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Take No Prisoners (Evil Angel)

Take No Prisoners (Evil Angel)

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Bondage
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MLyons's ratings for Take No Prisoners (Evil Angel):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Take No Prisoners (Evil Angel) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Take No Prisoners (Evil Angel) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Take No Prisoners (Evil Angel) Male looks rating 2 stars
Sex Take No Prisoners (Evil Angel) Sex rating 3.5 stars
Plot/Acting Take No Prisoners (Evil Angel) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Take No Prisoners (Evil Angel) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Take No Prisoners (Evil Angel) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by MLyons  on  2/15/2005
Take No Prisoners

Mike Lyons Reviews    

Jules Jordan
Nikki Benz, Keri Sable, Brittney Skye, Taylor Rain, Alexis Malone, Mary Jane, Sativa Rose, Jules Jordan, Mark Wood, Arnold, Travis Knight, Kurt Lockwood, Mick Blue.
All Sex

Female Orgasms

Those who love Jules Jordan's work.

Those who are really hoping for something different from Jules Jordan.

Please take a look at Crucifixio Jones' outstanding review of this title as well, not only because it's wonderfully written, but especially because it includes a few video captures from the movie.  I would have done video captures myself, but he does them better, and given the new ADT guidelines for picture content, I'd be restricted to basically the same images he offered.  :)

I admit it.  It's been a good while since I last sat down to watch a Jules Jordan movie, and even then, it was a compilation.  My lack of single-minded devotion to Jules is nothing more than an issue of mood and personal taste, however.  Since he's been with Evil Angel, I've never seen him produce anything I would consider bad--quite the contrary, in fact.  It's just that in some of his lines (such as Feeding Frenzy, Weapons of Ass Destruction, and Ass Worship), he does tend toward the more fetishistic practices of modern hardcore, including the obligatory check-marks like heavy anal play, gaping, A2M, and cum-swallowing.  While all of these popular acts are presented with a better eye for making them look good than most porn out there, I prefer Jules' less act-specific lines, such as Flesh Hunter, and Trained Teens.  Unfortunately even those tend to run a bit hot and cold for me, possibly due to type of balance Jules tends to favor with regard to beautiful presentation versus the revelation of sexual chemistry.  As far as my tastes go, the best porn must contain both these aspects, and such is the challenge of pornography that, after a certain level of competence, which Jules absolutely possesses, it seems in order to gain dividends in one of those areas, you must make sacrifices in the other.  Jules takes his time, and his movies have a very methodical, almost Kubrickian air about them that, while being quite beautiful to look at, can sometimes squelch those real feelings of personality or spontaneity.  It's for this reason that I tend to gravitate more toward Joey Silvera's work, who tends to place his weight on the other side of the fulcrum.  

That said, however, on occasion, Jules has turned out scenes, and even full movies, that have knocked my socks off.  Flesh Hunter #2 is such a movie, and my hope is that Take No Prisoners might be similarly fantastic.  If there's one fetish I will respond to, it's the suggestion of bondage intermingled with hardcore sex.  I'm not deluding myself into thinking that real bondage and hardcore are married here, as that is a risky proposition in the American market and is seldom produced, but truly, the mere suggestion of it can go a long way in satiating my desires to see such things.  Judging by the box cover alone, I have high hopes for what lies within.  Add to that a gorgeous and proven cast that includes some personal favorites of mine like Alexis Malone and Taylor Rain, and throw in some hints of female domination, and this disc has the potential to cost me another pair of socks.

Nikki Benz, Jules Jordan

Nikki is a pretty blonde with tits, the size of which border on the obnoxious--at least for my tastes.  I have to say, though, that for whatever reason, my aversion to silicone has abated significantly over the years.  I still don't particularly like them, but they aren't necessarily a deal breaker either.  In any case, Nikki is lookin' just fine here.  She arrives in a car, and steps into a house where Jules Jordan is waiting for her in a chair.  After handcuffing his hands behind him and covering his head with a black hood,  she goes upstairs to change out of her business suit and into, well... some rather sexy black vinyl.  I really love all of this, and I enjoy the slow pace with which we see Nikki transform herself into a damn sexy, but not over the top, dominant.  She returns to Jules below and takes her sweet time teasing him with various devices that she produces from her suitcase.  These include a chain that clips around his neck to act as a leash, a set of cat-o-nine tails with which she whips his erect cock, and a riding crop.

