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Teach Me (Club 59 / Elegant Angel)

Teach Me (Club 59 / Elegant Angel)

Studio: Club 59
Category:  All Girl , Barely Legal , MILF
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Starring: , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Teach Me (Club 59 / Elegant Angel):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Teach Me (Club 59 / Elegant Angel) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Teach Me (Club 59 / Elegant Angel) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Teach Me (Club 59 / Elegant Angel) Female looks rating 0 stars
Sex Teach Me (Club 59 / Elegant Angel) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Teach Me (Club 59 / Elegant Angel) Plot/Acting rating 4.5 stars
Extras Teach Me (Club 59 / Elegant Angel) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Teach Me (Club 59 / Elegant Angel) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  5/6/2011
Welcome fans to a new title from Club 59 the g/g division of Elegant Angel and they've come out with some of the better sensual lesbian titles of the past year so I have hopes for this one which will focus in on the older/ younger dynamic between the ladies. You have four scenes so it means longer oral and hopefully some good kissing which are the two main areas I look for in g/g titles these days. NO toys either which is very pleasing so let's get to some highlights.

Dani Daniels & Zoey Holloway:

We open with Dani sitting before us and she basically answers questions telling us about herself, the first experience with a girl, etc. These questions aren't asked out loud so we just have Dani sitting basically having a dialogue with us filling in the details. The picture couldn't have been better too giving me hope the sex will be captured well. After a couple of minutes we have Zoey coming on and she gives us some of the same details though with much more experience behind what she's saying. On to the scene which begins with some light touching to the hands, breast area, knibbling on the neck-- some real nice sensual foreplay leading to kissing as well. The camera keeps a fantastic focus on the girls who quickly become lost in their own world just the two of them with us getting the look though the glass view and thankfully it's clear glass! It was great to see Dani be the first to go down for pussy licking and I have to say she delivers one awesome lickfest which Zoey really appreciates and she lets her know it too. Zoey is great giving back but I have to say the first session with Dani was some of the best pussy eating you'll ever see, great tongue work. The girls keep up with some solid kissing and using the fingers to trace over those pussy lips which get some wonderful attention from both women. The scene itself goes on for nearly an hour though with the talking before it was closer to 45 minutes which is still awesome.

Jessie Andrews & Julia Ann:

On to the next scene which leads with a black & white shot of the two already in bed so it appears we're getting some post scene chatter and the two appear quite peaceful lying on top of each other. This talk doesn't last nearly as long before we get to head back to the beginning of the scene with full vibrant color returning as they lock lips, superb shot with the two in the middle. As with the previous scene you see some very nice touching/ caressing over the bodies with Julia taking the lead as you might expect. She does good kissing/ knibbling to the back of Jessie's neck, her ears moving down her back. Loved the lace panties Jessie was wearing, fit her ass real good. Julia savors these opening moments after she pulls the panties off, spreading the pussy with her fingers and lightly licking at the ass-- I so wished she's kept that up as g/g ass licking rocks especially when it's slow and sensual. This scene was a bit more aggressive in how they went about fucking each other which was fine as it fit the mood set from the start and the girls do well feeding off each other. There was a potentially great shot with Jessie straddling Julia's back, bending down to lick at her pussy but her hair was obstructing most of this though we knew she eating her pussy-- if we could have got a good clear shot this would have been really good as opposed to merely good. There was better oral with Jessie in the normal position and she went to down on Julia's cookie and you hear Julia clearly ringing out when Jessie hits a homerun and gets her off. Julia does some light throat grabbing and I don't think she applied much if any pressure and again it fit the moment so I didn't object to much though overall I'm not keen on choking in a scene. This was another really good scene overall with as much oral as you could wish for from both women who get more than one chance to taste the other. Good use of the fingers too in helping achieve the desired result.

Allie Haze & Darla Crane:

This next scene brings a return to the format with the girls being interviewed apart from each other and I liked this approach a lot. The girls seemed very truthful in their answers and this gives a great insight into them as sexual beings, loved it. Allie Haze comes on and is just so bubbly and personable, you can't help but fall in lust right away! Allie's an outdoor girl loving all sorts of activities that take place in the wide open spaces. Darla then comes on and hello Redhead!! Plus she's sporting two big bodacious tata's!! This should be a real good scene. As the talking ends and we fade into the scene proper the girls are already locking lips and doing a great job of it with some tongue action, gotta love the tongue action. Allie tells us in her interview of her love of boobs so when Darla frees her big rack Allie is all over those babies with some excellent kissing. It almost seemed she wanted Darla to lean in and help her lick the nipples which I was hoping would happen but alas not to be. The ladies then proceed to orally pleasure each other and I have no complaints here as the pussy licking was as could as you could hope for. This scene was much like a mirror of the first scene and perhaps a little better though it's hard to pick between them. I'm a huge fan of sensual lovemaking between women and this scene fulfilled that in every way.

Jana Jordan & Lisa Ann:

On to the finale with Jana's interview leading off. Such a cute girl. When Lisa comes on she is positively beaming, the smile so big as she talks to us about her life including the g/g experiences. It doesn't hurt either that she was wearing a white jacket that was unzipped perfectly letting just enough cleavage to spill out that won't totally distract you! As we fade back in the two are doing a fine job locking lips and touching over each other. Jana was great freeing up Lisa's boobs and diving in for a squeeze! Lisa then gets behind Jana fingering her pussy, taking the panties off and then going underneath she rises up to lick the pussy- it was a really good shot and had Jana's ass opened, pussy there and Lisa's tongue doing the dance. The girls do some good back and forth with the oral and I loved it when Jana goes behind when Lisa's in doggie to lick at and finger her pussy- perfect open shot for this bit of action. The scene wraps up with more good oral sex, you can't complain in this that there was a lack of pussy eating- these ladies do it right too.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this title was pretty much what I expected. Strong oral sex with some good kissing mixed in. The interviews with the girls were great offering insight into their lives and how they became aware of their g/g interest and how it progressed. As for extras you do get some behind the scenes which I'd certainly check out. You also have a photo gallery as well as trailers for other Elegant titles. If you've enjoyed the Club 59 titles so far then definitely give this one a shot as it features the same of action you've seen before. It wouldn't hurt either if you're into the older woman/ younger girl scenario. They don't do it at all in pervy sort of way, very sensual and all four scenes offer top notch lesbian lovemaking. An easy recommendation for purchase and I eagerly await the next release from this up and coming studio.

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