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Rico Shades Tap That Ass White Boy 2 2.5 starsTap That Ass White Boy 2 2.5 starsTap That Ass White Boy 2 2.5 stars
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Tap That Ass White Boy 2

Tap That Ass White Boy 2

Studio: Candy Shop
Category:  Anal , Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , ,
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picman's ratings for Tap That Ass White Boy 2:
Overall Rating 4 stars
Tap That Ass White Boy 2 overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Tap That Ass White Boy 2 Female looks rating 3.5 stars
Male Looks Tap That Ass White Boy 2 Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Tap That Ass White Boy 2 Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Tap That Ass White Boy 2 Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Tap That Ass White Boy 2 DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Tap That Ass White Boy 2 A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  5/12/2007
Tap that Ass
White Boy #2
Prologue After the rousing success of the first edition of this series, I was anxious to find out if The Candy Shop could do it again. There's a change of directors to Diana Devoe, whose ass I'd like to see tapped, btw. The mix of women she's lined up is pretty interesting. Nyeema Knoxxx has turned in some terrific scenes elsewhere, and Vida Valentine has been missing from my screen for far too long. America brings a sweet, sultry, sexy presence, and, lord have mercy, Mya Mason is back on the block. Divine is the newbie, and meat is supplied by Mr. Pete, Mark Wood and Manuel Ferrara. Looks good.
Diana Devoe has taken America on the road to find freaky white boys. They're positioned near a hiking path because that's what white men do. Manuel Ferrara shows up with wife Trinity Post and they have an argument that leaves him alone on the trail. America's laying in wait and hijacks the amorous Frenchman, who takes her back to his place. She tries on his wife's sexy lingerie and Manuel comes alive. She excites him with a little impromptu lap dance and he lays her back to munch on her muffin. Putting America on all fours, he tongue fucks her ass, then has her masturbate while he pulls his pants off. Shortly, he's driving into her wet gash in mish. Nice energy as they roll onto their sides, then P2M bj. Hot, sexy talk from America as she lathers up the big cock, then sits on Manuel's face. She sits on him in CG and he provides a charge. They alternate between balls deep slamming with rough ass spanking to slow erotic interludes. Another P2M, leading to an anal insertion in CG. Tight fit. A2M, then another difficult anal insertion in RCA. With a reach around, America gets a dreamy look on her face. They roll into spoon and maintain the Nirvana like pace. Fast and slow. Hard and soft. A2M, always a sensual experience for America. She stands over the bed and takes Manuel in her pooper doggystyle. Mish anal on the bed and Manuel is ready to blast away. America gets to her knees and lets Manuel do something his wife won't abide, shoot jets of hot, white cream all over her face. America lovingly laves his cock after the ball blasts. She's hooked on white dick.
Is it warm in here, or is it just me? America may have had trouble fitting Manuel's beer can in her tight holes, but it didn't keep her from enjoying it. There were sound problems in this scene with the volume and noise wavering.
