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Teenage Spermaholics 2 (Red Light District)

Teenage Spermaholics 2 (Red Light District)

Studio: Red Light District
Category:  Barely Legal , Cumshots , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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morbidthoughts's ratings for Teenage Spermaholics 2 (Red Light District):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Teenage Spermaholics 2 (Red Light District) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Teenage Spermaholics 2 (Red Light District) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Teenage Spermaholics 2 (Red Light District) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Teenage Spermaholics 2 (Red Light District) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Teenage Spermaholics 2 (Red Light District) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Teenage Spermaholics 2 (Red Light District) DVD Extras rating 5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Teenage Spermaholics 2 (Red Light District) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by morbidthoughts  on  9/22/2004

My first look at Mike John's third RLD series; my theory is that it will feature hot young chicks that like to eat sperm. Cover shot of Teagan is incredible. From the first frames of this movie, I can notice the lack of RLD watermark which is a good thing. I don't think I've ever seen a Mike John movie with that damn watermark so it may just be him that's not stamping it.

Missy Monroe:

In an amusing bit, Mike plays the role of Missy's boyfriend who is dropping her off at her porn shoot. He's a little worried thinking that Missy will leave him for a girl since he thinks she does only g-g. Missy flatly denies that she is a lesbian. Meanwhile, Everhard, Stefano, Strong and some black guy are making fun of Mike not knowing any better. When the couple arrives, the guys disappear. Once Mike leaves, we find out Missy's gonna do a mini-gangbang.

Well after seeing many Missy movies, her blowjob technique can be summarily described as the self-gagging variety. Here we have this girl that is just impaling her mouth onto these shafts yet the guys still push and push more to get deeper. I'm not sure if Missy really enjoys it but she's a trooper. In a surprise moment from never seeing Missy do this before, she squirts a load after being fucked only a bit in the doggy. It came out like a gatorade being dumped on a coach's head. One guy would fuck her while another guy would hold her head still like a vice. She squirts quite often. While she has a cock in her mouth, she receives a DPP. Her dirty talk at this point is a complete turnon. Damn she squirts again. Maybe it's the karma from having Tianna Lynn in the same movie. Lots of DPs including standing ones, ATMs, even some toe sucking while she's being pounded anally. Man, an intense scene. Her mouth is a reservoir for all four cumshots before she swallows it down. Even though this scene was similar to Gangbang 3, it had less of an assembly line feel to it making it much better.

Tianna Lynn:

Tianna is searching for cum. Doesn't she already produce enough of her own already? We can all predict a squirting scene. In the tease sequence she just sits and bounces on the couch jiggling her tits. Fun fun. While she's slapping cock against her face, I notice how pretty the girl's eyes are. She has very good oral skills showing a lot of vigor in her blowjobs with lots of love onto the shaft and balls. She blows Everhard and Strong to completion with two cumshots going down the hatch.

Then comes the fucking and her turn to cum. She takes a hard fucking from both guys trading off squirting several times including onto the camera lens. Everhard fucks her to the point where she falls off the couch squirting all over. Impressive. Another impressive position was a standing reverse cowgirl and squirt where everhard shows his strength. Tianna shows her range with some anal rimming and thigh licking on the guys. She takes another round of cumshots down the hatch and gargles it around before swallowing. Wow, what a great scene. Best Tianna Lynn scene that I've viewed.

Chiquita Lopez:

Chiquita is a cute light skinned hispanic with a mole by the side of her right eye. I think her lips are the most appealing thing about her although she has a small tight body and what looks to be a tight little pussy.

Surewood, Stefano, Strong, and Dough join her for some cocksucking. No subtlety and hard to gauge her oral skills when the guys are just forcing it down there. She makes an ugly gagging noise similar to Missy in the first scene. At one point from the intense throat fucking, Chiquita coughs on the camera lens. The guys trade off fucking her pussy while another gets blown. Then comes the dp where things slow down somewhat. By this point you can see Chiquita's nose sweat and her eyes glaze. Tradeoffs on the DP in a number of variations including a standing one. Then the guys just take their shot at plain old anal. She's a sweating heap now. She seems to have some chemistry with John Strong though compared to the rest of the guys. Some ATM thrown in. Cumshots go all down the hatch although one splattered up her nostril. Intense scene but a letdown from Tianna's scene.


