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Teen Sensations

Teen Sensations

Studio: DVSX
Category:  Barely Legal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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aybesea's ratings for Teen Sensations:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Teen Sensations overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Teen Sensations Female looks rating 2.5 stars
Male Looks Teen Sensations Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Teen Sensations Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Teen Sensations Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Teen Sensations DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Teen Sensations A/V Quality rating 4 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by aybesea  on  12/8/2002

I have mixed emotions about this release. On the one hand, I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of DVSX releases so far. This makes me look forward to this title. On the other hand, barely legal titles tend to scare me, since there is nothing as repulsive to me as sex with a little girl.

Capsule Review

I am very happy with this release! The technical merits of DVSX discs continue to shine. And the upshot of this disc is that some very good looking, legal girls who look old enough to want to fuck, do a very good job of doing exactly that! Nice work DVSX.


As with the last two DVSX discs I reviewed, this studio is doing a great job of creating quality porn DVDs. Lighting, video and audio are all very good. So are the sets and the wardrobes/makeup.


Constance Le


Trailers, solo scenes, photo gallery, behind the scenes, bonus footage

Target Audience

Raincoaters, barely legal fans

Scene Review

Scene 1 - Aurora Snow

Aurora walks around outside in a very skimpy peasant top and a pair of way too short denim shorts. Very nice. She spends a little time talking and teasing, while not great it is somewhat erotic. Then she heads poolside, where she gets naked and waits for a guy to show up. He eats her out, and then she blows him. They then fuck vaginally in several positions before he blows his load in her mouth and she swallows. With the exception of some spitting, there is nothing not to like in this scene. It amazes me that Aurora can look so fresh in this DVD considering the number of titles she has acted in lately. By the way, there is no anal in this scene. Whack Factor: 7

A note to you directors out there: who told you that spitting is a turn on? I find it quite the opposite.

Scene 2 - Suzie

Suzie is a cutie! She is a mousey brown long haired girl in a gym top and shorts. It surprises me that I like her in this get up, since I usually dislike the athletic look. But she pulls it off beautifully. She takes a shower for us and shows off her body. This does nothing for me, but some of you may find it erotic. Then she joins her boyfriend and administers a blistering blowjob. This girl is sexy! He eats her out before fucking her vaginally. They do several positions complete with PTM before she takes a huge shot to the face. This is a strong scene. I would really like to see Suzie do some anal in her next outing. Whack Factor: 9

Scene 3 - Phoenix Ray

Phoenix is a cute bleached blonde in a tank top and denim shorts. She goes into a dressing room and tries on a lot of different clothes for us. I think this is sexy. Then she goes home to her boyfriend. She starts to give him a good, though short blowjob. Then he eats her out. Warning: Condom Alert! Phoenix really should be more careful with her razor as well, the razor burn factor is not good. He fucks her and applies a little light choking, not to my liking either. Finally, he tries to come in her mouth, but she is lock lipped - no way! Too bad... this girl is hot, but the scene just has too much working against it. Whack Factor: 5

Scene 4 - Julia, Sandy & Maria

These three play tourists out on a walk around some old historical building. They actually look like three, forgettable tourist girls. I mean, there is nothing overtly sexual about two of these three girls. This is the only scene in this disc that suffers from this problem. The one who is hot, is very hot. I don't know which girl is which though. Two guys eye them and strike up a conversation. Before long they are engaging in fellatio in the courtyard. The two plain girls remind me of Anne Heche. They do vag and PTM in a number of positions, then one of the girls (not the cute one) takes a DP. The two guys spoo on two of the girls faces. This is a forgettable scene that should have been replaced with something more worthwhile. Whack Factor: 3

Scene 5 - Marie

Marie is a reasonably cute brunette in a red sundress. She does some teasing as she climbs some stairs, this is always effective. She changes into an even cuter plaid skirt and white top. A very sexy outfit indeed. In the tight top, we see she has very nice hoots. Her boyfriend practically attacks her to give her some oral, then she returns the favor. They fuck vaginally and it is at this point that I first see the awful tatoos on her boobs. Yecch! What a waste, now I'm turned off! If she's going to stay in the biz, she needs to leave her top on. After the fucking, she takes a good facial. If not for the awful tattoos, this would have been a very highly rated scene. As it stands... Whack Factor: 3

Scene 6 - Charlotte & Julia Crow

These two are hot brunettes with a EuroGirl look to them. They go cruising out on the lake on a power boat. They change into very sexy bikinis and oil themselves up. Then they both blow the captain. He takes turns fucking one while the other does PTM. Then he fucks one in the ass, while the other fucks herself in the ass with a vib. Now we're cooking! There's a little ATM, and then the girls share the spoo shot. This is one hot scene. Whack Factor: 10

In Conclusion

I really like these DVSX discs. I will continue to review them as they just keep getting better. While a couple of these scenes featured activities I don't like, most of this disc is strong from the sex standpoint. Also, a few of the girls didn't cut it for me looks-wise, but for the most part, this was not a problem either. Good job!

Overall Whack Factor: 6

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