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Taste of a Woman

Taste of a Woman

Studio: Adam & Eve
Category:  Couples , Feature film
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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astroknight's ratings for Taste of a Woman:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Taste of a Woman overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Taste of a Woman Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Taste of a Woman Male looks rating 4.5 stars
Sex Taste of a Woman Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Taste of a Woman Plot/Acting rating 4 stars
Extras Taste of a Woman DVD Extras rating 4.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Taste of a Woman A/V Quality rating 3.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by astroknight  on  12/22/2002

Running Time: 101 min.

Production Date: 4 / 11 / 2002

Director: Nicholas Steele

Cast: Jenna Haze, Nici Sterling, Layla Jade, Sophie Evans, Alex Foxe, Krystal Steal, Tiffany Mason, Randy Spears, Evan Stone, Ian Daniels, Colt Steele, and Tony Ribas

Initial Expectations: Something about this one really interests me. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s enough that I’m really looking forward to it.

Initial Reaction: It left a very good taste in my mouth.

Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting period style sex with lower lighting

Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting highly lit scenes

Audio /Video Quality: The audio is clear, with the non-sex portions having nicely done voice-overs and the sex scenes normally having the audio synching well with the video. There are a few areas that are dubbed, but the majority isn’t. The video is nicely presented in anamorphic widescreen. It has a slightly soft feel, and every now and then a remnant flashes past. It’s often very dark, but fits the artistic feel of the film pretty well with candles often providing the illumination.

Music: Once again, Saint provides the music for Nicholas Steele movie. The soft and new age feel fits the feature very well, and nicely rests in the background for much of the movie. Much of the music in the non-sex portions has a classical feel, frequently with vocals, that does a great job of raising the overall feel of the movie.

Menus: The menus are nice looking, but very basic. There’s no animation to the main menu and the chapter menu lets you choose a scene based on a small clip of the scene and a chapter number.

The Feature: The Marquis de Salle (Randy Spears) is known far and wide for his erotic writings. He’s searching for the perfect story to bring his wife (Alex Foxe) back to him, who left him not understanding his passion for eroticism, while the Governor (Ian Daniels) tries to have his writings suppressed. As with most anything else that’s banned, the stories grow in popularity, and some people, such as Jenna Haze, even try to imitate him.

Tiffany Mason finds Sophie Evans reading one of the Marquis’ erotic stories in a garden. She lightly caresses Sophie as she reads, and then removes her corset as soon as Sophie finishes. The girls continue to undress, kiss, and caress each other until they’re discovered by Toni Ribas. Toni’s more than happy to let his offscreen wife suck his cock as Tiffany works on her pussy. Tiffany comes up to help Sophie suck Toni’s cock before climbing up and riding it. Sophie rides Toni’s face as Tiffany rides him, and then turns around to let Toni fuck her from behind while she plays with and eats Tiffany’s cunt. Tiffany returns the favor by playing with both Toni and Sophie as they fuck. Sophie keeps Toni to herself once they start fucking, and lets Toni fuck her ass in a couple positions, as well as fucking it a bit more after he blows his ball butter on her ass crack. It’s a very hot scene with great chemistry that should surprise a lot of people that think Adam & Eve or Nicholas Steele is about vanilla couples sex. Putting the anal in a scene like this is a smart move for those out there who want vanilla couples sex because they’ll probably skip the scene anyway. Sadly, they’ll be missing one heck of a great scene and one of the best in the feature.

Jenna Haze pleasures herself while reading one of the Marquis’ stories next, and is found by Krystal Steal. They kiss a bit before laying back and fingering each other. Jenna breaks out a little hot wax for Krystal’s ass before she licks and fingers Krystal’s snatch, and then lays back so Krstal can return the favor. They finish things up slowly kissing and caressing each other. It’s a hot scene that fits in well with the period feel of the feature. There’s no toys here, but the wax fits in very nicely as an extra means of pleasuring each other.

After Ian Daniels catches his wife Nici Sterling reading the Marquis’ latest work, she drops to her knees (even though I don’t think kneepads were common yet) to plead in one of the oldest known ways. Ian repays her with a few fingers before banging Nici from behind and letting her ride him cowgirl style. Finally, Nici takes Ian’s dick droppings on her nicely implanted tits. It’s a pretty good scene, but was held back a bit by what I think was even lower lighting than the other scenes. The darkness does fit the location well, it just doesn’t make for a great scene.

Randy Spears visualizes himself in Jenna Haze’s story with Alex Foxe. She strips Randy down a little before dropping down to orally appreciate his wedding tackle on a bridge outside an estate house. Randy helps Alex out of her skirt and lifts her onto one of the posts on the bridge to return the favor before helping her down and dropping down to eat her from below. He moves on to bone her from behind and lets her ride him reverse cowgirl style before finishing things up missionary style and with a frosty facial. It’s a pretty good scene, but something seemed a little off here. Maybe it was the camera being constantly in motion, or maybe it was the camera normally either capturing things from a great distance or extreme close-ups. Regardless, it ended up as a pretty average scene despite some decent chemistry and energy from Alex and Randy.

Layla Jade reads the erotic stories after Ian Daniels tries to burn them, and shortly after finds Evan Stone and Colt Steele ready to put out her fire. She sucks them both before Evan starts fucking her from behind while she continues to let Colt fuck her face. The guys trade back and forth, before Evan gives Layla a good facial and Colt tit-fucks Layla until he pops on her chest and face. It’s a pretty good scene, but much tamer than I would have expected from these performers. It seems a bit limited as well, but still makes it slightly over the average mark.

