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LSBReviews Take It Black 5 (Hustler) 4 starsTake It Black 5 (Hustler) 4 starsTake It Black 5 (Hustler) 4 stars
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Take It Black 5 (Hustler)

Take It Black 5 (Hustler)

Studio: Hustler
Category:  Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
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Crucifixio Jones's ratings for Take It Black 5 (Hustler):
Overall Rating 4 stars
Take It Black 5 (Hustler) overall rating 4 stars
Female Looks Take It Black 5 (Hustler) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Take It Black 5 (Hustler) Male looks rating 2.5 stars
Sex Take It Black 5 (Hustler) Sex rating 4 stars
Plot/Acting Take It Black 5 (Hustler) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Take It Black 5 (Hustler) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Take It Black 5 (Hustler) A/V Quality rating 4 stars
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Reviewed by Crucifixio Jones  on  1/29/2007

Styles lines up the usual suspects to do what he does best.

Take It Black 5

2007, 2 hours and 41 minutes
Hustler Video
Directed by Van Styles
Starring Riley Mason, Mika Tan, Hillary Scott, Tia Tanaka & Kylie Richards

What You Should Know:
With a renewed focus on casting, it’s hard to argue Van Styles’ picks for the women of Take It Black 5. My personal interest generally doesn’t lean towards IR titles but Styles always manages to give me something special in that arena when he releases a new installment of this AVN Award-nominated series. I’m more than prepared to have my mind changed yet again.
Scene One: Hillary Scott Hunter with Sean Michaels

Lookin’ at their Rollies it’s about that time! Van hurries upstairs to ready “roommate” Sean Michaels for the impending arrival of “house appraiser” Hillary Scott who, since the breast augmentation, has developed a penchant for wearing see-through blouses with plunging necklines. A purple one barely clings to her today, held together by only a button or two and a short black skirt completes the whorish yet “professional” ensemble. Scott, after traipsing around the pad with her legal pad and jotting down notes, happens upon Sean and decides to “appraise” his real estate. She lays it on thick as she blows him, popping one tit out and constantly remarking how amazing and massive Michaels dick is. Sean has great fun with those tits of Ms. Scott’s, removing her shirt and fucking them before getting her on her feet and juggling them from behind. The skirt is soon unzipped (does no one in porn wear under garments?) and Hillary eases back onto Sean’s tool reverse cowgirl, a strength of hers even before the boob job. A foot planted on each of Sean’s upper thighs and rubbing furiously at her clit, Hillary gives him every single inch of her orifice. Her pussy remains all his when they move to mish, Scott’s snatch swallowing every bit of Michaels with ease. When that hole has had its fill, Sean moves to the one just below it. After a perfect amount of time in this position, Hillary takes Sean’s cock to the head like it just came out of the dishwasher and not her filthy ass. Performing her own spin-cycle antics on the tip, she takes it back inside, this time doggie and spoon. In spoon, Hillary keeps at least three fingers plugged in her pussy as she pinches and massages her breasts. Sean gets to grab some handfuls of Hillary’s ass in cowgirl before he lets fly with a scattershot of semen and rains down on her black frames. Hillary’s all giggles and smiles as she pushes what landed around her mouth inside.

Scene Two: Kylie Richards with Julius Ceazher

Kylie Richards is cute. Very much so. I don’t know whether it’s the faraway, half-stoned look in her eyes, the tiny, round and upturned button nose or the cleft in her chin that rests below her full lips, but I’m really digging her face and she would be perfect for Barely Legal: Corrupted. Van gives her a lift to a hookah lounge to meet up with Julis Ceazher. Van runs to his ride to grab a CD and gets locked out. Left alone to smoke, Kylie and Julius get to know each other better until Ceazher finally whips out his cock and Richards goes down on him without hesitation. Kylie does a little face dance on Julius while leaning forward, continuing to blow him and then slides forward right into reverse cowgirl, her white cotton panties pulled aside. Julius grabs her thighs and spreads her wide, thrusting up inside her with furious velocity. Richards, nearly worn out from the relentless slamming, stand and peels her panties off. Ceazher positions her on the arm of the sofa and absolutely rails her missionary, nearly sending her crashing through the wall behind her at times. More of the same follows in doggie and Kylie’s eyes appear more and more glazed over, definitely a result of the dead serious screwing she’s receiving and not the hookah smoke. She reaches back to caress Julius and even runs her hands all over her own body as she’s screwed senseless. Julius explodes onto her right cheek and wags his cock in Kylie’s face until he remembers to open the door for long-forgotten director Styles.

