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Tales From the Teaseatorium 2: Soul Signing

Tales From the Teaseatorium 2: Soul Signing

Studio: Venus Girls
Category:  Fetish
Directed by:
Starring: ,
Released on: 
Where to buy:Streaming/Download
Endorphin's ratings for Tales From the Teaseatorium 2: Soul Signing:
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Tales From the Teaseatorium 2: Soul Signing overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Tales From the Teaseatorium 2: Soul Signing Female looks rating 4 stars
Male Looks Tales From the Teaseatorium 2: Soul Signing Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Tales From the Teaseatorium 2: Soul Signing Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Tales From the Teaseatorium 2: Soul Signing Plot/Acting rating 3 stars
Extras Tales From the Teaseatorium 2: Soul Signing DVD Extras rating 0 stars
Audio/Video Quality Tales From the Teaseatorium 2: Soul Signing A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
Rating Scale
Reviewed by Endorphin  on  4/4/2007
Primary Genre: Teasing
Secondary genres: a touch of Clothed Female/ Nude Male (Don’t worry, you get to see BOOBIES!!! and pussy), arguably great couples porn (though, the man might fear what will result from the woman Googling ‘teasing’ afterwards)

Starring: Lacey Duvalle, April Blossom, and some dude

• Teasing!
• I feel something building mean there was some build in the DVD.
• Lacey Duvalle’s slow blowjob, beautiful face, and nice BOOBIES!!!
• April’s breasts and impact
• I got suckered into a trap…er..I mean he.
• Very sensual feel
• Open to interpretation?
• Widescreen
• Fun intro to menu
• Pre-cum mention

• Extras?
• Audio too soft for plot dialogue.
• An ‘Umm! What was that?” moment.

Special rating notes:
• The overall feel of the DVD added to the overall score explains a score higher than the sum of its parts.
• The sex rating is based on sex appeal rather than number of sexual acts.

The Feature:
I feel the need to tread cautiously here. I assume that part of the enjoyment of the feature relies on the viewer being teased as well, so I will start with the details that I think readers might most want to know before forking over money, but leave out details that might ruin the first viewing experience.

The DVD intro: April slowly reveals her breasts and then says “pick one”. The choice of Play or Chapters displays under….well…each breast.
The setup: A lawyer(?) stops by a house to have papers signed. Lacey says that she doesn’t need to sign anything, she needs him to please her.

The Teases: Note, I am even afraid to spoil the experience by revealing the styles of the Teases. So you may want to stop beyond physical attributes.

Physical attributes of the Teases:
Lacey is a beautiful black woman with nice big boobs and an overall nice body from what I can see. April is a very good looking brunette with great natural breasts and an overall nice body from what I can see.

Their teasing styles:
Lacey is sensuously slow and mostly softly assertive. She cums across as a woman who is pleased by denying orgasm because she hasn’t used up that erection quite yet, rather than because she delights in the guy’s suffering. But, there is a slight change later.
April is more assertive and shows more delight in the thought that his balls are aching for release.

Getting too revealing?
Lacey’s scene was incredibly sensual. The emphasis was much more on her pleasure rather than his ache. I felt like Lacey only minded his release because he would become limp afterwards. I batted around the idea of calling this ‘forced foreplay’, though it feels much more subliminally forced. When I vicariously live through the guy I want to cum, but I am OK with holding off in order to give her more pleasure. April enters, and makes a plot point( I never felt more disappointed with a new girl entering a scene, but I definitely got over it). My blood flows a little less..yada yada yada. But, then the onslaught begins, despite an arguably subtle change in amplitude. April is more assertive and seems to delight more in the guy’s aching to release. She doesn’t walk in dressed in leather with a riding crop in hand, but she is probably more effective this way. Her presences makes Lacey a bit more aggressive, as if she wants to prove herself to a Mistress or she wants to contend for power. I must confess that the outward changes are subtle and open to interpretation. However, I was caught off guard. I could have watched Lacey alone for much longer, but shortly after April entered I was on the edge of my seat, so to speak. The tone had changed, not in dramatic fashion, but with dramatic results.
At one point Lacey is inexplicably dragged off scene (as if by an invisible Vaudville hook). And I …er..the dude is left to the mercy of April. As she demands her satisfaction and delights in having her nipples lubricated with pre-cum. She offers him his release all over her lovely natural breasts. He fires several straight streams of cum on her natural breasts (which look very good decorated in cum). Then she has him sign the papers (remember that) with what is left dripping out of his cock. This signature apparently results in his paralysis. As he begs to know what he signed, she walks away and displays those nice cum coated breasts.

Bottom line 1: I feel something building.

Bottom line 2:I demand satisfaction!!!…Can I please please have it…Pretty please.

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