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T0MBOne Teachers Pet (Wicked Pictures) 3 starsTeachers Pet (Wicked Pictures) 3 starsTeachers Pet (Wicked Pictures) 3 stars
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Teachers Pet (Wicked Pictures)

Teachers Pet (Wicked Pictures)

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Couples , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Teachers Pet (Wicked Pictures):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Teachers Pet (Wicked Pictures) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Teachers Pet (Wicked Pictures) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Teachers Pet (Wicked Pictures) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Teachers Pet (Wicked Pictures) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Teachers Pet (Wicked Pictures) Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Teachers Pet (Wicked Pictures) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Teachers Pet (Wicked Pictures) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  8/7/2011
Welcome porn fans to a new title from director Stormy Daniels and we have the current Best New Starlet Gracie Glam taking the lead in this one appearing in three sex scenes with Alektra Blue, Ash Hollywood and India Summer also having sex in this. The story centers on Gracie obviously who is the new girl in school and as the back copy suggests she uses sex to get ahead and if that doesn't work then mysterious accidents start to happen and we don't know for sure who is responsible though Gracies new friends have their suspicions as we find out but let's work into the story shall we.

The story begins at a the scene of a murder where coroner Marcus London in a non sex role is filling the on scene detective in on the Jane Doe that was found. No ID but the cause of death is listed as a blunt force trauma to the head. From that we go to a much more pleasing image of Gracie who is arriving on campus for her first day and we see Seth Gamble there as the first person to see her. Seth wastes little time introducing himself and offering to personally escort Gracie to the admissions office. Gracie for her part is noticeably turning on the charm and Seth just eats it up.

Ash Hollywood:

So as those two walk off the image morphs to Ash lying on her back with Michael Vegas right there kissing around her breasts. Nice clear picture here which is always a plus with some good close in views also. Michael does a good job working down and spreading open her thighs to get at the promised land and a few playful licks to her ass too for good measure. Ash then gets to have some fun herself helping to free up his cock which finds a quick home within her lips. Sex wise you see her ride in cowgirl to start then it's on to mish and doggie ending with an ass pop, a good start to the movie.

We then get Gracie entering the room after Ash has cleaned up the bed and the two will be roomies and they have a short get to know ya chat before Ash has to run off to chemistry class which is where Gracie needs to go as well so they rush off as the professor can be a real ass to those who arrive late. The class offers Gracie a chance to get in good with Ash when the prof starts to get on her for being late before Gracie lets him know Ash was just helping her out as she was lost. After class the two run into Seth and Alektra with a party invite coming from this encounter and Ash makes sure to bring Gracie. At the party the conversation ensues among the friends and Gracie who starts to show a nice bitchy side and this might be new for Gracie fans to see, it was for me, but I think she pulls it off well. A short time later we see her in the bedroom where all the coats were thrown going through them and taking some money. Alektra catches her just after the money was taken and Gracie is able to offer up a quick reason which Aletkra buys but we see that Gracie while sweet and nice on the surface isn't that way underneath-- this could be fun watching Gracie be a baddie. The next day in class we see the new roomies are already sitting in different seats with Gracie also making her move ever so slyly on Professor Tony DeSergio. You have Gracie sitting in the front row suggestively nibbling on her finger while giving off some serious fuck me eyes. Ash sees this and laughs it off. After class both Alektra and Ash comment on her making her move and we see that Tony's wife, India Summer, has come to take him to a late lunch. The ever opportunistic Gracie takes this chance to go over and thank him once again for taking this special time with her-- he's agreed evidently to some post class help!

Gracie Glam:

