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Three's Cumpany (Suze Randall)

Three's Cumpany (Suze Randall)

Studio: Suze Randall
Category:  All Sex
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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MASAMUNE's ratings for Three's Cumpany (Suze Randall):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Three's Cumpany (Suze Randall) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Three's Cumpany (Suze Randall) Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Three's Cumpany (Suze Randall) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Three's Cumpany (Suze Randall) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Three's Cumpany (Suze Randall) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Three's Cumpany (Suze Randall) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Three's Cumpany (Suze Randall) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by MASAMUNE  on  6/1/2005
Director: Suze Randall and Holly Randall
Camera: Big Bad Onxxx and Thomas Rifter
Genre: All Sex
Release: 2/05

vs. Scott Nails

Vaginal, Bodyshot

Scene Highlights: 
-Garbed in a black g-string, Tory bucks roughly on Scott's meat as Paola straddles his face. Scott ravages Paola's cunny, drawing out deep animal moans. 
-As Scott pistons into Paola, she pleads for more in her Portuguese tongue. She's all smiles as some hard smacks are laid across her bum and Tory adds in with her aggressive dirtytalk. 
-Tory spears herself on dick in a sideways angle and she's breaking into a sweat, her hair and forehead moist from her growing lust. 
-Paola starts to sweat as well.  Her tits and tummy have a slight sheen as she ravenously eats Tory's girlhood and takes a hard pounding from Scott.       

Commentary:  There's two cameras running simultaneously. The net result is seamless cutting and rather unique shots that capture the best action. This is not cookie-cutter porn ladies and gentlemen. The downside is that we see one of the cameramen impinge on one of the shots. He walks across the shot and lays down on the floor to get a ground angle- lol!  I expected Suze Randall to be more professional but there are one or two technical glitches on top of the poor edit choice mentioned above. The sex was pretty good- I loved it when the ladies got sweaty and these girls aren't your normal passive pornbabes who lay and get laid. They're into it and are very much interested in getting themselves off. Those greedy hellcats! 

ENERGY: 3.75

vs. Mick Blue

Scene Highlights: 
-Mick has hired two callgirls and tries to swindle a discount by licking their pussies. His talents are enough and earns him 'two for the price of one.'
-Mick has his meat wedged between Charmaine and Jenevieve's lips and we are treated to their flawless profiles in a straight-on shot. An awesome POV shot follows, and the ladies' eyes smolder in the screen.
-Charmaine does the bunny bounce on Mick in an aerial fuck and in the background, Jenevieve slips out of her black dress to reveal her divine curves.
-Mick flips Charmaine upside down over his shoulder and she kisses his rod on one side as Jenevieve does the same on the other.
-Jenevieve has an emphatic ride on Mick in cowgirl and we get a sweet upper profile shot that shows her hips and ass bucking up and down in a wildly frenzy.
-The camera moves in on a closeup of Charmaine's face- she purrs and makes sexy facial expressions. Meanwhile, Jenevieve's boob frames the shot in the foreground and it jiggles vividly.

Commentary:  Personally, I think a bodyshot is a wasted cumshot. Especially when you've got two girls with flawless faces like Charmaine and Jenevieve. Cumshot aside, they ooze sexuality throughout the scene. We have Charmaine's beautiful baby voice moan coupled with Jenevieve's perfect body and a fairly good energy level. The end result is a strong scene.

Vaginal, Bodyshot



Lesbian, 2 vibrators, squirt

Scene Highlights:
-Ander introduces the girls and Cytherea naughtily tells her, "I love when you fuck me. It makes me cum and squirt everywhere." Excellent delivery here.
-Ander's finger slides between Cytherea's slit, parting the folds of her flower as Dani traverses her thigh with her gliding tongue.
-Dani lies on her back, fingering herself as she licks up at Cytherea's snatch. Cytherea is kneeling and eating Ander who sits up on a stool. Nice aerial shot wedged between Ander and Cytherea's body and aimed straight down at Dani's face as she eats Cy's pussy.
-Ander: "Dani, I bet you want some of this... Get over here you little bitch slut!"
-Lots of great shots where one girl's face is smashed up against another girl's ass as she gazes sexily into the camera.
-Ander dildos Cytherea with a pink vibrator until her girl squirt starts to flood from her hole, culminating in a large blast against the couch.
-Dani cums intensely against the vibrator that ploughs into her pussy. Her body wracks and she squirms away from the fucking, a large grin flashing along her face.
-"You're gonna make me cum..."Ander purrs and the girls work her cunt harder. She starts to shudder and then scream in the most powerful orgasm of the scene. Cytherea can feel Ander's pussy walls contract against her fingers.   

