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Teen Idol 4
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Teen Idol 4

Studio: Smash Pictures
Category:  All Sex , Barely Legal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Leeroy Magic's ratings for Teen Idol 4:
Overall Rating 3.5 stars
Teen Idol 4 overall rating 3.5 stars
Female Looks Teen Idol 4 Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Teen Idol 4 Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Teen Idol 4 Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Teen Idol 4 Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Teen Idol 4 DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Teen Idol 4 A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by Leeroy Magic  on  6/26/2007

Teen Idol #4

Studio: Smash Pictures

Starring: Tyler Stevenz, Kylee Reese, Riley, Aubrey Addams, Barbie Love & Alexis Love

Positions menu: eating pussy, blowjob, doggy style, missionary, cowgirl, cumshot

Behind the scenes

Option: Play w/story or Play wall to wall sex

Tyler Stevenz

The scene opens with the cute Tyler in a black and white long tube top and blue jean shorts. She’s got long blonde hair and a small slim teen body. She says she’s 18 and asks two guys if they are going to take long fixing her AC. They later talk her into doing some porn and she gets nude down on her knees and sucks them both off. The sex starts with some reverse cowgirl on a leather ottoman footrest, then with her on all four with one in her pussy and one in her mouth. There is a good amount of pussy slapping before she gets on top of one guy with a nice view of her small white teen ass from behind for a good raincoater moment. She then lies on her back and gets fucked while sucking the other guys cock. She rides it some more while sitting straight up with a close-up view of her ass. The camera then zooms out and we get a really nice view of her from behind leaning to the side getting fucked for an excellent raincoater moment. The angle is on her nice teen ass and curved back. She then lies on her back for some more fucking before they both cum on her face.

Not a bad scene to start things off. She looked pretty cute and had a nice tight little teen body.

(Scene Rating: 3 ½ out of 5 stars)

Kylee Reese

The scene opens with a girl on a little bike near a pool. In walks the pool guy with no shirt on to clean the pool as she sits on the bike and rides the bike around the pool. She has a pink skirt on and white top and long blonde hair. She rolls over the guys toes and he gets pissed. She’s then bending over to tie her shoes and says “oops I think I hurt him!”…”I think I better take him inside and fix his foot!” They go inside and she puts something on his foot. She says she lives with her sister and she’s 18. He takes his pants off to get comfortable. She looks really cute lying back on the couch and tries to make him feel better.

She starts sucking it pretty heavily and is really into it. The sex starts with her climbing on top and rolling her hips up and down with a nice view of her ass. She gets pretty loud for a good raincoater moment. She’s then put on her back on the couch and gets fucked with lots of loud moaning. Her pink skirt is still around her waist as she’s fucked. There is some pulling out for her to suck it and some close-ups on penetration before she’s then face down ass up being fucked. We then get a really nice full body shot of her from ass to face on all four getting fucked for a good raincoater moment. Some more close-ups and cock sucking half-time before she’s getting fucked reverse cowgirl. She gets really loud with lots of “yeah yeah uh uh uh” throughout the scene. The scene ends with him cumming on her face.

Not a bad scene. Would have liked to see less close ups and oral halftime and more full body shots. She looked cute.

(Scene Rating: 3 ½ out of 5 stars)


The scene opens with another girl on a small bike who runs into a home appraiser. She’s got on a small purple and white skirt and light purple top. She falls on the bike and is hurt and is walked inside by the nice guy. She has long brown hair and a pretty face. Her brother isn’t home as they sit on the ottoman footstool. He suggests she takes her mind off the pain and starts kissing her neck before she’s all nude on her back on the footstool getting her pussy licked. She’s got a really nice high pitched moan that is really sexy. Her 18 year old body is a little thick but not too thick.

She sucks it some before she’s on her back on the footstool getting fucked. She moans really loud and we get a nice view of her with one leg up getting fucked for a good raincoater moment. She’s then on her back with both legs up before she’s picked up and fucked in the air with a view from below her ass. He then lies on the ottoman footstool as she rides it with a view of her ass that doesn’t last long. She’s then on all fours on the footstool with a really nice aerial view of her ass before we are below the guys ass on the penetration. She lifts a leg and then we get another good aerial view of her being fucked for a good raincoater moment of her nice round teen ass. The scene looks like it’s about to end as he pulls out she sucks it some but it’s not over yet.

