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Ten Little Piggies 3

Ten Little Piggies 3

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Foot/Leg Fetish
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Selena Silver's ratings for Ten Little Piggies 3:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Ten Little Piggies 3 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Ten Little Piggies 3 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Ten Little Piggies 3 Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Ten Little Piggies 3 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Ten Little Piggies 3 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Ten Little Piggies 3 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Ten Little Piggies 3 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Selena Silver  on  6/9/2004

Selena Silver "Pick of the Week" #37

An Inside View with Selena Silver - June 8, 2004

An Inside View is published once weekly by porn actress Selena Silver.  Each week, Selena brings you an inside look at a movie good enough to be   deemed a Selena Silver "Pick of the Week" with the goal of adding the perspective of someone who has worked with the studio, director, or stars of the movie. 


"Ten Little Piggies #3"

a Brandon Iron Production from Platinum X Pictures

Ten Little Piggies #3:  "At a Glance"

Overall Rating: 4.00
Director Brandon Iron
Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Cast: Serena South, Katin, Crystal Ray, Angela Stone, Smokie Flame, Jamie Brooks, Michelle B., Amber Simpson, Kiara Rose, Michael Stefano, Manuel Ferrara, Steve Holmes, Mick Blue, Brandon Iron
Release Date: 25th May, 2004
Total Run Time: 2hrs 18mins
Total Scenes: 6 Scenes
Fetish Summary: [NO CONDOMS; SHOES OFF] - BJ, 2-girl BJ, Deep Throat, Girl/Girl Action, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, ATM, ATOGM, PTM, PTOGM, Gapes, Facial, Cum-Eating,  Masturbation, Bare Feet, Toe-Sucking, Pussy Licking, Ball Licking, Toe Job, Toe Licking, Kissing, Spitting, Breast Licking, Foot Cum-Shot, Cum Swallowing

 Front Cover

Ten Little Piggies #3: Selena Silver's "Inside View"
Brandon Iron truly is one of the most creative (and twisted) souls in the porn world.  I love the energy and creativity he brings to the table, and his "Ten Little Piggies" series is a perfect example of his genius.  I shot a scene with Eva Angelina for Brandon for "Ten Little Piggies #4" (thank you for letting me fuck Eva, Brandon!) and saw that day a whole new world I hadn't really explored yet.  There are a lot more kinky sexual things you can do with feet than I had ever imagined.  Brandon manages to find those. If you have never given a foot fetish genre film a chance before - give Brandon a chance to get you hooked on something new; he turned me onto it that day and I was eager to check out his "Ten Little Piggies #3" as soon as it came out.  And, it didn't disappoint.

Ten Little Piggies #3 is a smashing success; this is a very fun film.  There are great performances by Serena South, Katin and Crytsal Ray and a closing scene with Brandon and 3 girls that has to been seen to appreciate it's freshness.  Jamie Brooks really stole the show in that one.  This movie kicks ass... I highly recommend you taking off your shoes, kicking back, wiggling your toes a bit as you watch Brandon Iron's "Ten Little Piggies #3" - it is a great PIGGIE ride!

Ten Little Piggies #3: The Scenes



Scene Length: 25:23
Scene Type: Boy/Girl
Scene Fetish Guide: [SHOES OFF] - Toe Sucking, Kissing, Foot Job, BJ, Pussy Licking, Spitting, Vaginal Sex, PTM, Facial, Cum-Swallowing
Sex Positions: Spoon, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Doggie
Rating:   4.5

Serena was nineteen years old when she made her hardcore debut a year ago in 2003.  After making a big splash she got out at the start of this year and is now serving her country in the Navy.  I think the military should put her on all their recruiting posters; they just might get a whole new wave of recruits all eager to serve with Serena South, especially since she now does anal.  Personally, I am a big fan of Serena's.  We first met on a shoot for "Nawty Girls Tonite", a naked girl version of Jay Leno DVD, and I had an absolute blast spending the day with her and Kinzie Kenner.  Luckily for me, I got to make out with Serena quite heavily. :)  This is one hot girl... 