For whatever it's worth, this kinda stuff just drives me batty.  I love the female domination vibes, as well as the congruency with which Nikki pulls it off.  As time goes on, Jules gets his cock sucked, and whipped.  Nikki uses Jules' mouth on her pussy, and eventually, she uncuffs him and sits on his cock.  Jules really reacts wonderfully here, and I for one, can't blame him.  I'd love to be in his shoes, and I'm damned if he doesn't know it...  The bastard.  This retains that air of dominance while still maintaining a great sense of mutual feeling, and in that way, even 47 minutes into the scene, my attention is unwavering.  Finally, Jules' hood is removed and the scene takes a turn for the more traditional.  At that point, I thought the scene sort of copped out of what it could have been if the initial idea had been carried through (or at least if there was more readily perceivable motivation in the shift of power), but that's not to say that the scene didn't end well regardless.  Nikki does not take it in the ass, but she does get a nice face full of Jules-cum to top the scene off--and for facial fans, there's not much fault you can find with something like that.  This was a fantastic opener, which really played nicely into my love for dominant female action without stepping too far into the leatherized, hyper-ritual of traditional B&D fetishism.  Nikki was gorgeous in her big-titty way, and both she and Jules were expressive, seeming to enjoy what they were doing.  If this is any indication of what the rest of the disc will be like, it might take me a while to get through it.  For now--it's already break time.

Keri Sable, Mark Wood, Arnold

Keri is gorgeous.  That's just the fact of the matter.  She's blonde, thin, and dressed to kill.  It doesn't hurt any that she's wearing a collar and is leashed to a pipe-railing while she sits on her knees.  That's the stuff of hardy-hard hard-ons right there, let me be the one to tell ya.  There's some nice interaction between Jules (behind the camera) and Keri before she is guided upstairs and stands with her back to a doorway as her wrists are bound above her.  Two decidedly unattractive guys are brought in to "take care of her", as Jules puts it, and they are even paid for their "trouble".  

::rolling eyes::  It's a tough job, but somebody's, gotta do it...

ANNNY-way, they start groping Keri but don't get too terribly far before her hands are freed and she is allowed on her knees to suck some cock.  The rest of the scene is pure Jules Jordan.  There's some pussy fucking, some cock sucking, and eventually a fair amount of anal and DP, complete with the ass to mouth interludes.  I'll say it again because it bares repeating:  Keri looks fuckin' fantastic, but I'll also say that the first ten minutes of the scene were by far the most interesting.  Once the superficial treatment of domination and submission themes are abandoned, Jules doesn't look back, and the rest is pretty much Jordan-esque sex by rote.

Brittney Skye, Travis Knight, Jules Jordan

The blonde parade continues, this time in the form of Brittney Skye.  Brittney is a seasoned performer with large, enhanced tits and a delightfully pretty little pussy who has done more than her fair share of porn videos.  I've seen a couple of them, but none of her scenes really stick in my memory.  That said, this scene is quite uncharacteristic of Brittney's normal, somewhat softer, fair.  She starts out in a state of suggested bondage, wrapped in red tape with her back to a white column.  She looks plenty yummy, particularly if you're into the big-titted, hard-body type, and before long Jules and Travis arrive to start groping her.  The scene quickly weans itself from the bondage and domination theme, however, and becomes another somewhat typical representation of the Jules Jordan catalogue.  Brittney gets plenty of vaginal and anal attention, including a fair amount of Jordan-esque A2M round-robins, and eventually she gets double penetrated as well.  As Brittney Skye scenes go, this is certainly one of the hardest you're going to find.  She looks fantastic, she gets duly fucked in all holes, and she's got a nice, expressive performance style.  As Jules Jordan scenes go, though, I found this one to be fairly average.  Of course, average for Jules Jordan, by most people's standards, is outstanding in the grand scheme of things, but I suppose I'm not most people.  Still, I found plenty to like about this scene, and there's something unique about the way Jules and his camera man capture the quiet, intimate beauty of a woman's body.  If Brittney's your kinda girl, and Jules is your kinda director, I can't see how this wouldn't be your kinda scene.

