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Tera & Friends

Tera & Friends

Studio: New Machine
Category:  All Sex
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
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MD James's ratings for Tera & Friends:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Tera & Friends overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Tera & Friends Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Tera & Friends Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Tera & Friends Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Tera & Friends Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Tera & Friends DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Tera & Friends A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by MD James  on  3/17/2004

Title: Tera & Friends
Released by: New Machine

Did you ever wonder what Tera Patrick was like before she became a big star in the industry? Before she went on Playboy TV, and before she had her dispute with a certain company, and before she came back with larger breasts than she was born with? Well apparently the folks at New Machine were wondering the same thing. So they pulled some of their archived footage and they came up with "Tera & Friends".

There’s no real plot or story when it comes to this video. In fact, there’s usually nothing except the participants and one cameraman. This is just pure sex taken from a variety of pro-am series such as "Up and Cummers" and "Dirty Debutantes". As such, we only know the names of the ladies involved, not the men. However, since we’re dealing with "Up and Cummers" and "Dirty Debutantes", then we know that some of the men involved will be Randy West and Ed Powers, respectively.

Okay, enough dancing around… let’s get to the action.

First up we have Tera with Randy from "Up and Cummers 8". Tera meets up with Randy in the shower for a little wet-and-wild action. She kneels down and gives him a blowjob and lets her tit-fuck her before walking into the shower with him. He fingers her for a bit, then does her doggie style for a while. She tells him to finish his shower and that she’ll be waiting for him on the bed.

Still wet from the shower, Tera plays with herself as she slides on a pair of stockings. Randy walks out and sweet-talks her into playing with herself for a bit before going down on her. Then he moves up and does her missionary. Then she mounts him reverse-cowgirl style so she could see herself in the mirrors. She begs Randy to climax inside of her… which is something that you don’t normally see in one of Tera’s movies.

While Randy is recovering, he gives her a little foot-worshiping. Then it’s back to the action with some 69, and then finishing up with some oral before popping on her mouth.

Next up, we have Tera and Randy again… this time from "Up and Cummers 73". This time she’s on a couch with her dress half-off and his fly open. She gets the rest of the clothes off of him, and then sits him down on the couch for a little tongue probing. Then once gets the rest of her dress off, she straddles over him and goes for the ride of her life, which lasts for quite some time. He even stands up, with her still on him, and go for a bit before his tool pops out. Then it’s right back on the couch for some more riding, then she gets pumped doggie style, then a quick masturbation while he jerks off to a visible pop.

Personally I found this scene to be a little more appealing than the first one. Maybe it was just because it was all done in one session. It wasn’t this "oh let’s do it in the shower… no wait, let’s do this in bed… wait, I came inside her… let’s go at it again so I can do an external pop." It started on the couch and it ended on the couch. That’s it. Plus we get to finish with this GREAT scene of Tera’s naked and natural body just lying there in post-sex bliss.

Okay, next up is Kristie Allen from "Up and Cummers 21". Kristie has short blond hair, small breasts, and she’s with some guy that we don’t even know and doesn’t even get identified in the video. Let’s call him "Dick". As a matter of fact, let’s just call all of these unrecognizable guys "Dick". Kristie doesn’t waste any time going after "Dick’s" tool… maybe because she’s already naked and he’s already had his hand between her legs… or maybe because he’s just in his bikini briefs. Oh well, a little oral, and then it’s time to mount him and do a little cowgirl riding.

What sucks is that this scene has some elevator music playing, so we don’t hear anything from the two of them. But then we do a quick pause and the music is replaced with the lovely sound of sex as Kristie gives "Dick" some more oral. Then she turns around and rides him in reverse-cowgirl. They go at it like this for a while, then he picks her up and walks over from the sofa to the bed. He gives her a little foreplay, a little oral, she returns the favor, and then some more missionary. Then it’s some more cowgirl, reverse-cowgirl, doggie, missionary, cowgirl again… they just about go through every position in the Karma Sultra here… before she sucks him off to completion.

I didn’t particularly care for the multiple positions in this scene. Okay, so "Dick" apparently has the stamina of a stallion, but jumping through multiple positions more than once was just overkill.

The next two to get naked and nasty are Kima Lee and Cherry Rain from "Dirty Debutantes 165". Two lovely brunettes with tattoos and belly chains and some phallic toys to play around with. I really don’t know who’s who here, so it’s hard for me to give a detailed position-by-position. There’s a little oral, a little hand play, some toys… then they go into 69 for a few minutes before one of them puts on a strap-on and does the other girl doggie-style. They move to a reverse-cowgirl position where one of them rides to climax.

