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Talk Dirty To Me 10 (David)

Talk Dirty To Me 10 (David)

Studio: DaViD
Category:  Feature film
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astroknight's ratings for Talk Dirty To Me 10 (David):
Overall Rating 2 stars
Talk Dirty To Me 10 (David) overall rating 2 stars
Female Looks Talk Dirty To Me 10 (David) Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Talk Dirty To Me 10 (David) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Talk Dirty To Me 10 (David) Sex rating 2.5 stars
Plot/Acting Talk Dirty To Me 10 (David) Plot/Acting rating 1 star
Extras Talk Dirty To Me 10 (David) DVD Extras rating 2.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Talk Dirty To Me 10 (David) A/V Quality rating 3 stars
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Reviewed by astroknight  on  7/20/2000
Running Time: 1:22

Writer & Director: Jerry Ross

Cast: Kylie Ireland & Steve Drake (also the producer) with Missy, Nici Sterling, Lovette, Nico Treasures, Tracy Love, Vince Vouyer, and Peter North

Extras: Audio Commentary by Steve Drake

Audio / Visual Quality: Pretty dang good. The movie was made in 1994, and is not grainy. The sound matches the video very well. The sex scene camera work is also quite good. There aren't an over abundance of beaver - cam shots, and the sex scenes are normally quite well filmed. The other camera work is average at best, but I'll get into that later.

The Plot: Not much.

Review: "I hate you Jack, but I can hate you in the bedroom" Missy tells Steve Drake late in the movie. That's kind of how the entire movie goes. Steve Drake plays Jack, a guy who is only concerned with sex. Apparently that's what made him have to leave town.

We start with Jack returning to town on a freight train and calling Missy for a ride. I started disliking the movie about half way through the car ride home. The entire thing felt like it was filmed from the back seat. I know that you don't have a lot of options for filming car scenes, but don't make me feel like I'm trapped in the back seat. There's only a couple shots from the front which leaves you looking at the back of their heads for most of the ride. It isn't helped by Missy's piss poor acting job. I always kind of liked Missy. She's got a hot little body and is one of the most animalistic adult actresses since Ashlyn Gere left. Of course, when they get back to Missy's place they have to have sex. Missy hates Jack and wants him to leave, but he's too good a fuck to kick out. Steve starts by eating Missy out and double fingering her, followed by Missy giving Steve a pretty good blow job. She rides him reverse cowboy and then he fucks her up the ass. Just a 1 - 2 - cum, not even 1 - 2 - 3 - cum. The scene wasn't helped by Missy overacting throughout the entire scene. "Oh, well. It's still early in the movie. We haven't even seen Kylie yet." I told myself.

We get a short flashback or maybe a dream of Steve with Tracy Love and finally have Kylie as a talk radio host for 106.69 concerned with sex. Man, if only Howard Stern looked that good! Maybe something like a plot is even starting to develop. Could it be?????? As soon as Kylie gets off the air, Peter North playing Robin Quivers to Kylie's Howard Stern, spoons her on the desk. Followed by Kylie riding him with her usual enthusiasm before getting the patented Peter North skin treatment.

Meanwhile, Steve and his friend Vince Vouyer recall when they were camping out in a house and watched Nici Sterling try to seduce a client (Eric Edwards) into buying the house. Eric isn't buying what she's offering, so Steve comes out of hiding to satisfy her. Once again, she instantly hates him, but agrees to fuck him since he threatened to turn her in for trying to seduce a client. Once again, a very typical scene. When Steve is close to finishing with her, we waves in Vince who Nici blows very nicely while Steve does her doggy style. He decorates her ass and then sits back and watches Vince finish off Nici. Man, what I wouldn't have given for the music to change to Van Halen's 'Finish What You Started'.

Finally, a little plot starts to show up again when Steve calls in to Kylie's show claiming to be a man who can satisfy any woman. Lovette and Nico Treasures are bored housewives who listen to the show and know that they have to have him. He agrees to come over and take care of them. They both pretty much tag team between the 3 of them. There is very few scenes when everybody is doing somebody else somehow, which is unfortunate because the couple times when it does happen it's pretty good. He only fucks Nico in one position, then moves on to Lovette who he missionaries and then anal fucks doggie style. As I hinted at earlier, I was really disappointed with this scene. Both of the women are really hot, but they both seem underused in their own scene.

Steve returns to his hotel room and tells Vince all about it and then goes back to see Missy. She convinces him to leave her alone and let her have a good life that he can't provide her with (other than sex). He then goes on Kylie's show where the skeptics all call in on how he does it. Finally, Nico or Lovette calls in to tell them how great he was and try to schedule a second helping. Unfortunately, he's too busy trying to take on Kylie, which he later does in the back room.

Finally, we have the scene with Tracy Love. I'm not sure anybody knew what was supposed to be going on with the plot here. It seems like Steve went to see her after leaving Kylie, but listening to the commentary, Steve claimed it was to be the flashback that led to him having to leave town. Regardless, this was a hot, fast paced scene. Tracy is the only one who gets the full 1 - 2 - 3 - cum, with an anal scene before her father comes home and he has to leave town (again?).

The Commentary: In order to do a good solo commentary, you have to really know what's going on and have a lot to say. Steve falls short on both counts, plus he sounded bored with his own movie. I had the feeling like this was the first time he watched the movie, and he leaves a lot of dead air on his commentary. He says a few pretty bonehead things too, such as pointing out that they're not wearing condoms. I know it's a commentary, but I'm not freaking blind!!!! He mentioned it two or three times even! He also had some interesting things, such as that most guys in the industry are of average size. I always felt like the guys had to be huge, but it's much more important to know what you're doing, according to him. He also had a strong preference for natural breasts, and talked a bit on what a great person Kylie Ireland is. Kind of nice to hear somebody in the industry say what all of us at ADT seemed to think.

Overall: The commentary is the only reason I gave this a 2 overall. The girls are really hot, but the only guy we really get to see is Steve Drake. The scenes are kind of sad when I look back on them and see that most of the girls were kind of wasted. There's almost no plot, and even the director didn't seem to know what's going on. It's almost like they stapled each scene together, put them in a bad, and then did them at random. I half way agree with Missy and her quote I started with. I hate Jack too

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