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Take It Black 5 (Hustler)

Take It Black 5 (Hustler)

Studio: Hustler
Category:  Interracial
Directed by:
Starring: , , , , , , ,
Released on: 
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picman's ratings for Take It Black 5 (Hustler):
Overall Rating 4.5 stars
Take It Black 5 (Hustler) overall rating 4.5 stars
Female Looks Take It Black 5 (Hustler) Female looks rating 4.5 stars
Male Looks Take It Black 5 (Hustler) Male looks rating 4 stars
Sex Take It Black 5 (Hustler) Sex rating 4.5 stars
Plot/Acting Take It Black 5 (Hustler) Plot/Acting rating 0 stars
Extras Take It Black 5 (Hustler) DVD Extras rating 3.5 stars
Audio/Video Quality Take It Black 5 (Hustler) A/V Quality rating 4.5 stars
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Reviewed by picman  on  1/24/2007
Take It Black 5
Prologue A new volume of Take It Black hits my desk and the excitement is palpable. Van Styles convinces Riley Mason to take the plunge and beefs the video up with stalwarts Mika Tan and Hillary Scott. Tia Tanaka is a huge draw for me, and we'll see what Kylie Richards is made of. I'm counting on Van to make it pretty and keep it nasty.
The video starts out with a little scenario. A real estate appraiser (Hillary Scott) comes by to give Van and Sean Michaels an estimate on their house. The newly minted Performer of the Year struts up to the door in a smart black skirt. When the camera finally shows her upper body, Hillary's diaphonous, purple blouse leaves little to the imagination. The glasses and notepad finish the ensemble nicely. Hillary never misses a chance at swinging her puppies at Van's camera while he shows off the abode. She fondles the gold bannisters on the way upstairs to see the rest of the house, and is shocked to find Sean Michaels lives there also. Hillary claims that having a black man living there raises the value of house immensely. She needs to see the size of his cock for a better appraisal of the extra worth. Sean whips it out for her and Hillary now has to check the quality. Taste test first, as Hillary puts it in her pretty little mouth. She takes deep dive for Sean and lets him fuck her face a little. Some POV and tit play. Lots of spit and dirty talk. Hillary drops her skirt and squats on Sean's dick in RC. She has her feet propped on his haunches as the big cock opens up her little pussy. Sean jams it all up there and gets his joint coated with Hillary's juices while she regales us with a running account of what's happening to her. She lays back in mish, taking the long strokes happily. Sean wants her ass and Hillary is more than up for it as he switches holes. There's actually a look of glee on her face as Sean makes a slow entry. He picks up the pace and Hillary works her pussy hard as she approaches assgasm. From the sounds they're both making, Hillary must be putting a squeeze on Sean's dick as the combination of friction and penetration makes her lose control and cum. A2M done with proper enthusiasm, then face down, ass up anal entry. Some spanking of her hot little ass, and an up and over to plumb her depths. A2M, and they move to a bed for spoon anal. Hillary buries some fingers into her pussy to tighten her ass some more, then demands more of Sean's dick, taking frantic, balls deep thrusts. She's cumming and he sounds close, practically braying like a horse. Hillary sits on his cock in CG anal, taking a titty spanking. Hillary is coaxing Sean's climax with her little asshole and verbiage, then a cut to her kneeling and waiting for the facial. Not a large one, by any means, but heartfelt, as Sean coats Hillary's glasses, which stayed on the entire scene. They resume the scenario with Van suggesting more appraisers and Hillary deciding to keep this listing for herself.
There isn't any more of a sure thing these days than Hillary Scott. Her combination of sexuality and spunkiness, along with Sean's prodigious size and genial attitude make for a terrific scene. The vignette was cute and shows that Hillary is expanding on her acting chops as well.
