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Teen Worship 2

Teen Worship 2

Studio: Exquisite
Category:  Barely Legal , Gonzo
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
Released on: 
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nvs's ratings for Teen Worship 2:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Teen Worship 2 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Teen Worship 2 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Teen Worship 2 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Teen Worship 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Teen Worship 2 Plot/Acting rating 2.5 stars
Extras Teen Worship 2 DVD Extras rating 2 stars
Audio/Video Quality Teen Worship 2 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by nvs  on  1/15/2009
Directed by Dr. Feelgood

Starring: Mimi Allen, Aubrey Addams, Carmella Diamond, Elli Fox, Kirra Lynne, Mark Wood (which I refer to as guy because it’s all about the girls).

Scene 1:
Aubrey Addams and Guy

Aubrey lounging around looking cute and listening to music in a backyard. Guy shows up and wants the music turned so he can study, but Aubrey won’t give in--she’ll turn it down if he gives her a little something--sex. They start with some oral--saliva streamers from her mouth. They go into the house with a beautiful shot of her very juicy ass. Inside, she bends over a couch as he licks her asshole and spits on it. Straight to doggy from there. Some quick dry humping and back to doggy. Missionary. Nice shot of Aubrey with her legs together getting fucked. PTM--deep throat and gagging with drool. Cowgirl with her asshole looking adorable. Guy rubs asshole--but nothing comes of it. Some more PTM and quick spit from Aubrey. Guy takes her heels off for a quick foot job. Onto reverse cowgirl. They stop for a bit so he can rub her clit as she looks so good enjoying. Back to reverse cowgirl. She moves to the right, still on top, for a nice looking position. Spooning. Aubrey rubbing her pussy as she’s being fucked is such a pleasing image. Missionary. Aubrey tells the guy she wants the cumshot on her mouth which he replies with his load right where she wants it. Cum drips off her chin as she cleans some off and swallows. She’ll turn the radio down. Ending shot of her body and face.

Aubrey, a blonde, is so fucking hot with a beautiful face and nice little body. She has small tits, but they look so right on her. A juicy round ass is another plus for Aubrey. Clothed or naked, she’s incredible. This girl cannot do anything wrong. She is great at everything she does. Nice oral with deep throat and gagging. She’s into the sex as she looks forward to the positions. She moans so good as she’s fucked. Good chemistry with the guy. Lots of nice shots during this whole scene. Anyone watching will become a fan of hers. Awesome girl with a rocking body. One drawback, beginning oral sequence could’ve been longer. Great scene overall.

Scene 2:
Kirra Lynne and Guy

Kirra frolics on the beach when a girl interviews her tells her if she’s into doing with a couple. The interviewer/camerawoman offers her husband to Kirra. Both Kirra and guy are willing to try each other--wink, wink. The interviewer’s husband is naked as Kirra and the hubby “shake hands.” Missionary on the bed as Kirra plays with her pussy. He then licks her pussy for a bit and back to the fucking. She the gets on her knees as the guys buries his face in her ass--nice looking sequence as she jiggles her ass against his face. Onto doggy. Cowgirl. Her ass bounces on the dick as the ass jiggles. For the first time in the scene, Kirra sucks cock for some quick PTM. Back to cowgirl. She stands up a bit for a lifted cowgirl--nice. She dances and jiggles her ass. Reverse cowgirl. A hot sequence as she leans forward. More ass jiggling. Doggy on the chair. More ass jiggling on his face. Cool sequence as she leans back on the chair as he fucks her. Cute shot with her legs together while being fucked. Kirra touches interviewers tits--although we never see it. PTM. She lays back on the chair for some more fucking. She gets on her knees as she waits for the cumshot. Scene cuts to the guy coming on her lips and chin. She collects some cum off her chin and tastes it. She kisses his head as she jiggles her ass one last time. She’s told not to talk to strangers--but these strangers had good candy.

This is a pretty good scene. Kirra is a cute brunette with a nice body. Her face reminds me a bit like Natasha Nice with a cute gap in her two front teeth a la Holly Day and Belladonna. This girl’s best asset is her round ass--no pun intended--which jiggles quite a bit in this scene. Nice shots of her ass throughout the scene. Good performer and good chemistry with the guy. Some things I didn’t like is the lack of oral. Kirra has a cute set a lips which would’ve done good in an extended oral sequence. Also, she seems to be missing a tooth. This is a turn off. All in all, a good scene with a pretty cute girl.

