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bono-ONE Teen Sensations 5 3.5 starsTeen Sensations 5 3.5 starsTeen Sensations 5 3.5 stars
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Teen Sensations 5

Teen Sensations 5

Studio: DVSX
Category:  Barely Legal
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Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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oreb's ratings for Teen Sensations 5:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Teen Sensations 5 overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Teen Sensations 5 Female looks rating 3 stars
Male Looks Teen Sensations 5 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Teen Sensations 5 Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Teen Sensations 5 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Teen Sensations 5 DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Teen Sensations 5 A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by oreb  on  10/22/2003

Teen Sensations 5


All Sex, Barely Legal

Starring: Hollie Stevens, Steve Hatcher, Nautica Binx, K.K., Nicole Sweet, Brett McCoy, Rick Masters, Simone, Guy Disilva, Emily DaVinci, Joel Lawrence, Jay Ashley, Alexis Malone, Jean Pallett

Directed By:Alex Ladd

Running Time:Feature: 153 minutes, Total: 182 minutes






Compliance Statement


This is my first DVSX review so I don't know what to expect.

I was fairly disappointed by this DVD, all of the scenes are about average, with the sixth scene being the only one really worth watching. I do like the length of all the scenes, but the performances make them seem repetitive or lackluster. The lighting was just adequate, and the makeup was bad. There are six scenes, which is nice in an all sex feature and each girl has a solo scene in the extras. The non-sex extras are average at best.

SCENE 1: Hollie Stevens

I think Hollie was in Barely Legal On Vacation 2. She has a big ass and belly. Steve Hatcher is in this scene with her. They kiss for a couple minutes.

Cunnilingus: She lays on the couch while Steve licks her koochie. He looks like a troll on speed when he vibrates his whole head. She looks better on her back. This is nice and long. He rubs his face on her pussy.

BJ: Hollie gets down on her knees and blows him. This is a pretty hot blowjob with good angles. This is also nice and long.

Missionary: She is laying on the couch again, he fucks her before doing several insertions. He fucks her hard enough to make her jiggle.

Cowgirl: She gets on top and her big ol' ass bounces up and down. I'm not really down with big butts and thighs, but if you are add a few points to her score, and the scenes.

Spoon: She looks pretty hot in spoon. There are a lot of closeups and it seems a bit slow until the end. He pulls out and cums on her pubic hair. His load is weak. He really works to squeeze out every drop.



SCENE 2: Nautica Binx

I guess this guys name is K.K., him and Nautica are poolside. He mumbles like a mo-fo at the beginning.

Cunnilingus: The pussy eatin' is almost instantaneous, and equally short.

BJ: She sucks him with plenty of saliva, using it to jack him intermittently. This is pretty short too.

Missionary: He fucks her fast as soon as he gets it in. The camera angles could be better.

BJ: She sucks his cock PTM here, he wants her to taste her pussy. This is very short.

Reverse Cowgirl: She leans forward and fucks him. She has missile tits. He fucks her fast, complete with slap sounds.

Doggie: The angles aren't very good and it is short.

Spoon Anal: There is a long closeup but the wide shot is O.K. This is segment is decently lengthed.

Doggie Anal: This is a nice position, and it make him cum quickly. He lets loose with a nice load onto her face and into her mouth.



SCENE 3: Nicole Sweet

I guess the guys in this are Brett McCay and Rick Masters but I don't know which is which. The BTS said this was Nicole's first scene, and its with two dudes. Lets see how she does. One of them starts making out with her then the other gets in on it. Her tits are a bit saggy, but only because they are naturally large.

Cunnilingus & BJ: The first guy gets head while the other chows box. She gives head and hand only. They mov quickly to the next segment.

BJ & Doggie: Now the second guy gets head while the other taps it doggie. The BJ shots are hot and she gets loud a few times, her tits swaying.

Cowgirl & BJ: She rides one cock while sucking the other. Her moaning is muffled by dick.

Spoon & BJ: The first guy keeps fucking her slowly while she eats more cock. This is a very long segment. She doesn't seem that into it until the end.

Missionary & BJ: Nicole's titties sway while she gets fucked with a mouth full of wang. One of the guys' asses gets a long shot, no thank you. The one fucking her pulls out and cums on her belly, then the other gives her a shot onto her tightly shut mouth, she kept her eyes closed as well.



SCENE 4: Simone

Simone is paired with Guy Disilva here.

Cunnilingus: She is reading a book while he goes downtown. This is pretty short.

BJ: She spits on his cock before sucking it. He is standing while she kneels on the bed. She deepthroats his soft cock till it is hard, getting spit everywhere. She sucks a mean cock.

Missionary: Her pussy has a five o'clock shadow. He stands while she gets her legs split on the bed.

BJ & Cowgirl: She sucks him PTM, then climbs aboard and fucks him more. The camera angles are sub par.