Van is on a road trip with Kylie Richards. They''re going to his friend Julius Ceazher's hookah bar. It's a basement shop in a strip mall and Julius is lazing on a couch, sucking on some blueberry smoke when they come in. Kylie snuggles up to him and takes the hose for a deep drag. They pass it around, then Van runs upstairs for a CD while Julius and Kylie get more comfortable with each other. Van gets locked out and Julius takes advantage of his date, shotgunning the smoke and reaching into her pants. She wants to see his package, stroking it through his underwear and pulling it out for some deep sucks. Kylie scarfs down that fat, black meat, making it nasty with saliva and acting like it's her life support when it gets pulled away. Her clothes start coming off to reveal a lean, sexy body. Kylie sits on Julius' lap and rubs the cock against her pantied vagina. Julius brings her up for a few lubricating licks and sinks the spear in RC. Kylie takes some hard, balls deep thrusts and the camera is straight on, under, then over to capture her sweaty body get thrilled. Panties get peeled and Julius gets to work in mish. No bottom to this pussy as Kylie gets slammed hard enough for her head to bang the wall as she's laying on the armrest of the couch. She's squirming on the cock and fighting to keep her legs opened as Julius really gets to her. Cut to a doggy penetration, still on the armrest. Kylie really has no control anymore as she's holding him back and pushing him in, her body in the deepest throes of pleasure. Cut to Kylie sucking balls as Julius wanks off, then letting loose a major pop. Some for her tongue, but most painting Kylie's cheek. PCH, and Julius goes to let Van back in.
While there's nothing extreme here, this turns into a fine sport fuck. There's little or no acting on Kylie's part as she gets turned out and on.
Sean Michaels is climbing some stairs with a planter full of flowers for his girlfriend. He asks her if she's mad at him, then we see Mika Tan manacled to a recliner with a ball gag in her mouth. He talks to her, giving Mika a sniff of the bouquet, and she tries to answer him through the gag. Sean fondles her fine flesh and Mika makes this great sucking sound through the ball as her tits get engaged. Mika's in a pink two piece with black nylons and garters. A veritable wet dream. No panties covering her meaty pussy as Sean explores this garden of delight. He massages and tweaks her tits, then teases them with a riding crop. Alternating smacks with nipple licks, Sean has Mika squirming and rubbing her legs together. He transfers the technique to her pussy and you can practically see steam rising. Mika twists around to get on all fours so her ass can get the treatment. She's ready to be freed and goes right for Sean's pup tent. The gag is removed because there are better things for Mika's mouth to be doing than sucking on some plastic. Sean frees willy and it pops out hard and straight. Mika's all over that shit, even taking Sean almost to the hilt. She's not only giving him indescribable pleasure, but having a load of fun doing it. Sean metes out some soft taps with the crop as Mika gives him head, but the lure of her banging body becomes too great and he takes her in doggy. Mika gives plenty of verbal encouragement, and a few pussy queefs. He picks up a leg for our enjoyment and rails Mika's pussy, practically making her babble. Sean breaks it down and tosses Mika's salad, then penetrates the chocolate starfish in mish. He thumbs her slit as he works the long dick into Mika's digestive system. She grabs her heels and gives him free reign. A2M, delivered with enthusiasm, and back to mish anal. More spit lubed sphincter stretching and A2M again. RCA, both Mika and Sean playing with her pussy. More A2M, Mika playing to the camera, then side saddle anal, Mika shaking her booty and grinding on the cock, then shifting to full on RCA again. She shakes her tailfeathers and takes some deep plunges, topped by another A2M. Mika crawls to the couch and sticks her ass out for some doggy anal. Sean goes up and over, controlling Mika by her hair. Between her tight shit chute and hot ass dance, Sean is done for and pulls out to blast. He literally shoots a load halfway up her back and drops more seed here than any two scenes combined. Mika preens her decorated backside.
This scene had me by the tease. Not that there was anything totally unusual about it, but Mika's physical reactions and expressive eyes had me by the balls. The rest was gravy as Mika kept the heat coming and literally drove Sean to greater heights.
