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Tell Them Johnny Wadd Is Here

Tell Them Johnny Wadd Is Here

Studio: Arrow Productions
Category:  Classic , Feature film
Directed by:
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Flash's ratings for Tell Them Johnny Wadd Is Here:
Overall Rating 2.5 stars
Tell Them Johnny Wadd Is Here overall rating 2.5 stars
Female Looks Tell Them Johnny Wadd Is Here Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Tell Them Johnny Wadd Is Here Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Tell Them Johnny Wadd Is Here Sex rating 1.5 stars
Plot/Acting Tell Them Johnny Wadd Is Here Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Tell Them Johnny Wadd Is Here DVD Extras rating 1/2 star
Audio/Video Quality Tell Them Johnny Wadd Is Here A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by Flash  on  12/28/2003

Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here

An adult movie review by Flash


Distributor: Arrow
Edition Details: Standard DVD
MSRP: $39.95
DVD Release Date: June 25, 2003

Movie Specs:

Genres: Golden Age Classic, Feature Film
Run Time: 74 minutes
Rated: X
Release Year: 1976
Director: Bob Chinn
Written by: uncredited
Cast: John Holmes (as John C. Holmes), Felicia Sanda (as Felecia Sanda), Veronica Taylor, Joan Devlon, Tyler Reynolds (as Tyler Moore), Damon Christian (as Paul Stifflerin), Michaelle Scher, Lazaro Valdez (as Lazaro Valdes), Michael C. LeDuff, Fermin Castillo del Muro, Rosario Carrillo, Greg Anderson, Jerry Wade, Carl Adams, Elsa Sanchez, Amparo Salazar, Eddie Carrillo, Norma Posulez, Tommy Batello, Bob Chinn (as Daniel HuSong), Carlos Tobalina, Annette Haven

Release Specs:

Audio: English 2.0 Linear PCM Mono
Subtitles: none
Video: Full Screen, 1.33:1
Video Format: NTSC
Format: DVD
Regional Code (for DVD/Blu-ray): 0 (All)
Number of discs: 1
Disc: DVD 5 (SS, SL)
Special Features: Photo Gallery
DVD-ROM Special Features: none

The Review

Private detective Johnny Wadd (John C. Holmes) gets a call from his friend Sam Kelly (Damon Christian), who is trying to shut down Mexican drug lord Travis Elliott (Tyler Reynolds). Sam has found himself in over his head and despite the help he is getting from the Mexican authorities, needs the help of Johnny to bring down Travis.

Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here is presented with an English 2.0 Linear PCM Mono track, which sounds decent for the age of the film. The sound is very flat and there doesn't appear to be any high pitches at any point in the film giving the film a heavy bass sound. The dialog can be heard at all times and although the audio levels vary slightly in places, none of it will detract from the viewing presentation. Arrow hasn't included any foreign language tracks or subtitle options for the feature film.

Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here is presented in the full screen aspect ratio of 1.33:1. I'm not sure what the original aspect ratio for the film was but either this print has been cropped or the film had very poor cinematography in places. From the budget and the year it was produced, either one is a viable option. As far as the print goes, considering that this is an adult film and the year it was originally made, the print is in relatively good shape, however, Arrow has released discs with better prints of films made around the same time. As can be expected there are artifacts throughout the presentation and a few places where it looks like the film master used was starting to deteriorate. The picture also contains fine grain throughout the presentation. The picture is very shaky in places, I don't know if this was due to how it was originally shot or possibly came about during the cropping process if indeed the film has been cropped. It appears as the DVD was actually mastered from a master on tape as there are a few places where video glitches are present that one wouldn't get from a film master. The colors also change slightly in intensity as the film goes on, however, considering the age, the colors are in good shape.

Special Features:
The only extra contained on the disc is a photo gallery that contains 31 stills on a track, not all of which are from Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here but do feature John Holmes.

Disc Design/Navigation:
The disc is designed with simple animated menus with music that aren't as functional as they could be but are acceptable for navigation. For instance, from the chapter menu, the only way to return to the main menu is to use the menu key on your remote. There are five chapters available from the chapter menu. Each one is identified by a video clip from where the chapter goes to. There are six chapter stops within the feature film itself. There is a limited time code encoded on the disc. The time appears on the DVD display and the resume function works on DVD players, but the disc isn't time searchable. It would have been nice since a partial time code is on the disc if Arrow had gone all the way and made it fully functional, but this is better than no time code.