Reverse Cowgirl: Simone turns around and remounts him, putting some spit on his cock. As they bone the spit gets stretched between her vagina and his testes. A bit too many closeups.

Doggie: They must be pretty dry because her pussy lips are sticking to his cock. I am not thrilled with the performance thus far. Lots of closeups again, in this long segment.

Missionary: They cut back to missionary and he goes a bit faster now, her boobs are bouncing. This is much better. He pulls out and lets a one shot load onto her face, she sucks him a bit too.



SCENE 5: Emily DaVinci

Emily put in a great performance in Teen Dreams 5 so I'm looking forward to this scene. She is with Joel Lawrence and Jay Ashley. She is not as hot as she was in Teen Dreams 5, lighting and makeup do a lot.

BJ: She switches between cocks, deepthroating both. They both fuck her face.

BJ & Doggie: She blows Joel while Jay fucks her. One of her legs is up in the air for awhile. This is a little short.

BJ & Cowgirl: Jay throat fucks her while she rides Joel. The sex shots are kind of limited but her BJ is awesome. This is a longer segment.

Spoon & BJ: Her pirced muff gets filled by Jay while she sucks more cock. This is very short.

Reverse Cowgirl & BJ: She plays with herself a little while fucking Joel and sucking Jay, this is sexy and long. Then Jay stands above and behind her, stuffing the entire length of his wood down her throat.

Cunnilingus & BJ & Missionary: Jay licks her a little before putting four fingers into her pussy, then he fucks more. She is downing dick all the while. I'm not really interested in seeing how many fingers can go in there. This is another long segment filled with closeups. There are a ton of insertions. She doesn't look like she is enjoying herself till near the end of this segment. This is very very long. Joel nuts first then Jay both with small loads to one side of her face.



SCENE 6: Alexis Malone

Jean Pallett is an insistent photographer and Alexis is his stupid model.This goes on for a while and Jean is grunting and moaning every time he snaps a shot, he is all out of breath and shit. She puts on a new outfit and he is waiting naked. This manages to be the best scene of the movie though.

BJ: She gets on her knees, spitting on his rod while sucking it. She gives good head, opening her mouth and fucking him with it. This is nice and long. He runs his fingers across both of her holes.

69: He gets between her legs and eats her out while she continues on his wang.

Doggie: He gets a bit loud , she looks very hot with one leg straight up in the air. He fucks her hard and fast in spurts. This is very hot and long too.

Reverse Cowgirl: This is similar to the last segment, very good.

Cowgirl: She turns around and they continue to go at it. When they fuck hard you can see the cottage cheese starting to appear on her legs, not gross though. The couch is squeking something fierce.

Spoon: He continues to pulverise her twat in spoon. She strokes her clit a little as well.

Doggie: They go back to doggie, he inserts a few times. Then she turns around to recieve his fountain load, which goes all the way over her face onto her back. She licks his wiener a little to end the film.




Trailers: Sweet & Easy is first, it has eight scenes, four or five of which look good. Sakura Tales 3 is second, the women are hot but the preview doesn't show much. Truly Nice Ass 4 is third and it has several DPs and decent chicks, so if you like anal and DP it might be good. All of the previews are short.

Photo Gallery: You have to use the next chapter button to skip through this. There are decent stills of all the girls.

Hot Shots: All of the cumshots, not really an extra since they are in the movie.

Behind The Scenes: This is Nicole Sweet's first scene. The video quality varies significantly. The amount of down time during scenes is shown here which I found interesting. All of the women shower after their scenes. A lot of this is filler. The camera guy tries to get some from one of the girls in the shower. Emily is even sexy when not being shot.


Solo Scene 1: Hollie Stevens

This opens with Hollie masterbating on the couch from her scene. She is wearing a pink bra and panties. Hollie uses one finger and gets loud very quickly. This is only two minutes long.

Solo Scene 2: Nautica Binx

Nautica is already rubbing her clit when this begins. The settings are all the same as the girl's scenes. She is quiet but more realistic. Two minutes again.

Solo Scene 3: Nicole Sweet

Nicole rubs her well shaven pussy on the couch then shalowly fingers it. She has a quick and quiet orgasm after two minutes, I'm seeing a pattern here.

Solo Scene 4: Simone

Simone is outside, not in the room from her scene. She goes right to two fingers while sitting on a wicker chair. She even talks a little. Two minutes.

Solo Scene 5: Emily DaVinci

Emily rubs her pierced clit gently before fingering it. The scene cuts to her in mid orgasm. One and a half minutes.

Solo Scene 6: Alexis Malone

Alexis fingers her dry snatch and rubs it. Her body moves nicely. Then she gets off with two fingers after two minutes.

I would appreciate any questions, comments, or critiques of my reviews.I can be reached at, thanks for taking the time to read this far.

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