Behind a waterfall sits Tia Tanaka. She's fondling herself through a flame print two piece, with jungle sounds and beats playing over the track. Tia pulls her tits out and the temperature rises in my apartment measurably. She walks around a swimming pool to a glass enclosure with Mr. Marcus on the other side. Tia rubs her body against the door with Marcus trying to touch her through the glass. He slides the door to let her in, then fondles her wonderful body as she rubs her ass over his crotch. These two are far from strangers with each other and their conversation is playful. Their kissing deep. Marcus spanks Tia's tight ass as they suck face. She squats to pull out his half mast staff and works to suck it up to working order. Picture this beauty on her knees bobbing on your dick and imagine how long it takes to get hard. No time at all, and the chocolate bar is soon filling her oral cavity. Some drool and a two handed tug job has Marcus moaning. Tia may not be able to take the cock to the hilt, but she lets Marcus fuck her throat deep. He leads her by her collar to a red couch and she pulls her panties off. Marcus starts fingering her from behind while tossing her salad. Tia sits on his cock in RC and spreads wide. Her chest and belly are saliva streaked, her cunt oozing cream. Tia loves this cock and bounces like a kid on a trampoline, grinding at the bottom when it suits her. Marcus is moaning and offering verbal encouragement. He starts jamming into her pulsing pussy and strumming Tia's clit. She pulls off her top and bends over for standing doggy. Tia gets on the couch and fucks back on the fat dick. Marcus starts pounding out the hot hole, remarking "You can take some dick". Tia's past answering. She's all whimpers and moans, collapsing on her belly as her torrid twat gets dug out. Cut to a seated mish entry, Marcus flipping out on that velvet sleeve. He does pushups between her spread legs and they negotiate the cumshot. Marcus pulls out and covers the right side of Tia's face with his baby batter. PCH from the happy teen who continues to tease us with her banging body.
Another great tease/fuck sequence. Tia's just too hot for words and her chemistry with Marcus is palpable.
Van is driving Mr. Marcus to a skate park to check out the little white sk8tr girls. Riley Mason is sitting alone on the side, watching her boyfriend on the ramps. Van moves in to distract them while Marcus works around the backdoor to get closer to Riley. Van gets her boyfriend to preen for the camera and Marcus moves in. He talks her up and inquires about her tee shirt with "Tramp" emblazoned on the front. She admits to being a little bit of a tramp. He talks her outside and Riley gets a handful of dick while Marcus takes a mouthful of sweet teen tit. Riley admits to never having been with a black guy before and Marcus asks nicely for a bj. Riley goes for some kneepads. She pushes him against the wall and unwraps the package. Two fisted tugging between hammerheads. Riley licks his balls and polishes his dick nicely, making sounds like she's trying to draw the ball juice out quickly. Marcus fucks her nice tits, then gets led inside to a more private place. Her skirt goes up and panties around her knees for Marcus to finger her fat pussy. She drops her bottoms and sits on the ready cock in CG. Riley's juice coats him quickly as her ass dances on him. Marcus is thrilled, to say the least, because Riley's really giving his cock a hot ride. He picks her up for some deep aerial strokes. P2M, and Riley lays back for some brief cuntlapping and a mish penetration. She asks for a tit spanking as Marcus opens her dickhole. He goes to town on her very wet hole and Riley looks to be on the edge of a major nut. Marcus stuffs her and grinds at the base, then orders her onto the floor for doggy. His cock is soaked and Riley's whimpering sweetly. He goes up and over, and his groans auger something imminent. More doggy jabbing with a grab of her hair for control. She's foaming on his dick and Marcus pulls out to explode on her face. Riley runs her pierced tongue on his cock and tells Marcus she has to clean up before her boyfriend sees it.
Riley is so cute and Marcus loves corrupting her. The fucking is good and wet. The scenario cute.
Epilogue Van Styles has assembled a nice mix of women, some little scenarios to get things started, gets them fucked good, and captures it in style. While there may not be the one definitive scene to put this in the upper stratosphere, they are all very strong. Lots of heat and chemistry across the board. A worthy addition to a great series.
The Disk There's a BTS that includes some extra sex, including really good stuff from Mika's, Kylie's and Tia's scenes. Trailers from both Hustler and VCA. A slide show and a vast assortment of corporate advertising. The beginning of the video starts with a phone sex ad that can't be skipped or FF'd through. Bad business.
Recommendation If you like the genre, or just the women involved, getting this is a no brainer. If you have an irrational dislike for Sean Michaels and/or Mr. Marcus, this will be a must to avoid. Your loss. The ladies loved them.

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