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Taste My Asian Ass

Taste My Asian Ass

Studio: Sex Z Pictures
Category:  Anal , Asian
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Taste My Asian Ass:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Taste My Asian Ass overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Taste My Asian Ass Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Taste My Asian Ass Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Taste My Asian Ass Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Taste My Asian Ass Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Taste My Asian Ass DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Taste My Asian Ass A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  4/28/2008

Prologue David Aaron Clark (DAC) has been something of a porn nomad as a director focusing almost exclusively on Asian women and a heightened sense of fetish and artistic cinema. His most successful period, imo, is the time spent at Video Team (now Metro). He produced mood pieces and gonzo with equanimity, and had enough memorable material to warrant two compilations. His time at Madness produced more personal and self indulgent one on ones with the director usually acting as male talent and shooting POV. Not my favorite genre, by any means. The Hustler videos were more glossy and less insightful, DAC releasing his inner John Leslie, telling picture stories without a plot. This video was produced for SexZ, an interesting company, to say the least. They've raised people's awareness of their presence with two major features in the last couple of years, and hopefully that success will trickle down to their gonzo titles in terms of visual quality and courageous hardcore content. The Asian asses herein are Keeani Lei, Annie Cruz, Lucy Lee, Mya Mynx, and Ange Venus. Three tried and true anal sluts and two unknown. As always, I'm anxious to see how this works out.
Triple Crown

Starting off this video with Keeani Lei being dropped off at home by motorcycle. She strips in the house, starting with a pair of black kneepads, something I'm sure Keeani could use during a raucous blowbang. She slips into some pink satin finery with just enough cloth to cover her naughty bits. Heels and a flower in her hair for the finishing touches, and Keeani's ready to play. Out back there awaits a motley crew of Rick Masters, Brian Surewood and Sledge Hammer. Keeani sets up across the patio from them and pulls off her top. Her nipples are humongous, and Keeani's about as sexy as I've ever seen her. She flashes her pussy and pulls off her g-string. She's out of her clothing so fast, it almost seems a waste of time to have put them on. Almost. Her beef curtains seem to be quivering in the breeze as Keeani rubs circles through her phat lips. A cyan tipped finger dips into her pussy and Keeani gives the guys a come hither look that signals the mating call for any red blooded pornvert. They surround and take handfuls of the smiling and vivacious slut, then lead her to a gazebo nearby. There's a little pool there that Keeani wades through to suck Surewood's cock on the other side. It's gagging and messy, with Masters struggling to get started with the fucking in doggy. DAC can be heard giving her positional instructions as she seems to forget herself for the moment. She's pumped at both ends before Sledge calls her over. He gets her mouth, and this time it's Surewood dogging her from behind. That seems to set her off and Keeani starts to talk, sucking two cocks at once. They float her on the water, fingering her hot body, then start plugging holes. Surewood in mish and Masters getting head. Rick and Brian switch places, then DAC orders her back to Sledge, getting Keeani out of the water. Brian jams the honeypot from behind, taking a pratfall into the water that was definitely unintended. Keeani doesn't miss a beat as she inquires to his health, but keeps blowing Hammer, and taking on Masters as well. She's carried over to the lounge chairs where she's put on the rotisserie with Masters digging into her ass. Keeani moves up on Surewood's cock for CG while Masters fingers her and Hammer gives her something to suck on. Mish with Hammer while Masters dips into her throat. Keeani's put back on the spit between Surewood and Master's, then Hammer. RCA on Masters while she sucks Surewood. Mish anal with Hammer, fat cock stetching out her tightest hole while her hand flutters over her pussy. Doggy anal for Surewood while Keeani gobbles Masters. He relinquishes the tight hole to Hammer and gives Keeani a taste of her own ass. The guys run a merry go round on her, Masters seemingly standing by for moral support. Seated mish anal with Hammer again, tightening up Keeani's whole body in a prelude to the load launches. Hammer tries to be first to the facial, but gets beaten by Masters, who also warmed up in her ass. Surewood wants more ass and Keeani turns over for doggy anal, then A2M. Keeani stays on it until Brian's blasting splooge streaks across her face and into her hair. She's got a mouthful of cum and fat cock up her ass as Sledge resets and makes another attempt at sperm delivery. He finally shoots a dribbly mess into her mouth and Keeani's free to play with the goo before swallowing.
Strange scene in a lot of ways. The opening could have been lifted from a horror movie with the simple slutty innocence of a clothing change foreboding some weirdness to cum. The opening part of the pool scene could have been from a silent film with music playing over the tease. Then there's the inclusion of DAC's instructions in a few key spots. It kind of pulls you out of the fantasy that he was apparently trying to create up till then. There was also a lot of noise coming from jets flying overhead that was very distracting. And a three on one with Keeani Lei that never goes to double penetration. That's the strangest thing of all. On the plus side, Keeani looks smokin' and there are some great shots by DAC to capture her throughout.


