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Teens Corrupted

Teens Corrupted

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Barely Legal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Teens Corrupted:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Teens Corrupted overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Teens Corrupted Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Teens Corrupted Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Teens Corrupted Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Teens Corrupted Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Teens Corrupted DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Teens Corrupted A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  11/1/2007
Hello fellow porn fans, just reviewed a Jake Malone title when this one came a callin and for a 1500th review I can't think of anything better to write about than a new Bree Olson scene!! She had just gotten her contract from what I gather watching the extensive BTS footage with her and fans you will want to check this out on disc two, just awesome stuff with Bree-- a few revelations about her that I didn't know, she was a bad girl back when she was younger!!Jake also has some other hotties in this and I do mean some hotties, Renae Cruz, Maya Hills, McKenzee Miles-- doing anal so yeah this seems to be a good one to mark a milestone for my reviewing. Let's hit some highlights.

Bree Olson:

Well Jake starts this one off with a blond bombshell and that only starts to cover the appeal of Bree Olson for me, obviously gorgeous from head to toe but those great looks are only surface to quite a good performer underneath. I've seen Bree do plenty of gonzo work and for that I think she'll be richly recognized come Jan. in Vegas but I'd also urge you folks to look for her g/g work which has some of the most passionate lesbian lovemaking I've seen shot on this side of the pond-- but this won't be that type of scene, nope this is strictly gonzo all the way baby. The scene here starts with Jake following Bree around and wait until you see the form fitting pink dress she's got on, it fits her perfectly accentuating all her curves. The atmosphere is nice, easy going and it's like two friends chatting while pervy Jake lifts up her dress, no panties of course for Bree! You see every reason on display here why she's so fucking hot, from a beaming smile on her face to that sinfully hot body being revealed, Jake can't resist jumping from behind the camera to bury his face in that ass, hey Jake we don't blame you a bit! After listening to the BTS I don't think Jake could corrupt this 'teen' any more than she already has but I'm all for another hot sexy scene. Just some awesome titty shots too going up from the ground, I think we all could get lost in sucking on those breasts for hours. Then we have her hopping on the pool table, legs spread and that pussy just screaming out come and lick me!! The dirty talk too is so good here from Miss Olson, Jake doesn't need to say much and Bree goes with it naturally. As good as the pussy view was then she is on her stomach lying flat on the pool table showing off that ass and yep I'd like to stick my balls in her corner pocket!! This is some lengthy tease fans and it's all worth watching if you're a Bree fan, I can't really say much more how beautiful I think this woman is so enjoy all this time with Bree, I did.

Bree then gets to use a toy on her twat making sure it's nice'n'juicy for the cock which is soon to follow it. There is also a bit of ass play too so you know both holes will be stuffed this scene, oh yeah. Jake does a little corrupting using up to four fingers to plug her ass and like a good whore she takes it. Bree shows she's totally a nasty slut wanting to do a little sucky sucky on Jake before the cock arrives and I bet he wished he'd pulled it out too, lol. Marco Banderas is the lucky stud here and he's soon getting that schlong loved bigtime by Bree's mouth and she's not easy either gagging up a storm on that cock with Jake's camera moving in and out, underneath giving us all the good shots of this. Marco then does the romantic thing burying his face deep in Bree's ass and you see the look on his face I've seen in other scenes, he's in total lust with this woman and can't get enough. The ass play continues with Marco lying flat on his back and Bree doing what I bet many a guy and gal wishes she would do for them and that's squat down over their face, oh yes I would totally dig on this action and Bree keeps up her end of the bargain going down for more cock sucking. This woman is so hot there just isn't a bad position to shoot her in really and we get some good ones here once the fucking commences. Reverse is probably my fave with those lovely tits shaking nicely but then she's got such a nice ass it was good seeing it displayed when they go to doggie where she's opened up to camera real good. Of course they work in cowgirl too leading to the first anal which comes in mish. The shot of the scene sex wise then comes in reverse anal where you get such a sexy face from Bree who is still doing some nasty dirty talk, very good work here from both and excellent camera work by Jake. There's a spot with some farting though which was a bit off for me but Jake loves that type of action and he's zoomed in close as her gaping ass lets its wind out! Marco then delivers a solid pop to Bree's tongue with fine cleanup after but wait she's not done yet and gets several more loads to that gorgeous face. Great work all around and we're off and cumming!

