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Throat Fucks 2

Throat Fucks 2

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Gonzo , Oral
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Jake Blade's ratings for Throat Fucks 2:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Throat Fucks 2 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Throat Fucks 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Throat Fucks 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Throat Fucks 2 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Throat Fucks 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Throat Fucks 2 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Throat Fucks 2 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Jake Blade  on  7/24/2010
Jonni Darkko blowjob movies are choc full of hot girls, deep sloppy sucks and big facials, a winning combination for lovers of oral pleasure. Throat Fucks 2 is packed with sexy moments and gag testing gob work, as Darkko and his trusty sidekick Winston Burbank test out an arousing assortment of porn girls.

Charley Chase
Charley Chase is a suckologist. The cock sucking repertoire she has mastered is designed to both please a man and make him fall in love. Big W tests her shaft skills and nut knowledge, and also probes to the gag point, itís a fine view. She does take her top off for some boob action but itís hard to get a good perspective of those fine puppies from the side angle. The way she just opens the mouth and tilts the head back awaiting the throat probe is exceptional.

Chayse Evans
Chayse has that twinkle in her eye that suggests she enjoys being a filthy slut. She does some quality hands free work early having her mouth stabbed by the pants python until it butts heads with the back of her throat. The looks to the camera, the way she stares eagerly at the cock, her quick hand action, it really is genuine quality. This is the type of blow job you need to inadvertently leave paused on the DVD player at an opportune time, all in the hope your girlfriend can see how it should be done.

Jasmine Jolie
The hot blonde keeps forcing her lips down the shaft like she is hungry in a display that is truly pleasing. The POV angle with those dark eyes and tiny hands complimenting those cocksucking lips works real well. Plastered in creamy man bag goodness by Big W, she then moves up the chain of command to get some directorís cock. She basically impales her throat on the long cock of Darkko until the tip of the thing must be down between her lungs. Its an inspirational effort, especially with tears streaming down her face and another manís DNA in her eyes. The experience of testing her cock swallowing limits seem to get her excited.

Jennifer White
Got to love a girl who can use the utensils, no kitchen work for Jennifer though, its all spoon feeding of the racing tadpoles that she gets involved in. So this brunette honey of modelesque looks has a slow sensual way about her cock sucking, its really awesome. Her tits look sensational, which drives a man insane in a blow job movie, especially when she spends most of the cock mouthing time lying on the bed. After spooning the cream off her face and swallowing the evidence of the first finish, she does us the courtesy of cleaning up before moving to the directorís cock and itís a more eager display with lovely long deep slurps that feel so good she ends up coping a mouth full of cum. Her technique to continually deep throat the cock as it is coming in her mouth is marriage material, as blow jobs this good could make a man forget a multitude of sins.

Lexi Love
There is a touch of bunny boiler about Lexiís manner and wide eyed stares at the camera, but she can definitely work a cock. The black lace one piece and general presentation is killer, and Darkkoís long cock proves to be a bit of a challenge in terms of balls deep meat swallowage, but the hand action, ball skills and dirty talk all add to the experience.

London Keyes
London is just so hot and bouncy, and her stares at the camera will have you halfway there before she even gets busy on the love hammers. She works Big W over exceptionally well with her pierced tongue and hands, and her face is literally covered when he unleashes the junket pump. Thankfully she does a cleanup before dropping to her knees for the Darkko, and he soon has her in tears as he slides his long cock down her throat.

Andy San Dimas
Andy has a stunning face, so when she drops to her knees and stares up at the camera with her big brown eyes its easy to be seduced by her charms. As a cock master she obviously didnít rely on her looks to pass the slurp test, as he can dish out a sloppy blow job complete with gasps, gags, and little baby cock burps. Darkkoís cock could test the swallowing capacity on a sword swallower, so he has to grab the back of the head at times to get it all in, but Andy seems happy to be covered in slop and have her throat stuffed with man meat until she is nearly suffocated. Towards the end it gets a little freaky, but she wonít need to eat for a week after the load she swallows.

Stephanie Kane
Stephanie Kane appears to be the monotonal assassin, thankfully her look makes up for some of her line delivering inefficiencies. There isnít a lot in terms of technique, Big W basically grabbing her head and thrusting at her mouth like itís a stationary object. One of the reassuring images underlining pornís greatness is when a young pretty girl has a dirty big cock and ballbag shoved in her face, and that is conveyed at its best here. Stephanie looks like she has a great natural rack but she never takes off the pretty pink bra, we are just left with a side angle of her head as the cock works away for most of the scene.

Max Makita
There is a touch of young Martina Navratilova about Maxís jawline which is a little unsettling, but thankfully her attraction in the bedroom is of a different persuasion. Big W gives Max quite a lot of instruction, and when he finally gets to the point of no return Max loves the big thick creamy assault that is left on her face. She definitely enjoys a cock, she keeps wanting to suck it even after the juice is loose.

Hunter Bryce
Talk about cock crazy, this broad has Darkkoís cock swallowed from the start, and what a rig. The nips are poking out through her pink bra like she is smuggling peanuts. JD shows her no mercy here, grabbing her by the head and only pulling back from his thrusts once the whole member has passed her lips. There are plenty of gags and sloppy spillages as the turkey neck works over Hunterís tonsils, but she only seems to pull away when she needs a breath.

