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Throat Fucks 2

Throat Fucks 2

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Gonzo , Oral
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Throat Fucks 2:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Throat Fucks 2 overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Throat Fucks 2 Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Throat Fucks 2 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Throat Fucks 2 Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Throat Fucks 2 Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Throat Fucks 2 DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Throat Fucks 2 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  6/21/2010
Ok fans time for some blowjob action courtesy of Jonni Darkko. This one's got over a dozen girls to take on some cock and see what their pretty mouths can do and I see no need to wait as the busty Charley Chase is up first.

Charley Chase:

A beaming Charley greets us for the first scene and lets us know right off she's here for one thing and one thing only-- suck cock!! Perfectly clear pic and the side view was very nice as Charley works that schlong. We do get a good look at those amazing titties she's been blessed with and there's some fine POV head too leading to the load blasted to her open mouth and there's more going up to her forehead too with cleanup from Charley. Off to a great start.

Chayse Evans:

Chayse comes on next and she's like imagine this dick that is coming in is yours and further imagine that my mouth is going around it-- I'll try believe me I'll try! Chayse opens with some nice no hands sucking, letting our cock do all the work. Chayse does use her hands some and we get more good POV head too, a little ball tickling! Another good load too fired in ropes to Chayse's face, all the way to her hairline.

Jasmine Jolie:

Next scene opens and Jasmine's already at the dick and is working it almost immediately with her mouth. To bad we don't get her boobs out during the bj but there is good POV head and eye contact leading to the pop which is bountiful again. Open mouth and then up her face and forehead. Oh wait Jasmine wasn't satisfied with just one and ok now we get a shot of her tits as we get a second dick brought in and she doesn't wipe all the jizz off as some is still glistening on her forehead. Solid bj work here on the second piece of meat, deep throating and the load this time is mostly to her open mouth, cum bubbles pushed out down her chin with cleanup too. Nice work!

Jennifer White:

We move on to Jennifer who does a nice thing in working those big tits out first off then we're shown a spoon-- hmm wonder what role that will play, stay tune. Jennifer then does some rubbing over the bulge in the pants before her then it's time to work that bad boy out. Not fully hard but getting there so Jennifer helps with some stroking and light licking around the head-- damn that feels good!! I liked the view from the slide and slightly looking up as she works the dick, no hands style too. As with the other scenes we get some POV head too and then the pop flies to her face, some overeaches but there is plenty there for that spoon to scoop up. Oh snap we get a second dick for Jennifer too and there is more fine footage from the floor looking up as she gets some serious deep throating in here. We end up with the second load being an internal mouth pop which she lets slide down the shaft before staying right there to lick the jizz/spit up from around the balls!

Lexi Love:

We move on to a familiar face to me and to a lot of you. Lexi is looking very cute here in her black lace lingerie which we're given a good view up from top to bottomw. Lexi seems quite eager and gets right down to it, freeing the dick and saying hello with her tongue. From the first scene on the picture quality has been excellent so fans of close in bj's will definitely enjoy this and Lexi! We end with several ropes fired to her mouth but one stray one catches her in the eye-- oops! Still she offers up some great cum play and cleanup after to show there were no hard feelings!

London Keyes:

Very nice view to begin the next scene, London on her knees POV style with those awesome rocking tits already out. A little licking over the material to tease but she doesn't make us wait to long before letting Mr. Happy out and taking him in. Some good eye contact too as she works us in. The scenes have done a pretty good job too of working in the side view and POV shots, alternating them before the pop which in this case is a big one to London's pretty face. London also goes back for seconds taking on another dick and receiving another good load.

Andy San Dimas:

Just saw this lady briefly last week in Vegas, still a hottie even in civilian clothes, lol. Andy opens her scene naked doing a short crawl over to the hard dick waiting. With those pretty eyes giving us a sexy stare we get her lips wrapped firmly around with a nice steady pace right from the start. POV and side views here with a good spit train coming off the shaft, deep throating too from Andy. After some great gagging from Andy we get the load fired off and Andy's is the first to really be fully into the mouth. Cum bubbles and cleanup too close this hot scene.

Stephanie Kane:

Stephanie comes on with the dirty talk right off, maybe going over the top just a little but she's a cutie. She reaches inside to play with the dick some before letting him out for play. The side view was great here and we get Stephanie doing no hands head too, letting the dick thrust in at a brisk pace. Not sure why she never took her top off but we end up with a massive load fired off to her face, damn she was covered!

Max Mikita:

Next scene begins and you see a set of fingers beckoning the shot to move up-- we started off with a full shot on her covered pussy. Max has hair here, I wonder if she grew it out or am I thinking of someone else! Anyway she gets a big dick to play with and we get some solid views from the side and overhead as Max works it. She also doesn't get naked but receives a great load to the face with some post cum head also.

Hunter Bryce:

As the next scene begins we find Hunter already in full on cock assault mode. Hovering over the hard piece of meat she's face first in diving in to take as much in as she can. Noticeable too is the substantial cleavage she's sporting. The energy is certainly here as she's deep throating the entire dick. We end with a good floor/side view leading to the pop, fired on target once more to a waiting face, spit coming off the chin from the hard head, now joined by jizz coming off as well.

Tara Lynn Foxxx:

Gee these girls are geting more eager as the scenes go. Tara is also engaged in fellatio as the scene commences. Some nice no hands style too with a pretty set of eyes looking up, slow licks on the shaft and some fine full mouth enclosing around. The shots aren't new by now but still good to see them alternating still. With what appear to be tears coming down, some good strong head here we get the pop fired in the side view with cleanup after.

Kierra King:

Almost done, two more scenes. Kierra comes on looking at a magazine which apparantly shows you how to deep throat, something she always wanted to do! Kierra knows she's capable, just needs a guy to try it out on ! Well working her top off and giving us a titty shot is definitely a good start. Kierra then leans in finding a stiff proposition waiting which she is indeed fully capable of taking in. The last smidge proved a bit of a challenge but it fits!! Not to keen on the shot underneath where we got a little to much man ass shown- but she was in full on deep throat mode and it was impressive. The load isn't shown from what I can tell but she says she swallowed-- perhaps the dick was so far down the throat when he popped!

Melody Nakai:

After only seeing Melody in a couple of Parodies I'm starting to see her in some regular sex scenes and this girl is fucking hot. Nice big boobies, great ass and a pretty face-- this is smiling at us as this final scene opens. She's in lavender and there is some fine cleavage showing too along with a wide open mouth which is subsequently put to good use in devouring a hard dick. This one had more POV shots in it which was fine, Melody's got such an appealing face I enjoyed it a lot plus she gets in some great deep throat action leading to yet another strong pop fired off to a hot girls face.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this one is about as good a POV blowjob flick as you could want. It's not totally POV but there is some strong emphasis on this shot as well as some good side angles used. The loads were equally strong usually flying up the face even going as far as the hair! Andy San Dimas takes perhaps the best load or at least the most in her mouth. Several girls were just doused in jizz after their hard work. Now there is a separate disc for extras but we get the pops repeated for all the blowjobs on this first one if you feel the need to revisit them. Now there is a second disc as I mentioned and it has bonus scenes with Tia Ling, Bobbi Starr, Phoenix Marie and McKenzie Miles so more bang for your porn buck. Clicking on the special features you see still more bonus scenes, one with London and another with Jasmine Jolie so be sure to check those out once you've let Mr. Happy recharge his batteries!!! We get interviews too plus a cast list, filmographies and some trailers. Jonni's put a lot of action in this one and for blowjob fans it's well worth the time to check out.

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