McKenzee Miles:

Well that was some amazing sex with Bree now we're onto McKenzee who is quite pretty herself and I'm seeing some anal is in the cards for this scene and that's something her fans have been wanting for some time. She looks real nice all in white even white panties! Jake keeps up the good mixing in of close and pulled back shots on the young lady. The young girl has some fun with the panties pulling them tight between her pussy lips with Jake's camera shot right there looking up while she does this, then he pulls back when she's leanin against the wall pulling at her panties-- a very good mix overall in the shot selection showcasing all that McKenzee has to offer. She reaches a couch where she gets comfy and a glass toy is brought in to pry that ass open for the later anal festivities, more good close shots as she does this and she licks it clean after pulling it from her ass. I like her eyes, very pretty. After a good tease we finally get a bit of speaking between her and Jake but nicely we keep up with the good revealing shots of McKenzee, very nice looking ass, can't wait to see it plugged. So Jake then asks for and receives a blowjob from the young girl, I guess all that time shooting Bree really had him worked up and then comes along McKenzee looking all cute he had to get some relief! Very good POV action here and I guess Jake's the talent as well for the scene as he slips the ole tubesteak up her pussy for some nice looking doggie action, you see that asshole just sitting there ready to be plucked, Jake works in a couple strong ass spanks too while laying pipe. I loved watching McKenzee sucking cock too, she did it nice'n'slow for the most part and that just drives me wild, very good P2M sucking too here. Oh wait, guess Jake is the warmup act, lol, as he leaves a very good load in McKenzee's mouth and we've not seen anal yet so bring on cock #2.

So McKenzee gets herself all clean from that brief tease action, lol, when the male talent shows up and he doesn't know a thing, thinks she was just finishing up the pretty girls! We waste little time as Richard Kline moves down to start eating out that pussy and she's working in the sexy faces too as Jake's shot lingers on it. Then it's up on her knees for some doggie ass fingering and a few more slaps to that tush, Jake's couple spanks didn't leave a mark otherwise we might have had issues, lol. McKenzee then gets to show off again how good a cocksucker she is and she doesn't forget the balls either! Jake gets a shot looking down as she's giving head and it's so good with the eyes looking so sexy and her pace to the bj was perfect, sadly it was all to brief-- but the good thing is we go to some hot sex in reverse. Moving on to doggie you see some lube sprayed on her ass readying it and you see how easily then that ass takes cock and the speed picks up nicely once the anal starts. Look at the sexy A2M she does, damn fine head by McKenzee here. They finish up very strong in mish anal and Jake perfectly captures the load as it's left in McKenzee's mouth. Very good scene from her and I hope we get more anal to follow this good first effort.

Renae Cruz:

We close out the first disc with this excellent newcummer and I've seen Renae do some really really good scenes and it all starts with that body which like the two previous girls is sinfully hot, love the big natural tits and then she backs that up with an equally fine backside. She starts here walking towards Jake's camera opening up her white shirt but not all the way, great cleavage spilling out though and she's got on blue jean shorts which are very skimpy and there are thigh high white satin lace socks to cap the ensemble. Jake then asks nicely to see those tits, something we all were screaming in unison, lol. Great footage looking up as she fondles those perfect tits, nice DSL's too, that'd be Dick Sucking Lips! Pulling those jean shorts off we get white panties on underneath so that's two girls so far wearing them, are they making a cumback!! Nice footage then of Renae slipping a few fingers in her ever wettening cunt. This is the second best tease so far, nothing's beating Bree in my eyes, lol. Jake again has an ongoing conversation with the girl but keeps up with the excellent and I mean excellent tease footage, tits, ass, pussy stroking it's all working.

Renae lets it out that she likes pain and Jake almost lights up at hearing that news ,lol. He gets ina few slaps to her face, nothing real hard even after she said it wasn't hard enough, then he goes around to finger that tasty looking ass of hers, also showing are those juicy pussy lips, okay I'm hungry!! Renae then uses a toy to ready that ass, good thing as that means anal!! Jake then calls out for Manuel and it's now Renae's turn to light up at hearing that name, Manuel makes all the girls crazy with desire!! Mr. Ferrara then comes striding confidently over, gets down for a kiss with Renae and then it's dining on pussy/ ass time and he does this as good as any man working today. We're outside too, guess I didn't say that but under a nice shade of tree so nothing's obscured as Manuel slips his cock in her cooch for some sideways action. Stayin with this position you get a good slow insertion to anal and we nicely get those awesome tits and her pretty face in the shot too. Sweet mother of porn, the reverse anal was so good, those tits, her neatly trimmed bush, oh yeah you'll be jealous here fans and then when they get to cowgirl anal you might be cursing at Manuel's luck, hehe. Jake gets a perfect view and I do mean a perfect view for this bit of boinking. A good standing 69 is shot then as Manuel eats more pussy/ ass and Renae leans down to swallow up his cock and all those ass/ pussy juices. A great scene to close out this first disc sees Manuel blasting off after titty fucking her, and that mouth takes it all. He gets off a good 3-4 ropes of jizz, followed by some lustful cleanup, wowza!! Not done, though, Renae takes a few more loads from the mopes just like Bree did. Before we get that added bit of fun, Jake hands her back the white panties and she gets in the pool so thus wet panties!! Heading inside for the last bit of fun Renae finds her cocks waiting and the guys are at the ready leaving their nutjuice in her mouth with Renae swallowing and making the rounds kissing each nutsack thank it!! What a way to close out, now it's on to disc two, still more hot sex to cum.

