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Teri Weigel: Centerfold

Teri Weigel: Centerfold

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Couples , Feature film
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MD James's ratings for Teri Weigel: Centerfold:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Teri Weigel: Centerfold overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Teri Weigel: Centerfold Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Teri Weigel: Centerfold Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Teri Weigel: Centerfold Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Teri Weigel: Centerfold Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Teri Weigel: Centerfold DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Teri Weigel: Centerfold A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by MD James  on  3/20/2004

Title: Teri Weigel: Centerfold
Released by: Wicked Pictures

"Centerfold" bills itself as being the story of Teri Weigel. A sad and lonely tale of a centerfold model as she goes from magazines to porn. I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise who plays the lead, huh? Yeah, that’s right, it’s former centerfold Teri Weigel.

So the movie starts with Teri standing at a street corner, looking like a hooker, and remembering about buying drugs from that corner and wondering about how her life ended up screwed up. (Hey, wait a minute… you mean her life was screwed up and it had nothing to do with drugs? Uh-oh! Better not tell the Feds about that!)

Okay, so we flashback to a photoshoot. Teri is sitting there watching as the photographer (Jill Kelley) snaps away at a sultry blonde model (Nikita). Teri seems to be turned on by all of this, but then her attention is diverted by some guy in a suit (Wilde Oscar) who sweet-talks her about being famous and "having it all". He convinces her to join him in his office so she could see his hot tub.

Flash forward to the present. Teri laughs and exclaims that "having it all" meant having all of the shit piled on her. At that point she meets her contact, who gives her a phone number.

Flash back to the past again, and now it’s Teri’s turn in front of the camera. She poses away, turning Jill (the photographer) on with every frame. Jill gives Teri a quick kiss and invites her over later to view the prints.

Back to the present again as Teri is reading passages from some manuscript. This brings us right back to the past as now Teri shares some wine with Jill as they talk about the pictures. They kiss, and Jill starts playing with Teri’s pussy. She pulls Teri’s dress down to show off her big (and obviously inflated) breasts. They move to the couch and Jill goes right to work on Teri’s bald pussy, giving her a tongue licking that brings Teri to her very vocal orgasm.

Then it’s Jill’s turn to cum as Teri plays with Jill’s clit, and then gives a pretty convincing tongue licking before doing some finger-fucking. Jill isn’t as audible as Teri, so it’s hard to know whether or not Jill had a chance to come. Jill sets Teri down for some pink dildo fun, bringing Teri to yet another vocal orgasm as she works that dildo like she had a strap-on. She just about fucks Teri right off the couch. Then it’s Teri’s turn to give the pleasure, and this time she uses a big, black, double-ended dildo to get Jill off before they kiss and talk about Teri becoming this "big star".

In the present, Teri continues to read from this manuscript about her time with Jill, and the fact that this little girl-girl act was just another fling for both of them. Then she talks about her time with Phil (Wilde, a.k.a. the guy in the suit), and how much she loved him and how much he made her feel special.

Flash-back yet again. This time she’s walking into his office when she sees Phil in the hot tub with another brunette beauty named Brenda (Nici Sterling). He’s also giving Brenda the same lines he gave Teri… literally word for word. Teri lets the two of them know that she caught them, and then she leaves the room, obviously pissed. That leaves Phil and Brenda to continue right where they left off. (Nice to show some concern there, Phil!)

After some touchy-feely-kissy foreplay, Brenda goes right to business, giving Phil some oral attention. Then it’s her turn for some oral attention. Then he lines his cock up and slides it in. After a few minutes like that, she straddles on top of him and brings him into her ass for some anal reverse-cowgirl. Then it’s back to missionary for the stomach pop.

Present-time again. Some tears, and then Teri grabs the cellphone and calls up the number she was given. The man on the other end tells her how to give him the information and money to do what she wants him to do. She grabs an envelope, and puts a certain picture in there along with some money. (I’d say of whom, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise.)