Scene Three: Mika Tan with Sean Michaels

Mika Tan is handcuffed and ball-gagged on that oh-so-familiar black leather chaise lounge. Sean Michaels arrives, flowers in hand, to tantalizing tease Tan’s torpedo tits. He lifts her top up and goes to work with a riding crop and his mouth, making Mika squirm uncontrollably. She rolls over off of her back and parks her ass high in the air and rocks it back and forth, inviting Michael’s crop to spank it lightly and his tongue inside her bung. Uncuffed, she uses her satin-gloved hands to massage Michael’s cock through his dress slacks, producing a highly visible bulge. Even though her hands are free, it’s Sean who reaches down and removes Mika’s gag, likely anticipating the wonders her mouth will work on his throbbing member. Mika’s mouth flies to it and attaches with powerful magnet-like attraction. A quick glance back at this cast reveals that not one of them have even HALF the time in porn as Mika, not even newly-crowned Female Performer of the Year Hillary Scott. And once Mika begins to work on Sean, the experience shines through. I defy you to show me another girl in the business of ANY race who still looks as fresh and regularly performs with the intensity of Mika Tan. Turning her back to Sean and positioning herself on one knee on the chaise, Tan readies herself for Sean’s impending doggie onslaught. He wears her out a bit here before we cut to Mika staring up at us from her back, her legs pulled up high (she’s holding them by the heels) and having her anus penetrated by Sean while he sinks a thumb in her twat. After a good deep drilling replete with Mika’s trademark facial expressions, she can’t wait to taste her ass on Michael’s meat before wriggling back down onto it reverse cowgirl and then crawling away, shaking her ass at Sean before he fills it back up doggie. He grabs a handful of hair and places the other hand on the small of her back for leverage and goes to work plundering her pooper. Mika’s copious thigh and ass meat bounce as he pounds away. Michael’s withdraws and lets the seed fly, streams pouring from the tip of his cock and decorating Mika’s big round ass.

Scene Four: Tia Tanaka with Mr. Marcus

Untouchable and unattainable treasure she is, Tia Tanaka is positioned behind a waterfall to start the fourth scene of interracial action. Her bikini, however, sends a different message, as it is covered in an all-over flame print. A black choker, clear heels and black thigh-high fishnets complete the alluring ensemble. She walks from behind the waterfall and past a pool until she confronts and teases Mr. Marcus, who stands watching her on the other side of a closed glass door, eerily reminiscent of Shyla Stylez and Lexington Steele at the start of Lex the Impaler 2. Once inside, Tia backs into Marcus and grinds her ass against him while he first fondles her perfect breasts and then slides his hand down into her crotch. Tia turns to face him finally and after a kiss, she drops to her knees to lick his stick. With a little help from her hands and a whole lot of spit, Tanaka has Marcus up and ready to go in record time. He leads her, on her knees still, by her collar over to a sofa where he eats her out from behind while she stands before pulling her down onto his rod reverse cowgirl. It’s obvious from the expression on her face and the labored breathing that he’s a bit much for Tia to handle at first but before long she’s bouncing up and down on him like he’s a perfect fit for her tight little Asian snatch. Standing doggie follows and then Tia positions herself on her knees on the sofa to be fucked proper doggie, letting Marcus stay stationary while she rocks back on his cock to her own rhythm. A cut takes us to an overhead almost-POV view of Tia being plowed missionary on the floor, on a multi-colored shag rug. Sadly this is where the scene ends as well, when Marcus pinches the tip of his dick until he can crawl up to Tia’s face and drop his pearly load all over the right side of her face. Tia licks all around the head of his cock and smiles mischievously as the scene fades out.

