pop with some to her face too. This scene wasn't quite up to the others for me. Missing a little tease didn't help. Gaia, though, proved she could take Jonni deep and the spit play was there too.

Eden Alexander:

Moving on we come to Eden who begins her scene working a fake cock into her mouth. Wearing all black and you have her boobs at least uncovered to start. A piercing to one of her nostrils is noticeable as well. There is some two fisted throat fucking here from Eden and we'll have to see if she can do that when Ike Diezel steps in. He does and it's just off to the screen left. Eden with her eyes watering some takes him in. Good energy from Eden and Ike helps to raise it skull fucking her. A little surprise when Ike spits in her face/ open mouth and he does this more than once. More and more spit is generated with the aggressive style head from Eden. Not sure we needed it but they bring the fake dick back in and Eden runs with it with a big smile across her face. We even see Mr, Hitachi come in and we leave that shot but you assume she's buzzing down below while being face fucked up top. You have another shot with Eden tilting her head backwards off the large cushion she was on and the head continues at a brisk pace. The eyes really start to water up now with the extended session with her head tilted back off, turning red with tears and spit that was rolling back over them. The scene keeps this style up while working in the classic POV shot looking down along with more shot from the side angle up until the pop which Ike jerks out onto her face.

Alexa Aimes:

Time to wrap this baby up and if you take a glance at the cast list you'll see that Alexa will be face fucked by not one, not two but three swinging dicks during this finale. I call that a great way to close the show. We open with a shot close in on Alexa who is working the fake red dick into her mouth and she takes it nearly all the way in. This isn't a giant twizzler, though, lol. Alexa looks like she'll be able to generate the kind of spit lovers of this series look for and that's with just one cock, imagine her working three in. Nice to see her tits were uncovered too. You can also see that Alexa is checking herself out in a giant mirror. Using lipstick she writes out Fuck My Face and a little heart along with a trace of spit-- Now who could resist that invitation!! Turns out they don't and the shot dissolves into Alexa surrounded by two cocks and on her knees she begins to let the boys face fuck her. After working them one at a time the guys step in close allowing Alexa to double stuff their cocks. Moving on Alexa lies on her back letting one guy titty fuck her while the other stands over her face thrusting his cock in. Alexa then pushes a hand into her mouth I assume to help her gag reflex as she goes right back to attacking their cocks and double stuffing them again. Going onto her back again Alexa puts a banana in her mouth and then squishes the rest around the two dicks-- this could get messy! With spit and banana coating her mouth the fellas go back to skull fucking Alexa. When she goes onto her back again they step in/ over to go balls deep on Miss Aimes. The first pop is more of a facial with some to her mouth. Alexa blows a few cum bubbles and pushes some out, then back in. You can see that her hair is a bit of a mess by the time this scene is over. The makeup has run a little around her eyes just as the second load is launched giving Alexa an even better facial. She rubs the whole mess down her face leading to gagging clean up head. Needless to say her face was a mess by scenes end. Not seeing the guys faces it was hard to tell when Jonni was worked in. I caught glimpses of Jessy Jones and John Strong a couple of times during the show. Regardless it was a very good finale. She takes two pops right after each other and then the last one comes after just a bit more head from Alexa.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

If you've watched this series then you know this one is strictly for those who love aggressive style head from the ladies. There won't be any sensual lovemaking sessions to the dicks here. Nope these ladies will offer up their mouths much like a pussy or an ass to be fucked hard and long which Jonni Darkko and co. do with the last scene featuring a couple extra cocks and the one scene where Ike Diezel steps in. Spread out over two discs the girls for the most part did well with the more aggressive style with Gabriella Paltrova, Tiffany Doll, Eden Alexander and Alexa Aimes all standing out. Now for extras you have on the main menu an extra scene featuring Mia Rider. She is wearing see through pink here and we see those large tits just begging to come out to play but Mia keeps them in to start. Jonni delivers some fine views in close on them. Mia does eventually let one out followed by its sister. Damn those were some fine looking titties here and the close shots only made them look better, Hard Nipples too! The shot then broadens out though we still stay frontal so the boobs were never long from our view. Thank you Mia for the nipple licks!! What follows is another strong POV themed blowjob from Miss Rider and they hit the same shots we've seen throughout this production but if you're a Mia Rider fan this second bite at the apple should be a most welcome one. She looked great ending with another facial. There was a special features section too with the big offering here being the cum shot recap. Fans of this series should feel confident picking this up. Jonni knows his stuff and delivers once again with a solid cast.

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