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Teen Sensations 9

Teen Sensations 9

Studio: DVSX
Category:  All Sex , Barely Legal
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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morbidthoughts's ratings for Teen Sensations 9:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Teen Sensations 9 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Teen Sensations 9 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Teen Sensations 9 Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Teen Sensations 9 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Teen Sensations 9 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Teen Sensations 9 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Teen Sensations 9 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by morbidthoughts  on  11/1/2004

It's been a couple of months since the last edition of Teen Sensations. The cover of this one had me drooling since it had some attractive girls I've never seen before and a recent Canadian favourite.

Christie Lee & Reno:

Reno's washing the car while Christie helps out. Obviously he literally gets her wet. So they go back indoors to dry off. Cue the porn music guys.

I can't really pinpoint why but I really like Christie. She's bouncy bouncy cute and I've never seen her in a bad scene. Her giggles during sex are always a turn on. This scene was no different. She gives a good blowjob. She bounces on the cock and she giggles. That's all I need to write. Behind the scenes shows a gem where she's having a glass of water while still being fucked.

christie lee

Shay Lemar & Kris Slater:

Last I saw Shay Lemar, she put up a lackluster performance in Gothsend. She's a bad dancer in this scene. Too bad since she's so cute. She has good perky breasts and a thin body. The background is in a mechanic's shop. Kris is trying to work on a car when Shay seduces him.

Her skills with the blowjob surprises me. She easily goes down on Kris. When the fucking starts, Shay shows improved passion than before. At one point, either the camera is using really wide angle or Shay has really broad shoulders. Hell her shoulders seem broader than Kris's. The flaw is she likes to keep her eyes clothes while being porked so it's hard to gauge if she's that into it. The studio lighting in the shop is really good. Hell the shop looks really clean and non-grimey with the light which is really weird. Close eyed facial ends the scene. An average scene.

shay lemar

Jasmine Rouge, Titus Steele, and KK:

Jasmine is a superfine bottle blonde euro with a great rack on a lithe body. She really knows how to swivel those hips when she dances.

Titus and Jasmine make out at a picnic while KK looks on. While Titus goes away to get water for Jasmine, KK puts the moves on his girlfriend! Jasmine doesn't seem to care and takes KK into her mouth. While he's eating her, Titus returns back pissed. While KK tries to explain away, Jasmine's too busy trying to reseduce Titus. Eventually all three get it on.

Jasmine seems to have pretty decent oral skills but she's being distracted by the other dick pounding her pussy. Her mouth is constantly busy though. Both guys take their turns fucking her pussy but only Titus gets her butt if you call it that. He has trouble staying hard in her butt and is constantly popping out. It's kind of funny watching the guy struggle to keep it in. We never get to see KK get his shot at her butt. Both cumshots end on her face. An average scene.

jasmine rouge

Annika & Joe Friday:

I saw Annika in Girls Interrupted. I wasn't impressed with her then even though I love redheads. I'm not impressed with her now. She puts on her makeup rather heavy and there's not much up top to balance her bottom. Looks like she is having writer's bloc during some homework. Joe wants to do it. I mean her, not the homework. The homework's never getting done.

I notice some stubble on Joe while he's eating the girl out. I wonder if it sucks for the girl but Annika just seems to lounge on the couch during this portion. Annika's blowjob technique is unorthodox. Her dimples are really strong while she sucks giving her a fish like appearance and she'll let the cock explore every corner of her mouth. However she never goes really deep and the balls never get any loving. Some standard sex positions along with a piledriver. Most notable thing about the scene are the loud sounds her pussy makes while it slaps against the cock which is also accompanied by Joe slapping her butt. The lighting is also weaker in this scene with the reflection off the painting above the couch. Annika looks revolted at the cumshot and smiles in relief when it mostly misses her face. A poor scene.


Nicole Brazzle & Sergio:

Nicole is the southern definition of healthy. She's wearing a pink bandana and a black "Fuck It" top. Just hearing her talk makes me long for a pulled pork barbecue sandwich. No pun intended. I would never guess that she's still in her teens. She has slightly droopy boobs that look great from the front. Weird from the back when she's in the doggy position when they flap around. Trick pornography.

Nicole and Sergio make out in a neighbourhood field. Limited in their options, they head back into the house to do it. Nicole's long legs look great when wrapped around things. She's pretty good with the stick. Sergio is keeping his sneakers on while Nicole is barefoot. Strange. Nicole howls when she gets fucked especially in the piledriver position. Finish was a thin cumshot upon the waiting tongue of Nicole. Good scene. Nicole is really pleasant to look at.

nicole brazzle

Shayna Knight, Harmony Rose, and Marcos Leon:

Shayna's a cute half asian german brunette with bangs that I last saw in The Ole In & Out. She's sporting some cute pig tails. Harmony Rose is a stellar blonde that looks like a mix of Christie Lee and Nicole Brazzle. Heh, my imagination is limited to the movie at the moment. Marcos looks like a day laborer.

The girls share the cock orally a bit. Harmony giving a conventional blowjob while Shayna does a contact free blowjob. You know... the kind where her mouth goes around the schlong but it doesn't touch anything. When Marcos concentrates on one girl, a glass dildo does the duty on the other girl. Shayna is much more active than Harmony during the sex. I also prefer her german accented yelps. Harmony is just really good to look at. Both girls share the spooge at the end. A good scene driven more by Shayna.

harmony rose

Parting Thoughts:

A strong behind the scenes cap the standard DVSX extras. I was entertained listening to the respective accents of Christie, Nicole, and Shayna. Their respective strong scenes are countered by some average or below average scenes. If you have any questions or comments shoot me an email.

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