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fu_q Tattle Tale 4 starsTattle Tale 4 starsTattle Tale 4 stars
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Tattle Tale

Tattle Tale

Studio: Wicked
Category:  Couples
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Starring: , , , , , , ,
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bono-ONE's ratings for Tattle Tale:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Tattle Tale overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Tattle Tale Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Tattle Tale Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Tattle Tale Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Tattle Tale Plot/Acting rating 3.5 stars
Extras Tattle Tale DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Tattle Tale A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by bono-ONE  on  10/26/2010
Good day porn fans got a new Wicked flick here and it stars two of their contract girls, jessica drake and Kirsten Price. You add in some cool girls like Georgia Jones, Dylan Ryder and Monique Alexander we've got something to see. The story centers on jessica drakes character being blackmailed into spying on her friends so a tabloid paper can have some juicy news otherwise some not so good info on daddy will be released. So let's find out how jessica navigates her way through this mess under the direction of Francois Clousot who if you don't know shoots a lot of Wicked's movies.

So our movie opens and we're taken to a house in the hills where we find Marcus London and jessica getting ready it seems to head out for the night. The two chat a bit but Marcus decides let's have a little nookie time!

jessica drake:

So the two have got themselves all dolled up but the lure of fucking was to strong so they fall onto the bed kissing. jessica takes the lead working out Marcus's cock and hello it fits neatly into her mouth. The slow licks were hot and the closer shots as jessica gives Marcus a very nice tongue bath to his dick. Marcus is cool returning the favor offering jessica's pussy several licks before letting his cock take over. Spoon and doggie were the positions ending with jessica taking a good facial blast with cleanup. Ok now let's get all dressed up again and go out, lol.

So the scene then shifts to jessica arriving alone it seems to some sort of party where she's greeted by Monique Alexander but we also see Rocco Reed spying miss drake from afar and if you watched the trailer you know he's the head dude for the tabloid that is going to get jessica to do his dirty work. Ok she did come with Marcus the two were just separated for a bit. We also see Dylan Ryder is here too and jessica walks over as she knows Dylan but not Rocco. Mr. Reed tells jessica who he is and this completely turns jessica off and she tries to leave but not before Rocco slips her his card and tells about a story he's going to run about daddy who isn't so squeaky clean. jessica isn't sure what this is about but I feel pretty sure she's going to meet Rocco soon to find out.

Dylan Ryder:

In the meantime we go right back to some action as Dylan along with Rocco head to a nearby bathroom. They lock the door and moments later Rocco is all over Dylan's large boobs. Dylan is good then moving down to show Rocco's reed some love! A few shadows here but nothing to really get troubled about, still good visuals overall. Standing doggie leads off with a good strong mish fuck on the countertop following, nice boobage here. Rocco ends up leaving a good pop just outside her mouth, dripping down to her tits with cleanup from Dylan

On we go to a different day and jessica is shown sleeping peacefully in her bed until the doorbell wakes her. It keeps ringing too so someone is impatient. Ok it's her friend Kirsten Price and she's here to get jessica up to do something for her charity. There's a quick but great ass/ panty shot as jessica rolls over in bed! Ahh you know with the girls there has to be some gossip and it turns to jessica going out with Marcus. But we leave this pow wow to head off to another gathering and you see the same people there and we get jessica and Kirsten arriving. Monique and Kirsten have a quick word as jessica slips off to talk to Randy Spears. She sweet talks Randy until he gives over a check which must be pretty good judging by Kirsten's reaction when she takes a look. But we again leave and head off this time to Rocco's office where he's on the phone with someone who must be telling him it's time to get some real info otherwise his rag might go away. Guess Rocco gets some good advice as he furiously types away on his computer, perhaps sending an email off to jessica. Returning to the party we learn that jessica's charity raised $50,000 that evening. Ok a short time later we get jessica all pissed about some gossip that came out about her so finally she goes to see Rocco. Alright guess this story that came out wasn't from Rocco but he does have a story ready to run but he won't if jessica will go and dig up dirt on her stuck up friends. Guess that was an easy choice.

Monique Alexander:

So we leave Rocco and jessica to head off for another bit of loving, this time featuring Monique who is a striking figure in her black dress. Randy Spears has dropped by and the two talk briefly about his big check written to jessica. It prompts a face slap, lol. Anyway enough about charity and checks lets get to some loving. The two sit on the couch and do the lean in until they lock lips. Randy is smooth doing some over the thong pussy rubbing then kissing his way down until he's arrived at the promised land, slipping the thong off too. Monique's legs are wide open then as Randy moves in to offer a little pleasure. Randy also uses a couple fingers too before we let Monique take over. The dress is lifted off leaving only her black lace bra. Miss Alexander then helps Randy lose the pants and this naturally frees his cock which she eagerly takes in with a playful lick or two on the shaft before she engulfs him. As the fire roars nearby the two keep their own fire raging with Monique riding Randy in reverse and there's a pretty good shot for cowgirl worked in too when they flip it around. A little doggiestyle and then it's time to blast off which Randy does to Monique's tits.

