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Teenage Spermaholics 5

Teenage Spermaholics 5

Studio: Jules Jordan Video
Category:  Barely Legal , Cumshots , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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LSBReviews's ratings for Teenage Spermaholics 5:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Teenage Spermaholics 5 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Teenage Spermaholics 5 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Teenage Spermaholics 5 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Teenage Spermaholics 5 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Teenage Spermaholics 5 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Teenage Spermaholics 5 DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Teenage Spermaholics 5 A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by LSBReviews  on  7/25/2006
Teenage Spermaholics #5
Produced 06/06 Jules Jordan Video (
Disc One: 116 minutes
Disc Two: 123 minutes

Directed by Mike John

Starring: Lexi Love, Roxxxy Rush, Mysti May, Chelsea Rae, Lela Star, Ariel Alexus, Riley Mason (DVD bonus scene), Brian Surewood, Erik Everhard, Jon Dough, Jerry, James Deen, John Strong, Dave Hardman, Sean Michaels, Kyle Stone, Lee Bang, Lefty LaRue, Tone Capone, Aaron Hampton, Dick Nasty, Scott Lyons, Mike Hash, Suave, Arnold Schwarzenpecker and Mike John (DVD bonus scene).

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Teenage Spermaholics #5 is a two disc set directed by Mike John (this is his second release since joining Jules Jordan's new company). There are six sex scenes, plus a bonus scene and over four hours of footage. All the girls in the film, except Riley Mason in the bonus scene, have sex with multiple partners and swallow multiple loads of sperm (Chelsea and Roxxxy also have cum deposited inside of them). While every girl gets fucked, some of the guys only receive blowjobs (during the blow bangs). Chelsea, Ariel and Roxxxy are the only girls to have anal sex and perform "ass to mouth" oral sex (Ariel and Roxxxy are also double penetrated). Chelsea blows four black guys and swallows their semen before sucking, fucking and having anal sex with Sean Michaels until he cums inside of her pussy. Roxxxy takes an internal cumshot in her pussy and ass before swallowing three loads of cum. Most of the girls perform deep throat while giving head and there's some tit fucking and dirty talking. A few scenes include some interracial sex (some of it only oral). Lexi likes to play with the cum with her fingers before swallowing it. Lela gets very excited when her pussy is played with. Ariel is a very sexy black chick who swallows a couple of loads of cum from two white dudes before getting her face totally plastered with cum by four other white guys. I enjoy watching Mysti May, but her clowning around is a turn off. The girls are good looking, but not many wear anything sexy (only a few wear panties). My favorite scenes were with Lela, Chelsea and Ariel. The bonus scene on disc two features a very pretty brunette named Riley Mason who sucks and fucks director Mike John until he pops in her mouth and on her face. The other Special Features on disc two include a cumshot recap, BTS footage, photo gallery, website information and a trailer of Racial Tension (which is Mike's first release since joining Jules Jordan Video). *No Condoms were used in this film.

Disc One
Scene One: Lexi Love, Erik Everhard, Brian Surewood, John Strong and four guys.
Lexi is a very cute and sexy brunette with long hair. She's wearing a black top, denim skirt, black bra and black panties with boots (no heels on boots). When Lexi's boyfriend's car doesn't start, she walks over to the nearest house which happens to have three dudes in it with nothing to do. Lexi is let in and immediately begins blowing Brian and John while Erik plays with her pussy (Erik also receives head). Lexi spits, strokes and sucks on all three cocks deep (she also does some ball sucking). Lexi is helped undress. Lexi asks if they have any friends to call as the fucking with sucking begins. Lexi is fucked in a few different positions while sucking cock (she has her mouth fucked and she sucks cock "pussy to mouth"). Lexi's face gets all wet from her saliva. The men take turns jerking off and cumming into Lexi's open mouth and on her face. Lexi gargles and plays with the cum before swallowing all three loads of cum together. She wipes some of the cum on her body and plays with it before swallowing it too. Lexi wants more and is all cleaned up as more guys are brought in for her to suck on. Lexi strokes, spits and sucks on the cocks of four more guys. She performs deep throat and she does some ass licking. Lexi licks on one guys balls while stroking cocks in both her hands. Lexi takes five oral/facial cumshots as the guys take turns jerk themselves off. She uses her fingers to play with the cum which she then swallows (Lexi swallows cum after the second cumshot and there's a break in the film because the third dude took too long jerking off without cumming).