Commentary:  Finally a lesbian scene that's actually filmed right. Randall takes advantage of those full-body shots that can't necessarily be done when a man is in the scene. I was glad that each girl got to cum and the scene ends with the most powerful climax of the bunch. Common sense stuff that surprisingly, many directors don't do. From start to finish this scene is a visual spectacle. There isn't a bad shot in it since it caters so well towards the beauty of the girls. Each of them deliver the goods here; these girls have a whole lot of personality, and this shines through in even the most subtle actions. Another excellent scene.       

ENERGY: 3.75

vs. Kurt Lockwood 

Scene Highlights:
-Kurt spears Corina in doggy and her face rams up against Allysin's boob with each stroke. Allysin: "You like it how he fucks you?"
-Allysin bucks on Kurt's meat and everyone bounces up and down wildly on the springy bed. Meanwhile, Kurt has his face smothered deep between Corina's legs.
-Kurt plunges into Allysin in a greedy doggyfuck and eases his thumb up her bum. The supple flesh of her bum and thigh jiggles loosely.
-Kurt and Allsyin are in a heated missionary fuck and as he drills her, he has his fingers up Corina's snatch. The girls lay side by side and give in to the pleasure, moaning freely, their faces twisted in ecstasy.   

Commentary:  In a POV bj shot we get Corina looking up into the camera, but Allysin is looking off to the side, apparently at Kurt. This takes away from it and the director should have corrected the problem. When Allysin's eyes do meet the camera along with Corina, it's a heart-stopping moment, as we get the pleasure of peering into those lovely set of orbs. The energy comes to a short standstill midway through the scene so this takes you out of the moment for a bit. These flaws aside, it was still a pretty good scene overall, although weaker than the previous ones. Allysin's bum moves so well as she gets pummeled in doggy. She has on a fishnet stocking that's open on the ass area and this detail adds nicely to the bum jiggling. 

Vaginal, Facial




Lesbian, 2 Dildos

Scene Highlights:
-Victoria, dressed as a policewoman, orders her two 'bitches' to entertain her through the pleasures of the flesh. Her nipples peak out of her shirt, which threatens to bust from the stress of her large, juicy tits.
-Victoria reclines languidly on a chair as Sandra jams her fingers into her cunny and laps at her clit. Natalia consumes her tits before diving down into her snatch.
-Victoria spanks Sandra's clit and her pussylips flap in attention. She also lays some smacks against Natalia's bum and she responds to the beating,"Punish me officer....I'm a horny little bitch"
-Victoria:"Why don't you look under your pillows to see what the fuck Fairy brought for you." lol! alas, it's two dildos!
-All three ladies work on one dildo. Sandra and Natalia lick the sides as Victoria sucks the tip sensually.
-Sandra and Natalia apply their magic fingers to Victoria's cunny and they bring her to a noisy climax, her breath loud and explosive.     

Commentary:  I remember Victoria Zdrok from Playboy in 1994. I don't know how it's possible but she looks even yummier over a decade later. She looks gorgeous, as do her female counterparts, Natalia and Sandra. The chemistry is pretty good here and their outfits were impressive- my favorite scene in terms of outfits. A strong scene.        




Photo Gallery, Natalia Cruze stripdance (2:30), Sandra Shine stripdance/interview/masturbation (10:30), Paola Rey stripdance/interview (5:30), Outtakes (2:30), 8 Trailers


If you've seen Suze Randall's glamorous photosets, then you can expect the same thing here. The girls are dolled up as sexily as possible. The costumes and sets are brilliant. There's nothing really hard in this video but don't sell it short on account of a preconceived notion of passionless glamour-girl sex. No, the sex has heat and despite the artistic look of the film, it doesn't sacrifice lust to the visual element.

There's some problems with technical glitches- in a few parts we have audio tracks that overlap or an edge of the screen cut off and spliced on a different edge. There's also some issues with Holly interjecting during the action or one of the cameras/cameraman accidentally moving into the shot. I don't consider this a failure of the film, however.


The only failure I observed was the acting element of it and this had nothing to do with the sex. The film is light in plot/acting but it does have some and I could tell that it was half scripted and half improvised. Improvisation is a difficult thing and here, the dialogue is hard to believe and hard to take seriously. The director should have had the performers do the dialogue several times to get the best cuts out of it all. This way the fantasy would be more believable. But again, this has very little to do with the sex aspect of the film.  

All said and done, I recommend this film, especially for worshipers of the female form- the aesthetically inclined- who are also looking for hot sex in the same motion. Those wanting raunchy hardcore, stay away from this one.   




MASAMUNE's funny quote for today: "You're about as useful as a one-legged man at an arse-kicking contest"- Rowan Atkinson

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