DAC renews his acquaintance with Annie Cruz, a tight bodied hellion he introduced to the world of DVD porn a few years ago. She's going to work with Mr. Pete and has him spread eagled and tied to a bed. Annie takes advantage of his predicament, stepping on his nuts (gently) and teasing him by masturbating over his face. But not close enough for Pete to get physically involved. Yet. Some verbal jousting, and Annie slaps, chokes and teases Pete, visibly raising his ardor for her. She squirts on his stomack and licks it up, trading the juices into his mouth. Annie discovers his dick is hard under the blanket covering him, then pulls her top off to reveal her perfectly formed tits. She beats Pete in the face with them, then rips her little skirt off and sticks her hairy bush in his face. For hirsute lovers, Annie's sporting a full mound of pubic hair. Teasing his cock through the blanket again, Annie finally lets it out for some air, and her playful tongue. Pete wants his balls sucked, and Annie squeezes them tight while ministrating to the engorged nuts. If it was me, the safe word would have been invoked right there, but Pete really seems to enjoy a modicum of pain. He has her turn for a 69, and from her sounds and broken concentration on the bj, I'm guessing that Pete doesn't just eat pussy for show. Annie frees him, and Pete's ready to mete out some punishment of his own, spanking her round bottom while fingering her pussy hard. Annie rides CG, squatting and bouncing when Pete isn't choking and pounding from underneath. Annie's pretty wrapped up in this, and DAC can't even get her to turn toward the camera. P2M, deepthroat and ball licking, her studded tongue working close to his ass. They fuck in spoon, Pete spanking Annie's tits, much to her delight. It gets slow and sensual for a bit before Annie gets close to orgasm and Pete pounds her into euphoria. Pete grabs her pussy hair and spanks the mound, bringing Annie close to another nut. She sucks his big toe after having her own heel in her mouth, then rolls onto Pete for RC. A little BTS moment as Annie tells Pete what DAC exoects next. A little more vag RC with Pete masturbating Annie to a squirt before the anal transfer. The dick in her ass leaves Annie open to more waterworks as Pete strums the clit, spanking her tits randomly. He puts her in a full nelson as he pounds the pucker furiously in RCA. Annie's nipples get super hard and look like they could put out an eye. A2M, RCA, squirt, and A2M again. Anal spoon with Pete slapping Annies mound and inner thigh, which only makes her hotter, and another little squirt while she's being railed. Very short CG anal, A2M, and Pete has to call for a break. They get back to it in anal spoon, quickly to A2M, then side entry anal. More A2M with deepthroat. Side entry and A2M again, then mish anal. Annie squirts across her body, almost into her own mouth, then Pete drives even deeper and the piss is flying over her head. Spoon anal, and Pete cums on Annie's hairy bush. She sucks his cock clean as per DAC's orders.
Annie and Pete put on a great show, displaying a penchant for edge play by both of them, innate nastiness by Annie, as well as her flexibility and a touch of the circus. DAC broke the fantasy a couple of times too many and should have been a bit more judicious with his editing. Other than that, another great Annie Cruz notch on his belt.

Alley Catting

A very made up Lucy Lee (Teravision version?), wearing black net top, panties and leggings, is posing against a bare brick wall. She's wearing a spiked collar and looking very fetish-y, if that's a word. Otto Bauer joins her and starts sucking on her bolt ons. Lucy wraps her lithe body around him like a serpent and takes a dominant tone when she talks to him. He spanks her tight buns and fingers Lucy's clam. She impatiently rips his pants open to find a hard cock that she chickenheads and deepthroats. A bj queen by anyone's estimation, Lucy has Otto's balls ready to cum through his dick with her inspired technique and hungry throat. She even keeps her eyes rivetted on him like a good cocksucker should. Some titty fucking and ball sucking, deepthroat and spit lube for a standing doggy insertion with Lucy raising her near leg. Some comments back and forth about the smallness and tightness of Lucy's hole, and it does look very snug from the outside. She squats again for P2M, and if there's one thing that's been a constant in this video, it's that all the women so far have been very athletic and flexible, contorting their bodies and doing difficult leg positions. Deepthroat and back to the doggy plundering. Lucy spreads her pussy petals and rocks back on Otto's cock as they swing together in a nice rhythm. She faces him and they continue the standing fuck, DAC's camera underneath for a good perspective on the upward pump. Lucy goes aerial for a bit, then P2M. More spit lube, this time for the anal invasion. They have a little argument about Lucy laying down on the bare ground, and true to her personality, whether this is a setup or not, she refuses. Otto grabs a couple of wood pallettes, some foam and a blanket nearby, and creates a platform that he lays down on for Lucy to ride him. They eventually negotiate the terrain and Lucy lowers her ass over Otto's dick in RCA. Now she's all sweetness and light, inquiring about Otto's comfort and feeling very happy with herself. A2M, and back to RCA. Lucy helps herself along by strumming her clit and goes for another round of A2M. Spoon anal, and some hole confusion that Otto attributes to the tightness of her pussy. Lucy eats that shit up. Nice short sequence with Lucy putting two fingers deep in her cunt and grinding on the dick in her ass. Mish anal, Lucy working her pussy, making things a little tighter for Otto. DAC orders an A2M, then back to mish. Lucy's expecting a big load after all the milking her body's done to Otto, but first A2M and more mish, then a largely scattered and dribbled load that's just enough to give Lucy something to play with.
DAC has lots of experience with Lucy and knows her temperament better than anybody, and I wouldn't put it past him to set something up that might push her over a little. He gets to show some porn reality and everybody comes up smelling like roses with Otto being the trouper and getting his knees dirty and scraped by scene's end. Lucy looked tight and sinewy, and fucked great.

