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Teen Fuck Holes 4 (Platinum X)

Teen Fuck Holes 4 (Platinum X)

Studio: Platinum X Pictures
Category:  Barely Legal
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
Released on: 
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bono-ONE's ratings for Teen Fuck Holes 4 (Platinum X):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Teen Fuck Holes 4 (Platinum X) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Teen Fuck Holes 4 (Platinum X) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Teen Fuck Holes 4 (Platinum X) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Teen Fuck Holes 4 (Platinum X) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Teen Fuck Holes 4 (Platinum X) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Teen Fuck Holes 4 (Platinum X) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Teen Fuck Holes 4 (Platinum X) A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  2/8/2006
Well fans time to check out a new Jake Malone title and you have the tempting petite frame of Miss Brianna Love on the cover of this one. Teen Fuck Holes and fans I'm betting all those holes are open for business, at least we hope so right! A quick look on the backcover definitely shows Brianna's tight bootie being stuffed and it took a long time for her first anal scene to come out and now it seems every title with her in it from RLD/ PXP has her butt being stuffed so for fans of this sexy babe that can only be good news. Jake is oh so romantic so you can look forward to real "romantic" scenes and I see no reason to wait do you, let's hit some highlights!

Brianna Love:

Well the first girl up and you start with a nice floor shot up to that ass though a skin tight skirt is covering most of it. There is some sound piped in of some sex going on, me thinks this is from the action to cum. The jazzy music playing along suited the 20's style lingerie and hairstyle. There is a good long rope necklace too around her neck and you have Brianna topless so those perky titties are displayed. This is a real tease segment as Brianna reveals those special places on her body in small doses so you do see her pussy and ass just not for long periods of time, no worries that is coming so be patient. Sure enough the skirt is soon discarded and Jake helps insert some beads into Brianna's ass and you certainly get a good long view of that ass now as she shakes those beads back and forth-- just imagine it's your cock and she is swaying back and foth, a nice feeling I bet if you can get it! Well we soon see a black cock offered up and you don't even see this on the backcover so I think Brianna will end up taking on two studs here. Yep the other cock is then seen sliding in under those beads to fuck her pussy. Good clear picture too and the whole look for Brianna is working here for me. There is some good double sucking done by Brianna, going back and forth and yes some double stuffing too. I just can't get enough of a hot sensual blowjob and yes there is some hard gaggin mixed in but Brianna gives me enough of what I like here to get off. The sex moves on including some very nice cowgirl, then spoon and here you get both vag and then John Strong slides his dick into that tight ass. Brianna is nice enough to do some A2M and there is more anal fun in doggie and reverse cowgirl as well. Brianna is a nasty little slut demanding both loads in her mouth and she gets just that finishing off a very good scene for her.

Roxxxy Rush:

Our next girl up is blessed with some big fucking titties but Jake let's us check out her stocking covered legs first and then a shot of her kittie. Roxxxy is then introduced by Jake and we see some breast shots though the mesh and her top are covering those boobs up. The two engage in some harmless banter, then we see a turn over and what's that a butt plug nestled neatly up her bum. Jake plays with it a bit before removing it and letting Roxxxy clean it off with her mouth. Going on we see her now without a lot of clothes on and those huge tits are revealed, damn they are nice. There is some ass shaking then from Roxxxy with Michael Stefano soon joining the show and his fingers do some more ass spreading as his cock tantalizingly dangles in front of Roxxxy's mouth. No bj though as he slides behind to fuck her doggiestyle and the thumb continues to get that ass ready and you hear some dirty talk from Roxxxy too. Well the ass is ready as Michael makes a pretty easy move into her butt and Jake gives a good side view of this action. As we move along they go to a spoon anal position and I liked seeing those tits more and you get an even better shot when they go to reverse cowgirl anal. Finally Roxxxy gets to do some cock sucking and Jake's got you right there as we have cock #2 in the scene with the appearance of Manuel. They are soon back to fucking with more hot reverse cowgirl anal, some spoon anal, a bit more doggie anal and there's even more in RCA with Michael coming back in to make this a dp sandwich. Jake then gets them do dp Roxxxy in cowgirl and then piledriver is shot which I really like especially with those tits just inches from her face but sadly no nipple licking by Roxxxy which would've rocked. They close out giving her a lot of jizz to swallow and I was impressed and thought she did good fucking those two.

Savannah Stern:

On to the next scene and we have another cutie whom Jake sees outside so we watch some tease of this topless newbie. Jake gets in close as we oogle her ass and Savannah does some nice pussy stroking and the fuck sounds like you heard in scene 1 are heard here. There is some sunlight in some of the shots but I really think Jake meant for that to occur and this actually looked good for a change as I do think he intentionally did this to add to the tease vibe and for me it did. Well they make it inside and here the butt shots get even better as Jake gets hands on with this Portland babe. You get lots of good ass shaking from Savannah and her ass definitely is built to do this!! You then see her on the floor arching her butt up when John Strong comes in and no hi, hello, how you doing, nope he just slides his cock right into her pussy!! The piston is pumpin pretty hard here too and you get a couple facial shots indicating Savannah is enjoying herself. After a brief P2M throat fuck thye go to cowgirl and Jake's framed the shot at first so that you only see her ass and that fucking rocked. There is some pull out footage too but I really enjoyed seeing nothing but her ass/ pussy hugging his cock. Savannah hopes off then for some P2M but again it's brief before John goes back to fucking her, this time in spoon. You also see this young lady boned in reverse cowgirl and then you have Savannah crawling off to do something, ahh it's to find another cock which she immediately engulfs in a sexy POV shot. We then have her hopping on for reverse cowgirl as the POV was from the guy she was riding so we were looking up to her and also down when Jake stands up. There is no tag team fucking by Michael or John but they both get lots of opportunities to lay some hard pipe to this young lady who does suck off the other at times while she's being fucked. Closing out this fine scene they both splooge to her pretty face and to wrap it up she puts some shades on and walks off with the cum still fresh on her face.