Well we have seen Gracie be both nice and charming to a degree but there is also a dominant devious side that has also flashed its brilliance so far but now it is time for Gracie to show off her sex skills which have garnered her a much deserved reputation as a very good performer. We have Seth catching up with her outside of school. Seems Gracie missed a class and we also learn that Seth has written a paper for Gracie-- the two leave for his room to get it and hopefully have a little sex as well. As the two arrive she's given the paper and then asks for access to his notes. This leads Seth to think she is using him just for his work which she is of course but Gracie is a smart gal and senses she is about to lose this vital source so she turns on the sexual charms which Seth has no defense for since he has already shown such an attraction for her. There is some brief kissing leading to Seth getting a mouthful of her tits and Gracie being the lead dog here soon takes charge working down to engulf Seth's cock. The dirty talk is very good here from Gracie who is really showing off her dark side here but it's being cloaked with that 1000watt smile! Turns out this is a brief bj only scene, damn, but at least we get a very good facial pop for Gracie who gives some nice clean up along with one last request for his notes, hehe. After the scene there is a brief encounter back in the room where Gracie again tries to get in on the good side of Ash letting her borrow a top as she is going out for the night. After her roomie leaves Gracie then tries to call the professor but India answers and I guess this happens a lot but I gather from a lot of students as Tony seems the object of a lot of attention amongst the girls on campus.

India Summer:

So we get to enjoy the married couple and we sense India is a little upset about these calls and now it is up to Tony to settle his woman down and nothing that a little move making won't take care of. India is looking very nice in red lace lingerie and we have Tony doing a nice job helping her out of it, at least the bottoms for a brief pussy touch. India takes over then giving some very nice head not forgetting to play with his balls. The duo work into a 69 with India on top though we don't get the view from Tony underneath which is the best view to lick her pussy-- but they do offer up the more traditional shot with Tony down below and India in mish with her legs opened perfectly. Reverse, doggie and mish lead the sex which ends with a pull out and pop on her bush.

The next morning we have Gracie letting Ash know she enjoyed listening to her and Seth fuck that previous night which didn't sit well with Ash- we don't see that sexual encounter but Gracie is rushing off to her big appointment with Tony. Turns out, though, this is a study group and there are a few other students there so I don't think Gracie is going to get as much out of this session as she had originally wanted. A short time later we have Alektra running into Seth who lets Alektra know it is hard to say no to Gracie -- hint there have been more blowjobs!!

Alektra Blue:

This last chance encounter with Seth who defended his helping Gracie has finally convinced Alektra to go full on Nancy Drew and do some investigating and we see she found a student with the same name as Gracie has who looks a lot like the Jane Doe we saw leading off this movie. There is some cool music piped in to coincide with Gracie appearing and walking up slightly behind Alektra but you sense she sees that Alektra has found out her little secret and there is a very brief confrontation which could have gone further but Alektra gathers up her laptop and makes a hasty exit. Those great fuck me eyes we saw earlier are now giving off a much different vibe as Gracie has evil intent in them as Alektra leaves, heading over to Dane Cross's. She starts to pour out all this doubt about Gracie not being who she claims to be, the photo on her admissions sheet isn't the same. Dane being a sane person points out that Christy isn't such an uncommon name and it could be a clerical error- they had misspelled his name for over a year so this is a plausible explanation though we know Alektra's position is the correct one. But having said all that, she's looking good here and it's time for a little more fucking. The two don't any time in getting nekkid and those very nice tits get a little attention with Dane also making a bee line down to her pussy using both his tongue and fingers to work Alektra up. After the two switch it up you can tell Alektra's engines are revving fast'n'furious as she engulfs Dane's cock working in some dirty talk too. Sex wise we show off her ass more in this scene with Alektra riding in cowgirl and being nailed good from behind before they finish in mish leading to a pop just outside her pussy.

So Alektra leaves and as she's heading down the hallway you start hearing noises and this scares her as no one else is there so she starts running eventually running into Brendon Miller, a janitor. She is calmed after the initial startle and goes on heading up some stairs when all of a sudden Gracie appears and deliberately shoves her leading to Alektra falling. We see her at the end with her head/ neck up against a stone wall so we don't know her condition. Damn Gracie is really doing a good job being bad. The next day Gracie sees a distraught Ash Hollywood and goes up to find out what happened and she thinks Alektra is dead and starts to offer condolences but Alektra isn't dead and the doctors are optimistic she'll be just fine and obviously this doesn't set well with Gracie, wonder what she'll do! A brief flicker of concern comes into her eyes but Gracie who has done a great job in this with the eye contact and conveying her feelings in this show with them quickly brings the steely resolve back to them and you see that she is formatting something in her mind as to what to do next.


