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Teen Line

Teen Line

Studio: Original Entertainment
Category:  All Sex , Barely Legal
Starring: , , , ,
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Sean Renaud's ratings for Teen Line:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Teen Line overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Teen Line Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Teen Line Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Teen Line Sex rating 3 stars
Plot/Acting Teen Line Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Teen Line DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Teen Line A/V Quality rating 2.5 stars
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Reviewed by Sean Renaud  on  10/22/2010

Expectations: Teen Line is one of the few videos Iíve seen that just that seem to say one thing on the front cover and another on the back. If you look at the front cover youíd think this was going to be a cute little teeny bopper film. Youíd expect girls in plaid skirts skipping around. The back looks a lot more hardcore, some anal even some choking.

Scene One: Cody Lane

Poor Cody. Poor poor Cody. You canít help but feel a little sorry for her and wonder if she really knew what she was getting into when she signed on for this. It starts with a man choking her and slapping her back and forth. Three men take turns fucking her face until she turns red and her face runs with tears. Sheís brutally butt fucked occasionally screaming out. By the ten minute mark sheís been tossed around so much that she looks and sounds like a victim. The music is this really creepy sci-fi shit that takes and already disturbing scene and kicks it up a notch. Once we get past the ten minute mark it gets even more intense as Cody starts struggling occasionally to escape but sheís choked, mothered and forced to lick ass just to breath. They fish hook her stretching her mouth every which way they can. By the time they discover her pussy, they have her sucking on toes while they step on her face and she looks about ready to pass out from all the abuse. At the thirty minute mark Cody chokes herself until sheís just a drooling mess for them to cum on. Iíve NEVER seen anything that even comes close to this level of intensity. Itís not an understatement to say that Cody survived her scene.

Scene Two: Aubrey Addams

The blonde babe Aubrey is blindfolded and masturbating when the crew stumbles over her and start skull fucking her. It only takes a few moments of the blind fold to come off. Unlike the first scene Aubrey comes across as a willing participant not a victim. While this is still a very intense scene itís nothing you havenít seen before. The chocking and slapping is kept to a minimum, the gagging isnít overly intense either and there isnít any anal in the scene. Donít mistake it for a light friendly watch with your girlfriend scene, hell this is still the porn you hide from your guy friends when they come to steal your stash but itís not the worst thing ever. It ends with her licking her own cream pie off her mask before they put it back on her.

Scene Three: Debbi Dallas

Debbi is another blonde signed up for this abuse and sheís getting it from the moment the camera turns on. Slapped, chocked and face fucked till she drools this is back to that intensity from before. Its two guys again taking turns swapping from her pussy to her mouth early on. The two guys have a grand time flipping the petite blond back and forth taking turns swapping between her cunt and her mouth occasionally taking the time out to choke, fish hook or slap her like sheís common gutter trash. By the halfway point her eye shadow is so fucked she looks kinda like a raccoon. This is more tag team than two on one as Debbie doesnít spend a lot of time serving both cocks and who ever isnít fucking her is smart enough to get the fuck off camera. The scene finishes with her choking herself while the men cum on her face.

Scene Four: Tiger

Tiger is a cute little Asian girl and after she introduces herself she immediately gets to work servicing cock. Itís a complete change of pace from the earlier scenes because Tiger is really going at it and the guys almost seem to be having a bit of trouble keeping up with the predator in search of hard cock. They canít even get her out of her skirt and shirt before sheís straining to give a man a rim job while his friend takes her from behind. Tiger takes the constant anal, ass to mouth and double penetration like she was just built to be a fuck toy. There is still some choking, slapping and face stretching by itís nothing youíll cringe at, particularly not if you made it this far already. Tiger really goes over the top with lots of rim jobs and she seems to love trying to guess what those guys had for breakfast. The anal piledriver is always great as well and at least once the guys squeeze her skull between their thighs while she sucks. This girl definitely gets points for being sexy as hell and willing to go there.

Scene Five: Tia Tanaka

Itís shocking to see Tia Tanaka in a scene like this. She starts off face down ass up with a foot pinning her face down. She looks miserable. As soon as thatís done sheís choked and forced to take a cock to the back her throat and then slapped around. Tia takes her scene like a champ though and while she doesnít look happy she isnít complaining either as the men toss her back forth between their black and white cocks eventually splattering her pretty face with cum as she chokes herself. Itís actually a bit scary because her eyes start lolling back in her head. To finish it things up they force her face down in a toilet flush it a few times and leave her. eventually splattering her pretty face with cum as she chokes herself. Itís actually a bit scary because her eyes start lolling back in her head. To finish it things up they force her face down in a toilet flush it a few times and leave her.

Heading Out: Holy false advertising Original! This video is about as hardcore as you can get in America and is not for everybody. Even if you think you like rough sex you still want to think twice about this. Itís brutal to a degree that should make you uncomfortable. Cody Laneís scene is particularly vicious and was a well known scene a few years before the much delayed release of this video. Tia doesnít look happy or comfortable as the men spit on her.
The truth is that there are people who get off on this style of porn and I donít have anything against those people. I dabble myself and even if I didnít there is a reason why there are so many gag videos, why Brazzers is aggressively filling in their Pornstar Punishment site. I do have a problem with the ďmarketingĒ where if you were just looking at titles and pictures youíd think this was an innocent teen porn like just about any other title with ďteenĒ in it. Even the stills on the back only give a hint to the kind of violence featured here.

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