Scene Five: Riley Mason with Mr. Marcus

“I don’t see any other black people. Where the fuck are we?” asks Mr. Marcus as he and Van cruise through Simi Valley, en route to some white girls just hanging out at a skate park that Styles used to frequent. “Like, little alt, rocker, emo chicks…this is an untapped goldmine!” he convinces Marcus. Marcus is quick to spy cover girl Riley Mason so he and Van put a plan in effect to get her away from her boyfriend and alone with Marcus. The “tramp” airbrushed onto Riley’s wifebeater isn’t just there for decoration we learn; as soon as she’s around back with Marcus her hand is rubbing at the crotch of his jeans and she lifts her t-shirt to expose her bare breasts. She can’t wait to get Marcus’ cock between her lips but since they are outside and on cold, hard concrete, she grabs some kneepads first. Marcus comments as she chugs black dick for the very first time, ”How’s that? See? It’s not any different.” In between her two-fisting and gagging on his meat, Riley lets Marcus fuck her flawlessly upright and perky tits before they move back indoors. Marcus takes a seat on a bench against a wall and Riley eagerly maneuvers him inside her, squat fucking him noisily cowgirl. As she works her hips up, down, around and in circles, she makes Marcus moan louder than she does and his cock is glistening with her juices. He stands and bangs her flying cowgirl for a minute and then lets her down long enough to suck the slick sleeve of pussy juice off of his shaft. Now with Riley on her back, Marcus picks up where he left off, this time missionary. He’s cursing and grunting up a storm, trying to contain himself as he gives her bald mound a serious deep-dicking. The move to the floor and Riles shakes her round little ass in the air, presenting it to Marcus for the same treatment in up-and-over doggie. He plunges right in, stretching Mason’s walls and making her tits sway until they come out of the tank top she still wears. He’s very obviously having a hard time keeping it together, though, so a ferocious nut has go to be forthcoming. Right on schedule he blasts her across the eye until the stream tapers off and drips all over her face. Riely makes a few passes at the tip with her tongue piercing and then runs off before her boyfriend gets wise.


Much will be made (by haters, mostly) of Styles’ choice to include Mr. Marcus and Sean Michaels in two scenes apiece but the fact is, all that matters to me is seeing the female talent enjoy themselves and even a blind man can see that is clearly the case here. The girls are so hot for the guys and get off so thoroughly, there is no room left for doubt. A look at Kylie Richards at the end of her scene in the BTS confirms that Julius gave her a first-in-a-lifetime experience that left her in near shock. So put the lid back on your haterade or you just might be depriving yourself of some of these girls’ most satisfying interracial trysts in recent memory (Hillary’s scene with Sean more than trumps her outing with John E. Depth in that third Britney Rears movie, that’s for sure). The dudes brought wood, not limp noodles and the girls damn sure showed their appreciation. Styles has got his namesake to burn, the camerawork is what you’ve come to expect from him and the chemistry and heat between the performers is palpable and real. Congratulate and see it for yourself.

Special Features:
  • Trailers: Taboo: Love Hurts, Lexi Marie Loves a Pearl Necklace, Barely Legal 64, Christmas in Memphis, Avenue X, Backdoor MILFs, My and Deep Inside Joanna Angel
  • Slide Show: (3:38)
  • Behind The Scenes: Riley discusses the disadvantages of filming sex in HD and how she doesn’t normally wear “lame” skulls like the ones on her socks, Tia Tanaka unpacks and talks about her tits, Kylie Richards thinks only cute black guys snowboard and more. (40:47)
Crucifixio Jones

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