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Threesomebody Ten Little Piggies 6 3.5 starsTen Little Piggies 6 3.5 starsTen Little Piggies 6 3.5 stars
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Ten Little Piggies 6

Ten Little Piggies 6

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Foot/Leg Fetish
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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LSBReviews's ratings for Ten Little Piggies 6:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Ten Little Piggies 6 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Ten Little Piggies 6 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Ten Little Piggies 6 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Ten Little Piggies 6 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Ten Little Piggies 6 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Ten Little Piggies 6 DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Ten Little Piggies 6 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by LSBReviews  on  11/13/2005
Ten Little Piggies #6
Produced 05/05 Platinum X Pictures (
156 minutes

Directed by: Brandon Iron

Starring: Jackie Diaz, Dillan, Chase Dasani, Lena Bacci, Lita Lynn, Faith, Harley Monroe, Krysta Lynn Lovely, Ocean, Melody XXX, Michael Stefano, Toni Ribas and Brandon Iron.

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Foot Fetish
No Condoms

Not really into the foot/toe fetish thing myself, but Brandon Iron is and he includes some of it in every scene. Along with talking about feet, Brandon has the girls do all sorts of things with them. Some of which are, the girls bending their toes, toe sucking, cumming on them and giving footjobs. But that's not all. The film also features plenty of cocksucking and fucking. Melany is the only girl fucked in the ass. Jackie, Krysta and Lena have cum shot onto their feet. Chase and Ocean take facials. Harley and Faith swallow some semen. Harley's pussy flows fluid as Toni Ribas fingers her pussy hard. Most of the girls are cute and sexy, especially Harley, Lita, Jackie, Faith and Krysta. Chase is also cute, but could have used some make-up, but what the hell, she only met Brandon that day and was performing in her very first scene. Lena, Melany and Ocean are foreign chicks. As usual Brandon includes DVD extras like no one else. There's some BTS footage and a bonus scene with Brandon and Krysta that includes oral sex, fucking, Krysta using her feet to stroke Brandon's cock and Brandon cumming on her feet. Lita, Jackie and Dillan perform in solo tease scenes. "Toe Talk" from Dillan, Faith and Krysta. A feature called "The 11th Piggie" in which Brandon chats with a Serbian bikini model (in her bikini, no nudity). Cumshot Recap, Photo Shoot, Photo Gallery, Director's Bio, Website information and Trailers.

Scene One: Jackie Diaz, Dillan and Michael Stefano.
Both girls are brunettes who are only wearing pink socks and panties (panties aren't pink). Jackie is extremely cute, Dillan (19) semi cute. Both remove their socks. The camera and Brandon focus on the girls feet and toes. Michael joins the girls. The girls use their feet to play with and stroke his cock. Michael sucks on their toes. Both girls suck on Michael's cock. Dillan sucks cock and on Jackie's toes. Michael fucks Jackie (Dillan continues sucking on Jackie's toes). Michael fucks Dillan (Jackie puts her mouth on Dillan's toes). The scene continues with the girls getting fucked and more toe sucking. The girls perform some "pussy to mouth" oral sex. Jackie uses her feet to rub Michael's balls while Dillan is riding his cock cowgirl. Michael is jerking off as he cums on both of Jackie's feet and a couple of her toes. Dillan licks some of Michael's cum. The girls tongue kiss.

Scene Two: Chase Dasani and Brandon Iron.
Chase is a cute and sexy blonde (though she does have a couple of blemishes on her forehead). Chase met Brandon that day and has never filmed a scene before. She's a blonde who wears her hair tied back. She's wearing a red bra and matching panties. Chase puts on a pair of socks that Brandon gives her. Her and Brandon chat a bit. She exposes her 34C breasts and pulls her panties up her butt (revealing a very nice ass). Brandon removes one of her socks. She removes her panties and spreads open her butt cheeks. Chase eyes the camera while blowing Brandon. He removes her other sock as she continues giving him head (some deep throating). Chase uses her feet to clap before playing with and stroking his cock. Chase does some dirty talking as her feet work on Brandon's dick. She takes all of the toes on one of her feet into her mouth at the same time. She resumes giving Brandon a footjob. Chase sucks on his cock again (at times only using her mouth and again deep throating him). She talks dirty and licks Brandon's balls while he jerks off before cumming on her face (a nice thick load on her forehead, the side of her nose and upper lip). She uses her left foot to wipe some of the cum on her face. Chase kisses her toes to end the scene..

Scene Three: Lita Lynn, Harley Monroe and Toni Ribas.
These are two hot and sexy girls. Lita the blonde and Harley the brunette. Both girls are new to the business. Toni keeps the girls and Brandon waiting at his front door, but finally lets them in. Toni lies on the floor to do some toe tasting before licking Harley's pussy as she sits over his face. He uses Lita's toes to play with Harley's pussy. Lita uses her hand and foot to stroke Toni's cock. Toni gets his cock attended to by the girls mouths and feet. He fingers both their pussy's. Harley's pussy flows as he fingers her pussy hard. Both chicks are fucked by Toni in different positions as the foot play continues throughout the scene. There's also some g/g sex between Lita and Harley. Toni is fucking Lita missionary when he pulls out to cum inside of Lita's mouth (his cock is betwen Lita's feet as he cums into Harley's mouth). Some cum spills from Harley's mouth as she try's showing the camera Toni's cum (in her mouth). Harley then swallows The girls slap their feet together to end the scene.

