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Teenie im Spermagewitter

Studio: 666
Category:  Cumshots , Foreign
Directed by:

Released on: 
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Immortal's ratings for Teenie im Spermagewitter:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Teenie im Spermagewitter overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Teenie im Spermagewitter Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Teenie im Spermagewitter Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Teenie im Spermagewitter Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Teenie im Spermagewitter Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Teenie im Spermagewitter DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Teenie im Spermagewitter A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Immortal  on  2/26/2003
Teenie im Spermagewitter

Scene #1
It starts with the brunette girl from the cover dancing and stripping. She looks a lot sexier than she looks on the video cover. The way she dances makes her look very sexy. The way she moves her ass, is beautiful. She has very nice tits and a shaved pussy, except for a little rectangle of pubic hair on top of her pussy.

0'04'37' She starts sucking a guy. She is dressed in light green. Cut. She is now being fucked doggie style and she screams a lot. She has trouble finding a comfortable position as the seat she is grabbing, is not stable. I think that she finds the situation funny as she trys to cover her face, because she is laughing. Finally she manages to keep stable using the couch as support.

0'11'06 Cumshot starts. Betty is holding the brunette girl chin in one hand and a spoon and a bowl in the other. Several cumshots at the same time and a few moments later this girl's face is painted in white. Betty has also a big spot of cum under her left eye. The camera angle allows the clear view of the inside of the brunette's mouth which has some cum in it. The bowl hold a good amount of cum in it.

0'14'29 Betty feeds the brunette a half full spoon of cum from the bowl. She gags a little but doesn't try to swallow as the cum remains in her mouth. Betty fills a spoon of cum from the bowl and swallows is down Both fills another spoon of cum and feeds it to the other girl. Her mouth is very full of cum. She must have trouble to breath as she chokes and spits the cum in the bowl. One more full spoon of cum is fed to the Brunette. Betty orders her to swallow down, but she doesn't comply. She almost gags. The cum remains in her mouth and Betty feds her a full spoon of cum again. Betty orders her to swallow. She has trouble swallowing as she gags a bit. One more spoon of cum this time for Betty. She keeps it in her mouth. The bowl is getting empty. A half spoon of cum is fed to the Brunette and the rest of cum in the bowl goes to Betty's mouth.

0'16'25 Betty gargles a little and plays with the cum in her mouth. Then Betty shares the cum in her mouth with the brunette, making her choke, which makes her push the cum out of her mouth. Betty sucks the cum on the brunette's face and she keeps it in over the next minute. You can hear her sucking. She slaps the Brunette twice and shares the cum in her mouth with the brunette's mouth again. Betty orders her to swallow down but she doesn't comply as she gags instead. Betty keeps sucking cum from her face and at a time the Brunette pushes the cum out of her mouth.

0'17'32' One guy approaches the Brunette and cums on her mouth. It was a heavy load. Most of the cum lands directly in her mouth. A little lands on Betty's finger which sucks it right a way. Betty uses her fingers to push the cum on the brunette's face into her mouth. Very hot ! The Brunette's mouth is almost full of cum when Betty approaches her and fills the rest of her mouth with the cum she has in her mouth. The Brunette's mouth is completely filled. The Brunette gargles a little, just the time enough to create a bubble of cum over her mouth. Betty makes her close her mouth and orders her to swallow down. She sucks the excess cum from the Brunette's face and lips and saves it in her mouth for later use. Next, Betty closes the Brunette's nose shut. Now she can't breath. She only haves 2 choices: Either swallow down the cum or get the cum out of her mouth.Betty woudn't be happy if she tried to push the cum out, she doesn't want to swallow also. She's running out of air and because she didn't make an option, she soon chokes hard as she doesn't want to swallow down and throws out a great amount of cum mixed with saliva. This scene is fantastic ! Betty grabs the moisture running out and spreads it all around her face.

0'19'46 Betty (still with cum in her mouth) and the Brunette stand up, and start to dance. They kiss as they dance. It's nice to see the Brunette's body shining with cum on her skin. There is a lot of cum and some spit on their faces. Some of the cum connects the Brunette's chin to Betty's lips. They share some very nice and wet kisses.

0'21'07 They stop dancing and sit down at a couch. Betty masturbates the Brunette's cunt. A little bit after, the guys are back cumming at the brunette's face and mouth. Betty is next to her, to "help".

0'23'28 They stand up again and Betty presents her cum covered face to us. Very nice ! Betty spits cum in her hand and rubs the Brunette's pussy with it. There is a large string of cum connecting the Brunette's lips to her tits. Betty licks the "cum string" and they share some kisses, before Betty get's the Brunette laid down on the couch. Betty pushes out cum from her mouth, dropping it on top of the Brunette's pussy. Betty is now being fucked doggie style and screams a lot. The Brunette is just looking at Betty and resting laid down. I'm sure she must be a little tired by now. Amazing look of the shining cum over the Brunette's tits. The guy that was fucking Betty cums on the girls mouth but it is a very week cumshot, almost invisible. More guys to follow. A drop of cum lands on the camera objective but the cameraman is too professional to let that spot ruin the action. Betty gets the Brunette to stand up and spits on her face. Some spots of spit and cum run down the Brunette's face and Betty catches them with her tongue and mouth, as they're falling down. Some of the hair of the Brunette is glued to her face, because of all the spit and cum. They share sum kisses and the image fades out as this scene ends.

Scene #2
0'28'24 A brunette girl (not the one from the cover), is being asked a few questions. She has a piercing on her nose and on each of her nipples and a tattoo on her butt. She is masturbating with a dildo some moments after.

0'32'30 Cut. This girl is now being fucked doggie style. A blonde girl is also being fucked and making some noise. The brunette is licking a guys ass and balls. Then she gives some head to the guy. Next she is being fucked again.