Scene Two: Roxxxy Rush, Erik Everhard, Jon Dough, Brian Surewood and Jerry.
Roxxxy is a cute, sexy and busty brunette. She has on a pink top and daisy duke shorts that she quickly lowers so we can get a view of her pussy and asshole. Some guy uses his thumb to rub her pussy before inserting it into her ass, then her mouth. Roxxxy fingers her asshole and pussy at the same time and she tastes her fingers from both hands. She takes the cock out of a guys pants and begins blowing him (deep at times). Roxxxy wraps her tits around his cock and strokes it. She briefly resumes blowing the guy before walking into another room where she blows three guys (more deep throating). Her face and chest get wet from her saliva. Roxxxy starts getting fucked. She takes an internal cumshot from Brian, whose cum drips out of her pussy after he removes his cock. Roxxxy fingers her wet pussy after the cumshot and then puts them in her mouth. Roxxxy is fucked in the ass by a few of the guys which includes her getting double penetrated. She has four fingers inserted in her ass while she rides a cock in her pussy and gives head. Roxxxy sucks cock "ass to mouth". Jon Dough is fucking her ass doggie style when he cums inside of her and also on her asshole and pussy. Roxxxy does some cum farting to push the cum out of her ass with her hand underneath waiting to catch it. She licks the cum on her hand and sucks on Jon's cock. We then see Roxxxy with a cock in her ass, pussy and mouth at the same time. Three guys take turns jerking off and cumming into Roxxxy's open mouth, on her face and on her chest. Roxxxy swallows all three loads together and shakes her tits for the camera. *Roxxxy does some dirty talking during the scene.

Scene Three: Lela Star, Erik Everhard, Brian Surewood and four guys.
Lela is a very pretty and sexy brunette with long hair, a very nice body and a nice set of tits. She has on a light blue top, denim skirt and heels (no panties). Lela plays with her pussy while sitting on some stairs. Lela begins sucking and deep throating the cocks of Brian and Erik with the men taking turns reaching down to play with her pussy (which Lela really seems to enjoy). Brian fucks her mouth while Erik licks and finger fucks her pussy. Erik slides his cock in her pussy. Lela is fucked while sucking cock in a few positions. Erik fucks her tits before jerking off and cumming on her tongue. Lela swallows his cum and briefly sucks on his cock. Brian then fucks her before jerking off and cumming on her face and in her open mouth (more on her face). Lela briefly takes his cock into her mouth. She wants more. Lela is standing in the middle of four guys. She strokes a couple of cocks while Dick Nasty and Scott Lyons play with her pussy (which really pleases her). Lela goes to her knees and starts blowing the guys (some deep throat and some ball licking). A couple of the men reach back to finger her pussy while they fuck her tits. The men take turns jerking off and cumming into her open mouth and on her chin (mostly in her mouth). Lela swallows all four loads of cum together and feeds herself some of the cum on her chin and arm. She shakes her tits for the camera.

Special Features - Disc One
Contents of Disc Two - Teenage Spermaholics 5 part 2, Cumshot Recap, Bonus Scene, Behind The Scenes (BTS), Photo Gallery, Trailer Trash.

Websites -,,,

Disc Two:
Scene Four: Chelsea Rae, Sean Michaels and four black guys.
Chelsea is a very pretty and sexy blonde (small breasts). Chelsea is wearing a white top, pink panties and heels as she sits on some stairs rubbing her pussy. She heads upstairs and crawls into a room where she says that she needs her stomach full of cum before getting fucked. Chelsea then proceeds to blow bang four black guys (deep throating included). Her mouth is fucked, her face is clubbed and she does some teabagging with their balls. The men don't fuck her, but they do play with and finger fuck her pussy. The men take turns jerking off and cumming into Chelsea's open mouth (some cum lands on her face that she pushes into her mouth). Chelsea swallows all four loads of cum together and says she needs to get more. Chelsea crawls to a sofa and masturbates before being joined by Sean Michaels. He sucks on her tits and rubs his hand over her panties. Sean licks her pussy. Chelsea's pink panties are removed before she blows him from her knees (some deep throat and ball sucking). Sean fucks Chelsea's pussy in a few positions (she sucks his cock "pussy to mouth"). He also fucks Chelsea's ass in a few positions (she sucks his cock "ass to mouth"). Sean is fucking Chelsea's pussy in the missionary position when he cums inside of her. Some cum drips out of her pussy after he removes his cock. Chelsea uses her fingers to feed herself some of Sean's semen from her pussy.