Tara Lynn Foxxx
Tara has this fun playful attitude, its extremely sexy, especially when she is fiddling with a cock and staring up at the camera with her big brown eyes. The work with her hands is awesome, she strokes the cock, jiggles the balls and even plays with her own boobs. There is some deep probing that brings some gags, but the cocksucking lips are on the money, and on moving to the second cock with a cum stained face she really gets the back of her throat massaged by the directorís cock. She can really swallow the inches once she gets warmed up, and the shot to the mouth for a finish is a good one.

Kierra King
Kierra just wants to be throat fucked, so who better than to break in the tonsils and get the tears flowing than the director himself. Kierra is literally cock chocked, gasping for air, gagging and crying as if she has just chopped up a pound of onions. This really is an exercise in deep throat education and Kierra must be admired for seemingly taking a few extra inches just when she is about to be suffocated by man meat. You wont see much evidence of an orgasm. Darkko fires it right down her throat, and Kierra probably didnít even taste it, there are no taste buds on the tonsils.

Melody Nakai
Melody is an ebony honey of luscious proportions. Her boobs are so good that they even get a run during proceedings. Melodyís pretty face looks real good with a cock hanging out of it, and her naturally sensual way just make her fun to be around. She can pack away the inches by the involvement of her hands and juicy lips, and the way she looks up expectantly at the camera waiting for the good stuff make it an all around man friendly experience.

Tia Ling
This is a real tonsil busting effort from Tia, she opens the mouth, tilts the head back and lets Darkko just thrust his cock down her gasper until its basically balls deep. You can see the neck muscles working overtime as she has her mouth stuffed, and all the drool, gag noises, and camera being position from below make for a fun time, especially with the blind finish as she takes the load in her mouth.

Bobbi Starr
Bobbi always looks hot, and her cock play is beyond exceptional. She dishes out a deeply sensual experience to Big W, amazingly stuffing his cock and balls in her mouth at the same time. She is face glazed by a salty monster which includes some swimmers in the eye, and she is such a trooper that she starts blowing Darkko before the luxury of a wipe off. So by the time the director is finished testing her gag reflex and is ready to blow, her eyes are red and must be literally burning. What a princess.

Phoenix Marie
Phoenix looks like a knockout at the start of this scene. Lying on a bed in sexy white underwear with that juicy ass in the air, you could literally eat her up. Big W has first crack at questioning the depths of her oesophagus and you will have no trouble seeing the stroke value in her methods. Itís wet but not overly sloppy, there is ball work, and the hand action is that of a money hungry whore. Big W rewards her in the only way he knows how, unloading the junket pump all over her forehead. But Phoenixís work isnít done yet, Darkko steps in for some tonsil hockey, cum still running down her face. And itís another deeply probing examination of her throats ability to have a trouser snake sliding down it, and Darkko is merciless. By the end Phoenix is a smudged mess of cum, drool, red eyes, running makeup and the tears that only a truly great deep throat performance can bring.

McKenzie Miles
McKenzie has a great rack and mercifully she gets the bra off before wrapping the laughing gear around a stiff one. There arenít the circus act style theatrics with this, its just a romantic blow job with McKenzie sucking the end as her hands keep the balls entertained. She cops an absolute firing squad style blast form Big W, luckily for her not much enters the eyes so as she crawls over to the directors cock for her encore performance its mostly just running down her nose. She seems to find it a lot easier to fully deep throat Darkkoís longer skinnier cock, buts its still done in a sexy and sensual way, and she definitely gets more mouthy with his ballbag.

Bonus Blows:
London Keyes
London is looking great with the hair and makeup just right, and wearing a little red number that shows her pierced nipples real well. She dirty talks and plays with her boobs to get everyone in the mood, although its seriously not needed. London just gets in this slutty little frenzy when she has a cock to play with, it really is great to watch, she keeps eye contact, chokes herself with man meat and uses her hands in an effort to show a bloke a good time. She is a real little honeypants.

Jasmine Jolie
Jasmine is a deep throat merchant, and as she slides the directorís cock down past her tonsils the tears of romance are soon running down her cheeks. You can see her fighting against the gag reflex as she gets balls deep, and the gasps for air with a smile between each probing thrust form Darkko look sexy. There is some cum play at the end that will keep those into load logistics very amused. In the BTS she admits to not being that great at deep throat when she first started sucking cock. Practice definitely makes perfect.

The Final Fling
Once again there is an element of genius about Jonni Darkkís work, this time centred around hardcore blowjobs. Due to his long skinny cock he is really able to force himself deeply to the back of a girls mouth until he is basically fucking their throat. But donít try this at home, or it will feel like someone is dragging a pair of razor blades down your cock, as these porno girls know how to keep sharp teeth tucked behind juicy lips. It takes a special broad to tilt the head back and open up the mouth so the cock is not in harms way, a girl that can definitely fill her purse working the porn scene. Some of these blow jobs get messy, so those that like gentle knob kisses and subtle ball rubs should get their fix elsewhere, as this is sloppy, ball drenching fun complete with the gags and throat spasms that go with it. There seems to be more of a concentration on side angle, maybe to show of perspective in terms of cock swallowage, but all the blowjobs are great. In terms of value this is a double disk affair with over three and a half hours of oral fixation, with all the usual bells and whistles attached, and you even get a sample of a Darkko beat on disc 2. His tunes arenít like a porn soundtrack that become annoying like the music on an old video game, its good stuff, but unfortunately it makes you think Monique Alexander is about to saunter into your lounge room in underwear looking for a good time. Burbank could definitely do with allowing the girl to finish him off more, but this is a good movie and its definitely enjoyable material. Paper towel and lube needed.

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