Finally, Jenna Haze and Randy Spears bond in more than just writing. Randy lets his tongue explore Jenna’s young flesh before Jenna passionately sucks and licks Randy’s cock and balls. She moves on to ride Randy reverse cowgirl style and let Randy pump her from behind before taking his liquid love on her face. It’s a hot and energetic scene that makes a great final scene for the movie.

Taste of a Woman is a very well done piece of period porn. It shows some very nice care through the costumes and attention to details such as using candles in each of the scenes. This also gives the feature a romantic feeling, which continues through the sex as well. There’s some very nice passion through the sex, which blends well with the overall story. It has a slight vignette feel to it, as many of the scenes revolve around fantasies while reading sex stories, but still feels good. Taste of a Woman is worth savoring a little while.

Extras: Bios are included for Nici Sterling, Jenna Haze, Krystal Steal, Layla Jade, Alex Foxe, Tony Ribas, Tiffany Mason, Sophie Evans, Ian Daniels, Evan Stone, and Colt Steele. Each bio includes a little personal information and a nice photo of the star from the movie. The photo gallery includes twenty very nice looking snapshots. You can advance through them manually or they’ll change automatically after thirty seconds. Trailers are included for Photogenic, Pin Up Girls, and Flesh Game. There’s also bonus scenes, a behind the scenes featurette, and web links.

The first bonus scene comes from The Edge and features Chloe, Ava Vincent, John Decker, and Ian Daniels. After greeting Ava and Chloe at the door, butlers John and Ian start to take care of some of the girls needs. Ian licks Chloe’s feet and plays with her pussy a bit while Ava sucks John’s cock. Ava guides much of the action, instructing Chloe to suck butler Ian’s cock while also having butler John fuck her asshole and pussy with his tongue. The servants move on to add a few fingers to things, with John fingering Ava’s asshole while Ian works Chloe’s pussy with several of his fingers, before each slides his cock into his mistress’ twat. The guys move on to fuck their partner from behind, and Ava also takes a great reverse cowgirl anal. Chloe stays fairly well confined to her chair, but still puts in a very nice effort with Ian. The girls finish things off by Chloe taking an impressive blast from Ian on her face and tits, while Ava collects all of John’s nut butter on her extremely nice real tits. It’s a very hot scene that has some great chemistry between Ava and John. Chloe also seems to do a good job, but Ian seems to coast a little.

The second scene comes from A Witch’s Tail and features Asia Carrera watching Steve Hatcher and Cheyenne Silver get busy on her balcony. After a little passionate kissing, Cheyenne drops down to lovingly suck Steve’s schlong. Steve returns the favor by dropping down to tongue her twat before fucking her against the edge of the balcony standing up both facing each other and from behind. They finally finish things up with Steve blowing his nutty goodness across Cheyenne’s great ass. It’s a great scene that reminds me why I originally liked this feature so much. It has great chemistry, is nicely captured, and reminds you that porn doesn’t always have to look cheap.

The final bonus scene comes from Sex Across America Third Stop: San Francisco and features Aurora Snow and Jay Ashley in what I think was Aurora’s debut scene. As most everybody now knows, Aurora is a cute brunette with a very natural body and Jay is a very average looking guy with a crew cut and a pierced tongue and nipple. He seemed like all he’d need to be ready for Halloween would be a little green paint and a couple bolts on his neck. Aurora comes off as a little unsure and nervous, but still anxious to fuck. Jay warms her up slowly with a lot of kissing and caressing before Aurora bends over to suck his cock with a smile on her face. Not surprisingly, it puts a smile on Jay’s face also, who bends over to play with her pussy a little as she works. Jay lays her back after a few minutes of peace and quiet and eats her pussy. Aurora gets into it pretty well, smiling and laughing at Alexandra and playing with her tits. In a nice change, you actually see Jay reach over to grab a rubber and open it before he starts fucking Aurora. As he fucks her, Aurora shows just why natural tits can’t be beat. She has a nice rack, and they’re all natural which jiggle as no other tits can. You can tell that she’s really into Jay fucking her since she moans softly with her eyes closed through much of his pussy pounding. She ends the scene with a couple mounds covered with ball butter. Every now and then Alexandra hops into the scene to snap a picture. Although this is something I’d normally frown on, you can tell that she’s having a ton of fun with it, which is a lot of why this series is so appealing.

Finally, there’s the behind the scenes featurette that lasts almost twenty minutes. There’s quite a bit of Kylie Ireland interviewing Evan Stone, which as usual with both Kylie and Evan, is a lot of fun. I’m not sure, but I think the interview might be from the set up Whispering Hearts. There’s also a fair amount of the scenes being shot and lines being messed up. It’s a fun featurette, but doesn’t give you that much of a look at the making of the movie, especially since the majority of it appears to be from another movie.

Themes: Straight, lesbian, group, spanking, anal, masturbation, lesbian, hot wax, and tit-fucking

Raincoat Factor: Medium High

Overall: Currently, most of Adam & Eve’s Premium Collection can be found online for between $13 and $22 with most stores offering them for around $18. This is a pretty good price for all you get here. The movie’s nicely artistic yet sexy, the technical aspects are dark but well done, and there’s plenty of good extras. If you’re at all interested in this one, take the time to check it out.

Note to Adam & Eve: It’s nice to see you bringing your Premium Collection line back up where it should be.

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me .

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