The camera pans up over Serena's tiny Size 5 feet as she bends over the back of the couch in black suspenders, bra, and stockings.  Brandon stares longingly at Serena's ass as he laments the fact she doesn't do anal.

Manuel enters and gets to work smelling those tiny feet before he gives into temptation and tickles them.  At this point Serena promptly puts her foot down "no tickling, sorry".  (Interesting... a very ticklish girl...)  Manuel rips open the toes of Serena's stockings revealing a toe ring - he sides his finger between them imagining how good it would feel if he could slide his cock in there.  They pause for a bit of cock sucking before it's back to those lovely feet.

Manuel slides his cock into Serena's stockings pinning it to the bottom of her bare foot.  She then gives him a sizzling foot job.  Then it's into her tiny pussy - Serena is in ecstasy as Manuel pumps her snatch.  I loved the passion from both of them.  Serena truly does seem to enjoy herself.  I loved it when she cupped a foot around Manuel's balls as he fucked her hard.

Manuel does an effortless standing cowgirl as his cock glistens with Serena's cum.  He throws her tiny frame over his shoulder as he fucks her feet.    After doing this scene Manuel apparently told Brandon "he now prefers the delicate scent of a woman's toes to fresh gouda cheese that he puts on his morning baguette." lol!

He cums in her mouth and she swallows.  She then sucks her own foot before waving goodbye with her toes. 

I loved the passion between these two.  I hope wherever you are Serena you're having fun. :)




Scene Length: 27:45
Scene Type: Girl/Boy/Girl
Scene Fetish Guide: [SHOES OFF] - Foot Job, Foot Licking, BJ, Vaginal Sex, 2-Girl BJ, Vaginal Sex, PTM, PTOGM, Masturbation, Breast Licking, Facial, Foot Cum-Shot
Sex Positions: Missionary, Cowgirl, Doggie
Rating:   4.0

Angela is 22 yrs old and has Size 6 feet.  She's wearing white heels with pink panties and a pink lacey top.  She takes the shoes off.

Mike gets to work sucking Angela's feet and rubbing them on his crotch.  He even manages to get his dick between her toes!  They move into some vag. and invent a new porn maneuver called "Pussy-To-Feet".  Be on the lookout for PTF to begin spreading throughout the porn community.  lol  Mike drags Angela to show him her surprise - she brought a friend for him - Smokie.

Smokie gets to work on Mike's cock.  Angela and Mike rip off Smokie's shoes and team up to lick and suck her toes whilst she masturbates.  Angela gets Smokie's tits out as she climbs aboard Mike for a wild ride. 

There's some nice girl-girl kissing and we see just how many feet a girl can fit in her mouth at once.  Then we move to some sliding.  Pussy-pussy, feet-feet.  I love watching sliding it's got to be such an awesome feeling as a guy.  Two pussies lined up and just dipping from one to the other and back - :)

Finally Mike cums over Angela's face and Smokie's toes.

Good action and energy.




Scene Length:  8:15
Scene Type: Boy/Girl
Scene Fetish Guide: [SHOES OFF] - Foot Job, Foot Licking, BJ, Facial, Cum-Swallowing
Sex Positions: N/A
Rating:   2.5

Kiara has both nipples pierced, a pierced belly button, tongue and clit.  And, she's just 18.  Brandon plays with her having her pose in different ways to show us her assets.  She's only been in the biz 3 weeks and it's not long before Brandon has his cock down her throat.  I guess it's just another hard day at the office, huh Brandon? lol

They go back into a foot job and back to the Blow Job until Mr. Iron dumps his load in Kiara's mouth and she swallows.

I wasn't really into Kiara - when her skin clears I think she will be very beautiful.  I could have done with this as a bonus scene.