Scene Four: Lena Bacci and Brandon Iron.
Lena is a cute brunette with a nicely tanned body (she's a foreign babe). Lena removes her heels as Brandon chats with her. She removes her sexy underwear. Her feet play with Brandon's cock before she sits up to blow him and briefly lick his balls. Lena strokes his cock with her feet. She gives more head. Lena sits on Brandon's face as her feet play with his cock. She rides him reverse cowgirl in her pussy. He tongues her asshole before fucking her pussy doggie style. Her feet play with his balls as he strokes his cock. They resume fucking. He pulls out and rubs his cock on her foot. Her foot again rubs his balls while he jerks off with one hand and fucks her ass with the thumb from his other hand. Brandon sucks on her toes. More doggie style fucking. He fucks her in the pile driver and missionary position before cumming on her right foot. Lena uses her left foot and finger to wipe some of Brandon's thick cum. Lena tastes her finger.

Scene Five: Faith, Krysta Lynn Lovely and Michael Stefano.
Faith (19) is a very cute brunette, Krysta (21) a very cute blonde. The girls and Michael are all on a couch as Brandon talks to the ladies. Michael and Krysta are making out as Faith uses her mouth to take Krysta's shoes off before sucking on her toes. The scene includes toe sucking and foot play. The girls blow Michael. Faith buries her face between Krysta's butt cheeks. He fucks both girls (which includes some spanking). He moves his cock from pussy to pussy. Krysta strokes his cock with her feet. More oral sex from the girls. Faith rides Michael reverse cowgirl while Krysta licks his balls (Krysta sucks his cock from Faith's pussy). Krysta licks Faith's pussy. Krysta uses her feet to rub Michael's balls while he's fucking Faith. Faith sucks his cock "pussy to mouth". Krysta is fucked again by Michael. Faith sucks on Krysta's toes. Faith uses one foot on Michael's cock while her other foot is over by Krysta's mouth. Michael fucks Krysta's feet as Faith blows him. Michael squats over Krysta's face to fuck her mouth while Faith sucks on Krysta's toes. Michael jerks off and cums on both of Krysta's feet and most of her toes. Faith licks up the cum and swallows it. The girls peck and tongue kiss.

Scene Six: Melany, Ocean and Brandon Iron.
Both are cute foreign brunettes. Melany crawls up some stairs to blow Brandon. He asks her questions about her feet. She removes one boot and sock. Melany crawls to another room where Ocean is on a couch. Melany applies nail polish to Ocean's toes while Ocean blows Brandon. The girls feet play and stroke Brandon's cock. Brandon gets head from both girls. He fucks both in different positions. Ocean sucks his cock "pussy to mouth". Brandon fucks Melany in her ass and moves his cock into her pussy (Ocean's foot is rubbing Melany's pussy while he fucks Melany). Brandon briefly sucks on Melany's toes before fucking her doggie style with Ocean's face underneath his cock. Brandon pulls out of Melany to drop a thick load of cum on Ocean's tongue and face as he strokes his cock off. Melany wipes his cum with her foot as Ocean licks and sucks on her toes.

DVD Extras
Behind The Scenes - Footage of Brandon chatting with a few of the girls, with some focus on their feet and toes.Jackie Diaz walks on the chest of Michael Stefano and surfs on his back and shoulders. Lena Bacci with cum on her foot/toes (8:06).

Bonus Footjob - Krysta undresses for Brandon in his office. Close-ups of her feet and pussy. She spreads her butt cheeks open. Krysta blows Brandon from her knees. She strokes his cock in her mouth. She wants Brandon to cum on her toes. Krysta uses her feet to stroke Brandon's cock. She bends over as Brandon fucks her pussy from behind. She sucks his cock "pussy to mouth" and she does some dirty talking. Krysta blows him again. Her feet are rubbing Brandon's balls as he jerks off and cums on both her feet and toes. She uses her feet to wipe the cum and she peck kisses one of her big toes. She waves "bye" by wiggling her toes (10:20).

Photo Shoot - Footage of Brandon shooting still photos of the girls posing in several different positions (3:06)

Cumshot Recap - All the cumshots from this film are replayed, except from the Bonus Footjob scene (2:13)

More Tease, Please - Lita Lynn, Jackie Diaz and Dillan perform solo tease scenes for a few minutes each, footage includes the girls doing some toe sucking and them touching themselves (15:21).

Toe Talk Dillan - A nude Dillan counts her toes and answers questions from Brandon (mostly about her toes). Dillan rubs lotion on her feet. She sucks on all of the toes on both feet (taking all five toes from each foot in her mouth at the same time) (5:41).

Toe Talk Faith & Krysta - Both girls are nude. Brandon asks Faith questions while Krysta softly rubs the heels of Faith's feet. Krysta puts her tongue between a couple of Faith's toes. The girls switch positions. Brandon asks Krysta questions (feet related) (2:35).

The 11th Piggie - The following girl was picked up at a cafe in Belgrade, Serbia. She is not a porn girl. Enjoy! Maria is a very sexy and attractive brunette with long hair from Serbia (she's a model). Brandon talks about how they just met. Brandon asks about her feet. She's wearing a sexy bra and panty set (leopard pattern). Maria is not a nude model, but a bikini model. On request, Maria sucks on her own toes. She bends her toes for the camera. The camera focuses on her feet. She blows a kiss bye. (6:54). *No sex, no nudity, too bad because she was hot!!!

Director's Bio - Brief scrolling bio on director Brandon Iron.. It includes his email address

Website - Visit Us On The Web At:
Computer Users: Open The HTML File On Your DVD Drive To Gain Access.

Trailers - Previews of Teens Cumming of Age 2, Big Tit Anal Whores, Black Ballin' and Ass Lickers 5.

Photo Gallery - Still photos of the girls posing alone, some girls posing together and some photos taken during the sex scenes.

Lenny (LSB)

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