Maya Hills & Holly West:

Well fans after that first disc of superbly shot sex these girls have their work cut out for them but we start off with a couple hotties, I know Maya Hills pretty good, saw her get banged out nice'n'hard by Everhard and Sasha a few months back! Here we begin with a lovely shot of just one eye on Maya's face then moving down we slowly get more of her face in the shot, then Jake goes floor level for a good frontal shot, titties are out and she's sans panties! The music playing and her facial expression set a nice seductive tone for this opening bit of tease, great close in shot as she tickles those pussy lips with her fingers. The focus then shifts to her out of this world ass and damn if Jake doesn't get it right again, awesome shots Mr. Malone. The fingers which were moments before massaging those pussy lips now shift to dipping themselves deep in her anal cavity and lustfully she licks them clean! Jake then catches up with Maya for a few words and we learn of her recent corrupted experience with a couple with flashes of that scene coming on the screen but we don't revisit it fully yet Jake wants a few more words and more tease too with Maya's hot bod. Her assignment we learn was to corrupt an older couple!

So we finally cut to Maya and the lovely Holly West working jointly on Marco Banderas's cock. Very good POV shots too looking down on these pretty ladies sucking cock. Facially I'd say Holly reminds me a bit of Lena Olin of Alias fame, great tits on this woman. Great fucking cowgirl then follows with Maya riding cock, Holly gets behind to lick at that ass/ pussy then there's P2OGM!! Holly then goes for a good ride in reverse with Maya right there to taste those pussy juices from Marco's cock. Sweet, then it's doggie fucking on Maya who is at the same time licking hard on Holly's ass, damn fine action here fans. You get some fine anal too with Maya and Holly's down for A2OGM too, very hot to see them both lick those juices off Marco's cock after it plowed that booty. Fucking awesome 69 then comes with Maya on top, good pussy eating by both girls but we see Holly first and there's more anal too for Miss Hills, subsequently more A2OGM too!! Marco being a generous guy then moves around to lay pipe to Holly while Maya keeps her face right there to lick pussy juice and pussy lips!! It's very hot to see girls work together this well, they don't shy away from tasting the other's juices and they do it with gusto which kicks ass. Marco ends this fuck session dropping the load mostly on Holly's face, some cleanup follows and the girls kiss each other!!

So we cut back to Maya and Jake with Maya's fingers tickling her ass!! So it seems we are not done yet watching Maya fuck, I'm cool with that and I bet you are too!! A little ass toy play is captured and you see such a playful smile and spirit too with Maya, so good to see a girl really enjoying what she's doing!! Cut then to Maya being appreciated by Manuel who is doing what else, eating her pussy/ ass. Jake has the vouyer shot at first far away but he's soon right up on the couple as Manuel's passionately dining on her cooch. Maya then gets on her knees thrusting that ass tantalizingly in the air, with Manuel then sitting down allowing her to engulf that cock and we already have seen how good a knob polisher Maya is. Mr. Ferrara then slams both holes fast'n'hard with his cock leading to a solid pop to Maya's open mouth! By scenes end both are drenched in sweat they've fucked so hard and beautifully together.

Brittany Angel & Sandi Jackson:

Well that was nearly an 1 1/2 hours with Maya, awesome, now we get two more hot girls to check out and they are shown arriving as Jake's camera's constantly rollin. The girls are looking for Jean Claude Batiste-- he's in an important meeting so Jake's keeping them company. You see Sandi's all business woman while Brittany's all dolled up porno girl style, no panties so those pussy lips are fully exposed. Damn that business suit is practically bursting off Sandi's ample chest, Jake works in some face finger fucking to Brittany's mouth, the gloved hand is back! There is some good ass bending over by Brittany with Sandi going behind to check it out along with Jake, nice face burying by this gorgeous black woman. Jake then pulls those ample bosoms out belonging to Brittany so she's got both areas covered and while we've not seen it yet I am confident Sandi does too. So while they continue to wait for Jean's important business meeting to end we have Jake whipping out his cock and Brittany going down to take it on while her boss Sandi stays right there nearby, I just wish her tits would come out to play and I love her eyes too!! Brittany is doing real good with the bj and Jake adds in his own personal touches pushing her head bit further down his shaft and offering some verbal sweet nothings her way! We finally start to see a bit more of Sandi too, she stands and shows off her beautiful black ass with Brittany then shifting from cocksucking to eating out pussy and ass, sweet! Lol!! Jake was lying to the girls about who he is, as they hear the meeting ending he gets all excited telling Brittany to get dressed that he is not really Jean Claude Batiste's assistant but really just the gardener, hehe.

