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Teen Gushers

Teen Gushers

Studio: Demolition Video
Category:  Barely Legal , Squirting
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Teen Gushers:
Overall Rating 3 stars
Teen Gushers overall rating 3 stars
Female Looks Teen Gushers Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Teen Gushers Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Teen Gushers Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Teen Gushers Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Teen Gushers DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Teen Gushers A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  7/5/2005

The Little Details

Running Time: 64 min.

Production Date: 9 / 16 / 2004

Director: T. T. Turkin

Cast: Tiana Lynn, Angela Stone, Deja Daire, Jay, Lee Stone, and Trent Soluri

The Short Story

Initial Expectations: There’s something about this one that scares me, but with Tiana Lynn here I can’t help but be interested!

Initial Reaction: If it were the length of a full movie, it’d be darn impressive!

Who Should Watch It : Fans of squirting

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a full length movie

The Technical Stuff

Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are pretty good. The audio is clear and well balanced for the most part, but there is a bit where it seems to be maxing out. The video is also pretty good. It’s nicely lit, but there is a little grain in places and a few spots where the lighting seems a little off. There’s also a little camera motion, but it’s pretty minor.

Music: There’s music during the tease portion of the scenes which completely dominates the audio. The first two scenes don’t have any music after the masturbation, but the final scene keeps the music going at a nice balance.

Menus: The main menu is okay, and blends a bit of the movie with the boxcover. The chapter menu is very generic, and lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of each scene.

The Feature

Teen Gushers collects three squirting scenes with young women. Each scene starts out letting the girl diddle herself and show off. It then puts her with a guy who sees how often he can make her squirt.

Scene 1 - Tiana Lynn and Lee Stone

Cute brunette Tiana starts things out on a black couch wearing a pair of black panties with a blue flowery pattern where she gives the camera a bit of a show. Afterwards, she moves to a different couch with Lee wearing a hot little red bra and panty set. He gives her ass a few slaps and kisses her hard on the mouth before they each kiss each other’s nipples. Lee gives Tiana’s pussy and ass a little oral attention before sitting back and letting her suck and stroke his cock while he continues to play with her slit and ass. He picks her up for a standing sixty-nine and then lays her back for a bit of missionary work. They have to stop several times for Tiana to squirt, and she keeps her juices flowing as she rides Lee in both cowgirls. Lee even picks Tiana up for a standing cowgirl before laying her back and giving her a little more missionary action. Tiana lets Lee fuck her as she lies on her site and gets a little more of both cowgirls before they finish things up back in missionary. Finally, Lee unleashes a load on Tiana’s face as she does her best baby bird impression for the camera and swallows it down.

This is a smoking hot scene. As always, Tiana is cute as can be and squirts enough to put out a five alarm fire on a skyscraper on her own. She and Lee look like they’re completely into each other and put out plenty of energy as they fuck, with the camera doing a very nice job of capturing it all. This is a fantastic scene to start out this release, and easily the best in it.

Scene 2 - Angela Stone and Jay

Dirty blonde Angela starts out her tease wearing a sexy red bikini with her hair in pigtails. She diddles herself naturally on the black couch before waving goodbye and reappearing on the other couch with her hand in Jay’s pants and their tongues in each other’s mouth. She quickly moves down to suck his short yet thick cock before sitting back and letting him tongue her bald beaver. Jay spoons Angela as she alternates between looking down and at the camera, and with the help of a little nub rubbing she lets go with several nice squirts. Jay moves around to fuck her missionary style until Angela squirts and then lets her ride him in both cowgirls. Not surprisingly, she manages to squirt in reverse cowgirl, and after a little bit of her cowgirl ride Jay has her get off so he can squirt his load all over her face.

This is a pretty hot scene. Angela is definitely cute and manages to get the younger look right. The chemistry between her and Jay is okay, and might have been helped a little if she didn’t look at the camera as often as she did. On the plus side, for a guy I’ve never seen before Jay manages to shoot one hell of a load across Angela’s face. He’s an okay looking guy, so if he can manage to deliver loads like this regularly there might be a new guy to mix things up a little in pornland.

Scene 3 - Deja Daire and Trent Soluri

Deja, a thin girl who’s hair appears to be dyed red and black, starts things out in thigh high black boots with a black mesh top and solid panties dancing around before moving to the couch. She lets Trent slap a glass dildo around her face before she slides it into her twat. She takes her time fucking her pussy with the toy, and even helps the toy with her fingers a little. After a few minutes of work, Deja lets go with a giant squirt that douses the camera. As she squirts, Trent moves in and starts eating her cum as he goes down on her pussy. Rather than keeping things up, the scene cuts out and goes to Deja and Trent both fully dressed and kissing on the couch. Trent goes down on Deja’s shaved pussy again before letting her reciprocate on his cock. She lies back for Trent to nail her missionary style before sucking his cock and climbing up to ride him in both cowgirls. Finally, Deja drops down to take a nice face full of cum.

