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Teagan Vs Jenna

Teagan Vs Jenna

Studio: Digital Playground
Category:  Compilation
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Starring: , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Teagan Vs Jenna:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Teagan Vs Jenna overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Teagan Vs Jenna Female looks rating 5 stars
Male Looks Teagan Vs Jenna Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Teagan Vs Jenna Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Teagan Vs Jenna Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Teagan Vs Jenna DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Teagan Vs Jenna A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/5/2009
Ok fans time for a little Vs action but really do you want to see Jenna Haze & Teagan fight or fuck!!! I choose the second option and thankfully so did Digital Playground in putting together this little compilation of these two girls work for the studio. This grouping of scenes is nicely broken down with Jenna receiving three and Teagan two. These were from Robby D.'s Handheld Pictures flicks too. Time for some highlights.

Jenna Haze with Tommy Gunn from Filth Cums First #3:

We open with a girl that when the porn gods were sitting on high and deciding on what a perfect porn girl could be she was one of the molds crafted and well Jenna has more than lived up to her goddess like status over the years and especially the last few when she's returned to taking on cock as well as licking pussy. Check out the outfit too she's got on, the skimpy blue top, the ass huggin jeans and the hat she's got on is just killer sexy on her. Tommy Gunn is the lucky fella who lets her in, gee would you hesitate before opening the door for this spectacularly beautiful girl. We follow Jenna upstairs which of course offers us a chance to oggle those jeans, trust me the view will soon get much better. Hmm seems Tommy's a doctor of some sorts but this doesn't look like a doctor's office, lol. Jenna starts purring that sexy voice of hers letting Tommy know her symptoms and the exam starts but I think there are to many clothes in the way to get an accurate reading!! Jenna is spot on when she says a full on physical might be needed!! Extensive tests, 'oral' exams, damn I think Jenna knows more than the doctor! Well the shirt is opened up letting those perky tits out and Tommy remains professional for the time being but well let's cut to the chase ok! A couple licks to those nipples and it's Jenna's turn to accelerate the therapy engulfing Tommy's hard cock. Great views from Robby here as she deep throats the former Male Performer of the Year. Jenna is a fantastic dirty talker as you hear and I loved that she keeps the hat on too, it really made the outfit for me. Going above the call of duty Doctor Tommy Gunn dives in to make sure there are no fungi or other nasty bits on Jenna's pussy, licking, licking, licking! Some fine vag fucking ensues but wait until her butt is filled, that was some happy shooting I bet, it sure looked hot. Finishing in doggie anal, Jenna lying flat Tommy pounds in there pulling out to pop just on the outter edges of her asshole and coating that perfect tush. A nice exam and I think Jenna should be just fine!

Teagan with Tyler Durden from Filth Cums First #2:

Well we've finally arrived to a new Teagan scene, her second that I've seen in the last month, I've got another waiting to be reviewed so I'm happy. The scene opens with Tyler dropping by and he's calling out for his woman as he walks through the house. She's in the backyard as we see having some fun and looking incredibly beautiful, love the hairstyle she has. She's rolling around on the grass in her skirt and top but no panties so we see hints of that awesome ass when she rolls over. They head inside and we get a perv upskirt shot as they go upstairs to a familiar looking restroom-- Misti's scene. Tyler starts a bath going as we watch Teagan standing in front of a mirror and we get more lengthy shots of that ass, oh fuck does Robby do it right going floor level with the shot. She gets in the water, skirt, top, and heels on-- WTF, lol. This does give us a wet t-shirt type shot as her nipples show through so that was cool. Tyler starts peeling things off, her stockings, the heels and does a little toe sucking which causes some giggling from his wife. Tyler then starts slapping at those wet tits through her top and then she turns over to ask if her butt is still that dirty-- nope but it does give us more time to appreciate that fine tush, thanks Teagan and Robby for the great ass footage-- some slapping and caressing but above all the camera focuses in on that butt and stays there! Tyler then digs in with the tongue to get a taste of that fine booty and you also see fingerbanging as well. Pulling the top up we see those nice breasts exposed and then it's time for a little knob polishing for hubby and Teagan's more than happy to engulf that stiffy. Moving to the bed we see that pussy invaded first in mish and staying with that position you also get Tyler saying hello to that ass with his cock. That shot is short lived, though, as she hops up and takes a seat for a ride in reverse anal-- a little A2M from Teagan as well here. Oh yeah baby, cowgirl anal, Robby moves the shot in as we see that perfect ass hugging Tyler's cock, lots of jiggle. There is also anal in spoon, a last visit to the dog pound and finally Tyler hovers over Teagan's face and launches a good pop down to her with some cleanup too. This was a very good scene and I say improves over that first one we saw when she came back, great ass shots and you can see the two know their way around each other's bods!