The girls all made back up are joined by Jean and everyone is introduced again. So you can fall in lust all over again with Brittany' ass as Jean checks it out. We see some pussy eating from behind and finally those luscious tits are unleashed belonging to Sandi and damn those were some hot fucking tits!! Brittany looked great sucking on them while Jean is munching on her pussy down below. Sandi moves over to diddle herself briefly on the couch, then gets up and fully undresses before joining Brittany who is hard at it sucking Jean's cock. But she doesn't engage and soon moves back over to the couch to watch her young piece of merchandise pleasure away to his cock. Very nice development as Marco Banderas walks in and goes right over to Sandi and while Brittany's done all the heavy lifting up to this point I think she's been upstage by the awesome beauty of Sandi and she's finally fully involved too engulfing Marco's cock, damn this is one hot woman. Great looking ass shot when Sandi rides in cowgirl while Brittany is not far away taking Jean's monster schlong in mish. A good shot then follows with Sandi in reverse awesome titty bouncing and then you get Miss Angel nailed in doggie. Closing out you get an ok pop to Brittany's mouth from Jean and she's good with the cleanup. Not quite done she takes over fucking Marco riding him in reverse while Sandi gets in front massaging over that pussy as it's being fucked. Marco is good spreading the load a bit between both girls. A nice scene but for me clearly the better presence was from Sandi with Brittany doing well taking the cocks on. Jake has one more surprise and it's cocks #'s 3,4, & 5 for her and she does great working them all in. There isn't much sucking before the guys unload so nice additional bit of jizz play by Miss Angel in her mouth!!! I still want to see Sandi in a scene all by herself, loved her look here.

Emma Heart:

We close out the title with one girl and Jake's got her in the water to start matters. Love a girl that's wet don't you!! The white panties are back and she's dipping them in and out as the shot gets in closer. There's a bit of slo-mo aspect to this too that worked well. Jake then goes back to the ground shots when Emma stands up the water still glistening on her sexy body. She nicely pulls the panties tight between her pussy lips for us, giving us the quick cameltoe look. She appears to have a nice sized pair of boobies too, not huge but good for her body size. There is a super and I mean super close in shot as she pours lube down her pussy lips and massages it in, you see so close here it was cool. Emma also uses a glass toy which has been popular in a few of the scenes in this title. Jake then gets in a few words while Michael Stefano is having fun placing his hand between Emma's ample ass cheeks, I like her smile and laugh too which were see & hear. Like his good buddy Manuel we have Michael ever the romantic dropping behind to munch on Emma's sweet pussy/ ass. Heading inside it's time to corrupt this girl Jake says and you see from the ground that she can do a good job shaking her ass cheeks just by sheer will, then it's back to laying on her stomach, now on a long couch and Michael resumes the ass/ pussy tasting. Emma is then turned on her side ass facing out and there's just a hint of those pussy lips tucked neatly between her ample thighs showing. Emma then squats off the couch ass facing out and Michael again takes up residence between her legs, can't blame him that is some good looking pussy my friends. Time for fucking then as he eases in slowly from behind, doing a good job pacing himself filling her pussy. After a couple positions, reverse included, Emma does P2M and they head to another location in the room a rotating chair where she's fucked from behind once more. After so much ass worship by Michael's face it was a no brainer to work in cowgirl and it looks awesome. More fine P2M from Emma follows and Michael ends this portion of the scene filling that mouth with a great load which stays in her mouth, showing it off of course, but wait there's more and a few more dicks leave their calling cards withing Emma's mouth!! Showing it off several more times the jizz is finally gulped down by Emma with a smile!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well I'd say Jakes delivered another winner here fans with great action throughout. Bree Olson set the bar very high with her excellent lead off scene and I'd say Renae matched her as well as Maya's excellent 1 1/2 fuckathon to start disc two matching her energy wise. Sandi Jackson is a terrificly hot black woman I'd wish she'd been more involved in the scene than she was, Brittany Angel did real good taking on two cocks before adding a few more loads in her mouth after. Extra wise you get quite a lot with excellent BTS with Bree Olson in particular. Jake also offers up a photo gallery too. An easy purchase recommandation, actually it's a Strong one!!

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