0'37'41 Cut... and the cumshots begin. The blonde girl is kneeling and a guy is using his hands to get her head still. A guy approaches the girl to cum. She patiently waits with her mouth open, while he masturbates. He cums on her face. A good load but some of it misses the target. Still, he manages to paint her lips and face. End of scene.

Scene #3
0'38'35 Back to the Brunette from the cover. Some guys are around her and she's giving head to them in turns. A little time after she is laid back, getting fucked, masturbating 2 guys, one with each hand and giving head to another. Some time after and she sucks a guy while being fucked doggie style and screams a little. She is very energetic the action is kept at a fast pace and she doesn't rest.

0'48'09 Cumshots begin. She holds some kind of glass next to her tits, to catch some of the cum that doesn't land at her face and mouth. Some of the cumshots are nice and she get's her mouth with some cum a little time after. This time she swallows the cum in her mouth without gagging. Good Girl ! I think she learned from the 1st scene. She is clearly turning into a cum addict by now ! Some of the cumshots had good volume and she now has a lot of cum on her face and tits. Since the cumshots were aimed from far just a little cum reached her mouth, anyway you can hear she swallowing the cum down but I'm in doubt if the sound is real or fake. She stands up, rubs her hands around her face and licks the cum from it. I hate that GGG movies haven't subtitles in english as she is asked something by the director but I don't know what I just understand that she tells him "Ja" (yes).

Scene #4
0'53'56 A blonde girl with a long hair is fucking doggie style and sucks the dick of a guy at the same time. Two other girls are part of the scene too: One of them, the brunette girl from the cover is sucking a guy's dick and the other, a red hair is fucking doggie style. The blond girl screams while is fucking. Soon the girl from the cover starts to scream a bit as she is fucking. Each of the blond and the brunette girls are fucking doggie style and taking turns giving head to a guy. They scream a lot at sometime. There is a cut and our Brunette appears, sucking a guy's dick. Betty is below her, pushing her head to the guy's dick.

01'05'33 The cumshots begin. The firs load has a good volume, lands in her mouth and on her left eye. One more guy cums on her face but doesn't point to her mouth and almost all the cum lands around her face. Betty orders her to swallow down the little cum she has in her mouth. Unlike On Scene #1, this time she complies and swallows the cum down without gagging. Some more cumshots but with little cum in her mouth. Betty tells her to swallow down, which she does. The same recipe, some more cumshots but with little cum in her mouth. She does as Betty told her and swallows down. She smiles bit. I think her smiling is due to her having realized she became a cum addict and learned to enjoy swallowing the cum down. I really love her learning. Betty and the Brunette take turns sucking a cock. Soon the guy is masturbating but he's taking too long to cum that's why there is a Cut ! Finally he manages to cum. The first shot target's the Brunette's eye sealing it. Betty sucks the guy dry and shows us her mouth full of spit mixed with some cum. She drop's her mouth content's into the Brunette's mouth. She gags a little and pushes the cum and spit out of her mouth, which Betty sucks, before giving head to another guy. Two more cumshots and Betty pulls the cum and spit out of her mouth into the Brunette's mouth. She orders her to swallow down but she doesn't comply. Betty decides to close her nose shut so she has to swallow the cum and spit to breath. She doesn't want to swallow and she gags. Betty sucks the moisture out of her Mouth and pushes it into the Brunette's mouth again. The Brunette girl pulls it out and Betty again sucks the moisture. No way Betty lets the Brunette walk away without swallowing down. A lot of sticky cum and spit connect the two girls. Very nasty !!! Betty gets some of the sticky cum and spit from the Brunette's mouth and rubs it on the Brunette's pussy. She sucks some of the moisture from the Brunette's pussy and pushes it into her mouth. This time she swallows down without gagging. Betty licks her face and spits on her face. Both girls get up. The Brunette sits down on a seat with her legs opened so Betty can lick her pussy. The Brunette's pussy looks very good with all the cum and spit Betty put there before. As Betty licks the Brunette's pussy, a guy starts to fuck her and she moans a lot.

01'16'27 Cut. Both girls are kneeling and wait for a cumshot. Betty licks the Brunette's face. The Brunette stands in doggy style position and gets fucked, while she shares some wet kisses with Betty. She moans and yells as she is being fucked. Betty spits at one of her tits while the action goes on. Two guys approach the girls kneeling on the ground, to cum. Good loads with Good volume, but not enough for Betty's having her mouth so full, so she must Have some of her own spit on it also. The director asks something to Betty. She answers with her mouth almost full as she is about to drop it's content's into the brunette's mouth. The Brunette then closes her mouth and swallows it down without gagging. Good Girl ! Betty licks her face clean and then spits on her. She rubs the Brunette's pussy. Both Girls stand up and Betty plays with her tits rubbing them on the other girl's tits. End of movie.

Overall thoughts
When I bought this video I didn't realize how sexy the girl from the cover is. If you don't dislike her looks on the cover, I think you'll find her a lot sexier when "performing".
What I most loved about this video was that at the beginning, this girl don't wants to swallow down the cum and gags a lot, but, when we get to the last part of the movie she has turned into a cum addicted and has no problem swallowing the nastiest mixture ! There are good camera angles and lighting that allow clear visions of the cum over the girls body.
Though I don't like Betty looks very much, I must admit she greatly improves the scenes as she is very nasty and "helps" the Brunette from the cover turns into a cum addict.
Betty also produces “cum of her own” (in other words: spit) when there is little cum from the guys. Though it doesn't worry me, I prefer a lot when girls use "real" cum from the guys.
I liked this video a lot and I probably be looking for more videos with the girl from the cover.

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