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Teens Like It Big 2 (Brazzers)

Teens Like It Big 2 (Brazzers)

Studio: Brazzers
Category:  Barely Legal , Straight
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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MrHarvard's ratings for Teens Like It Big 2 (Brazzers):
Overall Rating 3 stars
Teens Like It Big 2 (Brazzers) overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Teens Like It Big 2 (Brazzers) Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Teens Like It Big 2 (Brazzers) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Teens Like It Big 2 (Brazzers) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Teens Like It Big 2 (Brazzers) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Teens Like It Big 2 (Brazzers) DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Teens Like It Big 2 (Brazzers) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by MrHarvard  on  6/6/2009
This is a compilation of scenes in the teens category. Stars such as Amber Rayne with her wildly active, and dirty, talking are in this set. Stephanie Cane with her dick handling skills and Britney Amber also appear. Brook Bennett and Riley Ray also have a heated lesbian scene which is hot. This dvd is something worth purchasing.

Scene 1: Stephanie Cane

This scene starts out with some of the male talent playing basketball with Stephanie leering overhead. She's writing in what looks like a diary wearing long socks, short white shorts, and a revealing green top which barely keeps her breasts up. She begins to slowly open up her legs and rub between them. The camera then fades and the viewer then sees Stephanie laying on a pink couch slowly taking her shorts off rubbing her pussy saying things like, "I wish I could get his cock inside me" and "I want that big cock." She then continues to rub her pussy... one of the male talent notices that she left her dirty diary and he begins to read it with others and then decides to go show her what big dicks really are.

The two then sit on a couch. She then begins to rub his dick and she says, "Oh my gosh, I don't know if it'll even fit inside me... and I don't know if it'll fit in my tight teen pussy... but I'll try" and they then go back to her room. Stephanie then peels her clothes off and begins to suck and continuously deepthroat the cock. It's a very good angled scene with some intense passion although her lines seem somewhat rehearsed and not genuine which is common with more known stars.

The switch from position to position and his cock almost seems to stretch her tight little pussy and she moans out but it doesn't sound like good moaning to me. I think her body is incredible but she really needs to learn how to act better. I think that she does seem incredibly sexy though. She has to start and stop a few times which shows me she's not really ready for this huge of a cock and I really had to turn the scene off after a while because she didn't seem like she was being genuine.

Scene 2: Britney Amber

This scene starts out with three girls fighting over a huge cock from a lean male talent. Britney Amber, however, wins over the two cock-hungry teens. She then takes him inside and begins to rub on his cock as he says, "It's time to put these rumors to rest" apparently he is rumored to have a huge cock. The other two girls run to the back of the house and stare through the window as Britney takes his huge hard cock inside her mouth. Her blonde hair rubs against his cock. Britney says, "I can't believe how big it is; I wonder if it's going to fit in me!" She continues to rub his cock and then bury her tight mouth on it as her lips slightly curve on his hardened cock.

He then puts her on her back and slide his tongue on her clit to eat her out. She moans and moans. She then sits on his cock and begins to ride it while passionately kissing him. This is a really hot segment of the scene and the camera angles are great.

She then straddles him reverse cowgirl and her breasts, blonde hair, and she pounds his cock like you wouldn't believe. I would have liked to see more action going on in this scene as far as in relation to the hugeness of his cock while she's fucking him. It seemed to stand out from the rest of the scenes in this dvd as one which would be a typical boy-girl scene you'd find on something like brazzers or somewhere like that not in a huge cock dvd. She then goes missionairy laying on her back and allowing him to slam her tight little pink pussy deep. She moans out, "I'm going to cum all over your hard cock" This was nice to hear. The scene finishes out with him taking her doggystyle and her pussy feels his balls slap against it while she's screaming, "Oh yeah your cock is so fucking huge." She then gets on her knees and he shoots cum all over her face. This scene overall wasn't that hot for me.

Scene 3: Amber Rayne

This scene was the best out of the bunch for me. Amber Rayne stars as a rich, entitled, and horny pissed-off girl waiting for her breakfast from a butler who's just a little bit slow for her tastes. She sure shows him as she continues to cause the butler trouble by blaming everything on him and being unreasonable. This is a hot scene as he throws her up against the wall then onto the bed to spank her ass. she says, "C'mon, spank my ass!" He spanks her really hard and she loves it! Her ass cheeks get red. Then she tells him to stick a finger in her ass as she sucks on her finger and seductively shows the hired help how to do it right! He then throws her over on her back, pulls her panties down and starts rimming her ass then eating her out! It's soo hot. I really enjoyed this scene! She always is so dirty and that's really hot and the chemistry is there all the way. She says, "Butler Billy finally doing something right" and then "you gonna finger bang my ass?" Which he does.

He slams her pussy hard and digs deep in her cock. She likes him to hammer her hard and then shoves his cock deep, deep down her throat to the point where she's gagging which is really sexy. He then pounds her fucking ass hard as his cock stretches her hole and she screams out. She says, "there you go butlerboy, you've got your cock in my ass... making me gape aren't you" God this scene is so hot, you have to check it out! She takes it reverse cowgirl then he pounds her ass doggy style as she says, "does this make you want to load my face up?" She gets on her knees and jerks his huge cock off then it shoots cum all over Amber's face and in her mouth and she truly seems to enjoy the cum as she sucks it all up. That's the measure of a true great performer: interaction, chemistry, and the ability to show that to the audience.

Scene 4: Brooke Bennett and Riley Ray

This scene starts with two girls playing with each others' hair talking about how they invited friends over but want to play with a huge cock. They lure Jordan, who has a huge cock, in by kissing and playing with each other. While the girls' looks aren't that great the passion is what's interesting to me; it's highly visible and that's great! The girls then sit him down and suck on his cock together. They do a great job although I would have expected more tongue action together... in fact, it would have been an asset to enhance the scene. One girl sits on his face while she sucks his cock, it's amazing! The girls then begin to eat each other out while he eats her pussy and she trades off between sucking his cock and eating pussy. The camera angles are great in this scene, they being to switch of between riding and fucking. The scene overall if okay but more could have been done by the girls to make it more realistic. He then shoots cum all over their faces.

Scene 5: Nataly

This scene begins with Nataly walking down the stairs and going to the bathroom. She then peels her clothes off. A man makes his way up to her room to find her showering. She's very, very sexy. She beings to rub her pussy and it's really hot how she has an accent and gets the water glistening all over her sexy body. He sees her through the corner of the room rubbing her pussy and says, "She's all grown up" She then realizes who he is after a little bit of foreign tongue and takes off her towel and he says, "This is going to be the vacation of a lifetime" She then get son her knees and begins to suck his cock. The way her mouth moves is amazing. They kiss passionately and you can really see the action going on with the great camera angles and POV action. He lays her down on her back and begins to eat her pussy and lick and rim her ass. She moans and speaks in foreign tounges which is very hot. He fucks her missionary and doggy style in the jacuzzi. he cums deep in her mouth and all over her sexy little face.

Extras: There's a small scene with Alexis Love which is worth checking out in the Extras/Bonus section. This scene is very hot as she's a tiny, ethnic looking girl who can really take the cock.

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