We head back to jessica's where she's in bed typing on her laptop but doesn't appear to happy about doing it. Wonder what she wrote, well we don't know but then it's a new day and we find Marcus sitting down reading a paper, did jessica write something about him?Looks like all these socialites like to read the gossip rag as we see a couple different takes on the latest column. So it's a new night and everyone is gathered again including Rocco and jessica who exchange a few words. Rocco spots a new girl, Georgia Jones, who just happens to be the wife of Randy Spears, oops remember he fucked Monique! Anyway the two girls chat a bit but it's a short one as Georgia leaves, replaced by Kirsten. However she leaves when Marcus comes up heading over to Georgia who is not in the best of moods since the latest tabloid column was about her man, Randy, cheating on her. The two have heated words but Kirsten is there to send him packing. So they leave the party together, hmmmm.

Kirsten Price & Georgia Jones:

Just as they leave jessica makes a hasty exit too as Rocco had asked earlier for her to follow Georgia. Well she does but what does she find when she arrives, the two girls in the throws of passion!! jessica has almost a front row seat as a peeping tom. Georgia makes the first move here too and this leads to one fine g/g scene. A very good closeup as Georgia makes her way down to have a taste of Kirsten's breasts which were looking very nice. Kirsten returns the favor and I liked Georgia going behind to caress her friends breasts. The pussy is up next!! Another counter top is used well here as Miss Jones licks and sucks the clit causing a few moans to slip from Kirsten's mouth. Loved the shot where Kirsten goes behind to lick Georgia's slit, a doggie pose on the counter has her pussy at perfect face level for Kirsten who dives in, also doing some fingering to her own ass! The girls do some finger tasting too as they enjoy their own juices before it's on to a 69, Georgia on top so Kirsten has the same great ass view as she'd been enjoying. Well done ladies and no toys thank you!!

Short time later we find Rocco on the phone and I believe he's talking about the tryst jessica just witnessed and telling this person the info wasn't obtained illegally so guess it's going to press. Rocco then makes another call and not sure who he's talking but he asks this person to come by. Next day it's Kirsten's turn to be pissed about her intimate details being revealed and she gives jessica a look asking her if she did this and jessica tries to deny it but Kirsten was persistant until the two have it out. Kirsten gives jessica a piece of her mind before storming out. Did jessica just lose her best friend? The doorbell then rings, who can that be. Ok guess it was Rocco who called for jessica to come over but he couldn't wait. Not much was said but she gives him an envelope and he's told to get the fuck out.

Another night, another party and who shows up, jessica and there are a few stares. jessica tried to talk to Kirsten but she's not having it and leaves. Marcus then heads over for a few choice words. Guess jessica isn't wanted here as everyone starts to stare and she gets the message, leaving. Short time later Rocco's back at it on the phone but he's not talking to jessica as she shows up at his office. The two talk about what's gone on, jessica wants the article back she just gave him and he still has it but what he gives her isn't that. It's proof her father wasn't guilty of the charge he leveled to jessica. The two are getting off on a great footing here, he's an asshole, she's a spoiled bitch who doesn't treat her friends very well.

jessica drake:

So naturally this leads to the two hooking up! No more talking, just kissing and caressing. The duo nicely lose the clothes until we find jessica on her knees working on Rocco's dick. miss drake is very good here spending more than just a minute showing his cock a good time. Mr. Reed then returns the favor using the desk top to perch jessica on as he dines on her pussy. Mish and doggie are the positions leading to a good facial pop for jessica who gives some cleanup too.

Now time to wrap this baby up. Ok in a superb bit of what goes around comes around we witness jessica's friends reading all about her little tryst with Rocco as it's in that days edition. The headline says it all too. So who drops by but Kirsten and she's brought a copy!! The girls talk and make up but then Kirsten hands her the paper and hello! But we get one last bit of story nearly resolved as we head back to Rocco's office and he's on the phone with this mysterious person he's chatted with a couple times but we don't learn who it is. Seems the two are pleased with the results here and now wonder who they should go after next, so perhaps a sequel will happen.

Extras & Final Thoughts:

Well fans this was good. The story maybe wasn't so pretty in it's substance, rich socialites playing around on each other. The tabloid guy weaseling his way in and using one of this rich elites to get dirt for his paper-- but it was sexy to watch. The g/g scene was very nice and you get two jessica scenes plus solid turns from Dylan and Monique. Not a lot of extras here. You do get a photo gallery and some trailers for other Wicked titles. There is a bonus scene featuring the lovely miss drake from the movie Hooked where she takes on Marcus London.

jessica isn't peacefully sleeping in the next shot. Nope she's in dreamland and thankfully for us viewing it involves sex!Marcus is there fucking her, eating her pussy and we get jessica in there with some nice head too, oops a 69 too!!The two then work through a few positions, cowgirl looking pretty good until Marcus is ready to explode which he does to jessica's upper chest, some to her mouth with cleanup. Now this wasn't such a bad dream was it Miss drake!

This was my take on the scene when I reviewed the movie recently. So there you have it, jessica fans should give this one a look as she's not playing a really nice person in this and in the end what goes around comes around bigtime on jessica though she seems to learn from it. Kirsten Price has a great g/g scene in this and some good dialogue too in between the scenes.

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