Diana's on a renewed search for white boys, and this time she has Nyeema Knoxxx in tow. They're checking out the parks and golf courses, but not having much luck. They spot geeky bird watcher, Mark Wood, and Nyeema introduces herself to him. A few innuendoes later, she's got him going to her house for a massage. Mark makes himself comfortable by getting naked and stroking his cock. Nyeema's surprised, but not put off, as she wraps her big lips around it. Mark feasts on her plump tits when the top is lifted off, then admires her fleshy body when the rest of her clothes are removed. Nyeema gets serious about sucking some dick, and impales herself on it in CG when it's wet and hard. She hammers her spot with it and sucks the cock clean when she's done. Mark mounts her in up and over doggy and hits it hard. Nyeema's eyes are rolling up in her head, and doubly so when he sucks her ass. He goes back to banging from the rear and has Nyeema singing his praises. Cut to a mish anal insertion. Nyeema's moaning in pleasure and has a light veneer of perspiration covering her body. A pullout has lube running out of her rectum and Mark takes a taste of her pussy before going back to work in Nyeema's digestive system. She howls in pleasure as he digs her out, and gets upset when Mark doesn't want to disengage for her to suck his dirty dick. He continues to deprive Nyeema of her sustenance, opting to turn her around for doggy anal. Moving into an up and over, Mark sends Nyeema over the edge with a rousing, balls deep reaming. If ever there was an anal orgasm, this is it, as Nyeema's legs are quivering and lube goes flying on the pullout. Seriously haaawwwtt! Cut to an RCA insertion, and a hard ride by this driven woman. She swirls and grinds on the cock as a reprieve from the ultra physical bouncing, then recovers to use the meatstick some more. Nyeema swallows the sticky cock and sits back down in RCA. She's twitching as they roll into anal spoon, then sucks Mark A2M. He wants more ass and orders Nyeema to climb on CG. She about loses her mind as her colon gets railed one last time, then a cut to Nyeema kneeling in wait for her reward. Mark soaks her face and tits with a series of scattershots, and Nyeema's licking her fingers as Diana breaks in for a few parting words.
Nyeema may not remind anybody of a Barbie doll, but she throws down with the best of them and just may be the best lay of the cast.
Still searching for white guys, Diana thinks that maybe she and Divine are in the wrong place. They're at a strip mall with a check cashing place, liquor store and laundromat. They're not sounding too hopeful. Divine sees Mr. Pete and snags his ass off the street. Before they get out of the carport at her place, she's got his dick in her mouth. Divine's wearing jeans and a tee shirt, but when Pete pulls her pants down a little, we can see frilly french cut panties. He facefucks her a little and ushers her inside to toss Divine's salad and spear her pussy like a dog. Her top and bra are tossed while being shafted and Pete rolls her into spoon. Divine's pants come off and she mounts in CG. Her body is supple with beautiful small tits and badadunk. She really gets to work her pussy out on the stiff dick and Pete beats up on it when she needs a rest. They trade back and forth, Divine getting her freak on before the anal penetration, which comes in doggy. He somehow rolls her into mish and slows things down to enhance Divine's pleasure. She's riding the pleasure/pain tip as Pete rubs her pussy while dicking her dooky deep. Nipples are on fire and her voice is quaking. He goes up and over for maximum penetration, then grabs a handful of cunt for g-spot manipulation that leaves her twat soaked. Pete starts going crazy in her ass, then turns her to doggy again and offers to fuck her pussy some more, but Divine wants him to stay in her ass. Cut to RCA where they twist around in a few variations, including a full nelson, before Pete has to unload. Divine scampers to get her head in his lap and take a copious facial. Post pop head drives him crazy and Divine doesn't seem to want to leave his cock.
I didn't have much expectations about Divine, but this girl comes to play and really gets her freak on. Lots of chemistry between partners, and good, hard, deep anal.
Vida Valentine, armed with a bottle of suntan oil, is looking for someone really white, to bring some color into his life. She scopes out Mark Wood and squirts some protection on his milky skin. Vida talks Mark out of his pants for an even tan and finds out he goes commando. She finishes the job, then accepts Mark's lewd advances, inviting him into the house for some fun. Tits hanging out of her blouse, Vida strips to her thong and starts to slurp on Mark's wood. After an energetic oral workout, Vida gets rid of her panties and climbs the cock in CG. She gives it a hard ride and her pussy is frothing when she sucks Mark's sticky cock. They move to spoon and Vida takes a cock slamming that looks like it really hit the spot. Her pussy is foaming and she sucks her hard friend again, hammerheading the tip, then taking it doggy. Mark goes up and over, continuing to ream the hot fuckhole. He licks the gash and fingers Vida's rosebud, then slides his cock into her waste system. Vida's got a dick up her ass and lust in her eyes as she's found some good chemistry with Mark. A2M, leading to CG anal. Another A2M and more CG anal. Vida appears to have an assgasm, then a cut to mish anal. She's got one handful of pussy and another squeezing her tit as she cums again. Mark needs to cum this time and Vida wants him to paint her pussy. He scatters his shot on and around the mound, then goes back into the stinker for a few more strokes. Vida and Diana are happy.