Teagan's wearing these blue checkered frilly panties and wiggles her butt against a glass door as a tease. Her butt gets overexposed (from the sunlight... not that it's ever exposed too much) while she walks up some stairs bleaching those panties. I must say that I'm going to miss her schnoz. It's only full display as she crawls up some more stairs. Beautiful. Finally she makes it to her destination: Everhard and Stefano's cock.

It's amazing comparing Teagan's early scenes with now especially her oral skills with the cock. Teagan's butt is great while being fucked doggystyle. Her moans seem deeper and less than like a little girl's. Her panties get wrapped in a bunch around her knees. She has a deep rapport with Everhard hungrily kissing him before he jams his cock up her mouth again. Teagan seems to feed off the guys' energy bouncing around against the bed. Michael gets first crack at her butt. Then Everhard gets his turn before both guys converge into the DP. They take it very slow on her though. Teagan provides a hesitant ATM on Everhard. Some more DP action before we get to the cumshots down the hatch. Even though this scene wasn't as intense, it was a great scene especially watching Teagan's facial expressions.

Tyla Winn & Melissa Lauren:

Tyla interrupts Mike watching Jennifer Luv on his computer screen. Apparently her friend and foreign exchange student Melissa is missing. Mike would rather stare at the computer screen. Apparently John Strong has been renting his house out to foreign exchange students and they pay their rent with sex. He shows off Melissa stashed away in a closet to Stefano. She's wearing a dog collar and leashed up but seems pretty happy. Tyla ends up looking for Melissa at John's house. She finds Melissa and tries to sneak her out but the guys catch her.

Tyla looks like one of my bartenders. She has darker brown hair with blonde highlights in this scene which I preferred to her previous hair colour. She shows great oral skills on John. Michael is too busy slapping away at Melissa's tits but it only seems to turn her on. What a dirty dirty girl. Tyla is not averse to the anal rimming. John gets a rim/blowjob duo from Melissa and Tyla. He slaps Melissa hard on the cheek and tongue but she only smiles. Jeeze. The guys fuck their respective girls in the pussy for a short while before switching to the butt. Some ATMs and ATOGMs thrown around. Melissa gets a DP. Then Tyla gets a DP. Then Melissa gets a DAP while Tyla chokes her. Holy shit. I don't think I'm going to be drinking for a while. Tyla gets DP'd for a while before she gets two cumshots into her mouth. Then she swaps it into Melissa. Then Melissa swaps it back into Tyla. Okay. That second swap was a little silly. Otherwise this is another great fucking scene.

Destiny Deville (Bonus Scene):

Mike John picks up Destiny at the RLD office and takes her to a hotel room. Destiny is a beautiful south asian lass by way of England. Beautiful brown skin with straight dark hair. The only flaw on her body is that her boobies are slightly droopy. She's doing porn to make some easy money to buy a house in England. Neither her boyfriend nor her parents know what she's up to in America.

Looks like Mike's gonna do her in a POV scene. Destiny has average oral skills. Her blowjob is mainly shallow using mostly the hand but every once in a while she would attempt to go deep on Mike. They fuck for a while on the bed before Mike creams inside her. Only, it wasn't much of a creampie because as much as Destiny tries to squeeze it out, nothing was coming out. After this predicament, they fuck again for a while besides the bed before he unloads a second shot down the hatch. This was a very good scene.

Parting Thoughts:

Get this movie now! Shit, I'm taking this dvd with me on my business trip to Seattle. Mike is a genius and is a pervert. BTS has this gem where Teagan apologises for making the guys too close to each other since she's little. If you have any questions or comments, shoot me an email.

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