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Teens In Need

Teens In Need

Studio: Score
Category:  Barely Legal
Starring: , , , ,
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Leeroy Magic's ratings for Teens In Need:
Overall Rating 5 stars
Teens In Need overall rating 5 stars
Female Looks Teens In Need Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Teens In Need Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Teens In Need Sex rating 5 stars
Plot/Acting Teens In Need Plot/Acting rating 5 stars
Extras Teens In Need DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Teens In Need A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by Leeroy Magic  on  6/5/2007
Teens in Need
Studio: Score
18eighteen Magazine

Starring: Emma Redd, Kelsey Michaels, Misty Magenta, Ivanna Rey, Jeanie Marie

5 boy/girl POV scenes with no condoms
backstage bonus footage (camera footage of each girls photo shoot)

Emma Redd
Emma has really long dark brown hair and is dressed like a teen skater girl with a blue spegetti strap shirt and greyish looking long shorts on. None of her clothes stay on for long as she's topless showing her very small tits. She looks a little flat before she shows off her redish brown bush. She has two star tattoos on each side of her belly button that seem tastefully done. She's sitting on a table all nude with nothing on but a hot pink beaded necklace on. So far my expectations have been low but then WHAM out of nowhere she drops on her back on the desk at an upside down angle, looks up and says "why don't you let me suck your cock". A phenomenal angle of her getting fucked in the mouth. Instant wood to start off the first scene as she slobbers a little on the cock . A greal arial POV shot of her laying on the desk on her back getting face fucked with her tight teen body.

The BJ then switches to him laying on the desk POV style with her standing at the end blowing him. So far two unique BJ angles very well done. She then gives a light handjob and says "you want me to sit on it" before getting on top in reverse cowgirl and she gets kind of loud to where I have to turn the volume down a little. "You want me to grind that dick". She then starts screaming some more and rides the guy like they are fucking on a small trampoline. She's got a lot of spring to her as she bounces and says "oh yeah slam that pussy on that dick".

"Your dick feels good inside of me" she says before she turns around for some reverse cowgirl that shows her bending forward with her milky white ass. She looks super sexy as her ass is squeezed and she keeps riding the cock.

The POV then moves to the bed with her head down and ass up getting fucked from behind. She looks so innocent and sexy with her beautiful ass up getting fucked. If you made it past the intro BJ, this is the 2nd part you'll have a hard time making it through. She looks unbelievable and the camera angle looks phenomenal like something you see out a magazine as it's held really well showing her full body. Just WOW.

She is then on her back on the bed rubbing her clit and looks like she may have just came on the guys dick as they stop for a moment. Then most of the angle is on her pussy getting penetrated as she rubs her clit and says "yeah I want you to cum all over my bush". A pretty hot way to end a scene. The scene was around 20 minutes and I wanted more! A great way to kick things off on the DVD.

(Scene rating 5 out of 5 stars)
Kelsey Michaels
Anyone who has ever bought a Barely Legal or 18eighteen Magazine will probably recognize this girl cause she is usually one of the hottest girls in the mag. I remember seeing her in an 18eighteen Mag wondering what pornos I could buy with her in it cause she was that hot. The kind of girl you want to follow and buy everything she's in. She looks like the young sister of Jassie. She's amazing.

So the scene opens with her sitting on a couch in a white spegetti strapped shirt and light purple plaid skirt and a white head band holding her black hair back like she just got out of school. The guy then pulls a lollipop out his pocket and gives it to her and asks her how many licks does it take, where she replies "not many" and giggles. She teases with sucking the lollipop while staring into the camera and says "you like that" while she lightly moans and sucks the orange lollipop. She then takes her top off showing off her small tits and looks a little flat. She then spins around lifting up her skirt showing her white panties riding up her ass as she grinds on the guys lap like a stripper...POV style.

She then peels her white panties off, pulls the guys jeans down and starts sucking his cock showing off her orange tongue. She then climbs on top and then moves quickly to reverse cowgirl with nothing on but long white and pink socks and a white headband. She takes it and lightly wimpers like it's too much for to take in. Lots of light yelping before she turns around and rides his long cock. She then puts her legs together showing of her ass bouncing up and down straight up on the guys cock. This lasts for a good amount of time before she's on her back on a couch spread open while holding her legs up. Some yelping and some yelling before she switches to face down ass up on the couch. Her ass again looks picture perfect. The scene ends with her on her back on the couch as the guy cums all over her tight little stomach and little tits.

Again another excellent scene that will get anyone off that likes hot little teen girls.
(Scene rating 5 out of 5 stars)
Misty Magenta
The scene opens with Misty washing her car in a blue jean skirt and purple speggeti shirt. She smiles with her long brownish/black hair and sais "I don't have a boyfriend". She's bending over the front hood of the car, sponging it down, before she gets all nude. Outside on what looks like a gravel road she is down on her knees blowing the guy in no time. She looks really petite and cute with her small a-cup tits. She then turns around and grinds her ass up and down against the guys hardon as the guy squeeze the sponge on her ass. There is then more grinding as she rubs the crack of her tight little ass against his cock for an excellent tease.

