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joeblow69 Taste of Italy, A (Gay) 4 starsTaste of Italy, A (Gay) 4 starsTaste of Italy, A (Gay) 4 stars
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Taste of Italy, A (Gay)

Taste of Italy, A (Gay)

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TouchDown Tony's ratings for Taste of Italy, A (Gay):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Taste of Italy, A (Gay) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Taste of Italy, A (Gay) Female looks rating 0 stars
Male Looks Taste of Italy, A (Gay) Male looks rating 5 stars
Sex Taste of Italy, A (Gay) Sex rating 1.5 stars
Plot/Acting Taste of Italy, A (Gay) Plot/Acting rating 1.5 stars
Extras Taste of Italy, A (Gay) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Taste of Italy, A (Gay) A/V Quality rating 5 stars
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Reviewed by TouchDown Tony  on  11/30/2001
Director: Lucas Kazan
Starring: Pietro Cattani, Victor Racek, Glauco, Flavio Rossini, Marco Ramazzotti, Daniele, Delle Valle, Claudio Casanova, Daniele Barbareschi, Tony Colombo, Michelangelo Risi, Roberto Ruggiero, Paul Venesiani
Disc Specs:
Special Features: Slide Show with Optional Director’s Commentary, Previews, Featurette.
Running Time: Fifty-two minutes

As The Divine Miss M once stated, “It isn’t the sequel to JAWS,” at all...It’s just a lot of kissing and mezuzahs.” (Not being of the Hebrew faith, I had always assumed that mezuzahs were something dirty). The same statement could hold true for Lucas Kazan’s soft-core extravaganza of earthly delights, A TASTE OF ITALY. Lots of soul kissing, lots of phenomenally built men, ample flesh on display, sumptuous settings, gorgeous photography - but no penetration. Literally.

A TASTE OF ITALY is billed as “A softcore version of ‘Italian Style,’” a film which I will definitely seek out, and as such the question arises, “Just who is the audience for soft-core adult films?” There must be an audience for this product, otherwise, why go through the trouble of creating it?

Up front I will state that this is one of the best looking films on the market. It should come as no surprise to find the legendary name Kristen Bjorn on the film’s credits as Associate Producer - A TASTE OF ITALY looks every bit as good as any of Bjorn’s films. A TASTE OF ITALY, at less than an hour, is probably a little more than a taste, more of an appetizer, for once watched, I found myself longing for a full-throttle, all-out hard core film featuring the same performers. Viewing A TASTE OF ITALY is akin to reading a Cliff’s Notes version of a classic novel, sure, you’re given a feeling for that work, but you’re not getting the complete story.

There is very little, if any, story to be had in A TASTE OF ITALY. It cruises through four vignettes, designated with titles, as quickly as it cruises through its men. The Palace comes first, and confused me. Is it a dream within a dream? Is it an Italian reality set in a gorgeous, amber-walled pallazzo? A hunky gardener (Victor Racek) retells, and acts out a dream, with his drop-dead-gorgeous master - Pietro Cattani. Peitro and Victor have a very rare chemistry together, and when they dropped trou, I was prepared to invite either one into my bed. Adding to the confusion, however, are the gauzy shots of Victor in a bed with another man! We do get to see Pietro bobbing up and down as Victor fucks him from a morris chair - - but because of the editing, the scene comes to an abrupt finish just when it should be getting started.

The Pool had possibilities, as three young guys take from the water and commence a pool-side three-way while being watched by a fourth man. In spite of his saggy pecs, I found the golden boy, Roberto Ruggiero to be incredibly kissable, if not altogether doable - with his lush lips and shaggy shoulder-length dark hair. Roberto even has an ass rife with potential, there are some lovely shots displaying a trail of dark, downy hair pointing the way to his pleasure pit. The Pool also doesn’t feel nearly as truncated as the previous scene, since Kazan gives us shots of the models - all four of them- humping away emphatically.

We venture into the Tuscan hills for The Country for a visualization of “The Rubbyiat’s” most famous quote, “A loaf of bread, a jug of wine and thou.” Bronzed beauties literally having a roll in the hay, exploring each other with their fingers and their tongues, before they too, hear the call of the wild and drop trou for a little sucking and fucking. (Don’t get your hopes too far up, there are no penetration shots of any kind in the scene, and the blow-job is discretely photographed from behind so that there is a semblance of something happening “down there”).

When the guys move from the hay to the woodpile, we get loving, moving photography of one guy’s bubble-butt being fondly fondled before the lean against the woodpile for their anal action. Even without the penetration shots, this fuck scene works. Bubble-butted blond beauty’s cock does quite a bitt of flopping around as he’s being fucked from behind. Kazan even allows us to see these guys switch positions - and still the dick dangles! All of this takes place while a third Tuscan boy lies on the hay fondling himself through his torn jeans. Even in its edited state, The Country is an all-around winner.

If only the final scene, The City, could have lived up to the expectations offered in its introduction, it would be a fine finale. One- name-only model, Glauco, walks through the streets of the city ogling the pretty boys on parade. He captures the attention of Flavio Rossini - who will someday be a darling of a daddy - and they retire to a loft, where their soul kisses are watched by cover boy newcomer, Claudio Casanova, a muscular treat if there ever was one, with deep, dark brown bedroom eyes, firm Superman pecs, and a six-packed set of abs. He’s stunning as he’s photographed framed in a doorway, with mood lighting cascading across his perfect body. Cut in between the shots of Claudio, are the soft-core activities of Glauco and Flavio. Herein we’re treated to tons of nice ass shots as the guys sixty-nine on a long table. One great overhead shot almost shows asshole. Another abrupt cut brings the film to an end with a close- up of Claudio Casanova, whose terminal stare seems to be saying, “Please sir, I want some more.”

And there’s the crux, or the curse of A TASTE OF ITALY: it is almost perfect. The picture quality is as clear as one could want, the piano- based score is stunning - I would even pay for a cd of this particular score, the flesh tones are incredibly accurate and the settings are lovingly reproduced - right down to the bizarre graffiti- like scrawls of The City’s loft walls. The film editing is remarkable, nearly seamlessly covering the trail of hardcore action, with imaginative dissolves and no distinct losses to the musical score.

The dvd even includes a slide show featuring ALL of the models in ALL of their glory, with an interesting Audio Commentary from director Kazan. Kazan mainly relates the tale of working with the master, Kristen Bjorn, adding a truly valuable feature to the dvd. Three Previews (all soft-core) are featured under the umbrella title of “Other Lucas Kazan Productions:” OUR SUMMER (the re-edited ACROSS

My final feeling is that if you’re the intended audience for soft-core porn, A TASTE OF ITALY is a great big Italian sposalizio - a feast for the eyes, quite elegant and engaging. For the die-hard collector however, think of it as a aperitif, a little something to tide you over until the main course arrives.

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