General Review:
Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here is, by release date, the seventh film in the original Johnny Wadd series following Liquid Lips. Within the canon, Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here comes before Liquid Lips. Originally, Bob Chinn had the idea for an epic Johnny Wadd film called Like Gold, set in the United States and Mexico. The project would have cost $30,000 to make and his idea wasn't accepted by the producers. Instead, they accepted an idea to make two Johnny Wadd films at $25,000 each and Like Gold was split into two films, which became sequentially Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here and Liquid Lips. The two films were shot simultaneously, but Bob Chinn finished editing Liquid Lips first so it was released first, despite the fact the story in it is a continuation of this film. The next film in the series, by release date, is Tapestry of Passion.

Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here is part of Bob Chinn's early Johnny Wadd porn serial, which Chinn recently rejuvenated under the New Era label with Joel Lawrence taking over the series as Johnny Wadd's son with the film Re-Enter Johnny Wadd. This film isn't the best entry from the Johnny Wadd series and viewers looking to try out the series probably shouldn't start out with this film.

The film tries to cram too much into too short of a run time, causing neither the plot nor the sex to work out as well as it could. This isn't caused by a lack of trying though as Bob Chinn has done amazingly well with his limited budget to create an adult action film. The problem with the plot is it wasn't fully developed or budgetary problems didn't allow for it all to be put onto celluloid. The end result is a film which basically results in action sequences, shots of food being prepared or eaten, little pieces of the plot which are rushed through way too quickly and some bad voice overs and dubbing in places.

The movie, partially filmed in Mexico, features a nice variety of outdoor locations and an array of scenes little seen in adult films. There are scenes done on used streets, inside restaurants and with street vendors which give the film a more realistic feel than one usually gets with an adult film. There are also more non-sex actors and actresses in the film than one usually finds in an adult film. It was nice that just because a character was introduced, there wasn't necessarily going to be the obligatory sex scene featuring them.

This film is ultra-violent for an adult film, not in the sex scenes, which are very tame, but in the action sequences. The action sequences are far better than I expected them to be. The gun action rivals that of B-grade Hollywood films and the fighting sequences look rather hokey, but are still good for an adult film. Don't be looking for The Terminator style action, but it rivals some of the stuff that Roger Corman put out.

The sex scenes are way too short, even for the period that the film was made as sex scenes were much shorter back in the golden age than today. The sex scenes aren't overly graphic either, much of the footage in them is R-rated. Most of the X-rated footage is done via extreme close-up with most of the medium range shots the equivalent of simulated sex. Viewers looking for great sex scenes will definitely be disappointed by the film. The best scene in the film is the first one with John Holmes and an uncredited Annette Haven, although some viewers may not like how the scene is interlaced in the beginning with non-sex footage. The women in the film are better looking than the average female adult star from the time, the only main male performer in the film is John C. Holmes, so viewers who like variety in the men may be disappointed. The sexual themes in the film are vaginal sex with pussy eating, blow jobs, pussy fingering and hand jobs. For viewers that care about condom use, like other films from the same period, there are no condoms used in the film.

Scene Synopsis:
The first scene brings us John Holmes and Annette Haven and the scene starts out with pussy eating before John gets a quick hand job followed by a blow job from Annette. Then the two go into the vaginal sex. John cums on Annette's pubic hair then goes back to the vaginal sex for a few seconds before the scene ends. The second scene features Tyler Reynolds and Veronica Taylor and the scene starts out with Tyler giving Veronica some very quick and not very graphic pussy eating. Then there is a quick vaginal sex segment before the scene ends. There is no cum shot for the scene.

The third scene gives us John Holmes and Joan Devlon. The scene starts out with John eating Joan's pussy before they go into some vaginal sex. Then Joan gives John a blow job before they return to the vaginal sex. To end the scene, John cums on Joan's ass cheek. The fourth scene brings us John Holmes and Felicia Sanda. The scene starts out with John eating Felicia's pussy before they go into the vaginal sex. There is no cum shot to end the scene.

The fifth and final scene features John Holmes and Veronica Taylor. The scene starts out with John eating Veronica's pussy and fingering it. Then the two go into the vaginal sex. The scene ends with John cumming on Veronica's stomach.

Parting Thoughts:
Overall, Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here is an average adult film. Viewers that are new to the series will probably want to check out some of the better entries first as this film may not want them to see the rest of the Johnny Wadd series. Fans of the series will want to pick up the disc so they can complete their Johnny Wadd collection. Viewers that like long sex scenes or hate tame sex scenes will want to skip this title along with viewers that hate plotted porn.

Screen Shots:

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Originally written on December 28, 2003. Revised on July 11, 2014.


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