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Ten Little Piggies

Ten Little Piggies

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Foot/Leg Fetish , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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Gabriel Nine's ratings for Ten Little Piggies:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Ten Little Piggies overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Ten Little Piggies Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Ten Little Piggies Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Ten Little Piggies Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Ten Little Piggies Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Ten Little Piggies DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Ten Little Piggies A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Gabriel Nine  on  8/29/2003
Ten Little Piggies
Platinum X
Brandon Iron
Monica Sweetheart, Layla Rivera, Luisa De Marco, Leony, Trinity, Spring, Manuel Ferrara, Michael Stefano, Claudio Meloni, Peter Rain, Brandon Iron
Running time:
2hrs 17mins
Video Format:
NTSC / All regions
Audio Format:
Dolby 2.0
Disc Features:
Bonus footage: Behind the Scenes, extra sex, "More Tease, Please!", Felicia Fox gets a pedicure, Michelle vs Bubble Wrap; Cum shot recap, photos, trailers

Brandon Iron mixes foot worship with hardcore sex in this intriguing title…

Monica & Layla
Brandon kicks it off, wielding the camera as he has a light hearted chat with slim brunette Layla and Monica Sweetheart, who should need no introduction. I remember first seeing her as a sexy teen brat, but she's all grown up now and still beautiful. Naturally Brandon has to check out their toes and feet, in and out of their high heels. Neither has especially sweet feet, but not bad! The girls help each other out of their clothes, and Monica sweetly comments that her ass is "twice bigger" than Layla's tight round bum. That's a good thing, Monica!

Michael Stefano and Manuel Ferrara come in, and its foot jobs and blowjobs, foot sucking and pussy eating all round. Into the sex, and Monica's butt and body shape look as good as ever, no matter what the position but particularly in doggy. The guys swap girls and Brandon endeavours to keep the feet in shot, though in all honesty it's swiftly turning into a nicely energetic group grope, and all the better for it.

Only Monica permits any anal sex, in several positions with increasing strength. Layla does, however, perform some of that naughty ass-to-mouth oral. The girls are piled together for one last round of fucking, before the come finale. The girls lie pussy-to-pussy, Monica's feet around Layla's face. These features are sprayed with the guys' come and Layla uses Monica's feet to rub it on her face before licking it from Monica's toes. Naughty but nice!

Luisa & Leony
Tan, dark haired Luisa is strongly featured, damn sexy and has a cracking set of curves but I don't know. She just seems to know the game a little too well. By contrast, her blonde "girlfriend" Leony is pale, quieter and quite pretty but doesn't convince that she's cut out for this business. The two indulge in some girl-girl play for Brandon's camera while he checks out the good stuff - boobs, bums, pussies and most importantly feet and toes. Luisa certainly has cute tootsies, all right, but a cuter bottom, seen in full effect when she's riding Claudio, and hard.

The guys having arrived, then, the girls dish out a BJ here, the guys suck girl toes there. Leony inexpertly foot wanks Peter and the petite blonde seems much in the shade of her curvier friend's enthusiasm as the couples swap partners. Luisa, fucked by Peter, sucks alternately on Leony's toes and Claudio's cock. Leony returns the favour by sucking toes and then cock as Claudio goes from spoons anal to a pile driver with the highly accommodating Luisa. Finally, Luisa places her feet by Leony's face as the guys shoot thick loads on Leony's beaming features and Luisa's wriggling toes. This isn't a bad scene with some respectably energetic sex, but I am not sure if the girls really get the hang of this foot sex thing, resulting in the odd awkward attempt at a foot job here and there.

Trinity & Spring
Manuel has the pleasure of these two attractive blondes. Both have really piercing blue eyes, though Spring has a heavy lidded look about hers. Though Manuel initiates it, they seem more into the foot play and there's more of it to enjoy. Manuel licks toes in shoes and thumbs their pussies. He encourages them to dip their toes into each other, and then has them sucking a combination of cock and toe, in turn. Two beautiful bottoms are presented to him and he starts fucking Spring, before deciding to pile Trinity on top of her so he can go from one to the other.

At this stage both girls still have their blouse and skirt on, but by the time Manuel is enjoying a sturdy spoons fuck with pert-breasted Spring, while she sucks Trinity's toes, the clothes are mainly gone. Trinity then has a cowgirl ride on Manuel, with her feet up on his thighs in a position used on more than one occasion in the movie to show a girl's feet. Spring consents to anal sex, in spoons and then reverse cowgirl with gape shots and ass-to-mouth for Trinity. Doggy anal follows and then some strong pussy fucking for each girl in missionary, with Manuel feasting on toes. He fingers Trinity and makes her juices flow, big time. The camera lens wiped, there's just a little more sex to enjoy before Manuel shoots come on their feet and the girls tentatively tongue the semen from each other's toes. This is a pretty good scene with a good mix of foot fun and fucking, though I feel Manuel's own scenes with Trinity, especially in I'm Your Slut, are more to my taste.