She then lays on her back on the hood of the car for a super hot way to start the sex off. She moans and says "oh yeah" while she squeezes her little tits. You can hear the hood of the car metal rattling a little as she springs her ass up and down while he goes in and out. She then is on all fours on the hood of the car head down and ass up. Her skin is light brown in the sun. She turns around and in the cowgirl position starts bouncing up and down...definitely doing most of the work like she can't get enough. Next the guy is lieing on the ground as she squats over him showing off her ass bouncing up and down. The scene ends with her on her back on the hood of the car as he cums on her little tits.

Another great scene. I really like the tease intro of her grinding her ass on the guys cock without him going inside of her. That was really erotic! Her laying on her back on the hood of the car isn't something you see everyday in a POV scene. Overall another great scene!

(Scene rating 5 out of 5 stars)
Ivanna Rey
Ivanna is sitting on the edge of a bed with a white button up shirt tied in the front and a red plaid school girl skirt on. She has long black hair in pigtails and looks like a latin school girl from Mexico. She turns around and shows off her ass in what looks like silk satin panties before she is all nude on her knees on the bedroom carpet floor blowing the guy. She has two noticable tattos, one above her pussy of a bumble bee and one smaller one above her right tit.

She looks ultra cute during the blowjob with her pigtails. She's mostly no hands during the blowjob before she's on her back on the bed getting penetrated. She lays back on the bed and moans a lot ocassionally rocking her head back and has lots of facial expressions showing she seems to be into it.

Then things get pretty fucking hot as the guy goes inside her and she rocks her head up with each thrust in.Her legs are curled up but seem to flap them like a butterfly's wings as shes fucked which is really nice as she says "I'm starting to like this".

She is then on the bed with her head down latin ass up getting fucked from behind for an excellent POV angle! Her tight skinny body then crawls on top of the guy for a cowgirl POV angle where she is squatting down bouncing up and down. She has kind of a pouty look on her face as she occassionally clinches her facial expression and says "you feel so good"..."I love this." The scene ends with her on her knees on the bedroom floor rubbing the guys balls as he cums all over her tits as she looks up at the camera with her puppy dog eyes.

Overall the scene opened where I wasn't expecting much. I thought the two tattoos took away some from her teen look but overall the sex made up for it. Her facial expression and tight petite ass were both very nice and she had a cute face when she looks up at the camera.

(Scene rating 4 out of 5 stars)
Jeanie Marie
The scene opens with Jeanie in tight blue jean shorts held up by overalls and a white tank top shirt that shows off her little tummy. She gets caught spray painting a wall. Her jeans aren't cuttoffs but are rolled up at the bottom so the shorts really ride deep up her ass. With brown hair in pigtails she takes her shirt and bra off and turns around as her ass gets spanked. She then peels the shorts off to show off the sexiest blue striped panties as she says "you're not going to tell on me are you". She then drops her tight blue panties and is on her knees in what looks like a garage room floor. She pulls out the cock and starts sucking it, immediately going to the base to deepthroat it, showing what she can do and looking super cute sucking dick with pigtails. She then tries to deep throat it again but it looks like the cock has now got bigger than she can handle as she slobbers all over it and he fucks her face. Multiple deep throat attempts later she is standing up bending foward and says while being fucked "you like to fuck that nineteen year old pussy.." "does that feel good"..."yeah you like that"..."ooh yeah fuck me..fuck my tight nineteen year old pussy".."oooh yeah fuck me just like that". Her ass looking amazing as she bends foward with her head wresting on what looks like a wooden garage table. The POV angle is amazing as she says "I want to feel your big dick go in and out of me".."oh yeah turn me inside out".

Damn she just doesn't quit talking!!!! It's so fucking hot and the angle is absolutely perfect showing her tight ass in a full body shot. She just keeps going and starts screaming some and then says "you like to fuck that tight little pink pussy" as she looks back as her tight pussy is being penetrated. Then what seems like out of nowhere the guy grabs her hips and starts fucking her hard and all you hear is loud slapping and her yelling.

The scene then cuts to her on the bed on her back, legs spread getting fucked. Her body looks really tight and sexy as her head hangs off the edge with her chin up in the air. This is definitely not a quiet girl in this scene. She then moves to a cowgirl position and to reverse cowgirl where she rolls her ass on the cock. A full body shot of her rolling her ass as he grinds into her pussy. She looks super tight as she stands up and squats on the pole. She starts moving fast up and down showing off her tight ass.

"Does that feel good!" She sais before the scene cuts to her on her back and the guy cums all over her little tummy and tits.

Wow this scene was smoking hot. Anyone who has ever gotten off to a Jeanie Marie scene shouldn't miss this one because it's definitely one of the best scenes I have seen her in.
(Scene rating 5 out of 5 stars)

(Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars)
I highly recommend this film to any teen porn fan, anyone who likes girls with itty bitty titties, and to any POV fan who has ever bought a teen magazine like Barely Legal or 18eighteen Magazine because the angles look so perfect like they are straight out of a magazine. I would say two of the girls Emma Redd and Ivanna Rey are girls I usually would not like but they were filmed so well that their scenes both were excellent! I'm glad I own this DVD because it's definitely one of the best shot POV films I have seen in a very long time! I didn't even know it was POV because it didn't have the letters POV in the title so it was definitely a pleasant surprise and will get watched many more times. BUY THIS ONE!

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