I don’t really get too much into the girl-girl stuff, so it was pretty hard for me to find anything that I liked about that scene.

Okay, next is China Lew and "Dick" from "Crazy About Asians 1". China is lying naked on the bed, already into some tongue-loving by "Dick". Then we flash into a 69 scene, which goes into just a plain oral, and then we cut into reverse-cowgirl. She turns around for a while so we could see her ass bounce up and down on top of his cock. I will say this much, she certainly puts some effort into this! Then they go into doggie position, before flashing to missionary where "Dick" fucks her until he cums inside of her.

This scene was pretty good. China really looked like she was into it, and she had no problem showing the camera afterwards that "Dick" really did cum inside of her.

Randy is back, and this time he has Amy Akatani from "Crazy About Asians 1". They both start off fully dressed on the sofa, and Randy decides to pull her pants down and give her a little ass-worship. Hey with a butt like hers, I can see why he’d want to do a little worshiping. Then we cut to him naked and pumping Amy, who appears to not have moved an inch from the couch, never mind removed any other article of clothing. He takes a break to pull the rest of her pants off. She gives him a little oral, and then gets back on the sofa and plays with herself for a bit before he can rejoin her for a little oral and missionary.

There’s another break so Amy could take her shirt off, and then ride Randy cowgirl-style. Then it’s reverse-cowgirl time, and she rides him hard enough to break a sweat. They move through a few more positions before we flash to another scene of Randy standing up and Amy literally bent over backwards as she’s getting fucked from a handstand. Now that’s flexibility! He eases her down the floor, spins her around, and then re-enters her upside down.

Hey, who needs Circque de Solei or the Puppetry of the Penis? We have Randy and Amy!

Well after being spun around and fucked on her head twice, Amy goes on all fours for a few minutes, and then sucks him dry to close off this little acrobatic act.

Time for Ed Powers to get involved. He stood back and ran the camera for "Debs 165", but this time he’s getting some action himself from Carmen Diego and a few others in "Dirty Debutantes 164". Carmen does a little oral disappearing act with Ed’s cock before clutching him tight for some missionary fucking. Meanwhile there are two girls, a blond and a brunette, who are kissing away. (WTF?) We cut back to Ed and Carmen going at it, and they both really look like they are into it. They cut away to Carmen riding him in reverse-cowgirl, with her eagerly staring into the camera. This morphs into a doggie position, with her still staring into the camera when she isn’t being swept up by the fucking.

Then we fade into another scene, and now the two unknown girls have joined in. (You know, it would have helped if they gave some names to go with these young ladies.) They each have a turn getting fucked doggie style before Ed goes back to doing Carmen in missionary. And the keep going at it there… grunts and groans from both of them… until he finally can pop right over her mouth. Kudos for Ed for sticking in all the way. I’m sure he felt that one in his lower back the next day.

Next up is Syren from "Dirty Debutantes 154" as she’s fingering herself ass-up and face down. This goes on until Ed finally flips her over and sticks a dick inside her. (Hey, it’s a "Dirty Deb" video, who do you expect to do the task… Ron Jeremy?) We’re talking about some pretty close fucking here, folks. And let’s not forget the hand-held camera that Ed managed to position just in front of his balls so we can get the required up close dick-entering-pussy shot. We’re talking about some pretty up-close footage here, folks. Stuff that turns this reviewer off. If I want to see a zoomed-in picture of someone’s zits and wrinkles, I’ll watch the Discovery Channel when they do their special on skin. I’ll be surprised if the two of them didn’t get sunburn from having that lamp so close to where the sun really doesn’t shine.

This goes on for quite some time, bouncing back and forth between their genitals and her facial expressions as they bump uglies. Finally they break away so we could get a good look at her as he continues to nail her from the missionary position for a few minutes before she peels herself off of the bed so she can suck him for a few minutes before mounting him for some reverse-cowgirl. They roll around in this position for a few minutes until it turns into doggie style. Then he changes holes and does her in the ass for a while before switching back to missionary anal before finally doing a tongue pop.

Then we have Gina Foxx with a bearded "Dick" in "Dirty Debutantes 155". She talked about giving him a "real" lap dance, and he asks if this is the kind of lap dance they give in strip clubs. Well of course she’s going to say no! She’s naked, and he’s lying on the bed with his pants off… WE WISH lap dances were like that!

She has a nice body, although you can tell that her implants were spaced too far apart.