Turns out what she does next is go to another study session with Tony and this time it is just the two of them as the others in the group have gone to the hospital to be with Alektra who we learned hasn't woken up yet so now Gracie can sink her claws into this man! Tony tries to get the session on to a firm academic footing but Gracie is having not of it and she soon has his cock out and Tony leans back and enjoys the show. A little bit of dirty talk here from Gracie, nothing really vulgar, just her offering a few soft words as she makes his dick rock hard. Tony doesn't say much and just leans back uttering a few moans and cupping her head. This scene offers a much longer blowjob from Gracie who eats this extra attention up. Sex wise you see them make good use of the desk for standing mish and doggie before hopping on for spoon leading to a pop shot just outside her pussy.

Turns out this was only a vivid, oops, dream for Tony who wakes up with Gracie sitting there and she senses his dream was about her and that it was quite the good dream. Tony says he is married but this doesn't stop Gracie from leaning across the desk and kissing him. Tony finally has enough and tells her to leave and that she'll be transferred out of his class. Gracie leaves in a huff with the janitor Brendon seeing this and having a laugh about it. Cut to the hospital where we see Michael Vegas and Ash sitting next to Alektra who we gather still hasn't come out of it. He leaves with Ash staying and taking out Alektra's lap top she wants to see something but upon opening it finds the last thing Alektra was looking at which was a photo of the girl we saw at the start of this movie who has the name that Gracie is using. This prompts Ash to rush out of the room leaving Alektra all alone now. Bad for her as Gracie comes in being accompanied by the eery music we heard earlier, she's in black and uses a syringe to put some air in Alektra's drip line which absolutely no good. So bye bye Alektra who just should have minded her own business a cold Gracie says before exiting the room. A short time later we go over to Tony's house where a couple of cops show up and he is arrested for the rape of Gracie-- of course this didn't happen except in his mind, but Gracie said he'd made a big mistake and now is taking him out of the equation with a shocked India Summer looking on. Now we head back to the dorms where Ash has arrived back at the room and starts digging around Gracie's area looking for clues-- bad move Ash as Gracie arrives fresh off knocking off Alektra and she calmly walks up to Ash who really doesn't stand a chance. We see a big blue pillow come into focus and then cover the screen just as Ash's screams ring out.


Well the show is just about over but a little resolution still to the story. We see Gracie in the bathroom cleaning up from this last kill when Brendon Miller comes up behind her and lets her know she just can't walk out of here so he suspects what's going on. Gracie makes no attempt here to be nice or charming. Brendon also doesn't make any pretense either about what he wants and Gracie is ready to give it to him!! The two lay into each other with an almost ravenous energy. Brendon rips the jeans down and goes after that sexy ass and I do love the face diving in a girls ass from behind. It doesn't last as long as I would have liked but Brendon does stand up still behind her to start fucking Gracie. There is some standing action from the front too before Gracie is allowed to drop down and give some oral satisfaction to the janitor. Gracie does a very nice job with the last bit of blowjob action leading to her jerking the pop out with some clean up after. Brendon then makes the mistake the other have of underestimating Gracie who whips out a knife -- no loose ends!! The screen then flashes a month later on it and we have arrived to a new campus and hello that is Kagney Linn Karter making a brief cameo as the new room mate and Gracie comes in with that charming grin and introduces herself... the cycle ready to repeat all over again!

Extras & Final Thoughts:

I have to say this was a very impressive effort from Stormy who writes a great story here and it is lead by Gracie Glam who is taking on a role here I don't think she's done before that I've seen-- being a real bad ass and she pulls it off with some great dialogue and some even better use of her eyes/ face to tell the story of how she is really feeling. The story is easy to follow and we get some very good sex too- Gracie with two full scenes and a brief bj with Seth. India, Ash, and Alektra all have one scene each and do well in this but this movie is very much about and driven by Gracie Glams performance and it will sink or swim on its merits. For me she pulls it off and this shows some impressive range for this young performer. Lets hope other directors see this and give Gracie this type of material in the future as she shows here that she can handle it. The extras for this project showcase one more Gracie Glam scene from the movie Young At Heart where she is paired with Rocco Reed. You also have some behind the scenes. This is an absolute must have for Gracie fans who want to see her stretch herself as a performer showing she can handle a real dramatic turn where she isn't the good girl but a very bad one who isn't shy at all about going after what she wants. It was a pleasure to watch her be this bad!

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