Taylor Rain, Jules Jordan, Travis Knight (DVD ONLY)

Yes, I'm a bit of a sucker for Taylor.  I like 'em petite, and as petite women go, Taylor has a slammin' bod.  I've also found that over the course of her porn career, she seems to have come into her own as a performer.  She's very quiet and acquiescent as an object of men's attentions, but she also manages to generate a little response amidst that low-key sex-doll vibe as well.  Maybe it's just my dick talking, but fuck it.  That's what I'm s'posed to be listening to right?  Taylor starts out handcuffed, ball-gagged and on her knees in the kitchen when Jules and Travis find her.  She wears a yummy crotchless, chestless body thong and is shown off to nice effect before the guys get too out of control.  There's some wonderful cocksucking while Taylor is still in her handcuffs, which to me was the best part of the scene.  After the handcuffs are lost, however, so to are the power-play undertones that accompanied them.  I liked the little interludes where Taylor moves from one location to the other as the guys follow her, ending finally at the top of the stairs where they take her ass, and finally double penetrate her.  Taylor is an old pro at all this and seems to accommodate the two men as easily as a girl of her size can.  There are some typically striking images of her gorgeous body getting fucked every which way, and a few annoyingly requisite A2Ms for good measure.  Finally both guys unload on her face.  This is a good scene, and Taylor looks wonderful.  I just wished they'd somehow found a way to follow through on the theme.  It just ended up being the same ol', same ol' by the time it was all over.

Alexis Malone, Kurt Lockwood

Let's talk Alexis Malone.  I remember Alexis when she was relatively new to the industry.  I remember her working for such bone-headed directors as Vince Vouyer in Raincoater's Point of View #2.  It was a sad waste of her wonderful expressiveness and beautiful body.  Then, lucky for me, Joey Silvera found her, and what a lovely, and unique scene it was, too.  Eventually, I even got to meet her at the 2004 AVN expo in Las Vegas.  Then I saw her gorgeous scene with Jennifer Love in Jonni Darkko's Angels of Debauchery.  Talk about coming into your own as a performer, Alexis has really come a long way.  As it turns out, she doesn't disappoint in this scene either.  Besides Alexis herself, this encounter has another perk in that Kurt Lockwood is the most attractive male performer in the movie.  It's easier to see a girl like Alexis reacting well to him in a sexual sense--and react well she does.  

It starts out with some tease, and Alexis demonstrating her control over a handcuffed Kurt Lockwood and a pussy-whipped Jules Jordan behind the camera.  Although a little awkwardly executed, she teases Kurt, makes him suck her ass, and taps his body playfully with a riding crop.  Eventually he's led into another room where she sucks his cock for a minute while he's still handcuffed.  The handcuffs are sadly removed and slowly the balance of power shifts over to Kurt.  Contrived as the setup and its execution are, the scene really gets interesting when Kurt starts to take command of the situation, and Alexis relinquishes hers.  She is easily the most expressive girl in the movie so far.  Add to that a gorgeous body that doesn't quit, and my own personal weakness for her, and that spells trouble for yours truly.  There's no anal here, but both Alexis and Kurt are wonderfully responsive to one another, and they manage to break out of the Jules mold by just simply letting themselves go.  It's very refreshing given what the movie has offered thus far.  Finally Alexis' cheek is doused with cum, and thus ends my heretofore favorite scene of the movie.  What a lovely woman--and Kurt's role in helping to elicit her responses is not to be discounted either.  One more break to recover, and I'll be ready to tackle the home stretch of this four hour pornathon...