Lana Coxx
Not the Russian émigré who garnered some popularity in the UK, Lana is another leggy blonde who Brandon and his buddy Derek pick up on her way to college. Her dress of heels, plaid miniskirt and a top that barely laces up around her ample cleavage seems like an irregular school uniform. The pretty girl agrees to go back to Brandon's pad for "modelling". So far, so good, so familiar. But here's where this movie really hits its stride as Lana is invited to take off a shoe, wiggle her toes and put on stockings and suspenders. Let me say that Brandon isn't the only one pitching a tent at this point…

Brandon, however, has the pleasure of placing his face between Lana's wonderful meaty cheeks and licking her ass while her clunky heels feature prominently. There's some brief blowjob action before she climbs aboard and proves herself to be a quite excitable rider. You can't avoid her "hooker shoes", as Brandon calls them, but they eventually come off along with the stockings during the course of some pretty robust fucking that gets her all wet and noisy with ever-increasing effect. Naturally, foot sucking plays a significant part too. All too soon, Brandon shoots a thick wad on her face. Lana never takes off her lace-up top and I wonder if she's got implants to hide in there. Still, I liked her performance and there's plenty that appeals directly to me in this scene.

Liza, Cynthia Cruz & Elizabeth
Liza and Elizabeth paint cute blonde Cynthia's toenails in the opening moments of the scene, which makes for gentle fun. Claudio arrives naked and initiates dark-haired Elizabeth, whose make-up gives her a hard look, into sucking Cynthia's toes while he pulls down Liza's ill-advised leopard print outfit and reveals her ass to the camera. She has indeed got a great bottom but her fake tits, excessive make-up and tattoos make her look hard. She's been around so to speak, from Beautiful Girls 4 to Matador 15 to Animal Trainer 12. Claudio gets into fucking her quickly as the other two play, sucking feet and cock too. Elizabeth, boobs a-bouncing, rides Claudio while Cynthia and Liza suck her toes. Liza also sucks dick.

The sex tends to be strong but unfortunately uninspired - it's pure speculation but I do wonder how much the girls grasp the desired concept. Some of the foot play comes off as awkward, though plenty of toes are duly sucked. Claudio jerks his cock between each girl's feet in turn, and then taking them doggy style in turn. Liza's portion is anal, and strong. Claudio finally ends up surrounded by female feet, on his face, on his cock, everywhere. Liza sucks him off and dribbles the come on the others feet. This scene is not without merit but I can't help feeling it doesn't quite happen as it might have done. Incidentally, Cynthia appeared before as Claudia (e.g. Beautiful Girls 2, Sexx The hard Way), as I recall, though where she is in the Eurobabe Index, I know not, while Elizabeth just passes me by. Sorry.

In this movie, Brandon is reasonably successful in making the topic of foot fetishism accessible to an audience more accustomed to straightforward hardcore action. A problem with this topic is that fetishists can be highly specific in their preferences and I just wonder if the action sometimes breezes past the foot jobs and toe sucking a little too quickly to satisfy the serious foot lover, though the extra footage (see DVD Comments below) does offer something for the genuine foot aficionado. On the other hand, a couple of hours of footage of other men sucking women's feet or snuffling around sniffing shoes in the back of some wardrobe may well represent aspects of genuine foot fetishism but they are not topics that I could imagine the average male viewer wanting to masturbate over, so in that regard I think Brandon has the balance right. It's more of a fun take on the topic that demonstrates affection rather than obsession for the subject.

DVD Comments

The disc comes laden with extra features that really add a lot of value, as well as presenting some more serious excursions into diehard foot fetish territory. An 11-minute bonus scene is a mere starter - Brandon meets up with Spring once more, and her amazing eyes light up the screen in a POV number with blowjob action, shoe fucking (oh yes, that's getting closer to the nub of this topic), and a healthy come facial.

Then we journey further into foot obsession with another 11-minute clip following Felicia Fox as she gets a pedicure. This is not a porno euphemism. She literally gets a pedicure: foot spa, scrubbing, clipping, polishing, the lot! Then later she gives Brandon a BJ and a foot wank. Well, what did you expect? But the piece de resistance is a short scene with a busty, plain young blonde called Michelle bursting bubble wrap with her toes. Next time I expect to see a leggy woman pedal pushing in high heels, though I think bug squishing could be about where I draw the line…

Add to this a short behind the scenes clip, an extra tease scene with Monica and Layla in dildo action, photos, trailers, and cum shot recap, and you can see that no stone has been left unturned. The good thing about all of this is that the disc has been authored to ensure the picture quality of the main feature isn't compromised by the weight of extras. All in all, it's a VFM production.

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