Jenna with Scott Nails from Control 10:

As I mentioned Robby goes for the jugular right off featuring the awesome Jenna Haze. Seems this young lady wants to entice her man a bit before boning her so she starts leaving him a trail of pictures, polaroids strewn about the place and like any good seductress you leave the right kind of incentive you can't help but attrack the juiciest prey. We're lucky here too enjoying the various shots Jenna takes and yes you see all of her sexy body as she slowly reveals it picture to picture. She arrives to the master bedroom and onto the bed she goes for a round of pussy play with a toy, nicely Jenna's on her stomach letting us oogle that amazing ass, her man better get home soon, she's horny and ready!! Finally Scott Nails enters and like a good mice finds the cheese, aka the pics, and begins scooping up each piece until he's in the bedroom and finds the big cheese waiting, all nekkid and raring to Scott enjoys a little pussy tickle with his fingers first but then he dives in from behind to eat that pussy/ ass. Jenna then shows off her other skills such as knob polishing and like her teasing ability her fellatio arts are among the best in the biz today. Sexwise you get some very good shots of Miss Haze taking cock, open shot for doggie gives you the ass and then try on a wide open reverse anal shot with A2M from our girl! We witness a fantastic suck finish from Jenna, we're looking up as the cock never leaves her mouth until Scott's done blasting off, she lets the jizz trickle out just to show off the evidence!!! Try this for a kick ass final shot, Jenna's hair messed up strewn partially over her face as she lifts up, letting the cum trickle out of her mouth, just amazing and a fantabulous way to open the dvd.

Teagan with Scott Nails from Control 6:

Well we come now to a girl who is quite well known in the biz and on this board. For me Teagan now is so much better than Teagan when she first started. Not that she wasn't sexy as fuck then but she just has a more assured presence about her now to go along with the drop dead sexy body. I like too the long hair she's sporting, she's always been a looker facially and yeah there's that ass which has launched many a load in its days on the screen. This scene has Teagan doing a photo shoot for Scott Nails and well the heat slowly gets turned up as Teagan gets more and more turned on showing off her bod. We don't get a lot of time showcasing that ass but you do get some shots. Teagan eventually gets so hot and bothered she tells Scott to drop the camera and bury his face deep in her snatch-- You don't have to tell him or me twice in that area, he zooms right in there!! Teagan then works in some quality time sucking off Scott's long schlong before letting him loose on that worked up pussy doing some good work in several positions the best of which is probably cowgirl as that gives us the best booty shots of the scene. Reverse was ok but she doesn't take off her peach colored bra so you don't get the great tit shots you normally would get, you still see them but I like the material out of the way when a girl's riding in this position. I'd say the same if she was riding in cowgirl and her thong was still on but pushed to the side, don't like that at all. Scott fires a pretty good load at the end with Teagan swallowing some along with a little cleanup. Not the best Teagan scene but she looks as good as ever.

Jenna with Johnny Sins from Control 8:

Why waste time!! You have one of the top gonzo performers in the biz today in the cast why not blow a load right away to this pretty girl and I do mean pretty. A little role play to get us into the scene as she's crank called by her boy toy before they hook up inside the house, in the meantime we're treated to some outstanding booty shots of Miss Haze, I think you'll enjoy the view, I sure did! Let's just say the recently awarded XRCO Best Oralist shows why giving stellar head with Robby providing just the right amount of coverage from a couple angles. Some purring dirty talk too gives the scene some added momentum. Good man, pleasuring that pussy before laying pipe and hey I think we'd all enjoy a few licks at that coochie. Absolutely cowgirl is the premier position to shoot Jenna in and Robby captures it perfectly, clear picture, great sound, it's all good. Johnny also drills that ass some too before unloading to Jenna's face/ mouth with cleanup after. Jenna is amazing and this scene only furthers that fact.

Final Thoughts:

Well fans there you have it, a snapshot of some fine work these two have turned in over the last few years. Both are fan faves and show you why here with drop dead gorgeous bodies and a healthy lust for cock that is never really satisified-- hence the need for us to keep watching, watching, and watching, hoping for that ultimate fix which never seems to cum. The search, though, is one of the best parts about this journey! Well worth a rental for those who don't already have these in their collection for each and I'd urge you to check out the full releases too as Digital Playground cranks out some of the best shot porn from picture to quality going today, Jenna Haze and Teagan Presley are prime examples!!

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