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Teeny Thais 2

Teeny Thais 2

Studio: Platinum Blue Productions
Category:  Asian
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nvs's ratings for Teeny Thais 2:
Overall Rating 2 stars
Teeny Thais 2 overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Teeny Thais 2 Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Teeny Thais 2 Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Teeny Thais 2 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Teeny Thais 2 Plot/Acting rating 2 stars
Extras Teeny Thais 2 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Teeny Thais 2 A/V Quality rating 2 stars
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Reviewed by nvs  on  12/9/2009
Directed by Chuck Wow

Starring: Muey, Gay, Neut, Nar, and Joy. With Chuck Wow, Allen, and Bang.

Scene 1:
Nar and Guy

Nay, in a schoolgirl outfit (no panties), gets seduced by the guy. He lays on a table and she starts with some oral. Kissing. Her top comes off followed by some tit play. She sits on the desk and has her pussy played with. She lays back and gets eaten--some nice close ups. Missionary. He cums on her pussy and goes back to missionary. She gets on all fours, has her asshole licked, and onto doggy. Reverse cowgirl--her skirt comes off during this sequence. PTM. Cowgirl. Missionary. He cums on her tits. She sucks his dick a bit. Scene ends with a close up of her cummy tit.

Nar is a cute girl with a nice body. Not much interaction yet okay chemistry with the guy. At times the guy is more into it than her. Sometimes she just goes with he flow. If it were not for her body looking good being fucked the scene would’ve suffered more. Audio is bad at times. Boring oral and okay sex. Interesting to see a cumshot at the beginning of a scene. Nice looking girl, okay scene.

Scene 2:
Muey and Guy

Muey, in schoolgirl attire and no panties, sits on a desk with the guy as he plays with her tits through an open shirt. Oral. She lays back on the desk and gets eaten. Cowgirl--the skirt comes off. Reverse cowgirl--skirt comes off. Doggy. The guy cums on her pussy and goes back to doggy. Missionary. Doggy. Facial. She licks the dick a bit. Scene over.

Muey has an okay face but a great little body. Okay chemistry with the guy. She interacts nicely with the camera. Seeing her face in pain while fucking is a delight, but she continues taking the guy’s cock like a pro. The beginning oral is long, but boring. She sex is okay. Bad audio a problem and the guy being more into the scene than the girl is a turn off. Okay scene.

Scene 3:
Neut and Guy

Neut, in schoolgirl gear, and the guy sit on a couch. Oral starts--at 55:10 she gags and seems like she’s going to give up but keeps going. As the oral sequence continues, her shirt comes off and her pussy is played with. Titty fucking with oral. Missionary. Spooning. Reverse cowgirl--another memorable moment at the 1:06: 51 mark as the guy’s penis slips out and he touches her asshole with it which results in her screaming and looking shocked. Facial. She sucks the cock a bit. Scene ends.

Neut has an okay body and face. Good interaction with the guy and camera. She gets into the scene by moaning nicely and talking in Thai. She got into the oral which led to a slight gag. Good sex with her enthusiasm. Seeing her eyes bug up when he first enters her is fun to watch as is the near miss in her asshole. The scene is short. This scene is almost good if it is longer and some more positions thrown in, but it’s okay as is.

Scene 4:
Gay and Guy

Condom use in this scene. Guy joins the guy on a couch. She looks cute in her schoolgirl outfit. Her clothes does not stay on too long after that as her shirt and bra comes off, followed by her skirt. Oral. She lays back and gets eaten. Missionary. Reverse cowgirl. Spooning. He cums on her stomach. Scene over.

This girl has and okay face and a killer tiny body. She looks like the small tittied actress Kitty which is the only thing the scene has going for it. Emotionless oral. Boring sex. Lame cumshot. Short scene. Lacking any chemistry. All these make for a boring scene.

Scene 5:
Joy and Guy

Condom use in this scene. Joy sits on a table, already half naked with her top off; the skirt follows. Fully naked, the guy plays with her tits and pussy--finger insertion. She gets eaten. Oral. They move to a couch for reverse cowgirl. Missionary. Doggy. He cums on her chest. Scene over.

Okay looking girl. No chemistry from this girl. She looks bored and never gets into the sex. Occasionally she looks into the camera and seems to show signs of life, but its probably the director trying to get her to look alive. The only time this girls seems happy is when the scene is over. Nothing good or okay about this awful scene.

This is a bad film. The sex is lackluster. The girls are not into it most of the time. The guys are more into the sex and that is not hot. Technical problems only hinder the film as does boring cum shots, short scenes, and drawn out positions. Even the extras, especially the trailers, are boring. Two things going for the film are the cute girls. They are all dressed in the standard issue school girl outfit and looks adorable. The language barrier is a problem, but seeing them struggle to speak and answer is hot. Also, the two funny moments in scene three makes the face crack a smile. I would only recommend this film as a rental if nothing was available to rent. If you dig Thai girls, then watch it. Besides that, avoid this badly made film.


Main Menu features: Play Movie, Star Index, and Special Features which includes: Cumshots, Website, Gallery, Sex Talk, DVD Credits, and Trailers:

Blue Erotic
My Sexy Sleepover
Phuck Fantasies
Sexual Chemistry

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