Scene Five: Mysti May, John Strong, James Deen, Brian Surewood and five guys.
Mysti is a very pretty sandy blonde with long hair that curls. She's wearing a sexy sea foam bra with matching panties, but they don't stay on her very long. Mysti teases the five guys seated on a couch before blowing them (two are white, three are black). Mysti performs some deep throat, plus she licks and sucks on their balls. *Mysti likes to clown around and laugh during her scenes. Mysti gets her mouth fucked. She does some dirty talking. There are five cumshots. The first three guys jerk off and cum into Mysti's open mouth and on her chin. Mysti swallows. The fourth cumshot is a black guy jerking off and cumming all over Mysti's face as she talks dirty to him. The fifth cumshot is another black guy jerking off and cumming a little on her tongue (she also has cum on her chest and she licks cum off the cock of the fifth guy to cum). John Strong, her boyfriend, comes home as the guys are leaving. John gets mad as he makes her look in a mirror to see the cum on her face (she laughs). John also makes her feed herself some of the cum still on her face before making her fuck him and his friends (James Deen and Brian Surewood). Mysti blows the three guys from her knees (deep throat included and her face is clubbed). She does some fucking and sucking with her three partners in a few positions (she sucks cock "pussy to mouth"). One guy pulls out of her pussy to cum on her lower stomach. Mysti then takes cum on her face from another guy before Brian pulls out of her pussy to cum on her upper lip and under her nose as he jerks off. The scene continues with Mysti fucking and sucking John, Brian and James some more in different positions until they jerk off and pop in her open mouth and on her face. Mysti giggles, gargles and swallows all three loads of cum together. She says she loves it.

Scene Six: Ariel Alexus, Brian Surewood, Dave Hardman and four guys.
Ariel is a very sexy, pretty and busty black chick with dark skin and long hair. Alexus is wearing a denim skirt with a white top and heels (no panties). Mike John, playing her boyfriend, is cleaning outside his house as she sits and watches before his friends come over. She wants caviar, which he goes out to get in order to make her happy. Ariel shakes her booty and plays with herself until Mike's friends show up (Brian and Dave). The scene moves indoors where Ariel's pussy is eaten by Brian as Dave fucks her mouth with his cock. She then blows them both. Dave fucks her pussy while Brian fucks her mouth. Ariel does some fucking and sucking in different positions. She also has her ass fucked, she sucks cock "ass to mouth", and she's double penetrated in a couple of positions. Brian is fucking her from behind and she's blowing Dave when Kyle Stone shows up. Ariel talks dirty to Brian and Dave as they jerk of and get ready to cum in her open mouth (some cum lands on her chin and chest). Ariel swallows both loads of cum together. Ariel then blows four guys (three white, one black). Her face is clubbed. She does some teabagging with Kyle's nut sack. Ariel oils her tits before letting the men fuck them (she gives some head and does some dirty talking). She asks who wants to cum all over her face? The men take turns jerking off and cumming all over Ariel's face with cum landing in her mouth and on her chest and tits (her face is totally covered with cum and she can't open her eyes). The men leave before Mike comes home. Mike sees her face covered with cum, but she yells and blames him.

Special Features - Disc Two
Cumshot Recap - Replays all the cumshots from both discs, including the bonus scene (23:55).

Bonus Scene - Riley Mason with Mike John. Riley is a very pretty brunette with dark shoulder length hair and three "bumble bee" tattoos on her right shoulder. She's on a bed wearing a multi colored top with a denim mini skirt and heels (no panties). We're treated to a close up of her pussy. Mike rubs his hand over her pussy and tits. Riley is on her knees as she strokes and sucks on Mike's cock. She puts his cock between her breasts for some titty fucking. Riley resumes blowing Mike as she eyes the camera. They fuck missionary, cowgirl and doggie style, stopping a few times so Riley can suck his cock "pussy to mouth". Riley very briefly strokes his cock by her face. Mike then starts jerking himself off as he cums into Riley's open mouth and on her face (some cum lands on her hair). Riley pushes some cum into her mouth before she sucks on Mike's cock while eyeing the camera. Mike uses his cock to push a little cum towards her mouth. Mike tells her it was super nice to meet her and he shakes her hand. She blows a small cum bubble (18:18).

Behind The Scenes - Mostly footage that had to be edited out of the film. Lexi flubbing some lines (dialogue). Mike explaining things to some of the performers about their scenes. Posing for stills. And of course some sex footage (18:48).

Photo Gallery - Still photos of the girls during their sex scenes and also posing alone.

Trailer Trash - Preview of "Racial Tension".

Websites - Visit,,,

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