Scene 3:
Carmella Diamond and Guy

Carmella gets out of her car and is happy to be banging Mark Wood. She tells a little about herself. Gets naked and goes down on him. Pretty good oral--some deep throat. Onto cowgirl. Her ass looks so sweet here. Missionary. She gets some saliva from her mouth which looks pretty and the fucking commences. She really gets into it here. They move onto doggy on the floor and, later, doggy on the couch as he really drills her. She gives cute faces here. Reverse cowgirl. Scene cuts as guy rubs her pussy and reverse cowgirl resumes. Spooning. Scene cuts to Carmella laying on the couch as guy fingers her and then starts the fucking. They talk about where the cumshot will go--her face. She gets on her knees. Scene cuts to a facial as it lands on her lips and neck. She swallows a bit of cum. She’s glad she came over. Scene ends as she waves goodbye.

Carmella is a cute brunette with a nice little body. Small tits, but a nice looking ass. She has some stretch marks, but no biggie. Sequences on couch shows a belly on her, but it’s not a turn off--kind off cute. Nice oral beginning and overall okay sex. She gives some pretty adorable faces as she’s being fucked. Her moans are soothing as well. Guy moans quite a bit in the scene. I’d rather hear her than him. Lack of PTM brings down this scene, but it’s a good one.

Scene 4:
Mimi Allen and Guy

Back on the beach Mark and his wife take a walk when they come upon Mimi. She’s looking for her friends and she’s lost. They’ll lend her their phone back in their. She sits on the chair and a quickie interview. Guy gets a mean ole boner and it’s smooth sailing from here as they decide to have some fun. They start with some slow oral, but oh so good. She bends over the chair and her sucks her pussy and asshole. Doggy. Nice shot of her pussy getting fucked from behind. Missionary. They stop as he rubs her clit and some titty sucking. Missionary. Cowgirl. Side missionary. Quick pause to rub her clit. PTM. Nice shots of Mimi rubbing her pussy. Reverse cowgirl. Some nice side fucking. Mimi sucking his finger is pretty hot. Another nice shot of Mimi rubbing her pussy. Scene cuts to cowgirl on the floor. Back on the bed for some more side fucking. He comes on her pussy. She decides to not look for her friends and decides to hang with the hubby and wife and get an ice cream. Scene ends with her laughing.

Mimi’s a brunette with nice darkish skin. She reminds me of Lisa Bonet. Nice looking little body with perky tits and cute ass. Mimi’s body is the thing too focus on in this scene. Good shots of Mimi rubbing her pussy. Okay chemistry with the guy. Okay scene. She gave good oral, which could’ve been longer. The guy’s moaning, especially at the end, is annoying--sounds like he’s in pain. Okay scene.

Scene 5:
Elli Fox and Guy

Elli and guy hang on a couch being interviewed while rubbing his cock. They start with oral. Licks and sucks on balls. Pretty good oral. Some nice deep throat with slight drool. Cowgirl. Great shot of her asshole. Missionary. Some nice PTM. Back to missionary. Guy takes her heels off and sucks on her feet for a bit. Doggy. Nice sounds of air getting trapped in her pussy. More good looking PTM with gagging. Reverse cowgirl. She melts wonderfully as the guy rubs her pussy while being fucked. PTM--ball licking and sucking; even his asshole gets some tongue. More doggy. They stop for a bit so he can lick her pussy and asshole and back to doggy again. More PTM with deep throat and gagging which looks so adorable. Onto side fucking. They decide to have his load on her face. Scene cuts to missionary. She really wants his load which she gets in her open mouth. She sucks on it and seems to swallow a bit. She waves goodbye--end scene.

Elli is an adorable brunette that comes in a tiny package, but packs a big punch. Great looking skin as well. She’s a hell of a performer with a nice personality. She’s really into the scene and guy. She enjoys sex--it shows. Great oral and PTM. Very hot scene. Even the guy’s moaning didn’t kill this scene.


This is a nice teen film with straight forward sex. The absence of anal or rough BJs still makes this a strong film. The stars here are Aubrey and Elli. Aubrey with an incredible package from head to toe cannot do anything wrong. Anyone will be a fan if they watch her here for the first time. She’s just so great. Elli is also cute and a strong performer. These girl’s scenes are solid and are should be enough to see this film. Carmella’s sexy fuck faces, Kirra’s awesome ass, and Mimi’s body are also a good incentive to see this film. Some scenes could’ve used more oral, but it does not suffer because of this. The guy’s moaning, especially before cumming, is very annoying. This is definitely a rental, but is you are a fan of Aubrey, buy it.


Main menu features Play Movie, Chapters, Back Stage, and Slide Show as selectable options. The Back Stage feature is a behind the scenes which has Mimi talking about her sexual past--especially her lesbian experiences. Elli is interviewed before her scene. They talk about Florida, her mom--whose a popular MILF in porn, her sexual experiences and her looking for a fan to date.

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