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Take No Prisoners (Evil Angel)

Take No Prisoners (Evil Angel)

Studio: Evil Angel
Category:  Bondage
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
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dragonsbum's ratings for Take No Prisoners (Evil Angel):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Take No Prisoners (Evil Angel) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Take No Prisoners (Evil Angel) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Take No Prisoners (Evil Angel) Male looks rating 3 stars
Sex Take No Prisoners (Evil Angel) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Take No Prisoners (Evil Angel) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Take No Prisoners (Evil Angel) DVD Extras rating 3 stars
Audio/Video Quality Take No Prisoners (Evil Angel) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by dragonsbum  on  3/8/2005
Take No Prisoners
first off, shouldn’t the title be take prisoners, since in each scene one person is being held captive or physically restrained. well whatever, i think for the casual bondage fan, such as myself, this disc contains a lot of wankable material. i would say jules’ take on bondage is akin to frank thring’s take on fetish- it’s mostly for show, concentrating on costume and situation, rather than attitude. most of the discipline or dominance is exercised playfully, often with a smile, such as when sativa and mary jane threaten mick whilst giggling and frenching him. the in-out-in-out is captured expertly and varies enough to stay interesting while the sexual energy builds as the movie progresses. considering there’s 4 hours of video, with over 1 hour being tease, much could’ve been edited out; however, the tease footage is excellent and not having all of it would’ve diminished the overall experience. in my reptilian opinion, this title falls in the top third of JJ’s oeuvre and will not fail to stimulate, and at times delight, the audience.

nikki hunter & jules jordan / 43 min // 3.5 stars
nikki is a hired dominatrix. jules is the client, blindfolded and handcuffed sitting in a chair fully dressed. she changes into a black vinyl mini with matching top and oils up. then she starts slapping his face with her gloves, kisses him, and strokes his cock. there’s a great moment (<30 sec) where she titty fucks him through her boustier top that’s way hot. nik also whips his cock, fairly hard, and wraps the ends of the whip around it before sucking it. after paddling JJ, she finally disrobes, keeping her heels on, and pushes that fine ass in his face. the cuffs come off and she rides on top providing all the thrusting motion while choking him with a chain. now the mask comes off and JJ takes control, pumping nik hard in doggie over the chair. after some mish and P2M, he titty fucks her until jerking a classic load out, with one stream finding her right eye.

about 25 minutes of this scene is tease. ironically, the tease is so frackin tasty, the main course doesn’t quite live up to the appetizer. nikki looks great even if those boobs are too big for her tiny frame and her slightly affected demeanor works in this situation. i think if JJ had kept the mask on and let nikki stay in control, the scene could’ve been more exciting. all in all, great set up, okay knock down, a couple of good overhead shots and plenty of eye candy.

keri sable & arnold & mark wood / 36 min // 3 stars
keri the slut puppy has her wrists cuffed to the top of a door sill and gets blindfolded and choked. her outfit is simply awesome: a polka dot sheer black top with a see thru VCR cover looking skirt, white panties and thigh highs with black heels. arnold and mark grope her a bit and then release her bonds, too soon i think, so she can get down on her knees for a shallow double BJ. the blindfold comes off and she proceeds to a bed for a slightly awkward mish, propped on her elbows; although the position really accentuates her delectable midsection. when she gets in cowgirl, i realize this girl has some nice jiggle on that ass, especially since she’s so slim. keri’s top is gone, her perky nipples prominent, before moving onto mish anal on a black lounger with complimentary A2M. then it’s back to the bed for a DP with lots of close ups. back out in the hallway keri receives 2 big facials that cover her face and neck as she flashes one last smile.

to quote roxette, this girl’s got the look; hopefully she won’t pull a jenna haze. keri is ultra cute and sexy, and while her performance here belies her inexperience- unsure limb placement and forced vocal lines- she’s on the way to the top. the sex is rather prosaic, and JJ interjects a bit too much, but i like the movement within the scene and it’s always hot watching a neophyte being initiated in the ways of the gonzo.

brittney skye & travis knight & jules jordan / 36 min // 4 stars
brittney is naked save for black heels and a neck collar, bond to an indoor white column by red vinyl tape covering her nipples but exposing her pussy. there’s some eerie music and she makes some frightened looks and noises before travis and JJ arrive. the guys grope, choke, and slap her in the face before brit’s mouth is freed for face fucking. they move to a couch for doggie and some deepthroating and more choking; oops, travis appears to be having some wood problems. in RC, the ripples in brit’s boobs become a bit unsightly and the noise from the bouncing collar is annoying. on the floor, she prepares for anal by working herself with a pink vibrator. i guess it works cause brit gets a real anal workout in 4 positions, with A2M, all while being choked, slapped, and having her mouth covered. after cowgirl DP, during which she refers to herself as a dirty fuckin whore, she takes man goo in her mouth, spits out, and gets one final slap.

for anyone who dislikes choking or slapping, this is your fair warning. i think this is the one scene where JJ tried to play the bondage aspect more seriously, delivering hard action with more overtones of control. i’m not the biggest brit fan, but there’s no doubt she looks good taking it every which way. furthermore, she appears to be quite receptive to the harsh treatment, at times even encouraging it. if sex on the rougher side is your thing, there’s much to admire here.