Pool Hall Whore

Mya Mynx is laying on a pool table, bound up in red rope. She admits some apprehension to DAC, acknowledging her situation and the fact that there are two big men ready to pounce on her. Mya tries to size up her would be tormentors, Rick Masters and Buster Goode, commenting on what she thinks they might do to her. Her talking annoys them enough that they come over to shut her up, and maybe teach her a lesson. Buster licks her pussy, then Mya gets freed before they can go any further. There are rules, after all. She sits on Buster in CG while sucking Rick. I'm loving all the nice squat fucking in this video, and Mya chips in with some here with Buster encouraging, and even demanding, more. DAC misses a squirt from Mya as he focuses on the oral, and she feels compelled to lick it before trying for another. DAC is right there for the second one, and Buster has her put the pussy in his face for a taste after the fact. Mya sits back down on Buster, only this time anally and in reverse. She's got a shit talking little mouth on her that should draw some aggression. A2M, then a cut to mish anal with Masters on the edge of the table. Self gagging A2M while Buster finishes a cigarette break by plowing Mya in mish. He gets on the table so Mya can ride CG and suck Rick, undoubtedly to prepare for the anal penetration and attendant DP that's next. Mya's filling the airwaves with her filthy talk and I think I'm falling in love. A2M, deep and tasty. Back to the CGDP, Mya egging them on, seeming to want them to pound her into submission. She's bucking like a bronco on the cocks filling her but unfortunately DAC misses another good shot as Buster apparently starts pulling on her nipples, and he's behind the action for the penetration shots. A2M, then Mya reverses on Buster for RCA and another DP as Masters descends on her. She claims this is a tougher DP, as the cock in her ass is much deeper than before, but with the dominant dick driving her pussy, the rewards appear much greater. So hot listening to Mya describe her experience, adding so much to the heat. P2M, and back to the DP, Mya whimpering but remaining wide open for the scissor fuck he puts on her. A2M, P2M, then they're stroking over Mya. She gags on Buster's cock a couple of times, then takes Rick's joy juice in her open mouth. Lip smacking good for Mya, who rubs her sweaty cum streaked chest while verbally coaxing Buster to give her more. He takes some time to get it together for her and duplicates the results of the first load.
I thought I'd never seen nor heard of this woman before this scene, and now I want more. She keeps things hot all the way through with her trash talk, and a body that backs up every word. If you're going to use Mynx as your surname, you better cum with the goods, and Mya did.
I'm not dead certain about this, but I do believe that Mya has performed for DAC before under the name Shai Lee, most notably in the excellent K-Pop in a hot scene with Mike Stefano.