This is an okay scene. Deja does a nice job with the masturbation and facial, but there’s no way she can keep up with Tiana and Angela. She and Trent seem to be into each other pretty well and put nice energy into the scene, but she only lets go with one squirt during the masturbation sequence (or maybe I blinked and missed one). With how much squirting is in the rest of the movie, Deja definitely finishes the movie on a low note.

Teen Gushers is an okay stroke flick. The camera work is pretty well done and there’s nice chemistry in the scenes. Tiana Lynn definitely starts things out on a high note, and although Angela Stone can’t quite keep up with Tiana she also doesn’t let things slide too far in the other direction. The problem is Deja. She gives a good scene, and in a normal porno it’d be pretty darn good. Here, when there’s been a strong squirting focus leading up to her scene as well as a squirt-focused name, she doesn’t come close to stacking up. I know that Meatloaf sang “Two out of three ain’t bad”, but that doesn’t mean that you should settle for Teen Gushers when there’s plenty of other squirting releases you can pick up for roughly the same money that will give you so much more.

The Extra Stuff

The photo gallery includes about thirty nice looking snapshots and full screen photos. Traileres are included for Teen Pink & 18, Bangin the Girl Next Door, Be Gentle... It’s My First Time, Hey Boys... I’m Legal, and I Like ‘Em Young. There’s also outtakes, bonus scenes, and commercials.

The outtake reel lasts about three minutes. There’s a little of Tiana after her scene before going to the start of Angela’s scene where things go a bit wrong as well as the cleanup afterwards. Finally, Trent tries to get a little something extra from Deja and she acts a little spacey around the set. It’s an okay little outtake reel, and nothing I’d highly recommend anybody to check out.

Bonus Scene 1 - A dirty blonde and a guy

A cute dirty blonde starts things out sucking and stroking a guy. She moves on to let him spoon her before fucking her from behind. They keep things going with a bit of missionary and a reverse cowgirl ride, with the chick taking a break at one point looking like she thought the dude might have popped in her pussy. After realizing that nothing was coming out of her snatch she goes back to fucking him and then rolls off onto her back in hopes that maybe a little missionary work will let the guy finish up so she can cash her check and head to Jack In the Box. Sensing her need for protein, the dude pops a nice load onto her tongue to finish this scene up.

To call this scene unimpressive is probably a compliment. The camera work makes me wonder how much cough syrup the guy behind it had before coming to work and the audio is constantly interrupted by background noises ranging from a construction crew to cell phones. If that isn’t enough, the sex made me wonder if somebody was waving the cast’s paychecks at them from behind the camera to keep motivating them. The only really good thing about this scene is the pop, which is pretty impressive. This scene didn’t even give me wood.

Bonus Scene 2 - An Oriental Chick and Alex Sanders

An Oriental chick starts things out in a back yard wearing an animal print outfit and letting Alex fuck her face. He goes right to fucking her doggie style before letting her climb up for a cowgirl ride. She takes a quick break to suck his cock before getting a reverse cowgirl ride. They move on with a bit of doggie before the chick finishes things with an impressive facial.

This is a pretty good scene. The girl is cute and she really seems to enjoy Alex’s cock. They put some very nice energy into the scene, and the biggest problem with them seems to be that the girl mugs the camera fairly bad. It’s also hurt by the camera feeling like it’s trying to avoid Alex. I don’t mind focusing on one person, but I always hate it when it seems like the camera is avoiding somebody.

The Down -n- Dirty Sex Stuff

Themes: Straight, tease, masturbation, squirting, swallowing, and toys

Raincoat Factor: Very high

Condom Usage: None

The Bottom Line:

Currently, Demolition’s DVDs can be found online for between about $10 and $25, with most stores offering them in the $20 range. At that price, rent this one if you’re interested. With this being a professional movie rather than an amateur movie and barely lasting an hour, I have a hard time recommending this one even at the low end. Yes, there’s a couple good scenes, and there’s some pretty good effort put into both the technical aspects and the extras. If you’re a major squirting fan, this one’s worth a rental.

Note to Demolition: It looks like you can choose one of two ways to go. First, add one or two scenes to your movies so that they can be a decent length and worth the price you seem to want. Second, lower your price to about half of what everybody else is selling their movies for since you’re only giving people about half the movie other people are giving them. Third, you can close your doors because I can’t see many people paying this kind of money for this kind of DVD. Yes, you show some nice care towards the overall DVD that could be nicely polished into a good product, but I seriously think you’re going to have a very hard time getting people to take you seriously if you’re movies don’t really last any longer than an episode of The Gilmore Girls (which also has plenty of stroke value). Also, bonus scenes should make a person want to check out the movie the scene comes from. If you don’t let the viewer know where the scene comes from, they can’t buy more of your product.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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