Scene Length: 33:52
Scene Type: Girl/Boy/Girl
Scene Fetish Guide: [SHOES OFF] - Foot Job, Foot Licking, Pussy Licking,  BJ, Deep Throat, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, ATOGM, Tit-Fucking, Foot Cum-Shot, Cum-Eating
Sex Positions: Doggie, Doggie Anal, Reverse Cowgirl Anal, Cowgirl Anal
Rating:   4.5

Brandon and Steve just happen to find Crystal and Katin standing in the handicapped zone of a parking lot.  After some talking the girls agree to go back to the hotel room for a 'foot rub'.  Both girl's are wearing flips with jeans and little tops.

The girls sit on the bed as Steve massages and licks their toes and feet.  The girls each stick their toes in the other's pussy while Steve uses their leftover feet to rub his cock. Steve puts Crystal's toes in Katin's asshole - I guess you'd call that "Toeing Anal"?  Imagine the gapes you could get! lol

There is some impressive Deep Throat by Katin, which she is rewarded for with the first ride on Steve's hard cock.  He quickly moves from Katin's pussy to her ass pulling out for Crystal to suck it clean before he dips it into Crystal's ass.  Loved the variation and imagination in the positions here.

Lots of filthy ATOGM.   Katin really caught my eye. She has a  totally spunky personality - very similar to Katrina Kraven.  Both girls are beautiful and watching them suck each other's ass juices will no doubt put you over the edge.

Holmes finally pulls out of Crystal's ass to cum all over Katin's feet.  Crystal climbs down to lick it up off her friends feet; Katin directs her to each and every last strand.

Loved this scene!  I wish this one was longer.  The girl's were eager and the action had energy until the end.



Scene Length: 10:57
Scene Type: Boy/Girl
Scene Fetish Guide: [SHOES OFF] - Foot Licking, Vaginal Sex, Breast Sucking, Foot Job, PTM, BJ, Foot Cum-Shot
Sex Positions: Reverse Cowgirl, Spoon, Cowgirl
Rating:   3.0

Monica is a very decided 20 yr old  with Size 7.5 feet and an appetite for much older men. ;)  She's naked except for a pair of turquoise booty shorts which showcase her sexy butt. 

Mick turns on the charm, kissing Monica's hand as they're introduced. 

Mick gets to work on Monica's feet.  They fuck hard and fast.  There are a lot of edit cuts here which may mean Monica was having a few problems handling Mick's cock. There is one long stretch of pounding that seems a bit dry - perhaps she should have asked for some more lube.   She seems slightly agitated the entire scene.  It can't have been too terrible however, she's on the box cover.

We cut to Mick standing over Monica's feet as she lays on the couch.   He dumps his load on her feet and she claps with her feet - fade to black

Could have been a great scene - Monica just didn't seem as into it as she could have been and problems seem to have lead to the scene being cut short.




Scene Length: 29:25
Scene Type: Boy/Girl/Girl/Girl
Scene Fetish Guide: [SHOES OFF] - Foot Job, Foot Licking, BJ, Vaginal Sex, Ball Licking, PTOGM, Anal Sex, ATM, Deep Throat, Gapes, Foot Cum-Shot, Cum-Eating
Sex Positions: Doggie, Missionary, Cowgirl, Doggie Anal, Missionary Anal, Spoon Anal, Reverse Cowgirl Anal
Rating:   4.75

Amber is 20, Jamie 21, and Michelle 22.  Amber has a tiny body, brown hair and green eyes, and 34B breasts. Jamie and Michelle are both busty blondes from Britain with D and Double D breasts.  The girls are wearing little porn farm girl skirts and tops tied in a knot - very title appropriate.

Amber and Jamie have their toes in spreaders ready to touch up their nails.  Michelle gets to work licking their toes.  Brandon gives us some nice shots up her skirt as she does so. :)   It would have been rude not to really!

The girls have a tug of war with the toe separators clenched in their teeth - Amber takes the victory so the other girls lick her feet before she gets first dibs on Brandon's cock.