Kaci Starr:

Ok the next young lady up for bids, lol! Jake goes to the door and we have a very cute busty young girl waiting. She's there to see Mr. Michaels who is going to teach her a class, hmmm wonder what the curriculum is :) Jake in the meantime while we wait for Sean gets a few squeezes in to those tits which Kaci soon reveals and they are a great size for her body type. Kaci seems pretty confident she's the type of whore they are looking for!! Jake then busies himself playing with her ass as he also gives her a verbal barrage of love!! I also see some cute dimples on Kaci's face develop whenever she smiles and that I know is a turn on for some of you, I was liking that and also the good floor shots of that ass which I know will be plugged soon enough. Well the teacher finally graces us with his presence and even though he's inside Sean still wears his shades while checking out his newest pupil. You then have Kaci sitting up and Sean stands before her with a significant bulge which is so fucking obvious in his pants and she almost salivates as he stands there. Soon, though, the dick is out and Kaci does good letting him slide it into her mouth. The tits which were covered again were taken back out and I love how this whole imagery thing unfolded. The sexy girl sucking cock and then in a lustful way opens up her shirt revealing her breasts, it was very sexy the way she did it. They do some kissing which is not seen a lot and the boobs get fondled some and Sean slaps them with his fully hard dick. Going on you have more hot boob caressing and then it's on to the sex where you see Kaci riding Sean in reverse cowgirl, mish, doggie and then yes some anal is shot too. The bootie for Kaci is fucked in reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, and in doggie. To end the scene Sean gives actually what I would consider to be a very good load for him. I've been critical in the past when I see him not delivering a real visible cumshot but this time he is up to the challenge giving Kaci a good facial.

Karina Kay:

Well we arrive to a girl I know a lot of you have whacked off to a lot and the sunlight is bathing part of her body as we initially see her. Karina is wearing some fishnets, a blue bottom and no top so those great tits are visible right from the start. I also like her hair here, combed long down both sides. Karina is a sexy girl no doubts and the close up boob shots were really doing me good and turning back around you get some good time appreciating that ass even if the fishnets and shorts were in the way. Moving on you get those out of the way and we really get some great ass and pussy views on Karina. She then goes for a short walk until she finds Manuel who is in full on romantic mode kissing all over Karina and using his fingers to furiously finger her pussy. You get a shot of his fingers still in her pussy and you can see the wetness around his fingers but there wasn't a pull out for her to lick those juices off but I am thinking there will be more of this in the scene so maybe Karina will taste herself at some point. Manuel then gets behind to really check out her ass and his face goes where a lot of us want to and that's right in between those butt cheeks and I know there won't be any anal but I did like seeing him finger her ass. Manuel then lies flat on the floor and Karina then squats down right on his face, again something I bet all of you would like her to do!! In this same position Karina is able to lean back and give Manuel's cock some love and flipping over she really is able to get his cock into her mouth. Now on to some sex and they start off with her standing up and he pounds her hard from behind causing some great titty flopping. Manuel drills her pussy so hard at one point he pulls out and the juices just flow out coating the lense as Jake was giving us the floor view here. Keeping the lense as is he shoots more hot doggie action and Karina cums a lot more and gets down on the ground to lick up those juices, wow this girl is nasty and I know you all love that!!! Going now to a living room she gets back to sucking off Manuel's cock and then it's reverse cowgirl and well I was loving life here watching those boobs do their thing, there's P2M and then cowgirl and well she's got quite the ass on her so this footage was very hot. Karina just has great energy here too, so sexual but not overly so, I'd say she was very very very turned on by Manuel's cock pounding her and I was just glad to be able to watch. You then get a sexy crawl from Karina as she gets to suck off Manuel to climax and he really paints her face good with is cum and she does so good cleaning the last bits off. This scene was so good if she had done anal I don't know my tv might have exploded, lol. Karina fans will really enjoy this I think, good sex!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans nothing really to complain about this time out. All the girls did one hell of a job turning us on and Jake delivered with the shots at the right time and for good lengths of time during each scene. Karina just sizzled with Manuel in her scene licking up her juices from the floor was very hot. Brianna does some nice anal work in her scene and I really liked how Kaci revealed her tits to Sean Michaels after she began sucking his cock. There's plenty to see her and I can see repeated viewings on any of the scenes shot here. Now for extras you have some bts which I would surely watch, a photo gallery and yes there's a bonus scene and Jake's now back in his office when a nice looking blond named Bailey Brooks comes in for the blowjob audition so Jake does get some action after all!! A strong purchase recommendation for Teen Fuck Holes 4.

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