Then she goes back to reading this manuscript about her life and talking about what she did afterwards. She met Todd (Tony Montana), and Todd gave her a new career….

And in another flashback, we see this new career… as a porn star. She’s rather hesitant to get it on with two guys (Alex Sanders and Mark Wallace), but Todd talks her into it. (Yeah like all actresses break into porn by doing two guys at the same time.) The two long-haired guys take their time ravaging her. One goes down on her, causing Teri to go vocal quickly. Before long they have their dicks out, and Teri is in the middle of an oral/missionary sandwich. Both of them take their turns fucking Teri missionary position, and even a quick doggie before blowing their respective loads on her stomach. But wait! There’s more! One more quick missionary from Mark before he pops on the bed. I guess he couldn’t make it to her belly.

Okay, back to the present. Now we get to see the title of this manscript Teri is reading… "My Life Story – by Teri Weigel". Oh now THAT’S creative!

Meanwhile, we get to see our "mystery caller" (Colt Steele), and he’s in bed with a blond beauty (Brittany Andrews). A little finger-fucking and sucking before his cellphone rings. It’s Teri. She’s ready to make the drop-off. He gets up to leave.

Teri shows up at the street corner, still dressed in the same clothes as the night before, and drops off the envelope by the park bench, and leaves. Our mystery man walks up, picks up the envelope, and sees the blond babe right behind him. He strips her down to her shoes right there in the open, bends her over, and fucks her doggie style. Then he rolls her over on the bench and tit-fucks her until he blows his load between her big inflated breasts. Then as she’s getting dressed, he grabs her arm and tells her to wait there for one hour. (Yeah, right… a blond beauty in her bra and panties, with her boobs hanging out, waiting for an hour at a street corner where people buy drugs. Like THAT is going to happen!)

Okay, back to Casa Del Weigel… Teri is going through "My Life Story"… and she admits she wants love. She talks about Gary (Jay Ashley) and how wonderful he is to her, and how he didn’t mind her being in porn, but she never told him about being "hooked on SEX"! (Cue the sappy soap music PLEASE! Oh, wait… this isn’t the Lifetime Channel. Never mind.)

And time for another flashback… to see that Gary was a complete and utter dick the moment after he married Teri. And he shows it by flaunting about his girlfriend Dawn (Kaitlyn Ashley). He belittles Teri, then tells her to get them some lunch as they fuck out on the deck of Teri’s own home. Dawn starts off by sucking Gary, then he takes her missionary-style. They turn around, and now Dawn rides him in cowgirl position. Then Gary bends her over to fuck her in the ass before blowing his load all up her back.

Okay, well now you can probably guess why Teri would want to hire the "mystery man", right? Well maybe not. I won’t give away the ending, but I think by this point you can piece together who she wants dealt with and why. I will say, however, that the ending does involve some more of Teri’s very vocal sex.

Story-wise, "Centerfold" has a pretty weak plot. It tries to come off as a tearjerker, like the kind you would see in those pathetic network TV "Movie of the Week" stories. You know… the ones that try to warn you about the "evils" of posing for nudie magazines. Teri at least makes her role as "herself" look somewhat convincing. So does Colt as the "mystery man". Wilde Oscar’s sleazy magazine publisher role was equally well done. Jay Ashley’s role as the mega-asshole husband was just a tad too much, though.

Then there are the extras. And boy did the folks at Wicked load this DVD up with extras! Fifteen full-length trailers, blooper footage, photo galleries of not only the movie but also individually of the actresses, bios of the key actors, promotional reels from the various adult conventions, and setup for Wicked’s free online casino, and other online links. Aside from the online casino, this DVD is on par with – or even better than - some of the major mainstream releases.

All in all, Wicked Pictures provided a DVD that exceeded this reviewer’s expectations. Even with a sloppy story, the sex was hot, and the participants did for the most part quite well. And it certainly would be a video that I would recommend for any fan of Teri. Just don’t believe it to be anywhere near her real "life story".

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