The girls line up and Brandon goes from pussy to pussy, some nice PTOGM (Pussy-To-Other-Girl's-Mouth).  Amber licks his balls as he fucks Jamie with Michelle standing by for the PTOGM - nice.  Great sliding positions!  Loved using Amber as the PTOGM girl.

Brandon's soon pumping away in Jamie's ass as she begs to "let me suck it".  Michelle and Amber take turns sticking their toes in Jamie's gape.  Jamie takes all the anal in position after position doing some great Deep Throat as she tastes her own ass.

Brandon cums over Jamie's feet and Amber and Michelle lick it off.  Jamie wants to "try some" so she licks the last bit off her own foot.

Great scene.  Could have been really clumsy with all those girls but Brandon organizes them superbly!  Great lighting on some difficult positions.  This was a fantastic finish to the DVD.  It is worth the purchase price just to see this scene.

Ten Little Piggies #3: DVD Extras

  • Director's Bio
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Cum Shot Recap
  • Photo Shoot
  • Serena South's Toe Talk
  • Little Ballerina
  • Bonus Scene
  • More Tease, Please
  • Cast List By Scene
  • Photo Gallery
  • Trailers

Director's Bio 00:29
A pic of Mr. Iron and an uncontrollable scroll 'star wars' style of his Bio.  Liked that he put in his email address to receive fan feedback.

Behind the Scenes 15:43
  • Serena telling us why she'll be skipping the tease.  She is however eager to swallow.
  • Steve Holmes reveals his ear licking predilection
  • Katin talking to Brandon about her feet whilst Steve stretches her ass out
  • Monica touching up her make-up as she talks about the biz and fans
  • Monica wiggles her boobs and ass - she's 20 and from Texas
  • cleaning the cum from between her toes - this is her first Boy/Girl scene
  • When find out they're shooting on Valentine's Day and get to know the 3 girls better
  • Mike does party tricks for the girls with his balls
  • The girls lube up and stretch out for their scene

Cum Shot Recap 2:22
Each cum shot back-to-back.  No menu control :(

Photo Shoot 8:21
Video of the pretty girls and scene stills being taken for each shoot and the box cover.  Music audio

Serena South's Toe Talk 1:44
Serena talks about the first time someone sucked her toes.  We also get a few nice shots of those tiny feet again.

Little Ballerina 04:17
Fascinating.  Amber studies ballet and shows us her ballet Pointe shoes inside and out and performs an "ode to ten little piggies"

Bonus Scene 03:13
Angela and Smokie team up for a Brandon Foot Job/Blow Job.  Smokie starts out sucking whilst Angela sits behind and strokes with her feet.  They swap and Mr. Iron drops his load on Angela's face.

More Tease, Please 03:47
An added tease by Michelle, Amber and Jamie.

Cast List By Scene 0:30
A brief clip which shows a still from each scene with the actors names printed.

Photo Gallery 30pics
A slide show of stills over which there is no control.  I would have preferred controls to skip through at my own pace.

Trailers 4:38
  • Jewel De'Nyle's "Chix in the Mix": 1:03
  • Michael Stefano's "Fully Loaded":  1:26
  • Sean Michaels' "Hot Ass Latinas": 1:07
  • Julian's "Lipstick N Lingerie" 1:02

Ten Little Piggies #3: The Bottom Line
BUY THIS MOVIE.  The film is simply great little Piggie fun.  If you are into the foot fetish genre - this film will be a favorite of yours.  If you have never given it a try before - this is the one to check out.  Brandon Iron delivers all the great hard-hitting sex you want in a fuck flick while twisting it just enough with his creative use of feet.  You never knew feet could fuck this good...

That is why Brandon Iron's "Ten Little Piggies #3" from Platinum X Pictures
is the Selena Silver "Pick of the Week" for June 8, 2004.


FURTHER INFO ON "Ten Little Piggies #3"

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Brandon Iron's Yahoo Group

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