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Take It Black (Hustler)

Take It Black (Hustler)

Studio: Hustler
Category:  Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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Linus's ratings for Take It Black (Hustler):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Take It Black (Hustler) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Take It Black (Hustler) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Take It Black (Hustler) Male looks rating 3.5 stars
Sex Take It Black (Hustler) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Take It Black (Hustler) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Take It Black (Hustler) DVD Extras rating 4 stars
Audio/Video Quality Take It Black (Hustler) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Linus  on  2/19/2005
Take It Black

Initial Thoughts: There seems to be a lot of buzz going around about Van Styles these days, so I figured it was about time I checked out one of Van's directed discs, and this one happened to be my pic. I'm pretty glad about that fact too, this disc has a lot to offer, some of the top newer girls with some of the biggest black dicks in porn. I'm impressed with Van Styles to say the least, this is a nice job of putting some passionate sex into the scenes and a nice bit of tease to get you warmed up before the meat of the scene starts. The outfits are sexy and for the most part the girls leave much of them or all of them on during the sex, which is something I personally like to see and something I don't think we see enough of in this fully nude in 12 seconds era of porn. Extras can't be complained about either, with nearly an hour of extra content on top of a already meaty 140 minute plus feature. I have absolutely no complaints on this one and it's one of the better Hustler discs I have seen in a while.

Technical Considerations: Probabaly where the only weak point in this disc lies, and that would be lighting, there are a few too many points where there are dark spots or shadow issues in the scenes, it isn't horrible but it could have been better. Camera work is pretty respectable, sound and and picture quality are atleast in the high average range although picture is porn typical a little grainy. Menus are nicely done but simple, and work the way you want them to.

Condom Usage: None

Scene Breakdown

Scene 1: Lucy Lee and Mr Marcus

Just for reference, this is asian babe Lucy Lee, and not the eurobabe. Lucy starts us out with a lengthy and sexy dance with some teasing and partial stripping on the stairs, she walks down and struts around a little more for us before she gives herself to Mr Marcus who looks monstrous compared to her, he sucks her tits before she hungrily goes down to suck his man meat. She has some definate oral skills, and really works his rod with her lips nicely going fast and deep and taking him from soft to granite in no time, some ball sucking and deepthroating follow before he stands her up and slides in to the hilt in her pussy, and pounds her in standing doggy, she still has on her black mini skirt and red seethrough stockings as he pounds her, and they get a great rythm going with Lucy really enjoying her dicking. She goes over to the couch and Mr Marcus goes right back to slammig her pussy, this time in missionary while Lucy rubs her clit. These two really seem to be digging each other, and they kiss and smile at one another several times. Anal spoon is up next, and things slow down a little while Lucy gets her ass adjusted to having a cock the size of her fist shoved up it. She takes over the pumping as she rides him in reverse cowgirl anal, and she keeps him burried deep in her ass as she picks up some serious pace with short strokes up and down. Lucy wants a taste and does some ATM work before they go back to assfucking in doggy, Marcus is now about back to the energy and pace he had slamming her pussy, and the little hottie loves it, before long he needs to free some seed though, and sends a few big thick jets of cum across her pretty face. She smiles and sucks him clean to end. Great start. Duration: 24:53 mins

Scene 2: Avy Lee Roth and Mandingo

Avy Lee looks fantastic in a white and black bustier, and lace gloves and black stockings, her ass and pussy are uncovered for us though, and she struts around and gives the camera some sexy stares as she teases cutely before getting some help out of her clothes by Mandingo, who after some kissing quickly shows Avy Lee why they call him Big Dick Fred. Seeing his monster rod already hard, she drops to her knees and proceeds to wrap her lips around his cock, and he really packs her mouth full, it is really hot to see this cute girl with such a huge dick in her mouth, and though she tries, she never gets more than about half of his cock down her throat. She spits on him and stairs right up to his eyes as she makes out with his unit though, and does a nice job. She wants to take him for a test drive though, and hops on for some great energetic pussy fucking in cowgirl, they look at each other as she rides him and he thrusts up to meet her downslides, she stops for some PTM before continuing and letting him impale her in standing cowgirl briefly before they move to some vag missionary on the couch, Mandingo really reams her out and almost gets his entire girth inside her pussy before removing it to slam down her throat. They move to some pussy screwing in doggy and then Avy Lee really lights up as she rides him in reverse cowgirl for a while before Mandingo has had all he can handle of her tight pussy, and sprays his load in her mouth, cum hangs off her face and she sucks him a little more to close. Duration: 21:34 mins

Scene 3: Mary Jane and Domineko

Mary Jane comes out in her Tramp tee shirt and some black panties and elbow length gloves, and does a cute little tease on the stairs with plenty of ass shaking and sexy looks to the camera, her fuck buddy Domineko comes out shortly and they start to kiss and he paws her a bit before she gets down and sucks his hog. She keeps up the kind of teasey feeling and toys with him a bit while slobbering on his cock and giving him a good deep blowjob. She stands up and walks over to the start of the stairs and that gives him a good angle to fuck her pussy in standing doggy, and with some authority, some great energetic pounding here that she loves. He holds her arms back and just lays into her for a while, they slow it down next with some reverse cowgirl riding, but before too long she picks the pace back up to feverish. She sucks his dick a bit but it is not pussy to mouth, and then they return to reverse cowgirl and she really works her body on his cock, she does some PTM before they go to some energetic cowgirl where she continues to give her all, keeping the gloves on is hot, and she strokes his cock and does some PTM with them before moving to some spoon vag, doggy is up next and they again get into it rabidly, and he lightly chokes her briefly as he pounds her from behind, and finishes things off with a blast of sperm to her cute sweated up face. Nice scene. Duration: 32:08 mins