taylor rain & travis knight & jules jordan / 28 min // 4 stars
taylor is a blindfolded love slave with a red ball gag in her mouth, wearing white lingerie that’s cut out for the tits and pussy. she’s briefly restrained, kneeling in the kitchen, while she BJs travis and JJ. they move into the living room where taylor lays down on 2 round bar stools taking it mish with her back arched while deepthroating with her head hanging upside down; at one point she bends like a pretzel for a death defying heel grab. to the top of the staircase, tay 4 fingers her ass, before getting doggie anal. her outfit is shredded around her tight bum as she performs A2M. onto DP where taylor becomes much more vocal and she gets choked. during standing doggie anal, the tattered remains of her outfit are ripped completely off. the heat-seeking cumshots find their mark on taylor’s mouth, lip, nose, and forehead.

i find it hard to believe, but taylor’s ass still looks great after so much work. and that pussy still appears to be fresh; the only explanation is that she’s taken so much anal that her vagina remains supple. taylor’s a bit quiet at first, but when the rectal rooting starts she kicks it into high gear. the double team work betwixt TK and JJ is very good and again, great movement within the scene to match the excellent camera work.

alexis malone & kurt lockwood / 37 min // 4.5 stars
alexis steps out in a zebra stripe blouse, pearl necklace, black thong and mini with the ass exposed, and high heels. some nice up skirt shots as she plays to the camera. she goes upstairs, flings these double doors open, and when she spreads her legs, the camera reveals kurt sitting on the ground; great fuckin shot. kurt is blindfolded with his hands bound behind his back and alexis teases him with a black riding crop and kisses him. then she stuffs her ass in his face so he can bite it. alex reciprocates by biting his nipples and licking his balls till she picks up and unsheathes a knife. she runs it along his chest and asks kurt if he’s scared, before frenching him. they move onto a couch where the cuffs and blinds come off and she strips down, save for the necklace. the RC is fantastic with kurt pulling her hair and grabbing her arms behind her back. after P2M, alex demands to be fucked harder in doggie and he gladly obliges. in piledriver, he toes her before a nice transition to cowgirl where she receives some slaps to her great ass. they kiss more before getting on the bed for mish with additional toeing, some light slapping and choking until kurt lies down and jerks his load onto the side of alex’s face.

for me the best scene of the bunch. alexis and kurt have great chemistry, and it’s tangible. i’m glad alexis went back to just the basic blonde locks because she’s good looking enough without any adornment. i also want to give big ups to kurt who seems to establish some type of visible carnal connection with his partners; maybe it’s the way he’s so hands on, grabbing all body parts, using more than just his cock to fuck. even though JJ tries to evoke a sense of danger, the spirit of the scene is that of a playful encounter. once again, good movement from hallway to couch to bed with lively action throughout.

sativa rose & mary jane & mick blue / 44 min // 4.5 stars
sativa and mary jane, the hood rats, kidnap mick along the street in their van. they intimidate him with a gun and knife, but it’s all tongue and cheek. if they are serious, would they being smiling, showing him their tits, and kissing him on the lips. so they arrive at JJ’s house where they tie his hands behind him on a green chair, duct tape his mouth, and start taking each other’s black jogging suits off. the girls deliver a dual BJ with girl-girl kissing in between. mick’s hands are freed but he keeps them back, as MJ takes the string, wraps it around his cock, and tugs. finally sattie gets on top for cowgirl as MJ sucks his balls. MJ takes her panties off, puts them on his head and starts to ride RC as sativa rubs her friend’s clit. the duct tape slips off mick’s mouth at which point he takes control and moves the girls onto the couch for mish with P2OGM. both girls get one final round of doggie before MJ jerks him off directly into her mouth, then dribbles it down her left breast into the awaiting mouth of sativa.

if this is kidnapping, i don’t see where the crime is. sativa and MJ, who both have an ethnic beauty that is refreshing, aren’t very menacing and even though mick is supposedly just a piece of cock meat for them, they sure do kiss him a lot. it might’ve been interesting if they played the scene more seriously as a hostage situation, but perhaps the energy wouldn’t have been as high. regardless, all 3 participants interacted well with each other and clearly enjoyed the sortie.

alors, i’m very pleased with this title and will be keeping it for further reference. normally, i don’t like extended tease segments but these ones are quite titillating; fast forward fodder they certainly aren’t. as in all JJ films, the girls look top notch, dressed to the 9s, with impeccable camera work, clean modern sets and lighting, and the cumshots are big and true. the only place where this one leaves something to be desired is the sexual energy- while the final 2 bouts have considerable vitality and chemistry, the first 2 scenes pale somewhat in comparison.

i think JJ shoots 2 guy on 1 girl action better than anybody else right now. the camera work alternates between tight and medium shots, interspersed with some POV, so that the frame isn’t overcome by male limbs. however, the 3 scenes in this title with that combination, while being technically proficient, aren’t as compelling as the other scenes. nikki and alexis both do a great job teasing, with the latter delivering the more impassioned performance. sativa and mary jane work great together as a horny thelma and louise. keri will surely improve with time and brittney proves she can still work blue. and taylor rain, recently crowned winner of the howard stern porn star beauty pageant, puts in yet another strokable effort.

the extras include the standard fetish menu and photo gallery, 23 minutes of extra footage, and 5 piquant trailers for JJ’s other recent titles. as expected, the AV quality is very high. the only lighting issue i discerned is from the first scene which is a bit overexposed in the all white foyer. the extensive chaptering system (44 chapters on disc 1, 24 chapters on disc 2) is easily one of the best out there.

while not reaching the heights of the flesh hunter or weapons of ass destruction series, take no prisoners is a welcome change of pace that hopefully will continue to explore new ground in further installments. thank you for your attention.

but i ain’t so sure that ere a man has the right to say what is crazy and what ain’t. it’s like there was a fellow in every man that’s done a-past the sanity or the insanity, that watches the sane and the insane doings of that man with the same horror and the same astonishment. -faulkner

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