She’s then back on her back on the ottoman footstool getting fucked as she presses one foot in his stomach which is really hot while she keeps moaning loud. We then move to some reverse cowgirl on the floor before she turns around and rides it with a really nice view of her squatting moving up and down on it. The action looks good for another great raincoater moment of her ass that is just WOW. He pulls out for her to suck it, there’s more reverse cowgirl and she’s on her back on the ottoman footstool briefly being fucked. He then pulls out and cums on her pretty face.

I would have liked to see them stick to a certain angle or positions a little longer with less pulling out and less close-ups on the penetration. Overall it was a good scene though that seemed really long.

(Scene Rating: 4 out of 5 stars)

Aubrey Addams

The scene opens with a cute blonde hoola hooping then jumping rope. She has a short black shirt on and white jeans with her black thong sticking out the top. She finally gets the hoola hoop going and we see her nice ass from behind as she rolls her hips. In walks a guy who shows her how to jump rope and she says “I think you’re a show off”…”But you know what, I can do something better.” He follows her inside and she tells him to sit down on the couch. She has a really nice tight teen body with small tits and a pretty face. She starts sucking and we get a bad angle from ground up of her sucking and the guy’s face which luckily doesn’t last long. We then get a nice angle from above of her gagging on it before she climbs on top and rides his cock on the red couch all nude. The view is of her ass from behind as she has her head down moving her ass up and down on it. This goes on for a while before she’s face down ass up on the couch getting fucked with an angle from the side. We then get a really nice aerial view of her face down ass up for a good raincoater moment. There’s a shot below the guys ass of her getting thrust fucked into the couch which is kind of hot as she grabs one leg in. The action moves to reverse cowgirl with her getting really loud before he pulls out for her to suck on it for some oral half-time before some more reverse cowgirl. She then lies on her back on the couch and gets fucked with more loud yelling and moaning. There’s then some close-up shots and dipping from pussy to mouth before she’s on her back on the couch getting thrust fucked which looks pretty hot. She then has her black panties stuffed in her mouth while she’s fucked which is really hot. The scene ends with her licking his feet and sucking his big toe. She then puts the string of her black panties in her mouth as he cums on her mouth.

She was cute but I didn’t like this scene as much as the others.

(Scene Rating: 3 out of 5 stars)

Barbie Love & Alexis Love

The scene opens with Barbie and Alexis playing cards on the coffee table. Barbie is wearing a pink shirt and Alexis is wearing a white shirt and rainbow striped long socks. A guy walks buy and they talk about how muscular he is. They stop him when he walks by again and ask what he’s doing there. He’s there to fix their bathroom shower. They tell him they think he’s really hot and want him to play strip poker with them. They both say they are 18 and laugh a little.

After the girls lose and are all nude, they kiss a little before they take turns sucking dick. There is some nice face fucking on Alexis before Barbie’s mouth is face fucked as she lies on the couch. This goes on for a while before we have a close up view of penetration on Barbie as she creams a little. The action moves to a close-up on Alexis getting penetrated when she says “oh his dick is sooo big”. More close-ups on Barbie getting penetrated before the camera finally moves out and he licks and fingers Barbie’s pussy. So far the sex has been weak.

Finally we get a nice angle of Barbie on her knees bending forward on the couch as the guy keeps pulling out for Alexis to suck it. We get a really good view of Barbie getting fucked from behind while Alexis kisses her then he pulls out for Alexis to suck it then goes back in for a great raincoater moment. He pulls out again and Alexis sucks it which looks really erotic.

They are then stack on top of each other on their stomach, then backs for some dipping in and out of each of their pussies. The angle is mostly a close-up on the penetration. Just when you think the sex is about to end they take turns in reverse cowgirl. There is then a nice view of Alexis riding it reverse cowgirl with Barbie rubbing her clit before he pulls out and cums a little on Alexis’s face and in Barbie’s mouth with some cum swapping and kissing.

I was hoping for a lot more from this scene. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much close-ups on penetration before which is a real waste of two really pretty girls.

(Scene Rating: 3 out of 5 stars)

Overall this was a pretty good teen video with some nice teen themes. It kind of reminded me of the Babysitter series. This was the first vid I’ve seen in the series and I definitely plan on checking out more from this series. I went into this one thinking Alexis would have the best scene but I was a bit disappointed her scene. The first 3 scenes were more action packed. Overall I enjoyed the DVD.

(Overall Rating: 3 ½ out of 5 stars)

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