Nice scene with two people who obviously enjoyed each other. Vida's no shrinking violet when it comes to getting fucked and she takes a good shafting here.
There's trouble in paradise between Mya Mason and her boyfriend, Ace. He has a surprise for her, and wraps a blindfold over her eyes to keep it mysterious. Ace leads her to a blanket set up in the backyard, and a pink gift bag filled with his picnic goodies. She can hear a bottle opened, and anticipates champagne. Of course, it's only a 40 of Ace's finest ale. The scarf comes off and Mya freaks on him. Frozen burritos, cookies, $7.50 worth of party. Mya tells him he could make things up to her by fucking her in the ass. No way, says Ace. He tells her she needs to find a whiteboy to do that shit and he packs up and leaves. Mr. Pete ambles by and encounters the distressed Mya, who explains her predicament. Sir Galahad suggests they adjourn to his place where he'll willingly do the dirty deed. Mya rubs herself all over Pete and he carries her into his crib. They tear into each other, Mya's clothing getting pushed aside for Pete to get a taste of her slinky little body. He thumbs her sphincter and tosses her salad. Some g-spot fingering and ass spanking. Mya undresses all the way and sucks Pete's hardon. He fucks her pretty face, then sends her to the couch for a doggy mount. Mya's spots are getting hit right off and she threatens to cum, her nipples flaring out like lasers. They roll to spoon, Mya rocking her hips rhythmically to Pete's thrusts until he slams her little muffin like a madman. They fuck face to face on their sides and Pete preps the ass for imminent invasion. He picks her up for an aerial pounding, then sets down for CG. The hot little spinner is doing swirlies on his cock and grinding him deep, getting railed when she relinquishes control. She's had enough foreplay and wants it in her dumper. Cut to mish anal, Mya's darkest desires being fulfilled. Pete goes up and over, fingering her hot twat along with the anal reaming. Mya's moaning and calling out Pete's name as he rearranges her innards. Dick still in place, he rolls her into doggy. Spoon anal with Mya masturbating. Pete works her pussy while going crazy in her ass and Mya's breathless. Cut to RCA and Mya looks near the end as she works her pussy and Pete puts her into a full nelson. Her mouth is agape as he slams her in spoon, sending her to the floor for his load. An open mouth facial for the sweet tart, and a kissoff for the camera.
Great scene to end things with. Mya is beautiful, hot and willing. Great chemistry with Pete, and the kind of visual that only a tiny girl like her can supply.
Epilogue Diana Devoe has strung together a winner here. While it doesn't have the one or two scalding scenes of the first edition, she has infused this with some fun setups and good natured sendups of white boys. That's not to say that the sex wasn't hot, because everybody here seemed very into this, and all the performances were first rate. I thought that America was held back by Manuel being too big for her, but she balanced things, as always, by her innate sweetness and sexiness. Nyeema Knoxxx is a true cockhound, and she probably comes closest to burning the house down with sheer physicality. Vida Valentine is right behind her in that respect, also putting on a great show. Divine was the find of this video, as she held her own with the rest of the cast, and was surprisingly anal friendly. I don't know what to say about Mya Mason. She's one of those women who reach me without even trying, and watching her slim body undulate with a dick in her ass is porn gold. She takes a ferocious pounding at times and looks fabulous doing it.
The Disk Cumshot recap, photo gallery and BTS. This was Divine's first anal scene. Hard to believe because she invited some hard penetration. It was veteran Vida who had trouble getting the anal started. A fun set begets a good production. Some audio wavering throughout the video.
Recommendation Another good wm/bf offering from The Candy Shop. No surprise, and a good pickup for rental or purchase.

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