Gina doesn’t even start with oral, she goes ahead and gives him a naked lap dance. You think it’s cowgirl fucking, but it’s not. She really IS giving him a lap dance, with his member getting hard in front of her. Then she turns around and lets him slap his dick between her ass cheeks to make it hard. Then she turns around and gives him some more lap dancing as "Dick" talks to Ed (who’s working the camera) talks about breast enhancements. Yeah, nice question to ask… especially with Gina right there playing with some guy’s dick. Times like that require you to be somewhat diplomatic.

There’s quite a bit of dick and pussy playing here… which is probably frustrating for our "Dick" because here’s a pretty nice and naked babe that he wants to fuck and he can’t. Even Ed wants to jump in and pinch-hit at this point, even though he claims that he won’t be able to walk afterwards. Finally she puts it in her mouth, but even then he can’t follow through. So now Ed puts the camera down and pinch-hits just so they can get an oral pop shot.

I found this scene to be somewhat sad. By the time they get to Ed’s pop shot, we see Gina’s lipstick had run down her chin and over his hand. It almost looks like blood. Not appealing at all. You have to wonder why New Machine even included this scene in the first place. Having to put it in the "Dirty Debs" video is one thing, but when you’re dealing with a compellation video like this one, you have to think "best of the best", and this certainly was not in that category.

Okay, now we have Andrea and "friends" from "Global Warming 6". I don’t know who Andrea is, but we start off with a blonde and a brunette naked on a bed playing around. We also have another close-up OB-GYN view from what is being dubbed as the "Euro-Pal Cam". They finger each other for a while before the camera zooms in for some serious tongue kissing, which is seen from the "Ed Cam ntsc". (Yes, yes, I’m saying WTF too!) The blond goes down on the brunette in what is called the "Faceless Cam". More tongue kissing, more oral, more fingering. Then good ol’ Ed joins in on the brunette muff-diving. (Now we know who the "Ed" in the "Ed Cam" is.) Then he starts by pumping the brunette from doggie position, then does the blonde the same way before she flips over on her back. Then they change up so the brunette can get some missionary action before he finishes with a nice pop all up her belly and chest.

Again, I wish we had some names to go with all of the players, and I wish they didn’t have those stupid names for the different camera angles.

That brings us to the little brunette, Gauge, from "Dirty Debutantes 146", already busy with two cocks in her mouth. One of them, of course, is from our buddy Ed… and the other is from another unnamed "Dick". You have to be pretty confident with yourself to have some other guy’s dick being played around with yours, but Gauge is determined to suck both of them at the same time. After a while she gives up and just settles for sucking one guy while getting fucked from behind. Then she switches sides. In fact she does this a few times. She’s determined to make sure both guys get the same amount of attention from both ends.

Then she gets double-penetrated. "Dick" serves as the anchor in her pussy, while Ed sodomizes her from the top. Unfortunately we spend most of that time watching it from the dick-in-pussy view. Pity, though, because this reviewer would rather see what was going on from the stationary camera on the other side of the bed. Again, she makes sure that both guys get a shot from both holes before going back to fucking-and-sucking. Both guys end up shooting their loads across her open mouth.

The last lovely young lady in this compellation video is Margaret from "Global Warming 2", and she gives Ed a little one-on-one action. First a little oral, then some doggie… which seems to drive her crazy… then he flips her over and does her missionary. Then he lifts her ass up a bit and enters her anally from missionary. Again, this seems to drive her crazy. A few more minutes in this position and then he pops all over her stomach.

All in all, the sex in this video ranges from hot to "why bother". The high spots are with Tera Patrick, and of course there was that one scene with Gina Foxx that definitely fell into the "why bother" category. As mentioned before, it would have helped if we knew who some of the other players were instead of just being mentioned as "friends"… or if they’re even mentioned at all, which certainly was the case with the guys. Maybe for future versions of this series, New Machine could include that information as an extra feature.

Speaking of extras, New Machine only offers a scene selection called "Choose your girl", a photo gallery, and six trailers. In other words, pretty much a standard package for extras. But then again, you’re getting three hours of pure sex scenes, so having a lot of extras would really be overkill.

If you’re a big fan of Tera, or even if you’re curious to see how she was before she became a big adult star, then by all means get this video. This kind of video is also for you if you’re just looking for plenty of sex scenes, or even scenes that include internal pops. In terms of price, you’ll find a few places that will sell this DVD for close to $30, but I think it would be worth it if you can get it between $12 and $20.

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