Hair Of The Dog

Ange Venus is kind of freaky looking. She's trolling around in MILF territory, with her boobs done up and face pulled tight and heavily made up, hair reminiscent of Morticia Addams, flowing straight and black down past her ass. She's wearing fishnets and latex, and initiates some roleplay concerning pets. Brian Surewood has the part of her puppy. Ange has a fairly heavy accent and DAC has provided subtitles for everything she says, even though it doesn't seem necessary. The mistress feeds her hungry dog some tit and elicits a bark. Ange playfully whips her dog with her hair, then feeds him pussy. Brian makes her wet and horny, so she divests herself of her rubber skirt and splits for him while fingering her ass. Tongue is nice, but Ange wants cock now. She pulls Brian's out and sucks on it while he uses her hair as a whip, this time on her. He's not finished eating her, and pushes Ange back on a bed, spreading her legs wide and tonguing both gaping holes. Rectal fingering while her scarlet, wet pussy shines in its openness. It's a very welcoming hole, and Ange uses her long legs to accentuate some remarkable flexibility as Surewood chows down. Ange is ready to get nasty and DAC wants her to be freaky, wrapping Brian's leash around his cock when she goes to blow him. Ange seems to know something about chains as she fashions a ball harness on Surewood. He facefucks her, then they both spank his evil dick, Ange then tying her hair around the shaft and using it to jack him off. Time to fuck and they engage in an awkward little dance before finding a position Ange wants to screw in. Standing, with her leg propped high on Surewood's shoulder. He looks massive in her tight hole, cream being pulled out with every stroke. Brian pounds her, but Ange is both stoic, yet amazingly erotic looking. There's quick talk of ass, but first Brian lays her in mish. Her long stems are being pulled every which way as Surewood lays the hammer down on her. When he pulls out, Ange has to fan her open snatch with her hair to cool it off. They go back to the master/pet roleplay and Ange tells Brian he can fuck her ass after drinking water from the dog bowl. Standing doggy anal penetration, Ange whimpering with each deep stroke. Another amazingly tight hole has Brian struggling with his control and beating up his dick. He offers, and Ange accepts, a taste of her ass on his cock. A gob of spit lube and he's back to splittin' that shitter in doggy again. Brian gets more aggressive and Ange just keeps her ass high in the air. Piledriver anal, Ange staying in character as her pucker gets reamed. Brian gapes her, then goes back to pounding away. She goes into a position that falls between piledriver and missionary, but only her head is actually supported by the bed, back arched and stomach sticking high in the air. A2M, then back to the odd position that initiates with standing anal. This game is repeated a few times, then doggy anal and another A2M. One more go at doggy anal and Brian blows, pulling out and spraying Ange's face. She puts a death grip on his cock, then tries to suck out whatever remains, playing with the cum and his dick. "He's a good doggy."
Biggest surprise of the video was how strangely erotic this woman turned out to be. The freak factor was high, but Ange's tight, wet flower is enough to give a guy nocturnal emissions. I can only imagine how good it was for Surewood.

Epilogue The opening scene began with the innocence and foreboding of a slasher flick, then took on the feel of classic Swedish Erotica, Keeani with the flower in her hair, and the silent, but effective tease. The only thing missing was the neckerchief. DAC kept it pretty and moved it around the backyard, but made a serious misstep, imo, by breaking the fantasy with the inclusion of his verbal directions at a time when Keeani was in the moment. The director had never established his presence in the scene before that, and it's kind of jarring and unnecessary. It's almost as though DAC doesn't trust his ability to pull off an artistic piece intact, and has to give the viewer a look behind the curtain. He's done this before, to some mild annoyance by this viewer, but I wish he'd save the gonzo moments for the gonzo scenes and let his vision flow. That said, I was also mildly dissappointed by the lack of DP in this scene. Keeani's taken miles of dick in her career and handled more difficult scenarios than this one. It just seemed like the right thing to do here. With Annie Cruz, the camera is participant, and she's a dedicated exhibitionist who puts on a stellar show. Even here, DAC leaves too much in as Annie and Mr. Pete discuss how DAC wants them to end it. I'll wave this criticism off as this was a smokin' scene, but it occurs to me that maybe his intent is to make sure the viewer doesn't delude himself into believing this is real. With Lucy Lee, all things are gonzo even if they're not. I wouldn't have put it past DAC to set up a situation that would provide a blow up by the famously tempermental strumpet. She flashes her reknowned anger at the prospect of fucking on cold, bare concrete. Otto defuses the situation to keep the continuity alive in this beautifully ugly back alley setting. Lucy is gaunt and stark looking, probably shot very close in time to the meltdown that sent her off to the work farm, but still gorgeous and impressive in flexibility and skill. My initial impression when checking the scene list was that DAC had front loaded his video with the best first, and saved weaker scenes for the end. That appraisal would be incorrect because Mya Mynx put on the best scene of the video. She talked her way through the scene, adding verbal heat to a scenario that has been done many times before. Fucking on a pool table with almost anonymous meat vendors and making it work to perfection. I've only seen Mya in two scenes over four years, and she's impressed me both times. I guess she took the new name because another girl was using her original one when she dropped back into the porn world. I get the feeling that she's active in the fetish world, but not associated with mainstream porn. Only a guess, but that's the vibe and mentality I get. I was positive I wasn't going to like Ange Venus. Her face is like a plastic mask, and her boobies literally are. She has trouble with the dialogue (DAC uses subtitles to help us), but something about her dragon lady demeanor got to me and transcended the silly scenario. I was left wanting more, and consider that a good thing. Will there be more coming from SexZ Pictures, or is this just one and done?
The Disk There's a secondary chapter menu breaking each scene down to its sex acts, solo scenes that are actually the extended tease segments, slideshow, trailers, and an ipod version of the film.
Recommendation A typical show from DAC, alternately inspiring and maddening, but I think well worth a look.

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