Scene 4: Olivia O'Lovely and Mandingo

Lovely Olivia is in a full bodied black fishnet outfit that is crotchless, and she is in the middle of stairwell as she starts her little dance for us, she slowly shakes it and shows us her tits as she pulls down the outfit, she crawls up the stairs and gives us a good look at her front and her backdoor and pussy as she struts by and gives us a shake before, fresh from his rest after his earlier scene, Mandingo comes out and gives her a foot and change of cock to suck on, Olivia strokes him and sucks his balls before getting a little more aggressive with her inhaling of his rod, she does a nice job and takes about 3/4 of his unit down her throat with a little near gagging and some titplay, all with a big smile on her face. She assumes the position on the couch for him to fuck her pussy in missionary and he gives her a pretty good workout and the camera gives us a good view of her body and her tits swaying. She stops him to do some deep PTM, before putting her ass up in the air for him to fuck her pussy in doggy. Olivia is hot for him and really is nice and energetic as he gets closer to balls deep in atleast one of her holes. They switch to spoon and Mandingo does his best Lex impression looking like he is gonna bust in her pussy, he doesn't though and they switch to some hot reverse cowgirl cockriding while Olivia rubs her pussy as Mandingo fucks it. Some non PTM dick sucking before they move briefly to some hot ass shaking cowgirl, followed by a sizeable blast of thick sperm from Mandingo to the face of Olivia, she plays with the cum and strokes his cock afterwords. Duration: 23:52 mins

Scene 5: Gia Paloma, Katrina Kraven and Domineko

I'm getting a little depressed here, the runtime is nearing the 2 hour mark, and I know that that means this one is closer to it's end than it's beginning, but then this scene starts and I temperarily feel better. Great tease here with some style as they fade out the light as Gia and Katrina dance together and start to lose some of their clothes together as the lighting comes back to normal. They each have have a go at licking the other's secret areas, and do some light kissing and caressing of each other. Domineko most of stopped off to get a new Beret, but he shows up right on time and slaps thier asses a bit before Katrina goes down to deepthroat him while he kisses Gia. The girls teamup to suck his cock and both really attack his rod, with some lip fucking, he spits into Katrina's mouth and she uses it for lube to suck on his cock before passing off to Gia who gags on him for a while. He fucks Katrina in standing doggy over Gia's head who goes down on her pussy and is there to get a couple of PTOGM stabs for her troubles. Katrina takes a taste of herself before Gia gets her turn to get her pussy fucked in standing doggy while she burries her head between Katrina's labia. Fantastic energy from all three performers here, and they really get on nicely with each other. Katrina gets some PTOGM before Dom sticks his cock up her ass in missionary while Gia licks his nuts and ass, and of course gets a mouth full of ass flavored cock. Gia goes back to licking his ass while he fucks Katrina in the ass in spoonish, both girls taste Katrina's ass off his cock and then it's missionary anal for Katrina while she eats out Gia's lovebox. More hot ATOGM for Gia before she gets her hot naked body up on his cock for some anal cowgirl action while she gets Katrina off with her mouth. ATM for Gia before she passes the cock off for a run up Katrina's ass in reverse cowgirl, and the energy is just awesome, all three look like thier gonna cum on each other at anytime. Some spoon anal is up for Gia while Katrina helps out next, before he pulls out and pumps a hot load of cum all over Gia's face. The girls do a little cumswapping and kissing to close one hot fucking scene. Duration: 34:40

Extra Stuff

Behind the Scenes: 22:38 mins with a nice mix of interview from many of the cast both male and female, some funny goofing around stuff, and a little picture posing and bonus sex posing stuff.

Bonus Scene: A pretty good extra scene here between Sharon Wild and Brian Pumper, Sharon is super sexy and sultry through the scene, decent but not great chemistry. They go through a lot of anal sex, mostly in the two cowgirl positions and in doggystyle, and Sharon gets a nice facial finish. 29:45 mins.

Photo Gallery: 50 pics of sex action from the movie, and around 5 and a half minutes long.

Trailers: "Professianals 5", "Ghetto Booty 13", "Taboo", "Barely Legal 50", "Centerfolds", "Reel Joe".

Other Extras: Phone sex adds, trailer, and Hustler Hollywood info.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations:

I don't think you can go wrong with this one, there is pretty much just wall to wall hot sex here, every scene is pretty close to as good as the one before it or the one after it, and there is a lot energy and chemistry throughout. With the somewhat hard pounding nature and heavy anal and ass to mouth stuff, the this is more the raincoaters dream, but there is some excellent tease footage and some good passionate sex, so I think some couples with a more hardcore liking of porn will enjoy this one too. This one is probably well worth a purchase, especially with the lengthy amount of extras this one has to offer, but some may want to try a rental first. If you have questions or comments about this review, please contact me at Thanks for reading.

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