Mary Jane, Sativa Rose, Mick Blue

Mary Jane and Sativa Rose round out the cast of this behemoth of a porn movie, and truly, despite whatever else I may say about it, this movie has a stellar cast in terms of pure looks.  Sativa doesn't tap directly into my shivery place, but she's still quite pretty by most people's standards.  Mary Jane, for whatever inexplicable reason, is more my speed, but both girls look great here.  The premise is that they "kidnap" Mick Blue and take them back to some annoyingly opulant household and fuck the shit out of him.  The truth is that the location is the same house that we've been seeing throughout the movie, and ultimately the premise is kinda lighthearted and fun, but frustratingly flimsy in terms of congruency.  The dom/sub themes are just all over the map here.  At one point they are taping his mouth shut (yes yes yes!) and then they are acting like sticking his cock into them is going to be some form of punishment (no, no, no!).  They tie his hands behind his back (yes, yes, YES!), and then proceed to take advantage of him by sucking his cock rather than making him lick them to orgasm (no, NO, NO!!).  

In short, there's a premise here, but it's as thin as a piece of tissue paper, and just like almost every other scene in the movie, it ends up being just another 2 on 1 porn scene, Jules style.  For those who care about such things, there's no anal for either girl, but they both look quite yummy.  I was honestly too frustrated with Jules' unwillingness to really take this movie, and the promise of its premises, to another level--to finish what he started.  A prime example of how the movie simply degenerates into mediocrity is the ending of this scene, where Mary Jane jacks Mick off into her mouth and then dribbles it down the slope of her gorgeous breast and into Sativa's mouth.  Sure, lots of people will absolutely love that, and I do admit the image is nice, but that, along with the camera-happy, fan-catering, same-as-it-ever-was sex that abandons the already flimsy dynamics that Jules was trying to set up in the first place just ... well, it doesn't fit.  It's not thought through.  It's very "Hey, let's do this!!" without any real thought given to how "this" might be exploited to retain interest and originality throughout the scene.  My disappointed ranting aside, it's a fine scene.  I'm just tired of the formula, especially when it's masked by an exciting facade that really had wonderful potential.

I have to be careful here, not to evaluate this movie against unfair standards.  Those who like Jules' work will not be disappointed.  Those who like gorgeous women of many body types, presented with exceeding flattery will not be disappointed.  Those whose dream of perfect porn includes almost four straight hours of a tease ridden, pussy pumping, Ass-to-mouth merry-go-roundin' sexual extravaganza will definitely not be disappointed.  Those who are looking to see anything significantly different from Jules than when he first made his Evil Angel debut with Flesh Hunter #1, however, might find themselves somewhat unsatisfied.  

Just to be clear, though, there are a couple pretty nice highlights.  The first scene is the most, for lack of a better term, congruent.  Nikki Benz plays the part of the dominant quite well, and for the most part, the scene actually follows through on the power dynamic that it promised at its beginning.  Jules was responsive as her sub, and there was some nice, specific actions that fit wonderfully with the spirit of the encounter.  I really very much enjoyed it, and it is indeed what I hoped to find throughout the rest of the disc.  Alexis and Kurt Lockwood had an equally good scene, albeit for different reasons.  They actually seemed to have some chemistry, and that mutual responsiveness to one another tended to overpower any premise the scene was trying to adhere to.  It really worked nicely for me, simply because I really believed that it worked nicely for them.  Alas, the rest of the disc, while steeped in perfect angles, and beautiful bodies, and hardcore sex was, at its core, simply the same old Jules wrapped up in a thin veneer of fetishy toys and superficial power games.  What this disc had in raw, exquisite ingredients, it lost somewhere in its attempt to combine them into a transcendent whole.  It's good porn--even great porn by today's standards--but I guess it also confirms my somewhat apprehensive, mood-specific approach to Jules' brand of fine cuisine.

Besides Taylor Rain's DVD only scene which I've already covered, the disc offers a few other nice extras.  There's a photo gallery, of course, along with the invaluable cast list by scene, and a fetish menu.  There's also a few trailers (which I, for one, enjoy), and about 23 minutes of extra sex footage from every scene except Taylor's.


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